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The Words of Shaun Parvin

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A reformed Western psychotherapist, whom for more than fifteen years has been guiding others towards social and spiritual excellence utilizing her unrivaled theories of Pattern Change Programming which were realized during her numerous years of service as a psychotherapist at her centers located in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California.  An altruist who considers the global pain of the people before her own, as would a mother to her children. 

     For three years now having been raped of her life’s work by the hands of some world renowned writers in her field as well as quite a few well known politicians in the world, Rose Parvin has mainland her humanity and will to grow towards a greater spiritual state of mind, body, and spirit. 

     The work and methods of Rose Parvin have always been of controversy to her association and colleague, as in any business there will be a majority which is concerned with their financial benefit being superior to that of their client’s.  Having worked with many clients of manic depression, schizophrenia, varieties of neurosis, and suicidal tendencies; Rose Parvin has mainland a patient turnover rate which has not been comprehensible to the psychological community.  Sacrificing the promise of a long lived relationship profiting only to the therapist (which the standard therapist would endure), for her passion and love of humanity.  She has been given the gift of solutions not to be locked within, but to share them with the world.  Her power-balance of innocent strength and ethical-scientific psychology have given her listeners only reason to love her; myself and many others being of this group, do we feel it to be criminal for a woman such as this to be kept silent by those who feel that truth must have a price upon it, though her opposition continues to manufacture the propaganda and their clones, so that they might turn the heads of the people from the true messenger, giving them loyalty and power - a dogmatic (unquestioned) following which Rose Parvin has always fought against, but upon such a path will there be the failure of consistency and the historic reclamation of a humanity fallen to mediocrity and self-indulgence without the eyes to see the numbing effects of the mislead powers above them, as well as their existence in lack of purpose to which they call life.

Shaun Parvin  1997                                   


Past Projects


   Since the early 80’s, Rose Parvin has given seminars; held  radio - television programs; been invited to speak upon numerous television shows; held seminars for colleagues and other mental health professionals; as well as having worked with other organizations to fulfill a duty which had not yet been fully recognized, but would plant the seeds of her thought throughout the psychological community and their recipients. This section of the The Rose Parvin website, contains the brochures and articles concerning many of her radio-television shows, seminars and the vision upon which they were based.   

The Parvin Center



For fifteen years Parvin Center was the source guidance for many by the words of Rose Parvin, though Rose Parvin found the society to be the schizophrenic patient and her labeled clients as the victims of society’s pathological labels, thus began the quest for global awareness and the creation of the institute. Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence in Newport Beach California formerly known as the Parvin Center for Developmental Health was found and directed by Rose Parvin from 1982 - May 1997


Parvin Books

   Rose Parvin has written ten books books written in 1994 which three of them were published at that time. She has written seven thousand pieces of revelatory poetry and seven hundred small booklets concerning her Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program creating change of patterns through scientific analysis of societal issues teaching evolutionary excellence. Since 1981 Rose Parvin had been planning the completion of numerous books on her theories of psychotherapy, but had always put her children and the centers before her book writing.  Though whenever given a break from work, she would always be seen writing in one of the hundreds of full yellow binders of paper.  In 1994 she realized an urgency towards her cause as she saw the consistent downfall of humanity around her home in Southern California, thus she ceased the operations of the center and began writing every day for eighteen hours.  Within less than twelve months she had completed and edited her first nine books; the tenth book shortly following.  She has since been gathering much more solution-based and detailed information beyond that within last books, so that she may eventually complete another flood of written guides to the truth and reason of a spiritual excellence of family, society, world and the evolutionary dialogue from the self to the soul, and from the soul to god and from god to the spiritless world.   


Universal PCPublishing Universal Publishing


     Universal Publishing Company was founded by Rose Parvin as a recourse used to self-publish her works, which she knew could be distributed rapidly she were not dependent upon an external beurocracy. The three books currently available are the books published by Universal Publishing Company. The books are also available at: Lido BookShoppe in 3424 Via Oporto #1 Newport Beach.



Parvin Institute for Peace - Institute without Wall


     A nonprofit, public-benefit organization established in April of 1996 by Rose A. Parvin with the intent to create individual, familial, societal and global peace and power balance.  The purpose of the Parvin Institute for Peace Creation is to create Self, familial, societal and global pattern change, power balance and peace by offering success - excellence programs to the public and institutions, and their leaders through service and all available media, dealing with psychology; self; family; relationships; society; professional & global peace; unity; cultural diversity; pattern change programming; power balance therapy; spirituality as universal compassion and not religion or other related topics.  Rose Parvin's Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program and its materialization and the by product of Parvin's scientific spiritual vision, theories philosophies and extra ordinary life experiences, personal and professional implemented through the the Parvin Center, books, radio-television programs, seminars and the Parvin Institute. Even though the Institute was not formally functional as a result of Rose's seven year intense spiritual and sociopolitical journey, Parvin Institute without wall was functional every moment of her living, breathing existence.

A Flowing River

A Change Creator of reform & excellence-  Rose Parvin is and always was a pioneer at everything she focused on. She was withih the first group who established the Hospital-Therapist Networking and every center aside from being the founder and director of the Parvin Center and Insitute she has braught excelling changes . Her scientific pioneering spirit and ethical professionalism and standing on principals that can be law is remembered every where she has touched including Chapman University & California State University of Long Beach where she had her education and the West County Center, and every clinic like Huntintong Beach Clinic, Anaheim Clinic, or Laguna Beach Clinic she was invited to as the chair person in the board of directors or superviser and counselor she created change, reform and excellence patterns and programs.

Rose Parvin Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program & Rose Parvin Truth Society, Rose Parvin Prayer House (Universal Spiritual Peace & Reform Compassion Revolution not organized religion), Rose Parvin Revelatory Poetry, Music, Song as predictive, preventive and excellence tools and and for Individual and Mass Healing, Prophetic Letter Programing for World Peace and Reform & Radio-Television Programs & Program Reform Analysis as Peace Programs and the Making of a Prophet as Rose Parvin Diary teaches flying to the peak of the spirit and training of prophets and leaders can be searched through The Parvin Institute for Peace, the Institute without walls. At the present is Rose Parvin is the Institute. She invites World Leaders to join her.


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Words in Persian

The Words of Rose Parvin in Farsi(Persian Language)


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