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I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE- INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

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Answer to Humanity:

The Veiled Questions - I see that somebody is hearing my every word since right this minute there is a lengthy talk about what I wrote about Mother Theresa on Aug. Fifteenth., Which is what I said all along since the day she died on air. I am glad someone is listening, however it is that they are listening! And after seven years of stoning me on the cross they have begun asking the right questions. They want to know.

The Last Messiah-

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Answer To History and Humanity: History of the Lie Society

9/8/2001 From President Khatami to former President Clinton and anyone in between with a title are copying my wrords like today Khatami said we must answer the youth with time and place appropriate answers and this is my wrords and philosophools communicated and in their own logic have broken thy with me under the glass globe of censorship and character assassination for seven years.

This is the men's world and for as long as the woman is denied of her equal rights it is devil's world. Imbalance of Power creates crisis of humanity and denial of the woman is the crisis of one sidedness of history written by men in their time of power abuse and monopoly. The Power Imbalance of man and woman I rose to change which is the root to the world crisis as well as US and Iran. I am changing the patterns of imbalance by re-creating the creation and even in that I am facing a Lie Society and miswrite of history and misrepresentation of facts that has put me on cross of ignorance and prejudice resulting in censorship against me. For seven years like Theresa they call me crazy while they are prospering from my knowledge claiming it in their names. Like Diana they call me prostitute while they are promoting prostitutes and have censored me who is bringing back the rights and dignity of humanity. This is the crime of history and the silent crime of humanity. Today, Prince Reza Pahlavi too, rose against what is happening. He knows. This happened to his father. What is happening to me is what he is experiencing in exile. They are taking my knowledge and peace and reform program and words and are misusing it to get power monopoly for themselves where as my peace program is for everyone to begin together. People Power is my word they misuse while denying me.

They play dirty and unjust. For the past seven years I have like a chess master with Excellence Programs of change through dialogue have reformed and at the same time stalemated their corrupt patterns and programs. Every day they are stalemate by me; one woman without all of her life societal power they have taken away, and thousands with media and print power against her, cheating, lying, stealing and without conscience. This is the work of the Power Monopolizers, the middle men.


My predictions and dream about Santa Theresa -

Conflicted Past - Today in CNN they talked about Theresa's conflicted past after I have said since she died that she was killed long before she died for she was ignored and her strong identity tainted and denied by the church and the Pope himself. Mother Theresa told me that in a dream yet I knew from her reality that she was denied of her identity and power long before shed died. The silent crime.

Answer To Humanity and History. Like me who should be recognized as the Holy Mother and teacher Merry and Islam's Last Prophet Imam Zaman. They are reborn by me and deny me. I am on the cross and my clones are getting credit.

My dialogue with the Pope. This is another one of church's mistakes that must change as the present Pope has been flexible enough and has changed the patterns of past mistakes since I sent him my book and gave him the knowledge of the self and the Excellence theory and philosophy of Evolution that is Scientific Spiritual and its origins stem from the Holy Soul inside of me. And years of evolutional excellence I have created in my Mind-Power to understand and make the language of the Holy Spirit, and to create a science to teach my peers and change the patterns of leadership from corruption and abuse and lies and toxic competition toward evolutional excellence, service, people Power & responsibility.

Scientific Clone Making not Promotional Clone making. I created a rebirth with predications and solutions and going on the cross of godlike suffering from the Toxic Lie Society of the corrupt elite. When I rose with my philosophy and science everything was dead and all from Marxism to Communism to the church doctrines and religions to the renaissance had failed and been buried for decades. People were suffering and screaming for a hero to come and save them from the world dying under the vicious cycle of victimization and corruption of the Power Monopolists. They were waiting for Christ in West and for the last prophet Zaman in the East. I rose with not only a philosophy that was solution to the problems but for years was tested and was preventative of self, family society and world crisis and toward the evolutional excellence that I created beginning from where Maslow ended. They have brought Marx out of the grave and anyone else in between giving them my theories and character and have buried me alive creating promotional clones of me with patterns of lie, cheat, deceit, and compete at any cost whereas I am scientific Clone making of the Godlikeness with lasting patterns to be role models of the children and the youth.

The culture of all religions are miswritten, misread and misinterpreted. I went on the cross for seven years to prove just that. Only the political power has historical voice and now I have taught them to use my own tools against me and even brain wash the people and tamper with the story of the legends that go around mouth to mouth among the people. I am the only returned who knows the truth. Spiritual People Power is only possible by the returned Last Prophet not those who have victimized people for centuries.

Every truth seeker begins with conflict - I began with the feeling that there is no god and that I must be god for I saw the truth only stemming from me and my healing hands and soul while the world was bleeding from injustice. But in the process I found that the spirit inside me was god calling me to be the home for the higher spirit to live on earth.Having had a scientific mind I fought it tooth and nail believing I am god until god put me on the cross of the corruption of the society to show me that standing against the constant whirlwind of their power monopoly I could not have been alone. God is in me. The miracles and all are of god and I am becoming godlike in my evolutionary revolution of compassion I am taking you on path of Godlikeness and it begins with being human not pretence of perfection while cheadting, lying and stealing; it means think and act humanlike.


Mother Theresa is Santa Theresa - She like me was put under the veil of ignorance and fear of one woman and fought her with all their media and money and political power to create clones and be free to dictate to my people what they must feel and think keep their true authors and prophet away from them. Like Theresa I have suffered on the cross of ignorance and Global Cultural religions fear of women. I have lost all and my children sacrificed in the whirlwind of politics

UN decision to globalize Human Rights and hold leaders responsible after sitting them all around the table was my idea seven years ago in my book Pattern Change Programing creating my own destiny and it was taken from me like the dialogue of Nations concept that went to UN under someone else's suggestion whereas first I wrote that to former President Clinton and other leaders and I Was the one suggesting that US must pay back the debt to UN and Ted Turner was the one who finally did that. Except as a prat of that program was to create the strong root for nations by taking them back to origin - culturization and then globalization.


UN Conference on Racism

UN Conference on Racism must have death with the underlying pain of racism not taking sides on the effects of the racism - US taking sides with Th.e Israel is not helping the relationship of the counters in conflict - Racism must change for all concern but the denial of it does not make it go away - We must raise people who se walls of religious prejudice is fallen from within - the choice for different religions does not change the one god one world truth - the truth is the same in all religions.

I am the perfect example of that which the holy spirit within me is god 's pure spirit. In Parvin Peace and Reform Program I outline dialogue of Nations as a tool of excellence for changing patterns of Racism to Patterns of Power Balance and Peace. In this dialogue that former President Clinton began with my guidance yet sent Dennis Ross instead of me, I talk about dialogue of cultures and leaders under the Power Balance environment of equal respect and dignity and rights. Every side has legitimate pain that cannot be denied. It all must be heard by an expert not a politician. This is how I have created a rebirth in Iran a dead nation is born again.

President Clinton helped a great deal in the process of reform in Iran and in implementing my Peace and Reform Program as his societal programs in US and globally. Yet he has the habit of taking over the solutions instead of delegating them to the professionals who have the qualifications for them. In the case of peace making this happened in Iran and between Israel and Palestine. These meetings could have become far more affective had I as the author of the dialogue of nations and leaders had guided it myself. This is where the prejudice and racism surfaces.

Like in the reform in Iran that has had far more problems and crisis that I had anticipated, I had to train and guide the youth not to get involved in the brain washing coup programs imported from media in US and instead take on peace/ reform dialogues with the leadership. I could have led this but censorship hurts.

This is where giving the opportunity to insiders or those who are obedient to us instead of those who are the change makers and independent thinkers has helped our societies remain regressed no matter how much effort the independent thinkers put into creating change. Clones and prostitutes are just that; clones and prostitutes societally or politically and they are taking the place of the real people who could make a difference. Every moment I have worked for the past seven years with all of my societal power taken away from me could have been a year with them which I worked all of my life to get there for today. This is a silent crime of an ill society.

Making stares and heroes out of ponds without strong characters and morality and expertise those you have to write and give them what you want them to say and letting others see them as role models and giving them microphones and censoring the true authors of the reform programs and all the new words and philosophies you are plagiarizing are misrepresentations and biases that have kept our societies regressed and oppressed. It hurts me deeply to have been censored for seven years and unethical, ignorant people are parotlike repeating my words and promoters are intentionally promoting them and censoring me, This is nothing they pay them to assassinate my character daily and they laugh about it. It is a media Mafia cult.

This has been going on for seven years. Who is responsible for drying out my resources and that of my family who are relying on me and who is responsible for the choice taken away from people? Is this a free country? Then why am I suffocated in it? and after years of serving as a credible citizen of this country and rising to save people from the very things and the very people that have held me hostage.

Not until we can change the nature of this kind of racism and sexism and power monopoly right here at home, we cannot change that abroad. Journalists and media owners should not be censorists of what is on demand, ethical, in need and necessary for people just because of their own benefits and biases and choice making for people. Especially when they intentionally in organized program promote the plagiarists. I am on the cross. I set people free and took their place.



What is freedom and democracy?

UN Conference on Racism in Africa and US withdraws

because the rest did not obey US dictation on final declaration.

And Janet Reno running for Governor = Clinton's planting for

Clintonism which is fascism sold in place of democracy bombing

or threatening to bomb countries that do not obey his command.

And I am still being censored and isolated in my free country

while my plagiarists are getting promotion by major media/print.


On labor day in our sunny California the land of freedom and prosperity after once more spending several nights and days sending my articles to all over the world and knowing that none of it will be published under my own name and that tomorrow someone else will claim what I have said and knowing that the boss will not allow my articles being published since I have many years of experience of Power Monopoly and seven years of being on the cross for it. This is happening in our free country under our democratic skies.

I decided to go for a swim. For the past seven years walking for hours daily and swimming has been my salvage to a life that is in the midst of the maddened crowd in the whirlwind of politics of mediocrity and fear of one woman who has been the savior of a nation and the world. They take my every word like gold and copy my words and promote it as their own and prosper by it and censor me and isolate me and lie to my people about me taking away their right to know and to choose. They too call themselves democrat reformers.

I was thinking about how Judy Lewis's views changed as she appeared on Larry King's show. When I talked to her she was pretty angry that Clark Gable had mistreated her mother and did not come through for her when he found out that she was pregnant. I guess the price of coming to the show and being heard is to censer your truth in a town that does not like to hear the truth and fears to offend the image of the famous stars who become the stars because they are self centered and often do not have compassionate self. That is why their lives are not exemplary of human beings with good intent rather self indulged people who rely on their fame and become bad role models of the world that worships them by their roles on stage. And I don't mean just film and theater stars although in this town they all end up there. But in the old game of politics where values and good intent and having a self did not mean anything and was laughed at until seven years ago that a little Persian woman came,wrote books and changed all life programs and patterns.

I did not know Clark Gable and do not want to judge him or anyone else for god is our final judge and Gable was my dream man when I was growing up. But the point is my disappointment in a country I immigrated to and spent thirty years of my life in and where my children were born in and are now prophets of their own life and destiny. I too fought for her freedom. And my freedom is stolen by the political insiders.

I brought with me the knowledge of self and with that the freedom to be human not just a famous star or an insider who is allowed to be heard. And when you are an insider you are heard everyday. The danger is that insiders are not chosen by their worthiness and values but by their coeval of loyalty and obedience to the system. This is how systems remain Medicare for the original and true authors like me are silenced for the insider clones to take the stage. The self behind the title matters. And that is not gained by spiritless prostitutes who are the ponds of the system and what told to think and say. We must have a self to give.

True freedom and democracy is to give equal rights and dignity to all in all levels and not fear differentness. The responsibility of everyone who has a voice is to be human first by having a spirit and then have a healthy self so we do not have to look for Chandra Levys all of our lives and bomb countries to get rid of one bad leader. And then fear god entering the White House in US or the Marble Palace in Tehran.



Iran: a nation experiencing pains of reform and rebirth

I know I am the mother - I am the veiled truth-the hiden half

Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program

The film Maker is set free on bail






For the first time in history there is a non-violent revolution of comopasson and pattern change from the old regressive patterns to progressive patterns of evolutionary excellence and reform toward national and world peace. Revolution begins from the heart of every person and not on the streets. Knowledge of self is first step.Iran will be the first country in the world to every have accomplished such a non-viuolent rebirth and change toward reform. The country experienced a rebirth from the death of the spirits. Silence had taken over and stoning of womn and fear for wars and sanctions had killed spirits.

In June 3rd 1996 I shared my Peace and Reform program with Massood Khojasteh who is the promoter of Rafsanjani and was referred to me by the woman who worked with me Sali Nateghi and Mehrdad Haghighi whom I have known for many years as they always provided my center with the latest medical and children journals and are known in the community. Massood Khojasteh had heard of my books and my peace and reform program and had suggested to promote me. He was my contact with Rafsanjani who was at the time the President of Iran. My letter had been welcomed and I was supposed to interview Rafsanjani for my Peace Program that Mike Wallace was sent instead of me as if he had my expertise for this program. I have worked with Massood Khojasteh ever since in order to implement my programs in Iran through the media and from the inside. Our work has not always been together yet at the beginning we worked together for over a year and formed a verbal partnership. I was on the cross for seven years for the rebirth of my own and my people by spirit making.

My program is nonviolent revolution of compassion toward excellence with pattern change programing and creating power balance in an evolutionary process by knowledge of self and society and leadership excellence of learning to share power and responsibilities with people and dialogue with good intent of nurturance and love and mutual respect and dignity for other leaders people to people and cultures and religions. it is the process of making human and being human from behind the titles.

President Hashemi Rafsanjani

Iranian Islamic Republic Iran, Tehran

June 3rd, 1996

Mr. President,

We live in a time of historical Universal Crisis and Habitual Toxic  Patterns of hate, prejudice, discrimination and thus alienation of the  souls and destruction. If we change the direction to a unified path  we are destined to discover, we will flourish as one world embracing  peace and power balance among nations. Fourteen years of healing wounded families drown in Power Struggle  taught me Peace Creating and change of patterns from imbalance and  crisis to Power Balance, peace and progression. During the past two  years, I treated the society and the globe as one family in need of  healing and excelling in peace. 

Global Leadership Peace Program engages all world leaders  in a  unique Peace Creating Process of Power Balance in their  nations and within nations. In this process all parties will have  equal chance to present their own non-violent Peace Program of compassionate strength and willingness to share power with other  leaders and with people engaging in a Responsible Freedom. 

This program has inspired the President of the United States, William  Jefferson Clinton throughout the past year. His efforts toward creating  peace among the world leaders with compassionate strength, and  between the people of his nation with Responsible Freedom, has  transformed him to a Global Role Model.  You are one of the world  leaders who is chosen in my mission to change the Patterns of  Humanity from destruction to Global Peace and Power Balance. By  creating unity among the world leaders, in mind, body and spirit, a  universal code of ethics shall be written to create global peace and  a new world order.

I invite you to participate in this Global Leadership Peace Program which brings the promise of dignity and grace to you  and your people. By the power vested in true purpose and  intent for peace and an active participation of the world leaders in this revolutionary movement, we shall deliver this Global  Peace Program to all nations as a maternal and paternal legacy,  to all the children.   

With Prayers for peace on earth

Rose Alizadeh Parvin   



Diana : The English Rose -

They kill the true heroes, authors and prophets to create clones they can control, to deny and cover the original nature of a prophet, a savior of the freedom and people

they killed her, too, as they tried to kill me

President Clinton did not sign her effort to put a stop to mine lands as they sabotaged my efforts to create world peace and became my clones and created clones of me from the insiders.

The Power Monopolizers called her and I a whore while they promoted prostitutes at the time of her death and killed her as they tried to kill me because we are powerful women and have independent minds -women who made a difference - and they silenced her with death and have silenced me by censorship and misrepresentation and character assassination and have dried my resources by creating isolation around me while promoting my plagiarists and clones and copiers in the radio and televisions that were a part of my peace and reform program and seven year effort and when there was no reason to keep me censored they poured professional entertainers to keep the people distracted from their purpose and promoted amateur theatrical opportunists connected to the organized crime of keeping me silenced, censored and my character assassinated while they watched my every move and copied my every word through the electronic control system.

She was an English Princess who was exposing corruption of those who act humanitarian but make deals under the table and leave people vulnerable. By war threats, sanctions and buying middle men to create separation between the people by misrepresentaions and misusing religion or democracy as a tool to dominate.

I have done the same with my knowledge of self, society and spirit ( god) I have brought and the Power Transfer from Evil and his Lie Society and Evil Patterns to godlike patterns of being and a purpose to serve people versus using/abusing them.








Iran: a nation experiencing pains of reform and rebirth

I know I am the mother - I am the veiled truth-the hiden half

Film Maker in Prison

Beating the youth in public

Press in Prison

Youth opressed

Today in Los Angeles Times the Calendar section I saw an article by the Associated Press about a reformist Iranian woman film maker in prison. I have not seen her films but they say she has betrayed the regime by her becoming a voice of the group whom are in conflict with the regime. She obviously has crossed the lines of approved by the regime for the past 21 years of limitation set by the Islamic rules. Reformists are a group who are trying to create change without overthrowing the government and creating a coup or revolution. In fact their revolution is nonviolent and called revolution of compassion which based on my philosophy believes in step by step evolutional change toward health and excellence in society, thus Societal - Cultural Crisis Prevention.

Islamic Reformists like President Khatami Iran's new President are getting elected in the government as a bridge between the regime and the people with a diverse culture that was united by the Monarchy that allowed diverse religion that suits the Iranian liberated souls and diverse culture of people that religion never dictated their lives until the past twenty one years ago that an Islamic regime took over the modern regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi King of Iran. Iran went through a gradual death after wars and sanctions and she is born again to stay. Religion must bring people forward not backward and if it has not had a Time Appropriate interpretation. Islam is a religion of reform and it must be flexible or those who are trying to weaken it will succeed and destroy the image it has among the world countries and religion. Parvin Peace and Reform Program that is being implemented by the reformists in Iran goes beyond reform of just immediate societal crisis and creates change from the roots of culture and religion. Religion is a part of the culture of a nation and it must step into the future in order to take the people to a place better than they have been without loosing their substance and principals.

Perhaps the reformists did not quite go through the process of reform with full knowledge of it. When trying to change the top elite of a country is not like raising your children from the womb, but it is being their unwanted mother. I wrote nine books on a calling from within in order to change the Global Cultural Crisis that was taking us to the world destruction by the toxic patterns that had become habits repeating themselves without the people and their leaders awareness. Knowledge of self, society and the spirit and my philosophy of Power Balance and the technology of Pattern Change Programing is sacred knowledge given to me by god and years of research and following of my spirit to learn about my healing power and nurturing strength and wisdom.

When I wrote the program I had cultural and world diverse unity in my mind with human rights laws that came from within the people who know their self and abide by their inner ethics and had conscience to respect the rights of one another and thus not to need but not to have conflict by the Time Appropriate Laws of religion.

What is happening is the crisis created as a result of not taking the right steps toward reform and the appropriate dialogues within the country with good intent of creating change and reform toward peace and progression. A country belongs to all its people in equal respect and rights and this is what Iran and Islam should be all about. Calling ourselves Moslem in order to have Power Monopoly is as bad as calling ourselves a atheist and do the same. The name is not important the intent and the deed is. Iranians are people of old culture and humble pride and must be treated with respect and dignity by the world and especially by their own leadership in power. Knowledge of self and society is being poured in Iran from here and yet it must be spread more and come out of the monopoly of just those who call reformists and become the way of life to know how to live together.

Responsible Freedom is a part of the reform program that the knowledge does not cause abuse of those who do not have the knowledge but protection of those who know less and sharing of it. This responsible freedom applies the most to those who have the knowledge like the press and the elite of the culture. The leadership are given the knowledge to apply to their dimension of work and creativity like film, music and theater and even psychology and biology to the politics of governments as well as the politics of life. My spirit has been and is in constant living in the here and now and with a link to the past and future bringing the best of all to create excellence not perfection which is only preoccupation to the details of making life look good on the surface.

The world must have conscience. I went on the cross for seven years to give it that conscience for a rebirth. For people to learn to care for one another and to tell the truth regardless and not to take away from one another what is the right of all or another just because they can and legal system is too sold to power to save the victim. For as long as there is a victim there is a bully and this pattern must be omitted from the computer of our children's mind so that children killing children does not become an education they take with the, from schools to the world place of business of politics and sports and love relationships and their Global Families.

Creating coups and sanctions are neither revolution nor world reform and will not result to progression and peace. We can love in peace and create change without violence and through dialogues if it is even the music which is the language of the spirit, I call this Revolution of Compassion and it is being Globally implemented.




Prevention of crisis as a result of Power Monopoly

Ms. Parvin,

As you have seen from a previous e-mail, the Mayor has asked me to look into your concerns in this regard. Excite@Home is, indeed, teetering on bankruptcy, but I am told that Adelphia and Cox are both working intently to find new providers in the event that Excite@Home leaves us. As the Mayor has indicated to you, the City is not in a position to FORCE either cable provider to carry any high-speed Internet service. In fact, almost all cable regulatory activities have been taken from us by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. Indeed, almost all cable companies believe that high-speed Internet service is NOT a cable-related service that cities have ANY ability to regulate. A decision in ATT versus the City of Portland appears to have ratified cable companies' thinking in this regard. Writing that doesn't help you much, so here's what I suggest you do: Continue to use your @Home service and continue to notify your cable provider how much you rely upon it. Suggest that they pursue with all diligence finding a backup provider if @Home goes bankrupt.- Be prepared to contact another provider -- like a DSL service - in case @Home ceases to exist. Respectfully, cities can do nothing to prop up a failing Internet company. We do, however, rely upon high-speed Internet as you do and are encouraging our cable providers to continue this service with an appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) should @Home go away.

Dave Kiff Assistant City Manager


Dear Mr. Kiff,

Thank you so much for such a thorough research for my concern about the @home's destiny or mine, rather. It is not a very good place not to have security about anything at this time. Internet will become the way of life and the business of connecting and post offices will be closed in near future. People should not have to spend time in protecting themselves against the giants of power monopoly and old toxic politics of drying out people's resources and then get them to serve them instead of serving people which all these company take over are all about in this town. We are living at a very dangerous time that coup. is going on about our independence and that of our good people by taking over their major needs of independence.

I believe the bankrupts is one of those conspiracies for taking away the independence from the like of me who are being censored and isolated by powerful people who have stolen my peace and reform program and have taken away my voice by censoring me out of the media and now they are trying to take away my only source of communication with the people through the internet. This is true and not a paranoid ideation believe me. If you don't, read my life story from my website and you will. Again, I appreciate your prompt effort to bring my mind to peace. It is comforting to have a Mayer who cares and people who are there to implement service to people.

Rose Parvin


To: Mr. Gary Adams Mayer of Newport Beach

From: Rose Parvin


Parvin truth society creates excellence from the roots for children and youth

Mr. Mayer,

Thank you for your care and concern. I wanted to let you know that Mr. Kiff did contact me and gave me a thorough explanation that I am sure will be beneficial. Meanwhile, I think for the city to show that she cares for her people and to have evidence of the citizens who are aware also shows the character of the city and it's reach for excellence. I have been involved in many projects for creating an excelling society in Newport Beach. In fact for 21 years this is what I have been teaching in Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence in Newport Beach that no longer is. After nine books seven years ago in the subject and being the first person to bring the attention of the societal leaders to what was happening in our communities and with our children and that it must be prevented and giving original solutions to the youth crisis and their loss of character and alienation from the truth of their self and their families and a society that has provided them bad role models of morality and excellence like what we see today on television for our senator Condit or we witnessed for years in Bill Clinton. My truth society creates excellence from the roots for children and youth and gives them a sense of purpose not to be lost in a chaos called freedom. I hope I can be helpful in the city's search for answers to bring excellence in our communities and schools.

P.S. They are closing down our only local news channel (OCN)also and god knows what is next to take away our independence and take control with already sold out sources to the international power monopolizes. I see much of Newport Beach adds on CNN and I have tried to get interviews there. I have respect for Ted Turner but I think they are going through a coup of their own in their establishment.

With kind and warm regards, Rose Parvin


To: Mr. Gary Adams

Meyer, Newport Beach,Calif

From: Rose Parvin


Re: Thank you for caring about the people


Mr. Mayer, Thank you Mr. Mayer for caring about the business of people without limitations. If this has not been a custom for the city, you will be the pioneer. If our leadership had been more concerned about the power problem we would not have experienced it in such a depth. Problems begin when they are small and if prevented we can all prosper together. Believe me, you are talking about a woman who has lost all she has had as a result of Power Monopoly and throughout the years I have seen the back of many with substance bent because of those who come and pour money and buy out and close down sources of growth and independence for only to create shortage and handicap small businesses and create dependency within the community. We are in for detrimental crisis as a result of such happenings that we can now prevent if we become aware and focus on the signs that are given. I appreciate your care and concern and hope others follow a pattern of deeper care about people and in such sincere manner respond to each and everyone as you made it in my case your business, regardless.


Dear Mr.Mayer,

I heard in the news that at home service for the local residence of Orange County will be going out of business and that there is no substitute for it as of yet. There are many businesses in Orange County that are being operated out of home and I believe going out of business of such character and not having a substitute is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the city officials who care about the people. Just like the problems with the energy and expensive long distance and phone contracts with the phone companies. As I am sure you care about your resident of this old and historical city I ask you to look into the rumors regarding at home being shut down and prevent that from happening or assure the residences of Orange County that they will not loose their internet publishing just as they are loosing their local television news channel. Mr. Mayer, If we have these kinds of problems imagine what is the rest of the world going through?

with warm regards, Rose Parvin Rose Parvin

Pattern Change Programming- A Fulfilled Prophecy

a book that is implemented in seven years

Evolutionary Reveolution of Compassion

author: Rose Parvin- copyright 1994

8/29/2001 Conclusion, The beginning..... Beyond Patterns Towards Excellence .... A Psycho-Universal Spirituality Power Balance of Psycho-Universal Spirituality. The world is not made of black and white colors. The shades of gray are the rainbow patterns of Change. All patterns are changeable, and the most expressive Patterns, are Patterns of love, and Humanity. Obtaining Patterns of Success, moving towards Excellence and Progression in individuals, families and society require not only Self Expression with a purpose larger than Self, but also the patterns of non-selective compassion and Universal Inner Ethics in all dimensions: the Patterns of Universal Spirituality. There is no true measure of Patterns of Success, no independence of Self alone, that can be maintained without its Power Balance, its other side of Pendulum, its inner contentment with only the connection between Self and the Universal Power of Wisdom and Nurturance embracing us all, equally pouring its shower of pure, white energy onto humanity.

A. A Multidimensional Psychology of Self. I have introduced through the writings of this book, a multidimensional psychology of Self that claims individual power; one that guides us all towards a path that polishes the soul and announces our inherent, inner capacity for goodness as well as power, for whole as well as part, and for Patterns of Excellence and health instead of sickness. This book promotes individuals with the independence and interdependence of mind-body power who can create paths of their own destiny.

B. A Universal Spirituality. I have guided you through the path of my own vision of the ultimate connection between Universal Compassion, Inner Ethics and Morality: Patterns of Universal Spirituality. We need not belong to a specific organized institution to acquire the awareness of their existence within our soul and underneath the layers of flesh, of our fragile body. Each and every individual is born with an inherent spirit of goodness and purity. No one grants it to us by forgiving our sins, and no one creates our spirit. Spirits exist. They are never born and they never die. Only for the purpose of materializing our spirits in our mortal world do we need bodies to give them mortal presentations; nor do they need a specific house to be presented in. Ultimate Connection of the Self and Universal Wisdom. The Power Balance of Psycho-Universal Spirituality is the Ultimate Connection of the Power of Self, combined with the Universal Wisdom and Nurturance existing in the air we breathe. Such Universal Wisdom and Nurturance connects us with life and all living beings of the past and present, in the sea that flows between nations, existing even when all evaporates in presentation, from the face of the earth. No place is special enough, large enough, or worthy enough to hold such sacredness but the Inner Self, itself.

The shades of gray. Only in the shades of gray can we find the ultimate connection of Self and the connection beyond Self: the connection of whole and of part which is whole within Self, and of all with one, which is all within one. That's right. When we believe that we can have a Self that is whole within our own soul, and when we nurture the Self, only then can we get close to the Ultimate Soul. We do not have to give up our own Self, or our soul, to find the ultimate connection with One that makes us whole. We are whole within Self, just as we are whole with another soul. In fact, we need our own Self to be whole in order to connect completely with another soul.

The ultimate connection with all souls is only possible with the connection of wholeness in each soul; only then can we touch and transcend to the Ultimate Soul. A highly progressive and advanced society. What else but the rapid progression and unusual and creative advancement of societies and countries throughout the world can be expected from the psychological, philosophical, Universally Spiritual, societal and psycho-physical togetherness of the dimensions of all beings, and joint efforts towards peace and progression: a mission of Power Balanced and Excelled individuals.

Time Appropriate Patterns of Humanity. The end of the dark ages of ignorance and toxic rigidity is here; now is the time for Time Appropriate Patterns, for the beginning of the era of Recognition and Appreciation of Power Balance amongst all and between the individual and the environment: a connection that can breathe Excellence into the dying leaves of the forest of humanity. Universal Spirituality: Beyond Religious walls. The dream of the world with this condition and these Patterns of existence is not an impossible dream. But we must believe in humanity and its capacity to Excel beyond any conditions and predispositions in order to take steps to implement what can be done. This must be the dream of every individual who has been touched by the Universal Power and Spirituality beyond any outmoded patterns of conventionality. This is a dream of an individual who believes in the Power Balance of Self and the spirit: of Psycho-Spirituality and accepts nothing less than path of excellence and preservation of human dignity.

Beyond Patterns. Pattern Change Programing is a collection of theories and applications that takes an individual out of crisis, to Prevention and then to Excellence. Pattern Change Programing has a vision for humanity even beyond Patterns: the vision is a flow of universal miracles available at all times to individuals who are aware of Self and of the power existing amongst all that can create the ultimate transcendence: the gravitation of souls of excellence to the path of immortal peace, Progression and human Prosperity. Let's become a believer without a high cost. When we read about Jules Verne's submarine in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, we all desired it to be true, but dared not believe it could happen.

When Galileo said the earth was round, many people stoned him and said he was crazy; the church called him a sinner who should go to hell and be destroyed for opening people's mind. Toxic Patterns of Humanity. Always, people of vision, and even great prophets, have suffered from the fearful and rigid people of their time who chose Patterns of Ignorance because they were frightened of the truth and the changes that the truth would bring to their limited lives. The great people fade away, but they never die. Their vision is followed after death, without their knowledge of the contributions they have made to humanity. In fact, almost all are abused, mistreated, and their great souls rejected, or their visions ignored, during their lifetime. Discovering our Self, together.

Our Habitual Punitive Patterns and lack of appreciation for inherent creativity and innovativeness is the gift we give to the great people who sacrifice many things to give us what they know we will benefit from. Yet many great people come and go and leave traces that are further steps to the top of the mountain. People with passion for humanity are blind and numb to the punishment and rejection that stems from ignorance; they only feel the high of being on top of the mountain, seeing the truth clearly. Seeing the truth. One must have empathy for those who abuse themselves by hiding behind fixated beliefs that keep them away from seeing the truth. They hide from the truth about their own universal Selves, the truth about their inherent capacity to goodness and Power Balance, the truth of the Universal Power of Wisdom and Nurturance that belongs to us all, equally, the truth about non-selective compassion being the medicine for all the wounds of cruelty and injustice to humanity, and the truth which is a powerful tool for joy, laughter, and prosperity. They hide from the truth about discovering Self.

We, as a nation, hold an incredible power of innovativeness; our people have discovered more about life and its tools of advancement than ever before. It is time that we, as a nation, go as far as discovering ourselves so that our children won't have to pay the price we have inflicted upon them by holding the cross of ignorance and discrimination. Survival of the world we leave to our children. My only hope is that my humble attempt to bring forth the truth from the thick shells of denial, because of my ethical responsibility are towards the threat I feal for the safety and survival of the world in which my children and yours are living in. This is worthy enough for your objective analytic evaluation, and your intuitive deductive reasoning. I hope that truth negatively or positively, raises questions in the dimensions of your mind that have long been forgotten; and those closed dimensions of the mind that have been punished when they did question.

I hope curiosity wins. The world turns, stagnation is self-destruction. I hope that before, or even after, I am condemned by anyone for my lifelong search of digging for the priceless gem of compassion from the wise hands of the dead that hold it in the ground the wisdom of analytically looking back at the mistakes of the centuries and the reasons behind them, that people recognize the merit behind my search. I hope people recognize that knowing our mistakes and not repeating them will set us free to move ahead with perhaps new mistakes and new learnings that arise from them. But we must let the world turn, for its delay and stagnation, by the ones who want to stop and reverse its turn just so they can lead in its outmoded passage of time, will cause our destruction. Inherent capacity for Balance and Excellence. I hope I have not offended the people with good intentions during my focus on the small ratio of anti-humanitarians with no conscience, no guilt, and no ability or motivation to recognize their toxicity and harm they create, or those whose ignorance has caused them to be the worst of enemies of humanity, even if they themselves believe they have good intentions.

Good intent like a rose, smells from a distance. Awakening the lazy giant of our minds. I have focused as little as possible on the painful facts that do not feel good to hear or acknowledge, in the hope that I can awaken the lazy giant of the minds who, for the most part, will not awaken unless offended. My toughness in this book has been quite exaggerated for that very purpose. I honestly am very alarmed by our shortage of time to change the Patterns of Universal Crisis threatening us all. If there was enough time left, I would have approached things far more process-oriented and compassionately, even in my approach with those who have held on to their thick walls of denial and because of their own fear of change and loss of control are pulling us back to the dark ages of ignorance, destruction, and blind obedience. Walls of Powerlessness. It is from feelings of powerlessness and victimization that bullies and the victimizers who lead the victims, are created, not from the inherent need to dominate and to control.

I truly believe that the bullies, too, are the victims of our incompassionate societies with their predisposed rules and roles that can make anyone feel imprisoned in their own homes and souls. It is not from power, but from powerlessness, victimization, insecurity, lack of inner strength and feelings of imprisonment within, that walls are created; the walls of powerlessness. Trickle-down Compassion. To some level, everyone can find within themselves a degree of a trickle-down compassion for those who safely obey and follow them. Many institutions, individuals and organizations, right now in the midst of a most critical world crisis, not of cold war, but of establishment of Power Balance and global peace and leadership are practicing Patterns of Excellence in humanity. There is not a single person nor a single organization existing that, even in the midst of Imbalance and corruption, does not have many props that serve some people who safely and loyally obey at the cost of their independence of mind and action, and their rights to share power and prosperity; their dignity.

Liberating humanity, freedom and Democracy. It is time to let go of the Power Imbalanced control tactics that have kept people oppressed no matter how hard they are trying. And it is time to free humanity and free democracy. People have changed. They are not the same people we could dictate out of their rights and make believe we are transforming the world to empower their rights to their mind and body. If they are told what to do with their body then their rights are taken away from them. And if they are told what to believe and what to do we have sent them right back to where they ran away from : the eighteenth century with its oppressive rigid rules dictated by religion that created the rebellion of courageous people who built this country. Built-in Golden Rules of Ethics-Responsibility. The vision of a great society has not failled. It just has not had a clear application towards the making.

The purpose and the intent of advocating and proposing Pattern Change Programing is to offer such possibility. The philosophy, the theory, the techniques and tools to create Power Balance and Excellence within all, for all beings and by developing individual power-responsibility and rocking the corruptible tower of authority and offering a Universal and Non-Selective inner Ethics and Spirituality. This will create a world with individuals who would want to be agents of humanity with built-in ethics and golden rules instead of being rebels to societal, governmental and religious rules and regulations imposed from without, even at cost of their own well-being.

Humanity without walls. Society is preoccupied with the details of making a pretty picture, taking us away from the bigger picture: creating humanity without walls. Perfection, as I defined earlier, is an Imbalance Pattern spread in today's world. It is different from Power Balance and Excellence. Perfection is individual's detachment and distraction from focusing inward. Perfection is the absence of silence in our everyday lives where a preoccupation with impersonal details has taken over the meaning and true purpose to life. People run around all day long, trying to create perfect pictures of their lives, without paying attention to the depth of their existence, to the bigger picture: a picture of humanity without walls. A picture which connects elements necessary for existential clarity and connection with the universal Self: a Self that connects us with the Universal Power of Wisdom and Nurturance and facilitates us in our process of becoming Whole and Part. Laboratory rats running in circles in a maze.

Without the bigger picture, we are just like laboratory rats running in circles in a maze, as fast as we can, disillusioned about the fact that, with all the effort we are making, we never get there. The destination: wholeness, togetherness, happiness, peace and prosperity. Under conditions of helplessness, powerlessness, dependence, confusion disillusionment, and neediness, anyone who throws a pellet from up above the enclosed box, is a god: the man who feeds the object of his experiment in order to get an expected, calculated, dictated response.

Tearing down the paper maze. We human beings are not only in the maze running in a circle, but there is also a voice that is constantly telling us that we are indeed powerless, helpless and unworthy if we are left by ourselves. So if we don't begin to see the bigger picture and tear down the paper maze that keeps us disillusioned, unclear and confused, we, too, can only hope for the god, or the misrepresentatives of an unknown god, to feed us with pellets and prepare us for the next experiment. In clinical and experimental psychology rats are used to predict people's destiny.

The Parvin Way: Self Making, Society Making Spirit Making,


The Little Mermaid- Rebirth of a woman - rebirth of the world -

People Need a Hero - Join my Truth Society

People need a hero, they all want to hear

words of truth, coming from you coming from you

coming from me

Is it hard to be you, Is it hard to see

People are depending on your honesty your honesty

Is it hard to be you is it hard to see

you and I, are one and one is all there is, all there will be

so rise with me my child and fly with me, my child 

I will take you to where, you want to be

where you can see you you can be you for only if,

you can see you you can be you

you can see me you can be me

People need a hero And my child, my child

The hero is you, the hero is me

The hero is the spirit of humanity

In all the children all the children all the children

of our global family

Rose Parvin, 1995     

Every day I go to the Lagoon where I live in Newport Beach. For the past seven years I have walked along the side of the ocean for hours as my prayer moments when I talk to god and god answers me with thousands of revelatory poetry that pours out of me with music and my own rhythm and the presence of the holy spirit inside me that I call the mermaid - perhaps because I love living by and in water and perhaps because poets have prophesied my coming calling me Parya which in Farsi Persian language means mermaid. Miracle after miracle for the past seven years helped to implement my program of global cultural peace and reform in Iran.

During this process of seven year I went through what I believe was the repeat of creation; from the self and soul in me my people and the world began a process of having a self and a soul. My nine books are the children and Lewis Farakhan said there is a woman pregnant with an idea . He was the only person honest enough to admit it. Others took the idea, the philosophy and the technology and ran with it.

My prophecy says that it was to happen this way ; that I was pregnant with the world and the pain I was experiencing was the pain of rebirth. I literally lived world's pain. In the process I lost everything I had and had it not been for my brother coming from Belgium to save me as a result of loosing myself in my soul and only thinking of being the mother and the voice of my people loosing touch with my professional,consistent life of a and very successful woman I would be dead.

They censored me, isolated me through control systems copied my every breath and promoted themselves as me claiming my knowledge yet terrorized my character to the public and watched me every day bleed while they called me witch and whore. This is right here in my free country not in some Eastern prison. This is a coup. But I have lived through it on a cross of ignorance, prejudice, jealousy greed and fear.

After all these years of walking on the beach several months ago, when I had gone through another miraculous survival of the societal and political whirlwind taking me in and denying my existence I went to the church and held the statue of Virgin Merry which I believe her soul I have inside of me. In a world so anti woman even in holy books I felt vulnerable so compelled to stand for my mission and my beliefs. Like the night that after writing my books I was terrified of being so truthful at a time that truth seems to have no place on eaeth not even in the highest court of law. That night singing a revolatory song that had just come to me titled People need a hero echoing in the little Spanish yard of the church. I looked down and saw a rose in the right hand of god's mother; a fresh rosebud. Tears of joy drowned my face.

This time I asked mother to show me a sign to prove to me once more that I am right in my way. Last time she had a rose in hands for me ; a fresh rose and another times she had roses on the sand on my way and this time I discovered the statue of a little mermaid on the walls of the 21 Oceanfront restaurant where for years I had walked by and there was nothing there. She was standing upside down with her hair in the stone coming out of the stone holding her. Those are strings of love on me.

Today I was walking by the restaurant again. I had asked who is the maker of the statue and they had given me some answer but no one truly knew. Today out from the restart a man walks out and stands right in front of me starring and I knew this was the man who made that statue. I asked and good enough he said he was Jim. I told him he was a prophet giving me a sign from god telling people of my return.

I brought with me the Mother Pearl from the ocean of my mind and soul to the world making pearls every day of her life giving it to the people for them to love their self by the knowledge of self in every dimension she has given them as her pearls so that they can love each other and ultimately love her as she is: different. God is different. That is why we fear god and do not strive to be godlike which is my way. God is the purifier and the Balancer like water. God is the life giver; like water. The entire energy of the universe is from god breathing constantly talking to our spirits. A group has shared my miracles for I wanted to have witnesses, friends, partners to share. My heart broke for my partner is the one who destroyed my life. He and his monopolizing power of money have bought the world media and politics.

The free country I live in has become my prison. This is like the film the Matrix. I came here to experience freedom and living here thirty years and taught freedom to find myself in a prison of discrimination and prejudice and bias about a woman at a time I sat down and wrote nine books to free my people from the very evil. I challenge judges and lawyers to prove to me that this is not the sinners country.

Tonight I heard the world press quoting from prisoners in Iran Prison and they write their books that get published there and here. I am censored here completely, even by L.A. Times. I am censored in community media, television, radio & print. US once made a mistake in supporting a coup in Iran. I hope it does not re-happen in my case and censorship for I have been immensely hurt by it in my free country.

Every day the sickness of the society and its abuse on the innocent is my witness. I have carried the sin of the society on my back and on the cross forgiving the guilty.But the guilty must stop hurting me and my children and people. The most painful thing is seeing my children's eyes disappointed at their powerful mother trapped in the hand s of a mofia of power who manipulates and contrrols her every breath. It is like death for a free woman to know freedom is a falacy at the top. And that at the top corruption is an ordinary pattern that does not strurtle anyone.

Anyone claiming the new way in all life dimension from the self in politics to art and sciences of and philosophy and medicine are my partners flying on the wings of my evo-revolutionary psycho-spirituality of being from my book of destiny making or Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny. They crossed my own name promoting my clones censoring, character assassinating isolating me and drying out my resources while prospering from my pearls. This is the wave of a corrupt chaos mistaken with democracy in this country. The guilty monopolizers of power win. People in front of everyone cheat, lie and steal and promote it in the media and print but they find the presence of god offensive. It is judgment day;the Last Day. All of those who tore me apart every day while they prospered from the fruit of the tree of my knowledge will be known to the people and cast out. For the truth is taking the place of the lie and god is taking the place of the devil on earth. People think there is no god and no one is watching. I am here and I am watching.

The Parvin Way is Spirit Making: Self Making, Society Making and Soul Making is what I have focused on all of my life. Except for the past seven years I stopped and wrote books that is the Blueprint of the Millennium Society of true love. For I believe our systems went wrong on teaching people how to live and to love. Love and god are free when the evil patterns are omitted from the earth. Parvin Programs for Excellence has taught flying for years, even with the cage.


The Parvin Way


True Freedom is in God we Trust - Free from all Life Addictions in Truth &Love -

through the knowledge of self, society and god I have introduced as the

New Psychology, Psychology of Excellence or flying

Seven Year Fast from life has taken me

to god and back to you -

I am the hands and tongue of god Why my way?

My word is as good as action-truth that happens


House of Self, House of God

The Prayer House


Like a tree, stagnant by our roots

we move to grow

we separate, initiate, we choose

my mother, my father, my child

are all inside

we must let go of our roots

we must allow the tide

we can no longer hide the truth

from the naked eyes

I am the mother, I am the father, I am the child

embrace me, embrace me, embrace me

for I am the truth you have sought to see

I am the father, don't abandon me

I am the mother, nurture me

I am the child, I am destiny

embrace me I am your king, in the kingdom within

I am the child crying silently 

embrace the mind, embrace the body, embrace

the spirit that lives within

dance the prayer, regain your peace again

choose to love the child again

look within, focus inside

can you see the child

can you be the child

can you be the child you hide inside

can you love again, can you be proud, again

I promise I will be right here by your side

you are the father, you are the mother, you are the child

I am alone don't leave me, I want you to believe me

you will not deceive me, no more darkness for you to get lost

in this journey, I am the light

I am the Self you hide inside

I am your guiding light

I am the path and I am the guide

I am the Self, I am the mother and I am the Child  

From the book Pattern Change Programing, 

Creating Your Own Destiny Author: Rose Parvin

Copyright 1994 


From the City of Nonbelievers to

the City of Truth, Love & Compassion

Judy Lewis is Clark Gable's daughter. I know. Seven years go I met Judy Lewis in a luncheon. She had finished her book telling the world that she was Clark Gable and Loretta Young's daughter. And I had written nine books telling the world that I have experienced another birth that is the fire to the world's new, another birth, rising from it's own ashes of the death of the spirits and bodies without souls that had killed the spirit of the world. The world is born again and everyone is forgiven.

The world has had a hard time believing us both while the evidences are in front of them ; god's miracles and witnesses. Just like the film Year 2000, I saw my seven years of Gone with the Wind, only by seeing Judy's young face aged by what I believe is the pain I am familiar with;pain of being rejected by our own people. We reject those we fear their differentness. But love always comes through.

And even the most painful legacy can have happy ending when god is love; healer of the most painful wounds of our time. I spent all of my life to teach Godlikeness and Spirit Making and Leadership Excellence for the world to become one Global Family and compassion and grace of acceptance of self and others differentness returns to the spirits and cities. This is materializing in the past seven years. Through Dialogue with our self, god and others we can transfer evil power to good and hate to love.

Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Gandhi, Martin Luther King died to bring humanity back to the times of inhumanity and to bring peace and reform and justice of balance of power to the races, religions. Much wars and self sacrifice is made for peace. But I believe my people, Iranians, are finding peace without war. And I am the witness to that courageous movement; a true revolution is the evolving of the people by compassion and wisdom and self knowledge and unity of diverse nature with people who are responsible and leaders who are ready to serve the people. And this is a miracle of love and rebirth.

My daughter just called me from Atlanta training for a job telling me that she had visited CNN and had seen some Persians there and that she had discovered Persian music in her car radio . It was far and I could hardly hear the voice but the sixty seconds I heard it it was a man singing "My heart is the shape of yours..." I had a witness to my prayers the world is a Global Family connected by love strings.

Perhaps soon it will be my turn too, to be the guest of Larry King Show and break the seven year fast from living. My daughter called me from Atlanta training on a job and said that she visited CNN and it is beautiful and that there are some Persians there. She also had me listen to a Persian music there ; a man singing your heart is the shape of my heart. And I felt the connection I have always had to my Global Family from the strings to my heart. Love is the most painful feeling when our heart breaks but without love this world is like a big person without a heart. Heart is where we hold our treasure: god.

To know god and to have a truth society of compassionate strength and wisdom we must know our self. To know our self will help us to love our self and the god within our heart on the cross is our miracle. Our freedom from our addictions is god's freedom from the cross in our heart. When we are loving god we are loving ourself and vice versa when we love our self truly we are loving others and loving god. Through god we can have clear mirror to live and to love and to have a society of Godlikeness in truth. That is the promised heaven on earth; a place for all the children of humanity. And a place for god. Our patterns are choices and no longer what the old psychology said predestined. I freed people of their predestined life programed by the old psychology. Love is a choice and god in our heart too is a choice.


Who are the role models of our children?

Madonna? Condit? Clinton? Jesse Jackson? Jimmi Swagert? Tammy Baker?

Who is responsible when children kill children in schools or girls get pregnant when they themselves are still children, boys rape girls thinking it means power?

All of my life I have been teaching Self Making and Soul Making and seven years ago I wrote nine books that stemmed from the mission and the calling within me. My voice has been silenced while my plagiarists promoted and even glorified..

One time someone went on the cross for three days to teach us how to be human nd how to love one another to the point that to save your brothers and sisters to lay down your life for them. You made wooden statutes of that day and made it the symbol of virtuous god we love and pray to. You sold the cross to the world and bought fame and fortune for our churches. Churches were teaching selflessness to people while you must have self to be able to give to others. A clear, evolved self.

You got so lost in selling god that you forgot who god is and what does it mean to love god. I came to remind you of god. This time you have put me on the cross for seven years, trying to promote your own clones of me with my knowledge and wisdom and the message I brought you for another birth..all of you together not one for the cost of another; while some grow and some die of sanctions and fear.

Open your doors of censored media and print that have kept me away from my people while you have had time to copy and monopolize my sacred knowledge and veil the truth of me. Monopolizing power is the biggest sin for the children of god. Censorship of the teacher and the mother to copy her is a sin. Have conscience.


Lying to the people we love is not just a sin. It is the wrong way of life and living. God is the doctor who can cure you of sociopathy. Those who serve people must know their self and their god. And know how to love others.

THE VOTE of TRUST When people give their vote of trust to a representative of theirs, that vote is a sacred vote. To break the trust of that vote means to loose the vote of the people. The trust of the people may seem that is earned easily but people are innocent and when they vote they accept their trustees and their words. It is up to that person to keep the trust by being responsible. He who cannot act responsible in his own life cannot be trusted with that of the people's affairs. He who lies is already broken the trust of the people.

He who lies and steals has not only broken the law of trust but has also used it toward abusing someone else's rights. But he who lies and steals knowingly to hurt someone is not a servant of the people and is abused his rights to be the trustee of the people. In cases of Gary Condit and Bill Clinton people must see confessions with remorse to show they experienced change and are reborn in truth & god.

I wrote the Peace and Reform Program for Iran and for the world. I am the true author and President Clinton knows that since he was the first person I contacted for creating peace between Iran and United States when no one was even thinking of Iran. President Khatami revceived the vote of trust by the Parliment. The parliment and President Khatami know that I am the author of the reformist's program he is re-elected on. And yet I am in cencorship for seven years while he gets re-elected. I have hoeld hands with everyone in implementing this program from behind the scenes. The Parlement received her vote of trust by my support and condition of Perfect Unity which means to include the leadership in exile and act as Parliment . If there is any vote of trust it must come out of our dialogue; the diaolgue of the author, Parliment and the reformists. To deny the author is a sin.

People's trust must be earned by their experiences of their representatives and not by promotional gimmicks that builds them up and brings their opponents down. People must know who they are voting for and media brain washing and lies and character assassinations of the people's trustees or misrepresentational promotions are past programs and old ways of politics. Old politics is toxic power.

In my book I define and bring you the now way of life the way of the truth and compassion and wisdom of just societies and the power balance that creates unity between the people and leaders and true promotions and people power based on having the knowledge of their trustees and leadership excellence based on becoming true selves from behind the titles and truly serving the people.

In my Truth Society it is primitive to experience such abuse to the people as spending half of the time of presidency on trying to get elected the next term and then spending the rest of it destroying people's faith and morality and trust by not knowing the law of being human.. Religion is here only because we are not responsible people like the doctors are here only because we do get sick and some of us are always sick ; emotionally and spiritually sick or are even walking dead. Prevention must be constantly taking place before the crisis. Crisis is of injustice.

In our societies we only react to crisis we do not prevent them. And when someone predicts what will happen and lets us know of the need for prevention we do not like to hear about it until it happens. When I wrote my book and predicted all that is happening they told me that no one wants to hear about politics from a psychotherapist and now they all need one. And they must have had one before becoming representatives of the people. And then what will you do when you go to see someone and end up on their coach for thirteen yeas like Woody Allen did and get nowhere. And even the best therapist cannot teach anyone to have conscience. They call those without a conscience sociopath and therapist long have realized they cannot cure sociopathy and most of them do not even recognize it.

I have been curing sociopathy of not only my patients but those who need it most : the leaders of the society. Those who never come to any office for cure. I follow my spirit not the psychology books. I have not done therapy for a long time since I have been mass healing the world I will tell you that the best doctor for cure is god. God and god's ways. And if you focus on yourself and see the god in you and have a dialogue with god you can be cured and become not only trust worthy but also famous and even rich. Those who know themselves cannot be abusive to another and those who know themselves know god. But millions of people run around thinking they know themseleves and when they end up in a poistion like Condit they must know that they do not. Lying those we love is not just a sin. It is the wrong way of living. Love is the way and love is respect and honor the other.



The Last Messiah

The Historical Global Culture

of Stoning the Woman

is my prison

They censored me from all media and print and now that they have shut down the local television that was going to interview me, they are shutting down the only local Internet that is my window of dialogue and limited communication with my people. Fear of men of one woman is historical. They promoted thieves of my life work and philosophy of the new way

You don't believe me? ask the Los Angeles Times Newspaper why they are not printing my views while they have gone out of their way to interview those who are not even qualified for the same views? or ask CNN why they are not interviewing me since their international desk management is taken over by Iranians who have power monopoly and perhaps they have had something to do with Adelphia going out of business that is the umberella for OCN the local Orange Country televison and at home internet publishing access which are the only links I have had to the people who were independent of the Rafsanjani's promoters. One man in power who even threatens Rafsanjani, Khatami and Khamenaeie to obey him holds me and my people hostage to stand against me; their savior.

or ask all the Iranian televisions and prints why they have censored me for seven years when I am the original aughor of the Peace and Reform Program of Iran being implemented by the reformists and I am the step by step guide for it at the cost of my life. After I reformed all media from behind the scenes and they had no more excuse, they poured all the known artists to entertain my people and sing songs of angel where are you why are you hiding from us why have you left us. They promoted my plagiarists and my clones and have thrown me in the dark hole of censor, wearing my bloody shirts crying for my loss like the King's death. He too was killed by the middle men who were the insiders of the power stealing the revolution.

Open Letter

Mr. President,

It is time you opened your eyes and instead of sanctions for infringements and human rights violations in Iran cleaned up the toxic corruption of stoning and censorship going on under the free sky of our democratic country. You have courts who rule for people in Lebanon claiming they were abused in Iran while not only by sanctioning the people of Iran you are abusing them, you are ignoring and allowing the stoning and censorship isolation making and character assassination and plagiarizing and copying of a woman, a prophet to go on by the unlawful electronic intelligence control of Iranian agents of the government of Iran in US, supported by the white house for 8 years. And now they are shutting down this little window of hope on me by bringing down the OCN and at home Internet access so that I cannot communicate in any way. Just as they a have shut down the doors on my people, creating a Lie Society and reform supported by you administration. 21 years ago, the Shah was overthrown this way. By isolating him, spreading rumors bringing a US chosen prophet. I am the creator and author of the Peace and Reform program in Iran and the guide of Iran - world rebirth and Peace / Reform Program. I am the last promised prophet.


To: Mr. Gary Adams the Mayer of Newport Beach

From: Rose Parvin WWW.parvinprophecy.com

Dear Mr.Mayer I heard in the news that at home service for the local residence of Orange County will be going out of business and that there is no substitute for it as of yet. There are many businesses in Orange County that are being operated out of home and I believe going out of business of such character and not having a substitute is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the city officials who care about the people. Just like the problems with the energy and expensive long distance and phone contracts with the phone companies. As I am sure you care about your resident of this old and historical city I ask you to look into the rumors regarding at home being shut down and prevent that from happening or assure the residences of Orange County that they will not loose their internet publishing just as they are loosing their local television news channel. Mr. Mayer, If we have these kinds of problems imagine what is the rest of the world going through?

with warm regards, Rose Parvin Rose Parvin

The Last Messiah - Not until we learn how to be human we must not tamper with or entertain the idea of becoming godlike. Genetic Cloning in a world of the false prophets & the thieves of the mind-body & soul & the double Bind schizophrenic world they create is tragic.

Seven years is passed of the calling for my mission since I was chosen by god to awaken the spirit of the masses. Before that I was rising spirits and healing for twenty one years. When I wrote nine books with the sacred knowledge that brought even the most famous out of the death of not having anything new to say to the point that they had an overdose over my words and took it all, there was a reason for god's call at the time. For in my books I was spreading the knowledge that could be misused by false prophets in creating Lie Society without having faith in god and having the holy spirit inside.

Jesus said in John in chapter 13:20 & 21 He who receives whomever I send receives me: and he who receives me receives him who sent me. Most assuredly I say to you one of you will betray me.

Chapter 14: 25. The gift of his peace - " These things I have spoken to you while bring present with you. But the helper, the holy spirit whom my father will send you in my name , he will teach you all things, and bring you to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

29 when it does come to pass you may believe that ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in me.

Chapter 15: 9. " As the father loved me , I also have loved you; abide in my love; if you keep my commandments you will abide in my love.

Just as the false prophets Jesus is warning against whose words are stolen words and they have no conscience. They commit adultery and their eyes speak of evil deeds against humanity and against the True Messiah who has the holy spirit within her sent by Jesus and god. The betrayer who stole the sacred knowledge spread it among the false prophets. The man who has the power to sensor me for seven years out of all media and print in a free country and put himself in my place and claim my Peace and Reform Program and create clones whose eyes as one women told me who had read my words under someone else's name do not seem congruently with their tongue or writings. The Poet knows god is a poet & the poem.

Spirit Making before the take over of Genetic Robots

Eyes are the window to the soul and unlike words they cannot be copied from anyone. In a world that freedom means the rich and the powerful will not only survive but also will steal the mind-body- soul, words and vision of another and get away with it, god is the witness. But imagine with all this clone making by the false prophets of time what would happen if we had Genetic Cloning at their service. The seven year that I have been censored was to mass healing for awakening the souls before genetic cloning takes place and create global tragedy.

The authors who have copied me and have become my clones disappoint people by their shallow nature and absence of depth and consciousness inspite of the worlds they say that create people's trust. This incongruity creates a schizophrenic double bindness within the people. One woman told me that for a long time that she just could not believe the Indian author she taught it was her and it is her mistrust of men for she trusts what he writes and not who he is.

The bird is the flight I was on the cross for seven years and no one cared.

This is true with other Iranian and American politicians, counselors and doctors whose professional and personal lives don't even come close to the worlds they have stolen from me let alone my philosophies and science and Peace and Reform Programs. They too show no sign of having any conscience let alone the sacred knowledge they claim to be that of theirs. This was the test of their worthiness that if the bird is vulnerable would they take her wings and run? or would they share with her the glory of flying together. They all failed the test. If those who have been the protectors of the society and the role models could be such criminals what would robots do if they are programmed to act as protectors of the society and to kill.

Parvin Global-Cultural Power Balance (Iran- World) Peace & Reform Program -

Rebirth of a woman - Rebirth of a nation & world - Nothing is guideless as the world is not godless - for the first time there is unity among Iranians and they are alive again. But they still deny the miracles of the Red, White & Green Rose. And US denies the responsibility for her death and dying.

Mass Healing of the World by Scientific Spiritual Cloning

Perfect Unity of one world -One world - one music, one law, one god - the miracle of cultural global diverse unity for the first time happening in the physically, spiritually and politically divided Iran - Creating Self & Societal Judges

Dialogue of Leaders & Role Models & Nations from behind the title

That is why I had the program of the Dialogue of Leaders, role-Models, Nations and people from the behind the titles and made myself the role-model in my books and out on the cross of ignorance of fear, prejudice, jealousy , greed and discrimination of a competitive society in which even their top elite are lacking principal and inner laws of ethics as their Self Judge. In Iran they are implementing my programs as they are cloned from here and sent to there and yet while they are learning how to fly they are keeping the bird that taught them how to fly in the cage of censor. In United States is the same. Instead of being interested to learn right they kill the bird so no one knows how they learned to fly. But they are not the bird thus they cannot fly. That is why their conduct of those here and those there is incongruent with the Peace and Reform program or that of the author of the worlds they repeat parotlike without knowing what they are saying. So they flap their wings yet there is no flight. For I am the Bird and the flight. Not until we learn how to be human we must not tamper with or entertain the becoming god.


8/21/2001 & 8/20 /2001

What is the definition of a Just Society?

Someone asked on air of a Persian Radio Sedaye Iran, Manook Khodabakhshian, that what is a Just Society. A Just society is a society in which there is equal unbiased, non-selective compassion and opportunity for people. In defining compassion for a society is unbiased the respect and understanding for rights and dignity. My Revolution of Compassion is to create that Just Society. Jesus Christ said I am the King of all and moder to all and so I am the same.

Are all religions the same?

If they are why are they different?

The answer is yes all religions are the same and have come to teach us to be human, to love one another and to know god. They are different for all prophets are different and god appears in different flesh to get close to us. All religions are evolutionary revolutions of excellence in humanity. They are more of the same thing for even god evolves let alone the prophets who become the home for the holy spirit to guide man toward Godlikeness.

Greatness in not in the bigness of the body. Greatness is not in the smartness of the mind. Hitler was not a great man. He was a terrified and lost child of God. God appears in a rose. Greatness is in the degree of the evolution of the spirit. And that is what I have been teaching you to get. The bird is the flight and empty titles with dead and soulless people behind them will not bring you eternal joy and mastery. Only I can give you that and through me, the last messiah you can go through the doors of eternal life, of heaven; on earth and heaven above. Through me, only.

A woman asked a man this question on god and religion on the Iranian radio. That are all religions the same and have come to teach us about god? The man said let us assume there is a god and these religions have come to teach us about god ? how do you explain the fact that they are different? And if they are all here to do the same thing are they in one path or different?

The man who does not have any knowledge or authority to answer this kind of question and many times misleads the people with biased manipulations and who calls himself sociologist and marriage counselor but claims all of my philosophy of Power Balance and science of Pattern Change Programming on the radio that sensors me and promotes him to not only claim my work without giving the credit due, but also to deny me and every chance he gets to assassinate my character while prospering from the fruit of my life time knowledge, experience and research. This was his most ethical answer for he did not answer and asked question.

And then he says There is no answer for your question but you must ask the right questions for the answers to show up. He says that is philosophy. There is no answer but the right questions. But he will not be able to tell you how is it that he claims to know the answer to the most sophisticated philosophical questions that he or no one else knew about until seven years ago that I wrote my book and brought a new way of life to earth; the way of the science of loving.

This is true about philosophy but this man has been giving answers to philosophical questions for seven years out of my book claiming them as his own just as many have been doing that just to pour dirt over me and make me an ordinary person. They claim my philosophies their own yet cannot answer the simple question that does not exist in my book or I have not yet given it to him through the echelon system that controls my phones and computers and everything electronic in my home and his group has access to. Everyone in my community is connected and obedient to the intelligence service or is not given a voice. In fact I taught this is only the characteristic of Iranian communities but I realize that in my second home and free country this is even more emphasized. This has been my life. These media, radio and television promote thieves of mind-body and soul and sensor me and by doing that they give the right for some to lie, steal and abuse others, infringe upon their rights and dignity and unless one has a great deal of money and can buy defense attorney who is not for sale for a better price against the truth or even wants to spend her time doing that, her rights are not given to her and justice does not simply exist just as true freedom does not exist in this free country. Where does one go to get justice in a society that chaos means freedom? Freedom is responsibility itself.

This is why the holy spirit appears in different flesh and moves to closely change the corrupt society and to bring the truth back to the Lie Society sold to Power Monopolizes of the time. The rulers who change history by writing it the way they want it told and not the way it was. This is what I have experienced in these seven years that even Biblical books have woman on the cross. This seven year has proven that man from the beginning has stoned woman out of her rights in every book. It was man who sold eternal peace to the apple of corruption and greed. If it was the woman, repeating the creation for the past seven years, the apple I have had is knowledge; sacred knowledge that is mine and stolen by the man ruling the earth by power.


What is the cure for Toxic Chaos called freedom? I wrote the answer to this seven years ago in my book titled Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny. President Reagan said this also that the cure for freedom is more freedom. I agreed then and I agree now only with one condition. Freedom must accompany the word responsible with it and then responsible freedom must exist in wisdom; knowledge of self, the society and soul.

It is only possible responsible to have responsible freedom when we have responsible mothers and teachers and leaders teaching our people just that. And that is why I wrote my books and went on the cross to teach those who were copying my every words in their own names while killing me every moment with lies and character assassination to my people that there is something more tan winning at any cost and freedom at any cost; there is responsible freedom in winning minds who see freedom in the freedom of others and love their self as much as they can love others. And that means they are loving their god. This is how we can measure the unseen and unknown and create Scientific Spiritual Prophecy. I am the witness to the truth I brought.

The most accurate defecation of every individual is the way they try to achieve Societal success. Unequal, imbalanced Power Struggle that takes place in Power Monopoly is Societal Injustice. I do not know what you call censorship of one woman whose words have created a Universal Rebirth while your promote her clones every day to take her place in every life dimension and you sell them to her people in her place taking away People's choice to make their judgment? The woman who has guided you to bring leadership health and excellence and to guide her people for the revolution of technology and medicine to advance in guidance of revolution of compassion and the appropriate environment and information needed to create that balance.

I have won by teaching others how to win in a true way; the path of truth, love and compassion for self and others. In a path where my enemy must have a voice as loud as me and in a path where no passion justifies the violence and injustice that comes from the spiritless and godless. Every breath we take is political so let us not play games with one another and say politics is out of religion or otherwise. Organized religion is just as political as politics. I say there is no where in life that is not the place for true spirituality; not even in the White House and we have all been proven of the disaster without it. And I don't just mean the Clinton era. I means every President who justified having love affairs as a part of Presidential Privilege. Our youth and the world is still paying for his role modeling of spiritless-less and lack of conscience that became a modern, freedom thing to do since it came from the White House of the democratic country.

Stoning of women does not only happen in Iran in the middle of the town. Stoning the spirit and the character of a woman and force women to become either societal or political prostitutes selling their bodies and souls in order to be loved has a long tail in history. It stems from the underlying anger men have from their mothers who did not know how to transfer love to them for they themselves were never loved. That is why I felt to create a rebirth in the world let alone in a nation like Iran that is the source of literal stoning of women is to to take them through the process of rebirth by re-mothering them through mass educating and mass loving.

And so I did. At a time my life work was taken away from me and the thieves of mind-body and spirit were daily copying my work and at the same time assassinating my character on air and I while was separated from my children I loved more than anything bleeding instead of crying and at the same time going through the process of rebirth chosen by the holy spirit to become the mother of the world loosing the balance I had lived and taught to others for so many years when I had just written to teach the masses how to have balance of powers and how to fly to their spirits with letting go of their addictions and surrendering to their souls. I mothered the world, bleeding. Even though I was a powerful woman and known in the society with respect for thirty years, the power monopoly of the media and print allowed such a thing to happen. I was not interviewed by even the most democratic and known newspapers and televisions to the point of loosing everything as a result of isolation that was created for me. But I had a mission and began going on the public access to deliver the message of freedom; true freedom and love to people.

I created a new birth in my culture and the world but the organized cult of media, print promoted others claiming my work and the organized publishers published other people's work that were created from my work yet they censored me. Fear of one woman who knew more than the men who had the power in the world paralyzed me. This is the story of women in history from the beginning. I went on the cross for the unveiling of this veiled truth for women to be set free.

I began to bring back the interest of the people by the fact that they could trust me that I was on their side and not sold to power politics. I was able to make them proud of themselves once more for being who they are. Another rebirth began in the media and the movement of the minorities and religion toward non-selective compassion brought upon many progressive evolutionary programs toward excellence. I attacked every wall that the rotted roots of the cultures had created to freeze the people from being themselves and becoming free and independent of the childlike politics that had held them hostage. People had lost their will to participate in politics.

Young men and women realized they no longer had to become just doctors and engineers in order to gain respect. I gave artists of every walk another chance to gain their dignity back among the people by putting their own self into their work after they once more find out who they are and develop responsible freedom in their work. Their motivation to work for what they believed was once more awakened for their soul had died as a result of lack of interest of the people while people had lost interest in them as a result of their lack of integrity in their work. No one cared about them so why they should put all of their self into their work when only what sold was sex and scandals. Freedom is worth when has dignity of the truth of the self and soul.

I raised their standard by my critical analysis of the kind of artistic work that was selling in town and then showed them how to fly to the top of their soul by loving and singing and writing from the internal love and not from the order they were given by those who could pay the bills. I was day and night creating artistic work spontaneously from poetry to singing to theatrical or television programs I created in one day and all coming from the heart for the people I loved like my own children. I knew they were filled with anger and pain and could not take anything of substance in. I opened up and taught them how to express their anger and how to cry for their pain for in my culture only being a clown was safe for the rulers liked praises and entertainment.

To break the walls of denial of self and bringing back the the truth I confronted all societal lies, false promotions and title making as a result of favoring insiders and creating a Lie Society. I raised the standards of the people by role modeling of a true leader and person and the miracles happening around me that all of my life amazed myself was the proof that I was not alone in this war of the truth against evil by one woman against the corrupt, Pre-sold world. I had god in me. I was not just an author of a book that was going to gather dust in the shelves. I was the book.

People became interested in reading books. They became interested in therapy and opening up and finding their self and therapists learned the real art and the science and philosophy that worked instead of repeating to the long term waste of life that Freud began the one hundred years ago. I wrote in my book that even he would have evolved and therapists would not change.

The first time a mother called a program in a Persian radio that was my focus as role modeling for health and excellence and solution focused media changing its patterns of cheap gossip and old patterns of power struggle instead to that of serving the people. This was a part of my peace and reform programs in the Parvin Institute for Peace Creation and since I was sabotaged I implemented it in the community media and print by teaching it to the change makers.

The mother said that her son for the first time was willing to come to the Persian gatherings and was proud of his heritage. I don't think they had ever seen someone they could be proud of who was showing them that their culture is nothing to be ashamed of but something to introduce to the world again. After twenty one years their mothers had colored their hairs blonde and changed their names and had told them don't tell anyone you are Persian. The internal pressures inside Iran and wars and sanctions against their country did not help their image of themselves.

But I wrote my books to bring back my people to their culture and make them proud of one person who was Iranian and had not changed her name or colored her hair to say she was not Iranian. No one had written nine books in one year anywhere let alone in my community and nation of Iran and lit was only after me that promoters got busy promoting and creating opportunity for everyone just to say I was not special not to be threatening to rulers in power. Every night I sang spiritual songs for those who controlled my telephones and showed them that there was such a thing as classic Persian songs and music they can be proud of just as much as Beethoven and they can sing Persian songs Opera like and the lyrics can mean more than the repetitions of meaningless words patronizing women. And I showed them how to be godlike.

I had showed the United States Senators and Presidents how to have Power Balanced politics and my Societal programs made President Clinton popular in the midst of his scandals. The American people were better off as a result which made me happy yet my own people were still hurting by the sanctions and the bad prejudicial image that left them around the world. I had told President Clinton that I wanted every child to have a computer but every child in Iran did not even have dinner every night at the table. A dimension of my Peace and Reform Program was exchange of cultural patterns with others by Dialogue of Nations which was much more truthful than Dialogue of governments and leaders. President Khatami introduced that to United Nations.

Today two bike riders are being represented to give the message of my Peace and Reform Program to the United States and the world that nations want to be united and interdependent and that they see more patterns of similarities once they accept each other and learn about one another than patterns that divide them. I introduced Soccer to the United States instead of football that is violent and not a sport that develops compassion and cooperation in a nation.

After pattern creating and changing jailers to film makers Iran film too had changed patterns and was becoming more accepted around the world. Film makers too, were putting their self or my self and philosophy into their films. Makhmalbaf one of the film makers who was a interrogator showed change of patterns is possible and his daughter Samira when received award in Can Film Festival played me and wore black that is my clothes for seven years as a statement of mourning for the lost humanity and said that until the youth in Iran are gaining more freedom I will wear black. All Iranian films and even some American films are either abut me or against me and Samira's film called Blackboard is also about my philosophy of the teacher without walls; the unwanted mother that I have been to Iranians and to the world. I say unwanted since as Jeff Zeig was the only sincere person saying it when he read my book; I put people out of business by bringing the truth to my people unless their business is love and truth.

Sanira's action was more substance shown in Iranian community's youth than I had seen for over twenty one year since the pain and thus the denial of not only their culture but also their sense of self. Song writers and singers were gaining more dignity and thus more responsibility of their own lyrics they wrote for people and those they sang. People Making in not just in the therapy rooms. Everyone who has a microphone is responsible for People and society Making. I created that sense of responsibility in others to become the Change Makers and not the people users. This could not have happened by itself . Every revolution has a leader and a guide. This is the first revolution that is a true revolution; a step by step evolutionary revolution. Other movements called revolution were coups financed by the United States or other countries like England. My people and the people of the world are reborn and the returned Messiah is me.







God does not come back in the same flesh.

God is always there for those who can see the holy spirit

and has come back in flesh of the least politically preferred

only to change and reform the patterns of humanity

those toxic patterns that have rotted the roots of man in the universe.

The patterns that have created imbalance of power at the roots of existence.

My friends,

When Mother Theresa was killed the Vatican did not consider her a Saint even after her death. Who could be more of a saint than a woman who sacrificed her life to feed the hungry, orphan children of the spiritless world. The Vatican said that to be a saint one must have three miracles after death. I said on air that Mother Theresa was a saint not only because I alone have been more than one miracle after her death but that her life was a life of a saint.

A beautiful woman who comes from a life of far better choices as she did and then devotes her life to feeding god's children can not be anything but a saint. But as we see the Vatican like the rest of the world was becoming mechanical and technical instead of compassionate. The world had forgotten that compassion and Spirit Making is the revolution of god. For god what matters is the evolutionary compassion created in each individual life time and not counting to see how many miracle one has had after death.

The evolved man must value god's living prophets not crucifying them while living and glorifying the dead. And above all man must repent the historical sins toward women. I have witnessed the the tragic political stoning of a holy woman proving that even the Biblical books were written to please the rulers of time who wanted men as their heroes.

The Pope has obviously changed and evolved since then. He has read the book I sent him and is reminded of the lost and forgotten compassion not only in the world but in the Vatican that is supposed to be the house of representative of god. The Pope began traveling and talking about the individual rights and dignity which is also lost in the teachings of organized religion that has become a political symbol instead of spiritual.

I also sent a letter along with my books to the Pope predicting all that has happened and wanting him to give a voice for I have become the Veiled Truth as I have returned and have been silenced for seven years by those who fear a woman as holy spirit and have done everything they possibly could to destroy me and the truth of me for my people. How can anyone ignore the mother of god Merry and say that Jesus was raised by himself and animals to take away the significance of a godlike woman in world history. The crucifixion of women has gone on throughout the history even by women who are brought up to believe in man as god and are raised and pressured to become enemies competitive with each other for men's love. God is not a man or a woman. God is the spirit of the universe and is poured inside the flesh of one chosen daughter.

All of my life I am feeding the hungry souls as Saint Theresa fed the hungry bodies. I rose seven years ago with a calling from the holy spirit within me that there is no time to beat around the bush and it is time for mass healing as the evil toxic patterns come from the top and pour in the individuals and families poisoning the society for people. I am here to bring back the rights and dignity of the individual and so I did.

My prophecy is fulfilled in seven years as the dead world awakens and is born again to learn that each and every child is god's child and must have equal rights and dignity that is created d by nurturance and love of parents who must also be loved and protected in a ruthless world that has targeted their children as the commodity for their poisoned products that are addictive and dependent soulless clone creating instead of nurturing and serving toward pure and interdependent compassionate Spirit Making.

But what do they do to me as I rise to free my people? They put me back on the cross of censorship and character assassination, they dry up my resources and worship the clones they have created of me in their Lie Society of Power Monopoly and cult like politics by promotional cloning and that is not enough to veil me that they embark on genetic cloning. Yet the truth is here to stay while people are misled to worship the empty crosses and the prostitutes who claim to be prophets just to crucify the returned.


I have come to fulfill the promise given to you. I have Brought you the truth as the new path to life; to live and to witness the truth is love. The truth is the single and most significant pattern that can be the witness to a life of dignity and honor for as we have seen no title in the world is trustworthy without reliance on the truth of the person behind the title. In a world filled with lies the only thing that is new and worth following is the truth veiled while the Lie Society is ruling the world flying in pretending to be the truth. If everyone tells the truth we no longer need any organized religion telling us what to do and what not to do. The question is those WHO have lied all of their lives how would they know what the truth is. That is why I mirrored myself for you to know.


Read me for you have read your own future, hear me

for you have heard yourself, see me for you have seen

yourself through me. And ultimately you will hear and

see your god. I have bought you back from the devil by

the pieces of my body and blood. They killed me then

they poured my blood on their own shirts to claim that

they are me. They are my clones pretending to be me.



Open Letter

To President Bush @ the White House

From: Rose Parvin WWW.parvinprophecy.com


Mr. President,

I know a great burden lies on you in regards to what you want to share with the nation tonight: the Stem Cell Research and the decision that relies upon your depth of understanding the problems of being human today. Thus, I want to share with you what I have written in that regard in my web page that if you click the words of Rose Parvin you will be able to receive from my web-page of WWW.roseparvin. Mr. President, we need to balance the power of my Revolution of Compassion to the world before The Medical Revolution that stems from my Scientific Spiritual Revolution and findings in my book and moment to moment being copied by intelligence system for monopolizing power that will be the destructive power that burns earth. I have lost everything I have had walking in the path of my faith of teaching human beings to be godlike and caring about themselves and one another. If we don't first establish this on earth nothing else must give the power to manipulate and take control of god's creation. I would like to have radio-television programming that will prepare our nation and the world for societal and leadership excellence that was suppose to happen in 1996 through Arvin Institute for Peace Creation and was sabotaged by plagiarists.

With warm regards, your friend, Rose Asseer Parvin

PS This is a part of what I have written in my web page regarding the Stem Cell Research. Written in my web page the words of Rose Arvin dated 8/6/2001

THE COMFORTER IS HERE! Stem Cell Research another act of evil. Another pacifier and easy way out and another drug for a fast and easy high with drastic implications that would end the human race as the end of the road I have been silenced for the evil to have a voice misusing and abusing my knowledge The Pope warned them even though he did not know what exactly would happen as a result of that action but he only voiced god's wish obediently and blindly. He is very right. This is the wrong way for human progression. Those who suffer from birth bare the cross of their parent (who must learn the word of god) and those who suffer by their own doing all must know the blessings in what they are given naturally by god. Until humanity learns to nurture god and the gifts of god any Clone Making is evil and must be stopped and be prohibited globally. The consequences of such evil work is detrimental to the progression and even survival of human race.

Middle East Power Struggle: I am the answer. They sent all the clones but the True Comforter. I am the author of the Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program and asked President Clinton to be sent as the Ambassador of Peace to Israel yet he sent Dennis Ross instead. Just as I asked him to work with me on my Peace and Reform Program for Iran yet he preferred political middle men with campaign contributions and promises and threats of bombing my country and creating fear in my people already in pain. The same thing for Iran Elections, sanctions, the internal party wars and Iran - Kords, Azerbaijan and Arabs. Power Struggle happened. Intent is unclear. While President Clinton was implementing my program for the youth to each have a computer in class in my second home, he signed that my people in Iran live in poverty and fear and yet he kept his friendship with leaders denying the True S spiritual Leader. The people are always the suffered orphans. True Democracy begins in the heart of each man who is free of evil and surrenders to god. Democracy like god is not an exclusive right to freedom and dignity for some, but all.

That is why Responsible Freedom is the way. My Revolution of Compassion is the answer. The one and only Truth-The God. The holy spirit lives within every person for without the presence of god there is no living. God is the living word in every thing that lives. The most committed flesh is the Messiah, the son, the daughter the mother and the lover, the hand and tongue. I am that flesh. The holy spirit is returned in my flesh to tell the true story of Creation. This time god writes to man for the first time. No holy book is written by god's hand before. I am the hand of god on a personal dialogue. I took the hardship to be among you, again. My life story confirms the truth of who I am. I went on the cross for the past seven years to prove the only truth to you, scientifically. I am the truth veiled for the past seven years my clones have claimed to be me and by censoring me and claiming my word they have deceived you and taken away your choice to have a personal relationship with the Messiah you have been waiting for. They misused my words for power monopoly.

The history repeated itself for you to know the truth for the first time that all history is a lie written by power monopolizes of time. Give me a voice for you have silenced god. You gain my people's trust by my words yet silence me, terrorize my character and you monopolize the power you gain by my words. I am The Comforter Jesus promised to you. The mother to Jesus and the world who is misrepresented by the Lie Society members. I will bring the Truth Society and the word. Everything new you are hearing is my words in all dimensions. The truth is the only way. This is god's program and plan for his people

The Word

My friends, 

The word is love, the word is god

the word is truth unveiled,

once more to show the word  was there

when no one was from the start

the word is god, god is love, god is truth  unveiled,

once more to show the word was there

was the first and last in the universe

and inside our heart the word is god

the spirit that lives beyond the space and time 

the flesh is a wall that divides our bodies

but the soul is the spirit that holds us together as a whole-

as a whole 

when we know our self  we can see the soul 

we can hear the word  in our heart like fire 

flowing in glowing out  writing our destiny on the stone 

Like Moses we bring the law  from the god inside 

Like Mohammed we show the world  there is justice,

there is god   

Like Jesus we fulfill the law  we become godlike 

and capture the heart of nations with love-

from concurring each heart  from seeing the rights 

and dignity of a child  all the books know the word 

all the books  were our guides at a time  

the word is love, is truth, 

the word is justice, is balance is the flowing spirit

like ocean like holy water  like a holy Rose 

bringing the message  bringing the holy spirit 

in a Scientific Prophecy 

a child is born to us a child is born to us 

with the holy spirit inside 

a child is born to us with Merry and Joseph as the parents

as the wings of god for god to fly

as the bird who will take the angels home this time

a child is born to us  that child is the living god   

the word is the truth,  the truth unveiled the word is love 

the word is god! I am the word I am the child

I have the Holy Spirit inside!  

Rose Arvin, 6/27/2001

Prophetic Revelatory Poetry


My friends,

The Messiah returned, Time Prophet in flesh. Those of you who know and see have sinned if you cast me out and reject me when you know who I am. The blind does not see and thus is not sinned. I am talking about the spiritually blind for there is a larger and deeper darkness inside of those who see with their eyes and not with their heart. You are expecting god to come back in flesh and save you all from your sins. But you are so spiritually dead that you will miss god as god sits in front of you and speaks to you through her eyes. For it was not the son of god who came as Jesus Christ to earth the first time. It was god who is The Maternal and Paternal spirit of the universe.

God knows no gender difference. In spirit, it is all god. Anyone with a spirit has god within. God has no gender limitation. You have. God created you man and woman so that you can be together and recreate godlike children and multiply as you remain in god's worship. Do not miss god this time and do no once more crucify god as this holy love is returned to save your soul once more from your sins. God is a poet. My eyes are my tongue and my poetry is god speaking through me to all god's children who hear and believe in the holy spirit he has sent in flesh to free them from their sins for them to be born again. It is not the process of being born again alone but the process of dying; a death from your past lives the lives you have lived without the spirit inside you that is of equal significance. The death must happen before the rebirth. The world is spiritually dead.

The Perfect Unity is: the father son reunion and the mother son reunion and that of the daughter reunion with the holy spirit who is love, is The Truth and what you all call god is the spirit who is and was always there. I will be with you because I am god; and because I am that way. I will always be there. If you want to verify the truth of me, see what I have sacrificed, what I stand for and in what way I am willing to materialize my promise. There are many false martyr prophets.

The Priest came to my home last night with his wife and Nad; the man for whom I prayed not to need a metal heart. He did not get a metal heart, though his heart is as rigid as a piece of metal. I love Nad. He has a heart of god except his idea of bring born again is a ritual that like every other ritual has lost its meaning. When rituals become habits we do blindly we become rigid. That is the problem with most Christians. They sin in the name of Jesus but thinking they have saved. The Priest read me the chapter ten in John talking about Jesus the True Shepherd. I am that shepherd.

I am the comforter Jesus promised, I said to the Priest and he wanted for me to know the significance of what I am claiming as The Comforter and The Holy Spirit returned in flesh to save her children from their past sins. What he did not know was he was preaching to himself and those who did not believe me when he said let us god back and read True Vision and True Blindness where it is talking about the fact that Jesus heard that they had cast him out and asks them if they believe in the son of god saying those who are blind will see and those who see may god blind meaning that those who believe in him will see and those who see and do not believe in him will go blind as god calls his sheep to take home. Meaning those who cast god out knowingly are sinners.

The Priest is the witness to the history repeating itself and what he was reading to me was actually happening that moment not even in one place. He is sent to teach me how to speak with the blind in a way that they would see for the blind only sees the seen and the proven. I told him that what he reads in Bible is god's words the version of those who wrote it. But god who has come to perfect us is a constantly changing flowing and evolving god towards perfection. And he shows us his evolution in the change in return where she comes in with her own version of the truth and scientifically backs it as well. Not only that god lets others to steal her work to prove several things: one to identify the thieves who stole from her in the first place. But since she is a forgiving god she will forgive them yet they could no longer deny what they themselves have been claiming as theirs preaching it for years. And third, through what they do to me to hide their sins my people will recognize me; my truth my tolerance for pain, and my ability to love and forgive. The Priest only knows me for a few weeks and yet you have known me for seven years watching me and my miracles intensely and know for years living in my heaven teaching love and truth until I came among you by choice. You have seen the repeat of the for god history to give you another chance to make a new life and a new world in the process of being reborn having a spirit of your own.

I told the Priest that god was a poet as he laughed at me and said Bible is the living word of god and Bible is not poetry and god is not a poet whereas in his very own Bible says god is a poet. Reading and memorizing the word of god does not guarantee knowing god when you see god. You must see and hear with your heart and soul. My birds, my sheep will know me and will sing for me. My angels have been waiting for me and will know who I am. Yes god is returned in flesh once more to claim back her world and god has bought back her people from the Satan, the devil who has claimed her words by stealing it and by lying to people about her during these past seven years just as they did in the holy books. Rulers wrote the books and ordered their own version to be written for them to keep contaminating by lies poisoning my people and world.

The Priest told me that we all know you are chosen and we just want you to have the right words and to get god's call and message for you. I gave them a print of Homer just to remember my soul of that of an old man and a little girl in a boat on a journey in stormy waters against the tides all alone. The one paddling, is the one I am destined to bring home. As I told the Priest I will tell you to be ready when your beloved you have been waiting for will appear before you for god does not appear as your stony statutes or vision you have of god . God is not limited to gender. God is spirit appearing in the most committed flesh to represent god. God is truth and god is love and without those inside you you do not know god nor you have the spirit of god inside.

The Priest and his wife and Nad were three angels god sent me right next door to me and now in my own home to confirm what god had destined for me and to become my friends when among my own people a group whom I shared my fruit of my life with as I rose to save my people and I put my life to bring back their rights and dignity took every word of mine and silenced me and while they were promoting every living creature who was willing to become my clone or to plagiarize from me or assassinate my character and lie about me to my people hourly on the air, in print and films, theater or in songs and poetry portraying the image of a holy woman who has a life of teaching character education and self making, leader making, spirit making and mind-body spirit power balance when not even the top philosophers, scientists or psychologists knew what she is talking about; a woman whose healing abilities brought people from all over the world to see her; woman who raised two children who are examples of character and dignity at ages of 27 and 24 to be called labels and lies and misrepresentations just to destroy me societally and politically for no one to believe me and my truth I have brought for my people.

The little home that I owe to my brother. The Priest and his wife loved my little home and the way it is furnished with antiques, flowers and substance of a woman with identity. The little home that I owe to my brother Salman Asseer who came from Belgium and bought for me for I lost everything I had worked for all of my life in my seven year of war with evil and his Power Monopoly of censorship, Isolation Making, Character Terrorizing and Assassination that became my cross to fly with. My son and my brother were the only people who came through for me and when I had spent my last drop of blood on television programs to save my people from being bombed or going through another coup calling it revolution while flying on my wings of revolution of compassion and reform and peace program from the books I have written to the radio television programs I have developed and by controlling my Internet and electronic system that are being plagiarized and copied moment by moment as we speak and represented by clones of me daily and hourly while insisting on silencing me by global censorship going on in this democratic country. The Priest did not know that I had already been on the cross for seven years and sacrificed everything for my faith destiny including my children and love and the comfort of living I had worked hard to create. And motherhood, my children and love is the most significant part of my life for which I am proud.

Promotional Cloning of me has already created Global Crisis. I sent an e-mail and asked my brother in Belgium to promote my cause through his company where he can provide conference calls through Internet and this moment they announced they are implementing that for the radio that the creation of it and the programs where a part of my peace institute programs. This is nothing for every part of my scientific spiritual philosophy and prophesy is copied and cloned. Even my Universal Publishing and Parvin Institute for Peace was immediately established under a name like global publishing and they opened up an institute with the same nature which is fine if I were not censored, isolated and my character terrorized, daily. Spiritual Death causes crimes.

The Bible is the word of god but I have the Lining Word inside, the Living God inside. And the stories that are repeating themselves as we speak and have for the past seven years are the same in nature but appropriate for the times and not necessarily happening on the mountain top in Israel. Just as my words that are the words of the holy spirit are the same as the Bible, Koran and Torah in principal and appropriate for the times and not necessarily coming in the same chapters and verses and the same stories. My miracles and life witnesses the truth of who I am and the fact that I am rising everything and have risked everything I had and could have easily in order to deliver the promise my father gave my people. For that matter anyone who sees should not be looking for a gender identification of Jesus or the color of his hair or weather or not he knows the verses of the book he did not even write himself but in the character and the purpose and the scarifies made for that purpose that you find the man or woman of your Biblical Promise. Rose Parvin 8/9/2001



Stem Cell Research: another act of evil. Another pacifier and easy way out and  another drug for a fast and easy high with drastic implications that would end  the human race as the end of the road I have been silenced for the evil to have  a voice misusing and abusing my knowledge The Pope warned them even though he did  not know what exactly would happen as a result of that action but he only voiced god's wish obediently and blindly. He is very right.  

This is the wrong way for human progression.  Those who suffer from birth bare the cross of  their parent (who must learn the word of god) and those who suffer by their own doing all must know the blessings in what they are given naturally by god. Until humanity learns to nurture  god and the gifts of god any Clone Making is evil and must be stopped and be prohibited globally. The consequences of such evil work is detrimental to the progression and even survival of human race.

Middle East Power Struggle: I am the answer. They sent all the clones but the True Comforter.  I am the author of the Global Cultural Peace  and Reform Program and asked President  Clinton to be sent as the Ambassador of Peace  to Israel yet he sent Dennis Ross instead.  Just as I asked him to work with me on my  Peace and Reform Program for Iran yet he preferred political middle men with campaign contributions and promises and threats of  bombing my country and creating fear in my  people already in pain. The same thing for Iran Elections, sanctions, the internal party wars and Iran-Kords, Azerbaijan and Arabs. 

Power Struggle happened. Intent is unclear.  While President Clinton was implementing  my program for the youth to each have a  computer in class in my second home, he  signed that my people in Iran live in poverty and fear and yet he kept his friendship with  leaders denying the True S spiritual Leader.  The people are always the suffered orphans.  True Democracy begins in the heart of each  man who is free of evil and surrenders to god. Democracy like god is not an exclusive right for freedom and dignity to some. It is for all. That is why Responsible Freedom is the way. My Revolution of Compassion is the answer.  

The one and only Truth-The God. The holy spirit lives within every person for without the presence of god there is no living. God is the living word in every thing that lives. The most committed flesh is the Messiah, the son, the daughter the mother and the lover, the hand and tongue. I am that flesh. The holy spirit is returned  in my flesh to tell the true story of Creation. This time god writes to man for the first time.  No holy book is written by god's hand before.  I am the hand of god on a personal dialogue. I took the hardship to be among you, again.  My life story confirms the truth of who I am. I went on the cross for the past seven years  to prove the only truth to you, scientifically.

I am the truth Veiled Truth for the past seven years my clones have claimed to be me and by censoring me and claiming my word they have deceived you and taken away your  choice to have a personal relationship with  the Messiah you have been waiting for. They misused my words for power monopoly. The history repeated itself for you to know  the truth for the first time that all history is  a lie written by power monopolizes of time. Give me a voice for you have silenced god. You gain my people's trust by my words yet silence me, terrorize my character and you monopolize the power you gain by my words.

I am The Comforter Jesus promised to you. The mother to Jesus and the world who is misrepresented by the Lie Society members. I will bring the Truth Society and the word. Everything new you are hearing is my words in all dimensions. The truth is the only way. This is god's program and plan for his people.        

The Living God is:

the holy spirit in the flesh

with the the Power Balance

of child-like-ness and Godlikeness 

in Mind-Body and Spirit in Environment

where the spirit lives

Unity of god and man in spirit and in flesh

Cultural Religious Unity is unity of all leaders

to create safe land for people

and a safe harbor

The Perfect Leader has returned

to unite all the people

and to bring home god's homeless children;

the sheep who hear god speaking to

them even as they see god's eyes and

hear god's words in silence.

Land of god belongs to all god's children.

Every land is god's land

created in equal dignity and respect

for all people.

Every child must live under god secure,

safe and with honor! A child is born to us,

there is a new birth to all nations who

believe in god who is returned to save them.

All sins that are repented

and will not be repeated are forgiven.

Parvin Scientific Spiritual Prophecy-

Every spiritual findings must be scientific

and every scientific finding must be spiritual -

the power balance of science and spiritual

compassion will be the safe harbor.

Yes! the Bible is the word of god

but god did not write the Bible. Others

did after his death. What you hear from me

and what you read from me is god's version.

I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE-INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

Since Ernest Rossi's review a leading psychologist on  Mind-Body connection and healing, I have spent seven years of creating peace and reform not only within the  minds and souls of the individuals but also in  the world. While My original scientific philosophy of Power Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit and Self -Societal  Making and Societal Programming toward World Peace,  Reform and Excellence and its tool of Dialogue of  Nations has reached United Nations, I have lost all that I have had while my clones are reaping the fruit of my labor and getting world prizes for my lifetime achievements, Ernest Rossi became a messenger of predicting who I am and what I would do at the time many others only took my work and claimed it as their own and wrote many books from my lifetime original visionary, revolutionary and missionary work, Scientific Philosophy and lifetime guided personal and professional experience of a war and peace between the Mind Power and Spirit Power and ultimately the death of the flesh and the surrendering of the Mind Power to the Holy Spirit that like fire purified me from within. 

My clones were promoted by governmental media and power as prophets and gurus while I was censored and isolated with constant character assassinations to destroy me in the eye of my people and the public who wanted to hear about me and knew me for years as their mother. In the process of Perfect Union with my soul whose way and guidance had created miracles for me and for others  through me, and the fearful reactions to my Life Secret. I lost everything I had worked for all of my life. My soul became my life. I call my spirit The Holy Rose; The God. 

I found myself against the world in preaching the truth as I saw it through the third eye looking inside me and into the world, passionately, uncontrollably and even against my welfare, that of my children and even what I believed in my years of knowledge and experience. I spread the truth the way I saw it, through The Third Eye. I believe it was all my destiny to spread the truth to heal the dying souls, dying world and doing it loving and guiding those calling me enemy. The Enemy is the presence of the Inappropriate Fear and the absence of the Appropriate Fear.


The words of

Societal Leaders


Rose Parvin

Messenger's announcing and celebrating 

Rose Parvin's Mission, Vision Transfer,  

Scientific Truth &Love Application & the 

Perfect Appearance and Materialization:

I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE- INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

" Holy Rose, Ms. Rose Parvin - ( Gole Moghadas,  Khanome Rose Parvin) your words were the lights  of compassion -those words were holy and sacred  words-humanity's divine ascend (Orooje valaye  ensani). You enlightened my heart. For the light of  the compassion of your heart is ever-flowing and  you must lit up the world with this divine  compassion." Fariba Aboodi - 1995  

"Ms. Rose Parvin, what I saw in you was love,   love of the collective of the living, of existence,  free from all colors and deception, away from all  prejudice. My words are unable to express your  compassion. I can only wish from god to make your  your ever-flowing ocean of love to the universe   and everything that is in it, more and more  boundless." 1997 Ahmad Azad, Singer-Artist-

"I received your book. It is very interesting. Self esteem and honesty and clarity in your words and your believe in principals and morality is a key to success and happiness. I wish you success." 

Jan. 11,1997 Reza Reza Pahlavi - Prince of Iran

" Rose Parvin's nature is made of love for humanity. She is a real human being who has spent all of her life serving humanity with wisdom, nurturance and grace. She wants to create a Madineh Fazeleh ( Excellence-Society-the pure and advanced form of Civil Society."

May 1997- Ahmad Madani - Fr. Admiral in Iranian Navy

"I have been touched by the encouragement and advice I've received from people like you, who care deeply about the future of our country." "I hope that you stay involved and I send my best wishes."   Feb.27,1996 William Jefferson Clinton - former President of the United States.

" I am confident that working together, we can renew hope and opportunity in our nation." Sept. 16,1996 William Jefferson Clinton - Former President of the United States. 

"Dear Ms. Parvin: Thank you for your kind letter of November 28,94. The President and I appreciated your support. I have forwarded your book on to the President's Office. I did flip through it before passing it along, and it is quite interesting." George R. Stephanopoulos, Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy. 12/1/94 The White House 

"A book of insight, sensitivity and direction that can help you on your journey through life. Read it and learn more about living, loving and healing." Bernie S. Siegel M.D., author of "Peace, love and Healing."  

Dear Rose, your book is of prophecy of its masters that channel the Information. Each page carries a message of spirit rising and awareness. With love." Dr. Allen Schwartz

" Rose is an extraordinary woman. This supremacy rare for one to meet, a woman with such a powerful vibration of mystical awareness, power, compassion and "guts" to confront and say the truth in a world that has given over to mediocrity, compromise and is " manbid out " to the true situation on the planet.

Marie California 

" I have known and respected Rose Parvin for 12 years. I have worked with her on a day to day basis. Rose Parvin is, in my estimation, one of the most genuine professionals that I have met. I have understood her development as a psychotherapist and as a writer and leader. I have no doubt that her productions are original. I have also understood her response to the wound delivered by Deepak Chopra. She has been magnanimous, but rightly assertive of the origin of the " borrowed" intellectual property."

1995 Thomas Kappeler, M.D.

" Dear Ms. Parvin, Thank you for inquiring about whether Dell would be interested in publishing your self-published books. While your general theory of Change Therapy contains many useful and inspirational ideas, I think that your writing lacks the clarity and accessibility of other books dealing with similar themes, like Deepak Chopra/s work. And I also think that the audience for your book, The Day America Cried, would be fairly small, as most people don't turn to psychotherapists when they want to read about politics. So, for these reasons, I do not see a likely place on our list for these books. Thank you for thinking of me, however, and best of luck with these books and your other writing endeavors."  Leslie Schnur, Vice President, Editor in Chief, Delacorte Press- Del-Publishing June 15, 1995

"Rose Parvin is a psychotherapist who is passionately expressing her outrage at Washington's current climate of cruel scapegoat in the guise of conservatism and the self-serving corruption of our national leadership. In essence she is decrying something very wrong at the center of our society and political system, the truth of which most people can feel in their bones. She should be commended for attempting to address the lies and deception with which this political system, or any other for that matter, attempts to persuade the electorate that its actions are in the best interests of the people. Ms. Parvin write's not only about the hypocrisy in Washington but follows this theme through abuses of power in all institutions. In particular, she sites her own experiences in her education as a therapist. Ms. Parvin calls herself a " Reformed Western Psychotherapist " , a title which conveys her disillusionment with the field. This undoubtedly accounts for a portion of her global outrage-that she spent all that time and money trying to learn how to help people and herself but, like the rest of us, learned little of value in school and the required training. Anyone who has gone through the process can empathize. She is vehement in her please for people to become more assertive in the face of abuses of power, to question authority unflaggingly wherever it rears its ugly head. This is certainly a message of value aimed to wake people up. To her credit, I believe Ms. Parvin is energetically attempting to root out the rottenness at the core, the house of cards that is power politics -whether it be in national government, educational institutions or the family. She is incisive in her attacks on the higher levels of power but softens her focus when she comes to the family in general and her family in particular. Like most people, her vision is much better from a distance."  Judith Parker, Ph,D. The Persian Book Review - Summer 1996 -A part of a book review of one of Rose Assier Parvin's book's titled Humanity Held Hostage; the books that became fulfilled prophecy in the past seven years. 

"Ms. Parvin, please join our California team and attend our brunch hosted by Ed Royce at the Anaheim Marriott on Saturday, April 27th at 10:00 A.M. You will be helping us keep control of Congress so we can continue our efforts to set American on the right track." 2/8/96 Gingrich, Newt  "The Secretariat of State is directed to acknowledge the letter and enclosures addressed to His Holiness Pope John Paul II by Rose A. Parvin and to give assurance that the contents have been noted." 3/4/ 1997 Monsignor L. Sandri Assessor Secretariat Of State From the Vatican 

The rebirth of the world's soul is happening by the Self & God Knowledge from the fire burning inside one woman to the world. Nine groundbreaking books written by her in 1994 were the fruit of the calling from within. Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny- An - Evolutionary- Revolutionary Psycho-Spirituality of Being is the Blueprint for World Peace, Reform, individual dignity and Responsible Freedom for all the living. 

Parvin philosophy is echoed this year in the solution focused accomplishments of the Noble Prize Winners toward the truth, individual dignity. And the difference and change makers who walk alone yet are followed by the world as one family. 

Parvin's Societal Programs for the Pope, Dali Lama, President Clinton, Iran Reformist Government and all others heavily inspired by it is implementing Revolution of compassion - Information Reform Program, an evolutionary step by step Scientific Prophecy; healthy, excelling and truly democratic society and Global Cultural Power Balance and Diverse Unity. 

To see and treat the world as one family, to bring humanity the gift of freedom of being as a choice and to evolve humanity from childlike- ness to godlike-ness, creating Power Balance and Pattern Change in the life and world politics as Hilary Clinton, calls it " it takes a Village" while Mario Coumo calls it "Reason to Believe" and like myself, Al Gore calls it "Common Sense Government," Choice Therapy as William Glasser M.D. puts it in 1998 and Seven Spiritual Laws and the books following it by Deepak Chopra, and as Dr. Wayne Dyer says in Your Sacred Self and Manifest Your Destiny, and perhaps as Dr. Kissinger's new book talks about my philosophy of Power Balance in U.S. foreign policy, all heavily inspired by Rose Parvin's book of Pattern Change Programming Creating Your Own Destiny and her Global - Cultural Power Balance and Peace and Reform Program through the Dialogue of Nations are witness to her as the last prophet as she is witness to their change through her book; as a Fulfilled Prophecy: Seven Years of Veiled Truth.


Global Cultural 

Peace & Reform


A Fulfilled Scientific Spiritual Prophecy

Revolution of Compassion 

Rebirth of The Nations

The Holy Rose

The Time Prophet in Exile   

The Four Dimensions of the Cross 

The Soul Maker & Rebirth of Souls 

Death & Rebirth of a Woman 

created the Rebirth of a Dead Nation 

& a Dead World - the Dead Souls Rose

The Peace Creator- Revolution of Compassion   


Dialogue with nations, culture, self, people, god 

The Rose of Iran

The Parvin Global Cultural  Peace and Reform Program 

Dialogue of Nations, People, Cultures, Leaders, Children

by Pattern Change Programming

An Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion

toward  Change, Reform, Power Balance 

through their Role-Models and leaders, 

in all Life Dimensions of artistic and scientific nature

through the media/print and through Power Transfer

A Scientific-Spiritual tool of Excellence 

A Spiritual Scientific Prophecy -

The Living Time Prophet

author of Global Cultural Peace & Reform 

Nominate for Presidency 

Iran Democracy: the Perfect Unity 

Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny Copyright @ Library of Congress 1994-All rights reserved. Author of:  Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny

Iran and World Global Cultural Peace and Reform  Power Balance toward Freedom & Democracy:  the Perfect Unity Role Model Nation for Rebirth  and the rise of a nation from the dead created by the Death & Rebirth of a Woman 

A Rose, as your heart 

True democracy, freedom  and evolutionary revolution

begins from the heart of every person. 

For a heart is a place for the soul

In a soulless society and world,

there is no true freedom.

So take my heart, my children

and make it the home for your soul

and until your own heart beats for others

take hold of my heart and become god-like,

my children 

keep my heart and believe its your own.

Drink from it, all of the blood

eat my pieces of my body pouring out of me

like verses of poetry

and become like me as I am bleeding on the cross

for you to see what it is like to be me!

I have not been here by you no one has silenced my screams 

my voice of the injured humanity

I am here by choice for you to see yourselves

denied and forgotten, buried inside

for I am who I am I am you and you are me

we are all from one and one from all

we are the evolving dimensions of existence and humanity.   

Rose Parvin - June 19, 2001 

Only through me

Don't cry for me  my dear children, the truth is I never left you

in all my troubles, of death and rebirth

I was night and day,  right here beside you 

I kept my silence to prove my promise.

Don't cry for me  Iran-e-man (my land Iran)  I never truly left you

I was night and day,  right there above you

you will reach power once again on earth only through me

But you must make me your mirror I am a god-like flower

and my heart is the place for all world children

as one family on earth.

Don't cry for me I'm back, I'm true Don't cry for me I'm here, for you!

Rose Parvin, June 15,2001

The Parvin Global Cultural  Peace and Reform Program  by Pattern Change Programming An Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion toward  Change, Reform, Power Balance through their Role-Models and leaders,  in all Life Dimensions of artistic and scientific nature through the media/print and through Power Transfer A Scientific-Spiritual tool of Excellence  Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny  Copyright @ Library of Congress 1994-All rights reserved.

Poetry & Song Programming A Spiritual Programming for Pattern Change Programming and Cross-cultural Power Balance tearing down the walls of prejudice Power Monopoly and discrimination is a Scientific Spiritual Tool  for Programming Excellence to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through The Revelatory Word and Power Transference Nations Commonness  in Strength Patterns  and creating tolerance, flexibility  Respecting & Accepting Different-ness in Diverse Unity from Self Making to Soul Making 

Letter Programming Pattern Change Programming Finding Your Destiny is a Scientific Spiritual Tool  for Programming Excellence to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through The Word -

The veiled Truth 

Where is my home,

Where is my freedom

Where is my rights

Where is your dignity

Under the Glass Globe for Seven Years

The true life of the last Prophet Put on the cross of censorship and isolation. 

The history is written by the bullies 

The Lie Society V.'S. The truth Society 

the repeat of the history written by men and led by women

One woman's love against the men's world

confronting Media/Print/government Power Monopoly

and  Iran-America Governmental Power, monopolizing,

riding on  the wings of her true, nonviolent revolution 

Revolution of Information - Compassion for Perfect Diverse Unity

& People Power creating the Truth Society-

Universal Spirituality a Global - Cultural Peace and Reform -

 evolution of childlike-ness to godlike-ness reform,

change from the lie to the truth in self, family,

society and in all Life Politics from mind and body to the spirit 

from manlike-ness to godlike-ness flying from the self to the soul.

It is my Destiny. It is written.

I have had seven years of revelatory life; 

an evolutionary revolution and change

toward  becoming a newborn child in miracle.  

I had a calling and a mission. 

It was through what I call Letter Programming 

that I began healing the world through the world leaders. 

One by one I was healing people all my life. 

The calling was that it was time to heal the wounded masses.  

By teaching my Program of Leadership Excellence 

and Dialogue of Leaders, Nations and people,

I rose the rotted cultures from the dead 

and taught substance, the old with  the new science I had created.

In order to teach and spread my Peace and Reform Program.

After nine books that only Farakhan acknowledged 

while others only copied from it or were heavily  inspired by it,

I began teaching Universal  Spirituality

what my spirit had taught me by surrendering to it 

by flying from my mind and body In the process of changing

the self destructive world to a Civil Society with a Collective Spirit

I wrote to President Clinton who became one of my witnesses

to my fulfilled prophecy. 

The science and technology of Pattern Change 

and creating Blueprint of success and excellence

by adhering to the the path of truth and compassion 

and my philosophy of Power Balance,

the cross and  the bridge standing in the center of the universe

as  the Dot of existence. 

The sources of wisdom, nurturance

and sacred, divine knowledge. I have that dot within; 

it is the word, the holy spirit I am carrying. 

Through the spirit within me I am healing and changing the world, 

spiritually and scientifically 

I am the new born child the world is waiting for.

That is my destiny.  

The Reformists in Iran are my children who have  failed to recognize their teacher. The crisis existing in  Iran is for that matter. I have fought against Power  Monopoly all my life in all life dimensions. It creates  Power Struggle, Power Imbalance and thus crisis,  weather it is called dictatorship or democracy the  Monopoly Affect is the same. 

Reformists tend to monopolize my Peace and Reform  Program whereas I created it for change and Global  Cultural Diverse Unity. Meaning to create unity within  Iran and in the world. To bring home all the Iranians, to  bring back Iranian rights and dignity and to bring back the  World Youth Rights and Dignity.   

I took my reform program to Iran through the Scientific Spiritual Power Transfer, through the  media and through Massood Khojasteh who came to me to  promote my Peace Program when Rafsanjani was  President. He saw my Peace Program as the answer. 

He told me Iran was dead and people were drawn in poverty, prostitution and addiction, had lost faith  and no one trusted or tolerated one another. No one  cared. I contacted Rafsanjani as I had written to other  world leaders. I invited him to implement my program of  non-violent anger and reform under the condition of  Perfect Unity which means all Iranians could go  home with their leaders. I wanted to free the youth from  the old patterns. The youth needed mothering and  guidance to learn how to create Power Balance within.  Tolerance and flexibility and responsible freedom are  pattern that are being understood and learned in Iran and  here within the Iranian community and the world. I tested  them in multicultural families. Accept different-ness  brings peace. 

I spread my program inside Iran without being  there to bring back true spirituality, to prevent violence  through creating change of patterns from the roots in  mind-body, spirit, time and place. I taught people a  different language changing vision of how to be human  and what it means to have a revolution. The change in  vision of revolution has prevented coups that are  only ordered for nations and are not deep rooted change.  They come with violence and since they are not  based on wisdom and recognition of the need of the  people and the deep rooted change from within the  individual and culture, they create more out of control  violence, wars and crisis.  He saw me as the answer for I  had a technology and science and a philosophy behind  what any government and people need in order to come  out of crisis and excel.

Letter Programming and the Dialogue of Nations  I used for bringing Iran out of isolation and for  creating Power Balance in the world and within  nations. Seeing the world as a family is a necessity for  our world as I saw it for years and wrote about it. I learnt changing the world through the families and all my original philosophies and science was tested and  proven before I wrote my books about it. Now they are  fulfilled for creating Diverse Unity and Global  Mind-Body-Spirit-Environmental Excellence and change  toward Power Balance.

Scientific Prophecy Scientific Spiritual Cloning The Parvin Global Cultural  Peace and Reform Program  by Pattern Change Programming   An Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion toward  Change, Reform, Power Balance   through their Role-Models and leaders,  in all Life Dimensions through the media/print and through Power Transfer A Scientific-Spiritual tool of Excellence            






as  witness to  The Veiled

Truth of the true author

Poetry & Song Programming A Scientific Prophecy 

A Spiritual Programming for Pattern Change Programming

and Cross-cultural Power Balance tearing down the walls of  prejudice

Power Monopoly and discrimination

is a Scientific Spiritual Tool for Programming Excellence

to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through

The Revelatory Word and Power Transference 

Nations Commonness in Strength Patterns and

creating tolerance, flexibility  Respecting & Accepting Different-ness

in Diverse Unity from Self Making to Soul Making 

The Parvin Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program 

by Pattern Change Programming

An Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion

toward  Change, Reform, Power Balance

through their Role-Models  and leaders, 

in all Life Dimensions of artistic and scientific nature

through the media/print and through Power Transfer

A Scientific-Spiritual tool of Excellence 

Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny 

Copyright @ Library of Congress 1994-All rights reserved.

Seven thousand Ghataeh

Seven thousand Pieces of my body 

are written in blood on them pouring out of me 

in the midst of pain of the death and the rebirth

and the denial and the loss of everything 

that I worked for, everything and everyone who ever meant to me.

On a calling from within calling me and wanting me to rise

to become the mother and teacher of the world to change and reform 

the Orphan World by singing my revelatory songs 

to the dying masses who walked soulless, 

soulless and spiritually dead 

I stopped my practice of counseling and wrote nine books

and seven thousand pieces of me in poetry

made from my body and my blood to promote universal spirituality

and mass healing in a world that was dying

only to be stopped by the powers of the time who wanted my miracle

my science and technology

they silenced me for seven years 

and spread my words claiming it as their own

just because of fear of a woman who knew more than they had ever known

and a woman who loved  more than they ever loved

and a woman who forgave more than they had forgiven even their self

a woman who tolerated them more than their parents did 

and a woman whose words were the truth in their Lie Society and World

they feared a woman 

feared that I might take control so they silenced me 

and kept me under the glass globe but still my voice was carried

was carried by the wind and was given to my people spontaneously and constantly

and this is how I rose once more and fulfilled my destiny

a child is born to us and from that there is a new birth in my nations

and my global family.

Seven thousand  pieces of my body are written in blood

bringing to you all  my dimensions 

becoming your mirror to see who you are  beyond your names, 

beyond your titles,  beyond your  political games,  and beyond your flesh 

in my Dialogue with my child in my dialogue with man and in my dialogue with God

Seven years  have passed  and I have been on the cross to show my people the miracles

that live within me and I share with the world with those who want to hear,

those who are waiting for a new child and a new world  

a new child is born to us! and there is a rebirth of the souls

everyone is blessed and forgiven once more

Rose Parvin, 7/7/01 






as witness of the veiled truth  of the true author

Letter Programming Pattern Change Programming Finding Your Destiny

is a Scientific Spiritual Tool for Programming Excellence

to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through The Word

Letter Programming, Song Programming and the Dialogue of Nations in Culture Programming are among the programs I created for bringing Iran and the world out of isolation and for creating Power Balance  in the world and within nations. Hundreds of letters and e-mail were sent to leaders of the world in order to help them understand my Peace and Reform program and to change patterns from the old politics of bullying and manipulations and threats to the new politics of the world as the Global Family with Diverse Unity and the politicians and leaders as parents to serve and not as  monopolizes and create Lie Society to use people and take their choices away from them by misrepresentation.

Seeing the world as a family is a necessity for our world  as I saw it for years and wrote about it. I learnt changing  the world through the families who came to me and healing them for years and my original philosophies  and science was tested and proven before I wrote my books about it. Now they are fulfilled for creating Diverse Unity  and Global Mind-Body-Spirit-Environmental Excellence and change toward Power Balance. Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny Copyright @ Library of Congress, 1994-All rights reserved. A dimension of Parvin Global Cultural Power Balance,  Excellence Peace & Reform Program and witnesses to  her Predictions, Prevention, and Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion for the purpose of  creating Diverse Unity and a Global Family  

The veiled truth  

Where is my home,

Where is my freedom

Where is my rights

Where is your dignity

Under the Glass Globe for Seven Years The true life of the Messiah, the last Prophet, guide, put on the cross of censorship and isolation The Truth Society v.'s. The Lie Society One woman's love against the men's world confronting the world's Power Monopoly with  global governmental, mental health, media/print  promotional power riding on her wings of Revolution  of Information - Compassion for Perfect Diverse Unity  and People Power creating the Truth Society -  a Global - Cultural Peace and Reform, Evolutionary Change- Evolution of Childlike-ness to godlike-ness-   After centuries of crawling she taught flying  flying from the addicted bodies and corrupted minds to the spirit, where one is sacred and whole and  two are wings of a bird each whole within mirroring each other  flying from the Self to the Soul creating Excellence-Society a society made of wise-nurturing hearts a Global Cultural Family in our minds and spirits One god, One law, One world one main language

An Open Letter

To: President Bush The White House


Mr. President,

Happy Birthday Mr. President - In a day like this spending the time with your father and reflecting on the years of your life I  am sure you recognize you are a fortunate man - perhaps  more than many. Having had a father like yours who is a  former President has also been helpful to you as a role model  for reaching high to the ultimate of your potential toward  excellence. God is with you Mr. President. You are chosen!    At a time like this you must give your prayers to god and give  back to the world what you have been given. I see that you  are doing that and appreciate the peace your have brought  our country and the world only by the mere fact of your  decency.

Mr. President decency is one of the most significant  patterns a President must have for the world to learn to be  human is a pattern that must fly above the party-lines. I see  you are already doing that too. I am very impressed by your  nature. Although there are a great deal of controversy around  your policies. What do you think on this day about today's  world.  

What creates peace and balance? Do you think that you would have this opportunity had this country been in a war, in sanctions and in humiliations of  titles such as terrorism as soon as there is something going- on in anywhere in the world? Iranian children and youth are  having to live that kind of life and have fathers who do not  know how to provide them their next meal let alone be the  role model of excellence for them. I know what goes on  inside that child. Many of them who left the country came  to talk to me as their counselor and they did not lead a  normal life of the young. Children need security, love, role  model. I have been Programming Excellence in the young minds  for thirty years now.

Ever since I committed myself to creating a better world around me when I came to this country I have been healing the young hearts to see wise and old hearts to see young. Balance in the young stems from world-balance. And our youth have suffered from lack of world balance and the lack of role models who can show them who they can be. I hope you can consider this vision in your birthday and use your influence in the senate for re-considerations about Iran. Also, the courts that find Iran guilty for whatever reasons the   opportunists find to take away the Iranian people's money in US that must be used to heal them from the tragedies that lack of Dialogue with Nations for Power Balance and peace instead of creating coups for profit and power has created.

Off course till now we cannot blame even the guilty since the science of evolutionary revolution of compassion that I have created was not available. Without the knowledge the guilty must be forgiven. It is knowing and sinning that invites punishment.  I offered that knowledge in 1994 to the world and I have forgiven what happened until then to my people. It is from here on that we must stop creating wars and then put sanctions on the innocent victims as people. I am very happy that General Powel prefers dialogue and allows countries create internal unity before interfering in their policies. I am sure Iranian Youth will act taught and heart directed on the July ninth this time and not emotions without control that causes unhealthy backfires and reactions that blocks the path for healthy negotiations and solutions.  This time they have the knowledge of Change Programming  through evolutionary revolution of Programming Change and know the author of Programming Universal Spirituality. This pattern is what the interest groups used and celebrated coups to over throw governments to gain power in-hands I hope we meet someday and you know the validity of word. 

Your friend, Rose Parvin      July 7/7/2001    

To: President Bush 

From: Rose Parvin


Sent: Friday June 29, 2001 12: 00 AM Subject:

Re: Thank you for responding to me by asking the senate to reduce the sanctions for Iran. And promoting your faith-based saying we must give the communities back to our visionaries  and spiritual leaders. Now it is recognizing a true leader.      


Dear Mr. President, 

I am glad that General Colon Powel and you believe in  Dialogue of Nations except I don't know why no one  wants to send the author of the Peace and Reform  Program to create peace and dialogue. President Clinton sent Dennis Ross instead of me and that is  why it took eight years and no cigar. And now Senator Michael  who seems more experienced and aware than Dennis Ross. But  for god's sake would anyone be interested in getting guidance  from the guide? Or is it still against the international security to send a  woman who wrote about dialogue when everyone was  only thinking of bombing countries in order to create  peace and get rid of one burnt leader. Or am I considered  an American yet after sixteen years of being a citizen? I want freedom to create peace and diverse unity between  the people of my both countries and the world not to bomb  countries under the name of democracy. Power Monopoly  is also against democracy and kills the spirit of the young  visionary entrepenuvers who want to be another Bill Gates.  I know you are a businessman at heart but in a Spirituality  Democracy justice and balance of equal opportunity for all comes before Power Monopoly by one calling it freedom  and democracy. The fact that the world is run and belongs only to five percent has  not exactly created heaven on earth. Has it? Visionary leaders  prevent and dream not just dream at any cost to others. That  is the Jesus Way of life.   

With warm and kind regards, Your friend, Rose Parvin   Rose  7/6//2001      


To: Rose Parvin

Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 9:41 AM Subject:

Re: Michael Slackman - July 9 -  Your article in Los Angele Times on july-  and the next article you will be writing on a July 9th

Dear Ms. Parvin, Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Good luck with your future endeavor. I believe however your local concerns would be better  addressed to a reporter in California. I do not cover your community on the west coast.

Sincerely, Michael Slackman

To: Michael. Slackman@latimes.com

From: Rose Parvin  

Re: Article on Iran on Serial Killings put Prostitution in Public Eye

and your next article on July 9th, the students and demonstrations

of that day for creating a name to distract people from their true savior.  

Dear Michael,

I read your article on Iran again on Thursday July 5th. I wanted to comment on the statement you had there that  "the spider killings have compelled the leadership to  acknowledge that it's faith-based society is susceptible to  the same kinds of problems that plague secular societies." This has been true for the entire twenty one year that the Islamic Regime has governed Iran. It is also true that this problem is shared heavily in a secular society like United  States where religion holds unsaid laws within the society  and even though the church and state are separate religion  practically rules this democratic country with its influence in  politics. Having a religious government has nothing to do  with having spirituality root in a country or nation. Iran had  gradually died during the last twenty one year since it was  not only being governed by a regime that was angry for  feeling victimized by the world but also a regime that did not know what to do with the people as an Islamic  government.  No religion truly has known what to do with the people  and how to teach people to love and obey god and how  to even know god. Blindly loving god and obeying god  in a regime and a world that daily people are killed  under the name of god or without any explanation is  not an easy order.  Attached, letter to President Bush. I hope you understand now how professionalism and  unbiased  reporting is significant. What happened twenty  one years ago  in Iran was as a result of biased reporting  and it is still going on. I mean the price is still being paid  by the world and the  Iranian people around the world.  Please cover me and do not treat me as an invisible, entity  and The Veiled Truth of the century. I know more about this  evolutionary revolution in Iran than the President Khatami  and the religious leader and the reformists all put together.

With kind and warm regard, Rose Parvin

7/8/2001 at two thirty in the morning in California time.  

Queen Farah Pahlavi

P.O.Box 566

Falls Church,

VA 22040


Dear mother,  

I felt your pain on Mother’s Day and then I heard about your distressed interview with a reporter where you expressed  your sorrow about the Iranian people and their fate. I have a  great deal of compassion and respect for the graceful manner  in which you handled your tragedy. In our process of pattern  change for a larger purpose, our spirit rises above our flesh and  creates a mind, body, spirit Power Balance and excellence and frees us from pain and bondage.  

Thus I invite you and your family to participate  in my Leadership Peace Program. It transcends leadership  unity within our culture and abroad. Through  intent and  desire to make a difference, we can create dignity and  power for our people who have suffered enough as gypsies  around the world. We don’t have to take sides to win, nor do we have to reject others to gain a place at the table.  I always believed in the notion of the United Nations and the power it can have on the world peace through creating the balance of powers. The recent events ( some correspondence  toward change of patterns enclosed) have proved my theory  I have underlined in order to achieve global peace and power  balance and excellence in my book Answer to Humanity  Creating Your Own Destiny.         

I would very much like to arrange an interview with  some select members of the security counsel and to elevate  our standing and power around the world.  I believe having  one leader to rule over the nations is not only non-democratic  but it also facilitates corruption. United States has all the  good intentions at heart, however, it is the United Nations  that must lead the twentieth century toward peace creation.  For it is from a collective of wisdom that we can create  nurturance and compassionate strength for all instead of  some select race, religion, gender or cultural population.     

This is not about your son getting his throne back. It is about the children --his, mine, and all the children who must accept their roots and be validated by it so they can create universal selves. Let us rise from the ground of our own limitations so that our children can have wings and fly to the top of the mountain.

With prayer for global Peace and unity  Rose Asseer Parvin    

President Hashemi Rafsanjani

Iranian Islamic Republic Iran, Tehran

June 3rd, 1996

Mr. President,

We live in a time of historical Universal Crisis and Habitual Toxic  Patterns of hate, prejudice, discrimination and thus alienation of the  souls and destruction. If we change the direction to a unified path  we are destined to discover, we will flourish as one world embracing  peace and power balance among nations. Fourteen years of healing wounded families drown in Power Struggle  taught me Peace Creating and change of patterns from imbalance and  crisis to Power Balance, peace and progression. During the past two  years, I treated the society and the globe as one family in need of  healing and excelling in peace. 

Global Leadership Peace Program engages all world leaders  in a  unique Peace Creating Process of Power Balance in their  nations and within nations. In this process all parties will have  equal chance to present their own nonviolent Peace Program of compassionate strength and willingness to share power with other  leaders and with people engaging in a Responsible Freedom. 

This program has inspired the President of the United States, William  Jefferson Clinton throughout the past year. His efforts toward creating  peace among the world leaders with compassionate strength, and  between the people of his nation with Responsible Freedom, has  transformed him to a Global Role Model.  You are one of the world  leaders who is chosen in my mission to change the Patterns of  Humanity from destruction to Global Peace and Power Balance. By  creating unity among the world leaders, in mind, body and spirit, a  universal code of ethics shall be written to create global peace and  a new world order.

I invite you to participate in this Global Leadership Peace Program which brings the promise of dignity and grace to you  and your people. By the power vested in true purpose and  intent for peace and an active participation of the world leaders in this revolutionary movement, we shall deliver this Global  Peace Program to all nations as a maternal and paternal legacy,  to all the children.   

With Prayers for peace on earth

Rose Alizadeh Parvin   

June 11,,2001  

To: Sahazadeh Reza Pahlavi

From : Rose (Asseer) Alizadeh Parvin  

RE: My condolences for the loss of Shah Dokht Laila Pahlavi 

and Prayers for Perfect Union 

Life does give us the pain for which god has prepared us to tolerate.  The greater the purpose, the greater the pain and the greater the  impact on the lives of those who need our support and guidance. 

Your Noore cheshm is at peace and with her father. Perhaps that  might ease if not reduce the pain from the loss of your precious  sister. This family has had more than share of the pain of the  soulless insensitive humanity from which no one is safe or free until  recognized and changed for our injured land and nation. Laila's  purpose was served for the chosen children of god are sacrificed to create impacts of one kind or other in the messages they bring to  people to clear them from blindness. Our humanity is suffering and  damaged. Years of parrot-like- talking about it has not helped.

Our task is to bring truth that cliché first for our own nation and  then for the world in stress. I am sorry that because of my  limitations caused by being a political target for the past seven  years I did not know you were in town. I did not even hear what  you had said but very limited quote from others. I was proud,  however, to hear you talk about your sorrow of your sister and at  the same time stand on your principals of being the symbol of truth  and strength for the people who uphold you as their cultural and national heir to your father.       

Our people are much divided and alienated. They need to become  united by us putting our hands together as Perfect Diverse Unity.  For Iran true democracy is to bring everyone home and end this  homelessness or at least give them the choice to go back if our people  desired. You and I are the alternatives to Khatami's who are chosen from  within the regime to maintain the regime's power. They are mistaken.  The regime will only have stable power if intent is to serve the people  and change, if all the people's leaders are respected and given a voice prejudice. I know you know me and have been following me in a spiritual dialogue and special connection. Our spirits have always been together been together since you were born and I have always had special love  and warmth for both of you as I have witnessed your lives as people's  symbols of togetherness and cultural unity. I sent you my books and  received warm response in return. I also have kept real close eye on  your welfare for I believe in the truth and justice.   

I have lived Iran's history since the coup outside of Iran and am well  aware of the pain and suffering of all involved in such wars. It has been  very difficult for you all these past several years for our politics cannot  understand live and let live. It is customary to kill leaders to be able to  take their place. I do not believe in that for I think the pattern of killing  and assassinating even characters must stop at some place, by those  who are carrying special tolerance and capacity to lead and guide the  people. We can disagree and become angry at others but to see them  as enemies will take away our choice of what belongs to us unless  we go in a war to take it or choose to share it. Iran or for that matter  the world does not belong to just one group or even one religion.

Iran  belongs to all Iranians and it must remain that way for greater years  ahead. People must be able to choose their leaders until they no longer  need to be led or only wish to have symbols to remind them of warmth  and love of the past, the wisdom of the future and joy of the present. Leaders like the Doli Lama and hopefully there would be no longer need  for the Luther Kings. You have shown great strength and character in the  years past. People know you and want to be around you and hear more  from you. Do not limit yourselves because of the toxic environment that  these middle men create. They have taken over the media like they did  twenty one years ago. People must know what is going on and choose for themselves. True dictatorship is here.   

I suggest that we campaign together against the Lie Society and bring  people into the awareness of what a civil society is and what is True  Democracy for Iran with diverse unity. And that people have alternatives  and yet they have not been given the choice or the just time to choose  while some group has chosen for them and has brain washed them out  of their freedom of choice and liberty. A healthy society needs healthy  media / print and their objectivity. Yet even in the US we must cover  all sides to an issue not censoring true voices, promoting their clones who differ in surface.   

Sorrow must be cried out and time spent for grief to heal. Yet one can  use the genuine feeling for creating a more of a civil society for our children  to be safe and for our country to become free.

Warm and kind regards, Rose Parvin                                                                                                   

Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi

805 Turkey Run Rd.,

Mc. Lean, VA 222101 A1 10/31/1996  

My dear friend,

I treasured my conversation with you three years ago. I remember I  suggested that you seek freedom for people from a gypsy life around  the world by bringing them together, instead of letting the people around  you fight for your throne and divide the people who need a united and  democratic leadership.

I heard about your interview months ago where you had talked about your openness to democracy for Iran. I also heard  about your latest talk in LA It seems we have come together in regards  to my theory. You are a born king. No one can take that away from you.  But for true leaders the right, dignity, safety and unity of all  the people  lies above claiming a throne or kingdom. Only true leaders are willing to sacrifice their throne, their birthright, for the liberation of their people and it is only then, that their people will flourish, will trust, and will choose them.  

I adored you when you were a little boy trying so hard to act like an adult. I  taught it was so unfair that you did not have a chance to be a little boy. But  then again it was fair since your life was a life of purpose, I taught. Years  ago, I was invited to hear you talk to a small group in Hilton Hotel. I saw a  rightfully cautious, skeptical leader in you. I said then that all Iranians must  unite to seek solutions for their problems. I believed then as I believe  now, that we are our own worst enemies for our division will keep  us dependent on others who will keep us weak for their own fears,  unless we change our patterns. 

It is up to the leadership to create unification. I said the same to Dr.  Madani. I advised him to join you in order to unite your people with  one another. He listened. It is one thing to share power with America  in Power Balance, with justice in peace, it is another to be her loyal  dependent. She knows no Royalty when it comes to her own self  interest.  Your father was the one who kept the Middle East in peace.  No one heard about any conflict within it while he was there. But  obedience to authority was required from him and he retaliated. Let  us not repeat the same mistakes. Only through creating people power  and dignity can a leader succeed to lead the people with long lasting  foundation.  

I have changed the patterns of the American Society from anarchy,  powerlessness and corruption to power balance and excellence in the  past year. The President is changed from a lost soul to an spiritual father to the people through patterns of compassionate strength. I  would like to do the same for our people by providing them the  knowledge to choose their leaders in a democratic pattern and to  bridge the gap between the people and leaders, creating responsibility and willingness to be involved in the process. Unity and sharing power among the leaders creates peace and unity among their people and thus more choice power for leadership.

You cannot oppress religion for it  will retaliate again, as it did before. Nor can you gain the trust of your  people by doing unto them what was done onto your father. But you  can be big enough to tolerate competition for a place of leadership.  Just as my brother-in-law, Heshmat, coached you when you were a little boy, I would l like to guide you toward a process of creating power and dignity for the  Iranian people abroad, unity and power balance with other leadership, a fair  choice opportunity for a people who will choose their leader to be, nonviolently  and in peace.  Some of your loyal friends have approached me in the past. But you are ready, now!  

I look forward to guide you to create your Leadership Peace Program  and announce it to world through a global interview with me. My intent and purpose is to bring back the dignity, peace, power balance and  justice to our people, and to our global family.      


Iranian National Front 

Former Iranian Admiral Madani


Dear Mr. Madani:             

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to  you. I saw you as a man of honor and felt your sincere  intent to serve the Iranian people who have suffered much  during the past years as un-welcomed gypsies without a  home to claim. The Institute takes much of my time as I  intend to create power balance within and among nations  to create global peace and dignity for all the children.   As you know, in the past years we have witnessed global  crisis as a result of the world imbalance as well as watched  the Iranian dehumanization that burdens the shoulders of  our young generation as they find their heritage become a  target of political war-game. We must rise from our own  limitations so that our children can embrace their roots,  gain their both wings and fly to the top of the mountain.             

I invite you to participate in my Leadership Peace  Program. It transcends leadership unity within cultures and  abroad. Through self knowledge people can change their  change their own patterns, choose their leaders who embrace  them with patterns of compassionate strength and create their  own fate with a responsible freedom. Sincerely, Rose Parvin







My friends,

I invite you to join me in creating the Truth Society; a society in which we can live by our inner laws of ethical truth and judge with our spirit living creative lives where our success will not cost another their rights, dignity happiness, credibility or their success.  A society that becomes a Global Family in Divine and Diverse Creative Unity.  

Answer to Humanity Rose Assier Parvin- copyright 1994 One of the ten books written in English derived from Rose's philosophies she developed and taught since 1982

A World in My Fantasy-

Excellence Society-Madineh Fazeleh A world that in my Scientific Spiritual way I am bringing to reality

The pathway to peace and progression in humanity is a process, the process  of a joint effort to create a world I often dream about. It is a world without  walls; a world where all people are filled with love, joy, and the mastery of  being, both together and alone; a world without crime, aggression,  prejudice, or the disillusionment and alienation created by such Toxic  Patterns of Regression; a world where nothing can penetrate the solid seal  of Compassion made within the people and among the people, for  Compassion is the pathway to Excellence in humanity; a world where love  and passion between two people is sacred and knows no guilt or limitation.  And in its sacredness love holds the \ wisdom of being shared only with  meaning, and never used or abused.  

The world in my fantasy is one where every man and woman treasures their  own presenhood and respects that of the other; where competition exists  only in old stories told by grandparents; where the leaders nurture the followers  in the hope that they will someday take their place. It is a world where parents  hear their child’s voice echo from the connected and nurtured Self within; a world where the newscasters broadcast with the intent of bringing peace to  the  globe; a world where preachers stand on street corners and hand out  loving literature promoting peace and harmony; a world where not even the  pride of an omnipotent nation could justify the separation of hearts and the  toxicity of prejudice.

In the world of my fantasy, every mother can promise peace and prosperity  to her child without the unspoken fear that her words are an illusion. It is a  world where safety and security would be as free as the air we breathe; a  world where the sky would not be the limit to our exploration and creativity;  a world where our roots would not be an impediment to our future progression,  and where the dirt we walk on would not be sold to us for the price of our dignity;  a world where Excellence in humanity is an ordinary life process of every being,  and where everyone knows about the inherent goodness of the inner Self; a  world where the promotion and maintenance of humanity is the by-law of every  firm, every organization, every institution, and where it is the intent and purpose  of every salesman who tries to sell prosperity and happiness.  

To become the best of who we are in this world of my dream is no longer an  ideology. It is a way of life, and the only true power one craves. Discrimination  in this world is nonexistent. Color, gender, race, religon nothing can come  between the unconditional bond that connects people. That is the world I have  often fantasized about. In my theory, I call this a world of Power Balance, with  people living its process focused on the Patterns of Excellence in peace and  harmony.  

Together, we can transform any fantasy into a reality. If you have a dream  that resembles mine, then stay with me throughout this book, and other books  to come. Join me in the active process of implementing the universal principles  and laws they stand for. Because this will not remain just a dream or a fantasy  hidden away in a book, collecting dust on a shelf. Nor will its content hide behind  the cover in fear of rejection. I believe that if we work together, we will have the  power to make any dream find its way into our reality. We can make the  transformation on the streets of our injured communities, in our society, at home,  and in our larger global family.





The Peace Creator


Come and pray with me  for I will speak to you  with the words of god;  of truth, and of love  the way god talks to me with compassion and no competition or prejudice. My church, my temple,  my musk belongs to all who believe in god and even those who do not  believe in god or in me. God's house is your house for you are god's children. You must love yourselves  and each other because  god loves everyone of you.

The veiled Truth:  The Peace Creator A Woman's Rebirth caused a nation and  the World Rebirth A woman's Godlikeness as the Blueprint  for a World Rebirth. When we know and  see the right we no longer choose the wrong The right thing to do and to live a life of truth  in every moment not just living a life of a lie  and telling the truth every now and then the way the reality of life has been and is. Just  because it is reality yet a lie, it does not make  it right. Today's thieves of the mind, body  spirit who have stolen my words only for their  self profit and power and to deceive you and to put you against your god who is your only  savior tell you that you must be practical and  reality oriented and by that they mean that  you should sell yourselves to the mediocrity of merely existing and not living - of being dependent upon them and not yourself and  your god - If your reality is not that of the  truth you are addicted to evil's fast drugs and  your are lost in evil path. I am the only way. The right thing is to make your reality a life  of truth - and that is god's word. The word of  truth is the word of god and the word of truth  is the word of love and the word of god is the  word love Love is truth and love is god. God  is change for god is ever flowing water and  light that runs through those who are clear of  toxins.  I spent my life to become clear and god chose my flesh, my body for god's house. I also searched and sought the truth which is  god all of my professional and personal life. For the past twelve years I have sang prayer  revelatory songs for god to come out from the  cross and become the people's living guide. I believe that is exactly what happened. God made me the living word ever since I was born.  I was righteous and had the world of god yet I  did not know it. I knew the power of my spirit  was beyond me and what I had learned. It was when I would say things in the literature class  that would make the teacher's mouth open. And when I would heal those who came to me  without knowing what I had done. Until I went after learning from my spirit and teaching it to  others in a philosophical spiritual scientific way.   Seven years ago I had a calling to become the  world mother on a mission to heal the masses.

I am god's bride, I am god's child,

I am god's mother and I am god's father

God is me and I am god -  

I am the truth, I am the love, 

I am the word Thus I am the god! 

If you want to meet god 

you must clean house

if you want to be god you must be the truth

not only the truth of yourself 

but also the one and only truth: 

truth of your soul!

Rose Parvin 6/26/2001                                 

My dear friends,

The miracle is within us and within each of us there is  a god living on the cross. Life is a process of a rebirth  after death in every moment; of knowing who you  are and excelling to become the best of your self from  childlike - ness to humanness to Godlikeness. When  we know our True Self, we can know True God,  within. And it is then that we can see, hear and know  God. I know. I have god within me and living through  me will teach you the way to know and worship the  living god. I want to guide you through that process.  The process of flying from the body to the soul,  purifying the soul, becoming whole, within. 

A Scientific Philosophy learnt from surrendering to my  soul made me believe I can create my own destiny until  I realized that the destiny I taught I was creating was my  original destined path. My journey was to find that path:   to mother the Orphan world, bringing life to dead souls.  The souls die in a sick society and a sick world and need  to go through the process of rebirth. People need a hero.  

Prayer is the way of life. To love and worship god is to  love and worship your self, your family, your friends,  your society, your environment and your world. Life  is the process of being, becoming and difference making.  The Golden Rule, are the Moses commandments, within.  In the process of Collective Prayer and Dialogue with  God,  Inner laws will become the Global Human Right  Laws. 

Prayer in a creative form is the language of the soul and  the best way of talking to god. Seven years of revelatory  poetry pouring out of me which are three dimensional  and have me, god, people, breaking time and becoming  the bridge of the past, present and future are my prayers.  I grew up dancing and that became my Self/ Soul therapy.  My programs and I became the Blueprint for the millennium.  

Dialogue with god- from absolute science I came to believe  in god's presence inside me as I purified my soul. Dialogue  with nations and people brings us the need on earth; a unity  around god and godlike laws. The Soul Makes Angel of  freedom, of peace, love and truth Diverse Unity of Mind- Body-Soul.

The Secret of the Cross  Thirty years of experience and knowledge has given me the  wisdom to become a third eye and break the walls of  prejudice in all life dimension and put an end to alienation  and separation of the people as well as the separation of the  souls. I not only have learned and experienced the secret of  the cross, but have witnessed experience of being god's  hand and tongue, creating a rebirth for my people and  nations feeling Jesus, Moses and Mohammed in my spirit  as the Time Prophet and the last chance. 

Father-Child & Mother( the holy spirit)-history is written and changed by men as it is happening at this time- My  original philosophy and science was taken from me,  copied plagiarized and spread while I was censored  clones were created of me and promoted day and night  during the past seven years. 

Change without violence and war. I allowed this tragedy in order to create change without  violence and to spread my Peace and Reform Program  and lost all I had in that process.  Pattern Change toward  Power Balance- love for all the children and not just some.  Flying from body to soul - from childlikeness to Godlikeness Seven years of crucifixion, censorship, colon-making, death  and a rebirth is the price of Personalization, Nationalization  and Globalization of my Peace and Reform Program.

Nine  books in one year in 1994 was Rose's call for this mission and globalizing what she was doing for years since 1971,  which is self search, finding the truth and teaching it to people  who trusted her with their pain for they saw her healing hands  and mind surrendered to her miracles soul bringing dead souls  to joyful life. 

I was led to a life of self-sacrifice where I lost all that I had  worked for in my life toward a mission of creating peace  and godlike personhood through my revelatory poetry,  songs and a way of life as program of peace and balance  which was living the truth and the love pouring out from  within me regardless of what the world around me was like.  I was guided by the fire within her to create balance of powers  in an unjust world and all I had by my idea was the power of  god which gave me the power to stand against political power  with money and media and thousands of followers at their  service and to create change. 

The Red Rose by Virgin Marry. At the time of distress put upon her by socio political  pressures I was given a red Rose by Virgin Merry in one  of my walks from Newport Pier to Balboa Pier every day  for the past twelve years for the purpose of purifying my  soul - and many days I would find roses on the sand on my  path- a woman at the church told me that was Santa Theresa's  way of granting wishes.

Jesus went through me in my dream. In a dream I saw a beautiful man  starring at me sitting on a sand in a desert. The man who was  wearing a brown clothing got up and went through me.  Since then I was experiencing what Christ has experienced,  crucified once more by my own people here I was as loving  and forgiving as Jesus Christ would be to the point of caring  more for my enemies and those who took my work and day  and night teaching them more of Patterns of Excellence and  Christ-likeness without caring about how I was loosing all that  I had by thinking of coming out and standing against them and  thinking of my own voice and financial independence. 

I gave them the fruit of my knowledge as my Peace and  Reform Program and my original knowledge of science of  Pattern Change Programming which would materialize and  bring to life my philosophy of Power Balance in individuals  and families and societies and the world as a whole and  within the environment.  

Music had lost value in schools. I created balance in my  son's school between the values of music and sports at  a time musicians were degraded in schools and athletes  were over graded. The world must become a creative  child again in order to become godlike and to bring back  grace and compassion to life. The I took on the Newport  Beach Bars to create safety zone for the children. 

In my  book I presented a Societal Program for creativity, for  health and excellence and for prevention of crisis that  we experience in schools today, and for the home and  society and the schools to become the safety zone for the youth and the children.

I fought patriarchal prejudice in Mental Health Profession for what  I believed as unjust and prejudiced conduct where for  years I presented original seminars for the annual  gathering and did not get accepted where the  Psychologists who were inspired by me would become  the keynote speakers. 

I fought famous authors whom I believe plagiarized my lifetime work and reaped the fruit of my labor. Like Deepak Chopra to whom I sent my book for review  and before I knew it he was interviewing what I believe  is my original philosophy and science as his own and  later on I believe he wrote many books from my book.  He credited being inspired to write spiritual and becoming  evolved to Roomi who has been dead seven hundred years and his book were about that time but I believe that he came  out with all new and original work as soon as he received  my book. It so happened that all that he wrote ever since  was from my book and my original philosophy and science.  When I confronted him his attorneys manipulated my rights  and the truth whereas the evidence seemed otherwise in a  powerfully undeniable way. I heard him saying that legal  battles was one of his favorite things to do. I don't blame  him for that is karma for people like him; to fight. 

In my nonviolent and compassionate war against violence on television, media, tobacco,  drugs and religious addiction and prejudiced versus  true spirituality and Power Monopoly I gave  my  lifetime original work to world leaders in order to  create change and make a difference- 

By not getting the credit for my work, being censored  by the media and their constant promotion of those  who were colons of me and had plagiarized my work and  were given the credit for it day and night and at the same  time terrorizing my character in the media, creating isolation  for me where everyone who helped me was taken away  form me, and my telephone being controlled and every   breath I took was copied by me and multiplied before  I could do anything about it, I lost all that I had created  toward a loving environment for my children and went  through family and societal crisis which could have ended  my life.

But I soared and proved that one does not need  anything in the world but her self and her faith in herself  and her god in order to create constant rebirth from death  of not only her own but that of other people, and nations. 

From what was meant to paralyze and isolate me I created  a tooll of teaching and mothering the world leaders toward  service and Excellence Patterns of Leadership and step by  step caused the Rebirth of a Nation and spreading patterns  and programs of peace and reform within my country of  origin( Iran) and in United States and ultimately the world.  This is true prophecy where the predictions have all come true and my programs and knowledge has been  tested and  proved workable in only seven years and the fruit of my work  is freedom for me, my people and the world. 

I was Creating a Perfect World- a Rebirth of my Birth Nations & The world by the power o love and the knowledge of being I became the mother to an Orphan World. As I was freeing the  world, of lies and toxic patterns of being, to teach a and to mother  them to excel in being human claiming the lost rights and dignity,  I was held hostage in my free country by cult-like groups with  media power.

I lost all I had and died while the entire city of media and print watched  and participated. I learned that one voice makes a difference and  I learned that the ultimate power is the power to forgive and to love, regardless.

The Perfect Unity is: Living the of Power Balance of Childlikeness to  Godlikeness. And this is what I have experienced.  Once we experience this within, we are ready to meet God and to have a constant Dialogue and a True Union. And that, is what I have also experienced. To have god. The chosen suffers on earth to become a Perfect Leader. 

Come and pray with me  for I will speak to you  with the words of god;  of truth, and of love  the way god talks to me with compassion and no competition or prejudice. My church, my temple,  my musk belongs to all who believe in god and even those who do not  believe in god or in me. God's house is your house for you are god's children. You must love yourselves  and each other because  god loves everyone of you.

The veiled Truth: The Peace Creator A Woman's Rebirth caused a nation and  the World Rebirth - she is in censorship during the past seven years of her life. 

The Priest  Knows me

The priest knows me, he knew me the moment he saw me 

He was chosen to Baptize me and to witness my rebirth

and rising from my tomb of destiny. I am who I am, he knows me

He threw down his Bible at the door after his sermon and said

you have nothing if you have it all,

if you have read all the books, and heard all the sermons, and prayed all the prayers,

you have nothing if you don't know god, if you don't see god's face, in the color of eternity

an old soul in a child, in a man or a woman, it doesn't matter, spirits don't have gender

spirit is all light, all fire and all knowing, the messenger said that repeatedly

if you don't see god's face, you haven't seen anything,

he was hard on me he said, we broke you he whispered later,

we broke you last time to have you be all here for us, all of you be the spirit,

no flesh, no arrogance or mind power of an intelligent being 

I said to him calmly, I have been broken, on the cross,

for seven years they tore me apart

they ate pieces of my body, and they drank my blood, daily they laughed at me

and they threw darts at me, they stole my life work and prospered from it,

and grew  in front of me, while they called me liar, magician, sick, black cat and crazy 

and when Diana died they called us both whores, independent women they censored and isolated me

they dried up my roots and watched me perish my children separating from me

loosing our home and  all I had worked for all my life,

dying somewhere in some motel, a woman alone in pain of betrayal of love and of truth, 

when her prophecy was  love and truth on the cross,  with a bloody heart

walking behind the caravan, that was led by the light of my spirit,

with my horse giving someone else free rides on my wing, 

tired of all the lies and deceptions corrections and the power monopoly

the thick wall of prejudice around me

still keeping  my grace and dignity so you see, you see -I have already been broken

a woman who gave up all she had in the midst of success and mastery

spending all of her last money on television programs

that saved a nation from being bombed

and kept the children from dying  in wars, drugs, prostitution and poverty, 

to come out of the death, the gradual death of their spirit and to gain back their faith

that there is a god and there is justice and to get back their lost rights and dignity 

I have forgiven everyone I have loved those who hated me

perhaps too much, but how much is enough for loving unconditionally

for as you said, I want to be close to all, so I came down from my heaven

to be with my people and love them like no one has ever loved another being

The Priests said prayers over my head and said I was Baptized with the holy water

one said that he saw all white light, another said she saw fire around me burning the evil eyes   

another said we know you are chosen, the other saw me going, 

on a long journey over the stormy waters

and before god I asked be my witness to these nonbelievers,

for it has been seven years  of being on the cross and I am tired

of the poisonous air around me

priests said you will never be the same and that you will talk a different language,

and so I did.

He gave me his Bible and I saw in it the word  that came from within me

the all knowing that took over my destiny was in the Bible

as the god the one and only I knew I had the holy spirit, the living word within me

I was born again, the old child of destiny,

and everything around me was experiencing rebirth and becoming fresh, 

with a new beginning everything around me was becoming free, the fire burnt 

all that was not pure and all that was not holy

the word stayed only inside of me   

And tonight he sat his wife on a chair and asked god to appear in the holy spirit

and save his wife from the dead stuff and all the lies

I found myself standing up with my hands open,  my voice was strong,

and told her in a command

open your fists, let me fight your fights,

I went forward and held her, she was like a helpless, lost lamb in mother's arms

I told her that I loved her, she repeated my words,

I love you, I love you, my body was  like pure fire and electricity,

my hands were singing for the sound was so loud I could hear my hands talk

I held her hands and gazed at her eyes she was changed, the young woman never smiled,

she had a big smile on her face and her face was lit up

her husband knew what I had done for her,

I had given her  my own spirit until she gets her own

I became her mother and gave her a new birth right then and there

I held the man who got angry at me because I said I was born with the holy spirit inside me

I told the old man  that I loved him too. He too, smiled

He told me I appreciate you coming to me and telling me that

I said to him not to worry and not to get confused

For I am not an ordinary woman

everyone laughed in joy and appreciation of my nature forgiving and loving

to the fault at times, for god does not compromise,

but I have found myself compromising, at my own cost

I read to them the part of the Bible that I had written for my daughter in her time of trouble

a woman's husband had had a stroke three times today and she did not know Christ

they prayed for her she was spiritless and unloved as if she had never been loved in her life

I said to them how I found, my daughter's Bible when I could not read, the Bible that the priest gave me

for the words were small and I did not have glasses and I could not buy another one

the book came to me opened up in page 50 Isaiah that said   

"Sing for joy, O heavens, shout O earth.  Break forth with song, O mountains, 

for the Lord has comforted his people,  and will have compassion upon them in their sorrow."  

"Yet they say, "  My Lord deserted us,  he has forgotten us." " Never! 

Can a mother forget her little child  and not have love for her own son? 

Yet even if that should be,  I will not forget you. " 

See, I have tattooed your name  upon my palm and ever before me 

is a picture of Jerusalem's walls in ruins.

" Soon your rebuild shall come and chase away all those destroying you. 

Look and see for the Lord has vowed that all your enemies shall come and be your slaves. 

They will be as jewels to display, as bridal ornaments.

"Even the most desolate parts  of your abandoned land  shall soon be crowded with your people, 

and your enemies who enslaved you shall be far away. 

" The generations born in exile shall return and say,  " We need more room!  It's crowded here." 

Then you will think to yourself who has given me all these? 

For most of my children were killed  and the rest were carried away into exile.  Leaving me here alone. 

Who bore these?  Who raised them for me?" " The Lord God says, " 

See, I will give a signal to the Gentiles  and they shall carry your little sons 

back to you in their arms, and your daughters on their shoulders.

" Kings and Queens shall serve you, they shall care for all your needs. 

They shall bow to the earth before you and lick the dust from off your feet. 

Then you shall know I am the Lord.  Those who wait for me shall never be ashamed."

" Who can snatch the pray from the hands of a mighty man? 

Who can demand that a tyrant  let his captives go?  But the Lord  says  

"even the captives of the most mighty and the most terrible shall all be freed." 

For I will fight those who fight you,  and I will save your children.  

"Listen to me my people,  my chosen ones. I alone am God. 

I am the First;  I am the Last"

Come all of you and listen.  Among your idols,  which one has ever told you this" 

The Lord loves Cyrus.  He will use him to put an end  to the empire of Babylonia. 

I am saying that I have called Cyrus  and I have sent him on this errand  and I will prosper him. 

Oh that you had listened to my laws 

then you would have had peace  flowing like a gentle river  and great waves of duteousness. 

" You are my servant.  A Prince of Power"  with god and you shall bring me glory,"

" you shall bring more than restore Israel to me.

I will make you  a light to the nations of the world  to bring my salvation to them too." 

" Kings shall stand at attention  when you pass by;  princess shall bow low 

because the Lord has chosen you; 

he, the faithful Lord  the Holy One of Isael,  chosen you." 

" Your request has come  at a favorable time.

I will keep you from premature harm and give you as a token and pledge to Israel, 

proof that I will reestablish the land of Israel  and reassign it to it's own people again. 

Through you I am saying to the prisoners of darkness "  Come out" I am giving you your freedom. 

They will be my sheep , grazing in green pastures and on the grassy hills. 

They shall neither hunger nor thirst.

The searing sun and scorching desert  will not reach them anymore. 

For the Lord in his mercy will lead them beside the cool waters."

And I will make my mountain into level paths for them;  the highways shall be raised above the valleys."  

See, my people shall return from far away,  from north and west and south."

Then I sat on the chair and talked about my dilemma

of a man competing with my god who does not understand pure love

who wants me to compromise myself 

T he Priest said god does not compromise you must dump what competes with god

he read to me from the Bible not to join unequal yoke, do not join a nonbeliever

a man who wants me to join him with his wife and his lovers or he will keep censoring me 

keeping me in a glass shell telling my people lies about me promoting prostitutes and clones of me

who have stolen my life work and prosper from it while throwing stones at me

denying my existence assassinating my character

the man who loves me who believed in me and came to me to promote me and my mission

of the truth and love, my peace and reform program, Universal Spirituality,

the true freedom and democracy, one world, one god, and christ-like-ness of a world that is dead in spirit

but I was an independent woman a scientist, a philosopher a teacher and a guide 

who was not and is not, dependent to any cult, yet he tried to destroy me and claim my mission as his own

he claims to be me he said again you have a difficult choice your life is in this man's hands

I said I love him too he said it is your choice but god does not compromise!

I told him what if god wants me to love him he is my soul-mate we are partners, he lied to me at first

he said god does not compromise  

And so, I left saying I shall not compromise! at home, in the radio angels sing

giving me his message of love and compassion

and yet the night story is about a woman lover who ends up being a killer

that is what they have done to my people for seven years

they have made angels from prostitutes who come between me and my people

and steal everything in their way and they make a killer,

of the virgin marry and the child being born again

I think to myself does he love me enough to respect my identity and my mission

and not deny that he is my partner? in equal dignity and respect?

the woman who is committed to her mission and was when he met her

or is his love a selfish love of the evil? 

only this afternoon  he was worshipping the prostitute he had created in order to humiliate me

and deny me from my people, entertaining them with promotional clones of me

what kind of a love can that be?

god has been denied for centuries by evil and the man-made stony animals substituting god

while they were constantly crying why they are not blessed by god's eternal divine love!

god says if you love me you must obey my commands and my inner laws of ethics

and god  does not compromise! god makes the chosen one to suffer to become a perfect leader

god is great, there is only one god, god has no associates.

I am the one, I am the way. The light and the lantern

god is fire for the sinner and water for the believer

you came to me as a believer to help me spread my word

you took the sacred word and claimed it as your own and called your act an act of love

to prove to me that you are the one for me

Seven years of my life is spent on forgiveness, patience, tolerance and guidance

of a man who has taken from me everything that belongs to me

my voice is my birth right and and my life work are the fruits of my vine,

the grapes that give life to all the children of humanity

I have proved to you that I am true, you are my witness that I am real

all that you have taken from me has worked miraculously

and I have been flying with the cross, with the courage taking your hand and my people 

to the spirit beyond the flesh, to the life of eternity 

I am the one and I am the way, the veiled truth, unveiling as we speak

through the two way mirror

I must spend with my people  in a direct relationship 

the time you are taking from me, monopolizing my sacred knowledge

as you keep my home under the glass globe of censorship, intelligence, tight control and security   

The Priest is right about everything except one thing

He is looking for the words of the book in me.

He is not looking in the words for me

He says there are times where the word is without the presence of god

and at times the presence of god without the words 

and looks at me and says you are the presence of god without the word

but the presence of god is the word

I am saying the same thing, I just don't know the number of the verses

I was saying the word before I read the Bible

Now I know that I have the living word, inside

for all I say is in the Bible

I say to him loosing my patience

you are in the presence of god

he says tell me the verse and the chapter

I have not heard anything more ignorant than that

god is the living word god is the word

god does not have to know the verse and the chapter

of the book somebody else wrote in his name

the words confirm the presence of god to others and to god as witness to the truth

but all the history is a lie tailored to those who rule earth at the time

books are burnt every time one ruler succeeds  the other

Messiah was a woman to begin with and came from Persia and her name was Mytra

the massiah was a woman for god is a spirit of man and woman

god has the world in her stomach, she is always pregnant, the world is god's stomach!

I had the world in my stomach I brought it out, I gave the world a new birth

I am the mother of the world. I have the holy spirit inside

my life is my witness to the truth and the living word as witness and guide

But that session is not the place for me I don't want to shatter the lives of little people

with little faith who believe in god with their own limitations

let them learn their way and imagine god in their own way and believe in god in their own way 

if they hurt enough  or they believe enough  they will come and seek me on their own

I will not be in a place where I am not accepted, understood and treasured

seven years of being on the cross is enough for a second life time. 

Rose Parvin 6/28/2001  And the Living Bible page 50 ISAIAH  






Dear Socaliving@latimes.com

From Rose parvin WWW.parvinprophecy.com

(949) 887-2127

The Holy Rose

I read a part of your article today. It was interesting to  see Diane Canon is taking her spiritual journey to the  road. She says she is Jewish and believes in Jesus Christ.  It is time to tear down the walls of prejudice and not  confine god in a name or in a religion or a party affiliation.  God is Truth and Love. It is the Holy Spirit that lives in  the universe. And god lives in all of us if we can see and  feel it. Only the truly evolved will see god as god appears.  I went through seven years on the cross to prepare the  world to see their self and the one and only god on earth,  as god once more sends her child to teach godlike-ness.     

After thirty years of being a counselor I had a calling from  within to become the mother and heal the wounds of the  orphan world. I was led by the  spirit inside me, dreaming   and being guided by Jesus as The Last Prophet and Holy  Spirit. And I am Moslem. This is a miracle. Jesus Christ  is the Time Prophet. God's love is an ocean. Is air. It can  not be monopolized or discriminated against some. Diane Canon is a very special woman and a victim of our  soulless society that when she lost all she had there was  no one there to give her new set of wings to fly. It was the  same with me. The elite has power monopoly and steals  author's work. They plagiarized my work and claim they  know how to talk to and see god. Just plagiarizing  someone's work is proof of the absence of inner ethics  and respect for the law let alone knowing god or being  godlike. These are spiritual thieves of the world. Diane is honest about her spirituality and says that she  cannot heal a fly. I want Diane Canon to know that I  respect her and believe she can do more than those  intellectual thieves of mind-body and spirit who call  themselves gurus and prophets.  Those who plagiarized  my work and claim they know how to talk to and see god.  Just plagiarizing someone's work is proof of the absence  of inner ethics and respect for the law let alone knowing  god or being godlike. These are spiritual thieves. I forgive  all in the grace of god.  I live beyond Power Struggle in the  midst of a conspiracy for keeping me in conflict and under  veil for my clones to get heard.  Diane lost all she had in her conviction of making her own  film and her way. Every one pays a price for standing for  what they believe in a society that the glass ceiling is very  low for individual rights and dignity and responsible   freedom. I lost everything because of my mission and my  choice to remain in it even though it is costing me  everything as I am writing. I wanted to create a space and  time in which everyone wins even if it meant for me to go  on the cross to teach and wait for them to get there.  Our journey and the level of evolution is very different I  lost all that I had to bring back the lost individual freedom  and dignity to our society by celebrating Godlikeness and  omitting the old patterns of evil likeness that has darkened  the earth. There is enough evidence of evil takeover as Power Monopoly has taken over freedom.  I saw Diane once in Aspen when we were both with our  children and on top of the world with our career and then I  saw her a few years ago in Brentwood in the local market  when I had lost everything in the whirlpool of politics and had  to separate from my children and move from my home and  professional life and establishment of thirty years. We live  in a society that kills the living true author and promotes the  dead and powerful thieves and plagiarists. I did not talk to Diane but saw her process of death and  rebirth in her face. I saw the depth of pain and loneliness she had gone through and how sincere she was to turn to god. She  had no one else but god. I saw that in her in Brentwood. In a  soulless world even god is alone and sad.  I felt the same.  I had the Holy Spirit within me who called me to become the mother of the orphan world. I mothered the world and its leaders  for seven years while under the glass globe of censorship felt as if I was screaming under tons of water in depth of ocean of censor. 

Now President Bush is focusing on the faith based program and  that is nice but the world is still without a parent.  Just yesterday  in CNN secretary Rich had brought a young black man to talk  about what my vision of education is; step by step creative and  scientific spiritual freedom and loving our children for who they  are teaching them the truth of their self and bringing their truth into reality with celebration of the truth in our society instead of  making American  robots out of our children by not accepting  anything different and as parents not having faith in them or our  selves leaving them home to go to the PTA meetings to be called  good parents yet not standing up for them when they face societal  injustice and bullying that they grow up with. Everything begins  at home and at schools that form our life politics and it must  change patterns and become a Safe Harbor for children.    

President Bush was today talking about immigrants who come  to US as the new Americans which is a new vision of the melting  pot for a Republican who has fought against immigration. This is  from my book and vision of showing we can gain from each other's  strength instead of sharing our weaknesses which is the old  psychology and twelve steps is also in this kind of belief that we  are all born sick and sinful die that way and we have to spend the  rest of our lives in repenting whereas god wants us to learn about  our shared strength which is Godlikeness and flying beyond our  flesh. And we should never monopolize god's love for all in giving  god a name others cannot spell.  I have changed the patterns of the world politics from the old  threats and intimations and wars and coups and bombing countries  to get to a bad  leader throwing immigrants out with humiliation  instead of seeing the glory of god in every person as a gift of god  for sharing god's strength. I defined New Democracy in our country  where chaos had taken over the definition of Responsible Freedom.   Role Models must know who they are. And not only that, they must  have a clear self as an ethical and committed individuals serving people. Diane Canon is a very special woman and is a victim of our soulless  society that when she lost all she had there  was no one there to give  her new set of wings to fly. It was the same with me. The elite has power,  promotion and media monopoly and steals author's work. I gave my life  work to others as a gift to spread yet my own voice must be heard. There  are too many Lie Prophets and Gurus out there today and are using  someone else's life work and pretend they are someone they are not.  

I moved to Brentwood from Newport Beach to start my television  programs and make the societal wrong, right. In Brentwood I spent my  last financial resources for a television in KSCI that saved my people  changing violent patterns preventing coups and wars, teaching them  self power and people power through vote in elections that they make  choices not being at the mercy of profit of interest groups, governments  with media money and power the affects of which is being revealed to us  clearer every day. I created healthy life and a new way, the only way of life.  The Truth Politics.  I am the one.  

My Peace and Reform  Program is a revolution to education and psychology and  politics and genetics as the new vision and way. I am the  mirror. I am the guide. President Clinton's Societal Programs made him popular  and that is my Peace and Societal Reform of Health and  Excellence Program as Hilary's notion of  "it takes a  village" is inspired from my life vision, experience and  philosophy of " the world is one family with god as the  mother loving all her children, equally.  God has no gender walls. It is the human beings who makes the walls. I gave everyone new wings to fly yet they just pushed me in a hole and with the power of money and  promotion they took off with my sacred knowledge as a gift  I offered them from a lifetime research and life experience.   But god is forgiving. I love my plagiarists, my enemies of  ignorance and fear and will show them that  love is the only way. 

In The Prayer House I will teach people how to love one another,  see and know god and to be human. After nineteen years of having an Institute and a Parvin  Center for Patterns of Excellence and Peace, giving seminars  for self power, leader making and spirit making, I had a calling  to heal the masses. I stopped my practice and wrote nine  books that step by step took people from before birth to  their evolutionary development, from childlike-ness to godlike- ness and change makers toward excellence society of truth  and interdependency taking the place of the Lie Society and  dependency. Truth unveils. How could an independent woman who looks like a beautiful doll be another Einstein and humiliate us who have white hair and know nothing and have done nothing all of our lives. And an immigrant woman who had established an excelled professional career beyond belief  of even successful people in the field yet her two wings were open to her children raising them all alone with dignity and utmost love and nurturance  in a world that everything is lost in a fast lane of life she turned away from all opportunity to have a healthy family life of excellence in mastery and a Power Balance that one cannot see anywhere  unless searches for unseen power and strength.  And these patterns historically has bared extreme jealousy and prejudice even among the women. "People were thirsty for my blood even the young people who should have been grateful for what I had done for them were made to turn against me.   

All of my life was one fight after another because neither  men nor women could handle my exceptional beauty that  came from my inner glow and the wisdom and pure  nurturance that came with it and a natural ability to heal  with one smile intertwined with my ethics and principals  and an intrinsic sense of interdependence instead of a  dependency that the patriarchal world tolerates. And now the world was after putting me on the cross and keeping me there since I rose to free the people from the ignorance and dependency of centuries of patterns of victimization and the bullies of time using them for vote to stay in power.   I rose to give back the individual dignity in a rare scientific method of rebirth of cultures from the rotted-ness in the roots because of lack of the sacred knowledge I had found during my rare life experience of multi-dimensions of professional spiritual and societal richness where every  moment of my life was a research for truth and substance in its most stark and unveiled way.   So, I was already a woman of polished soul by not so easy a life I had led. I never searched the easy opportunities of life. I worked hard to make the most mysterious and difficult path easy for others. And in doing that my work was effortless.   After my nine books were written and three were self-published and I was exhausted running after  getting credit and recognition for my work when others  were prospering from my life work, I had dreams  and experiences that changed my life even though  throughout my writings I was guided by my spirit to  search in places my scientific mind had undermined. 

One night that I was walking on the sand in Newport  Beach Pier on one of my twelve year daily revelatory,  meditative walks, I stopped at the little Spanish church  on my way. I needed an answer and I was overcome by  fear of future of what would be happening to me and to  my children with all the resistance I was getting by those  I taught would be my colleagues and friends I could share  my mission with. Now I had acquired enemies and  plagiarists and my life was all of a sudden filled with walls  of prejudice and arrogance of power and gender. It was nine O/clock at night. I was tired from the walk  and a long day of constant production and promotion  and getting nowhere because of the whirlpool of politics  following me and draining me of my resources blocking  my way in every step. For the true reform from the roots to take place and for the true laws of inner ethics to be fulfilled.

Destiny has repeated itself to change. That night, the statute of Virgin Merry was in the middle of the front yard of the church and later I realized it was in  the corner. I don't know for how long I was standing in front  of that statute staring at Miriam's face and the baby Jesus.  I asked myself what I was doing there since I believed I was  god and I could create my own destiny. I was never arrogant  but very confident and rightfully so. Since I had gotten far in  life and never relied upon anyone but myself to get what I  wanted in bringing my dreams into reality. But I know I wanted  an answer. I looked down and I saw in the Holy Mother's hand  that was reached out to me a red rose bud, fresh and pure.  I took than rose which I believed it was mine since it was not  there when I arrived. I burst into tears and started singing.   I ran home, a drizzling weather that wiped my tears. I kept  singing the song that later became my theme for my interviews  for Dialogue of Leaders, people, Nations and Cultures with my first guest being a former Navy Admiral of Iran: St. Ahmad Madani.

People Need a Hero

People need a hero

they all want to hear

words of truth

coming from you coming from you

coming from me

Is it hard to be you

Is it hard to see

People are depending on your honesty your honesty

Is it hard to be you is it hard to see

you and I, are one and one is all there is, all there will be

so rise with me my child and fly with me, my child 

I will take you to where, you want to be

where you can see you you can be you for only if,

you can see you you can be you

you can see me you can be me

People need a hero And my child, my child

The hero is you, the hero is me

The hero is the spirit of humanity

In all the children all the children all the children

of our global family

Rose Parvin, 1995     

Revelatory Holy Dreams. One night I had stayed up till dawn writing on my computer  I passed out at four in the morning. I had a dream that I  was in a desert. I saw the cross life size. I looked down  and there was sitting a beautiful thirty eight year old man  with brown light curly hair down to his neck and big, kind,  brown eyes. He was wearing brown clothes raped around  him and he was starring at me as I was starring at him.  Then he got up and came toward me and passed right  through me. He was inside of me. I woke up. It was eight in the morning on a Valentine's Day. I did  not remember the dream. I went to my children's room and  gave them hugs and greets for the Valentine's day. I worked  writing on my computer all day and at six in the afternoon a  woman called me. She is a very spiritual Jewish woman who  used to go to my seminars. She said that at eight in the  morning exactly when I dreamt she was taking her son to  school and all of a sudden she saw Virgin Merry come in  front of her eyes and she almost had an accident. She said but her face was your face. The day after she brought a rose  and said that it grown in her yard where there was no bush.  During the twelve year of my walking on the sands by the  water I often find long stem roses lying one after another  before my steps. The woman who speaks at the church said  that it was Santa Theresa who rewarded people with roses on  their way. I used to go every day and sing for Jesus in solitude,  praying for Jesus to come down from the cross for we needed a  hero and him being on the cross was not helping. I myself could  never understand the merit of a prophet being on a cross and  being a martyr and a victim at all. All of my life I had never  bent my head for any life block. I always saw myself larger  than life and knew I had planned life in a way that in it, except  for success and happiness there was no other path or option available. Until I myself went on the cross. It is easy to be human when we are on top even if we have  worked for it. But on the cross remaining godlike is the  ultimate and beyond the ordinary.  

One could remain human in peak experiences like Maslow's  peak experiences. I started my work where Maslow ended  and created a lifetime of consistent peak experiences in which  ordinary moments were rare.  And now to remain godlike in the midst of victimization and pain was the next level I had  not planned to experience in the midst of my mastery and the  joy of a mission that no matter how difficult, I had the tools  inside for it.  It only takes one person in a thousand years to be capable  of such patterns of humanity and the old patterns of societies  is to kill the messenger and praise those who are willing to  unite in the killing.   The world must be careful that the  Jesus Christ everyone is looking for is not going to be tailored  to their limited minds that lack not only spirituality but  objective curiosity. As I have tried so hard to get a word  beyond the referrals of the press and those who seem to  be newsworthy and have gotten nowhere trying to get through  walls of monopoly.  That is what I will change!  Your friend, Rose Parvin           

The veiled Truth:  The Peace Creator A Woman's Rebirth caused a nation and  the World Rebirth The Societal Revolutionary, True Reformist -  Change Maker- Peace Creator-The Balancer The rebirth of a woman is causing the rising of  the spirit in a dead, spiritless nation world,  creating a Global-Cultural Rebirth. 

Godlikeness A woman's Godlikeness as the Blueprint  for a World Rebirth. When we know and  see the right we no longer choose the wrong The right thing to do and to live a life of truth  in every moment not just living a life of a lie  and telling the truth every now and then the way the reality of life has been and is. Just  because it is reality yet a lie, it does not make  it right. Today's thieves of the mind, body  spirit who have stolen my words only for their  self profit and power and to deceive you and to put you against your god who is your only  savior tell you that you must be practical and  reality oriented and by that they mean that  you should sell yourselves to the mediocrity of merely existing and not living - of being dependent upon them and not yourself and  your god - If your reality is not that of the  truth you are addicted to evil's fast drugs and  your are lost in evil path. I am the only way. The right thing is to make your reality a life  of truth - and that is god's word. The word of  truth is the word of god and the word of truth  is the word of love and the word of god is the  word love Love is truth and love is god. God  is change for god is ever flowing water and  light that runs through those who are clear of  toxins.  I spent my life to become clear and god chose my flesh, my body for god's house. I also searched and sought the truth which is  god all of my professional and personal life. For the past twelve years I have sang prayer  revelatory songs for god to come out from the  cross and become the people's living guide. I believe that is exactly what happened. God made me the living word ever since I was born.  I was righteous and had the world of god yet I  did not know it. I knew the power of my spirit  was beyond me and what I had learned. It was when I would say things in the literature class  that would make the teacher's mouth open. And when I would heal those who came to me  without knowing what I had done. Until I went after learning from my spirit and teaching it to  others in a philosophical spiritual scientific way.   Seven years ago I had a calling to become the  world mother on a mission to heal the masses.

I am The One- I am the Way- 

I am The truth MISSION of Truth, of Love   

Universal Spirituality

Christ Like-Moses-Like Mohammed-Like Time Prophet -

The World Teacher  The Mother & Guide- 

The miracle life and the making of the truth-

The life of a woman in the process

of the constant death & rebirth 

The Secret of the Cross Three dimensions

of the Godlikeness  From Childlikeness to Godlikeness    

The Living Word


To : The Living @ latimes.com and  To: Enrique Lavin @ latimes.com Free lance writer for Los Angeles Times From: Rose Parvin

I am not going crazy. There truly is a conspiracy throughout the world from the top leaderships to the bottom thieves of  Mind-Body-Spirit to steal my work and treat me as invisible. But god's plan is perfect and whole.

The Society as the Patient and my non-violent movement against that which was burdening the individual brought Enrique Lavin into my life. I met him while standing against the Societal Bullies who did not know or care about succeeding while serving humanity.  The most lucrative living environment in Newport Beach had become the battleground for people wanting descent lives and the powerful interest groups promoting bars causing an anti-environment industry.

A Third Eye: Mother and teacher to the world. The knowledge  as not there. Just like parents who have all intention to raise their  children to become the best of their selves and yet without the  knowledge they only do what they know best which is not good  enough without the guidance and knowledge. The knowledge is  sacred self knowledge that lifetime experience of working with  people and with god and having a third eye, analytical self with  deductive reasoning has given to me as a collective of wisdom and  nurturance, holy knowledge that is a gift of god as I opened my arms. I have spent all of my life and the past seven years directly to guide and teach the world how to have a self and a godlike-soul to fly.   

Sociologists only reported the society as it was. They never saw  beyond what the society showed them. They did not have the  knowledge of true analysis and deductive reasoning and truth  seeking. No one was after truth seeking for the truth was not a  profitable commodity. I made it that. I spread the knowledge and by  shedding light on what is wrong, I made what is the right thing to do  the only way to be if one was not to become history, no matter how  much political or societal, monopolizing power, the truth is the way,  the only path bringing long lasting success and peace.

The bridge between the old and new and the philosophy and science.  Philosophers and Scientists did not see eye to eye. Philosopher saw the existence meaningless and focused on the existential anxiety of a life that to an aware and sensitive person had not meaning or substance. On the other hand, the scientist saw meaning only to what could be seen, measure and predicted. All this is fine except not all that is worth living is present.  And beyond that, the scientific predictions were prejudiced by what the interest group found profitable. Like the violence on television and the affect of that for children that for years was neglected by the anti - truth information  that vicarious learning of violence actually calms the children who see it. 

Power Balance and Pattern Change. Pattern change Programing,  Creating Your Own Destiny is my scientific tool that transfers power in  an instant to others to create Power Balance which is my philosophy. For  the first time science and philosophy are holding hands in unity instead of  working against one another. I saw a health and excellence, solution  focused mental health and world flying to the highest of the mountain of  individual ability and dignity and having that in common instead of  weakness and disease. For example I do not see addiction as a disease that is incurable. I was the first person to negate the view of individual as  a victim of the societal disease and ignorance and put people in such a  place of lack of integrity. I found later that we find our destiny, we do  not create it.

There are other life dimensions beyond us, like god.  Self Making and Choice Patterns and Programs in a scientific way of  becoming our own analysts and seeing our self objectively, getting to know  who we are by simply recognizing our patterns that can change not seeing  our selves as victims of our predestined life Freud set for us that would not  change after the age five, gives the individual back their rights and dignity.     

The affects of tobacco and drugs on the children and youth was ignored,  lied about and denied for decades because of the money spent by the drug  and tobacco companies who ordered the research to suit their profit and  power sheets and not benefit to the humanity. My professional as well as  personal spiritual experiences have taught me that meditation and dialogue  with god is far more affective than drugs and negative side affects not yet  known to us.  The children killing children in schools, libraries and churches today is  the witness to the years of vicarious learning of violence and lack of  unconditional, love, compassion and equal rights and regard for the children  and for others who are different in their own homes. I saw all this seven years  ago for I worked all of my life watching our societies deteriorate. Parents are  themselves orphans of the society and leaders are not giving them guidance.  Dialogue of Nations: One World, One Law, One God Diverse Unity.   

The societal leaders from the Presidents to song writers and singers and all  who have the microphones must be made responsible for they provide the  food for the children's spirit.  Role-modeling of Leadership Excellence,  inviting leaders at the UN table and then from them demanding to abide  by the laws all countries are willing to abide by for the sake of prevention  of world destruction and promotion of long lasting peace under the balance  of equal rights and dignity is the answer and my peace programs the world  has come to now.

The Noble Prize Winners were talking about what I had  predicted and programed seven years ago yet I was pushed back because  of the world's fear of one woman as prophet.   Dialogue of Cultures through the Collective Spirit. Music is the  language of the soul. It is the language of god and my revelatory poetry  that pour out of me rain-like and I find myself in front of nine poetry in  moments, are not my words. They are simply the word of my spirit that  is the Holy Spirit. The more purified we are in the self the mind, the more  purified we can become in the soul and the closer we get to the one  universal holy god.  Dialogue with god. Is simply to get closer to your soul. God exists in  our heart and our soul as god exists everywhere but the closer to us is  the place in our heart for god. It is through purification of our bodies  and minds through silence, active and passive, fast and meditation and  living the life worth our soul and worthy to meet god will prepare us to  have dialogue with god. Go is alone and wants to be with us. We must  clean house.  

Rebirth of a nation and world. I spend all night not only sing my own  revelatory songs but send spiritual songs around the world to raise the  Collective Spirit of the world, to heal the injured world through all over  mothering an orphan world and create another birth. Every revolution  that is evolutionary as I have shown it to the world through the revolution  happening in Iran as a nonviolent evolutionary reform and revolution of  the Collective Souls of the Nation and the rise of a culture more than simply planned coups that powerful governments impose upon the third  world calling it revolution. We have seen that in Iran. 

The unseen and the absent is the ultimate substance to life and the  living. Anyone who says only what we see is what there is, is an ignorant  in fear of the unknown. What is the science today was unknown in a near  or far past. What is unknown is what gives us the answer to our life questions  and must become the focus of the scientists to find and make it predictable  weather it is profitable or not. That is what I have done. I have made  spirituality and soul making a science that is measurable and predictable  as spiritual living and spiritual programming and mass producing good intent,  Godlikeness and Leadership Excellence. Politics of life is the place for god  and so is the spiritual programming that creates leaders we do not have to  bomb an entire country to get rid of. Side affects of such inhumane actions  are not fully known. Parvin Peace and Reform Programs. I am the one who also suggested the  former President Clinton to give more power to the United Nations and that  there are better ways as we see today in the case of Milosovic, to get rid of  bad apples without cutting off the entire tree from the roots which sanctions  and bombing countries is all about. My Societal Programs has made President  Clinton popular in spite of scandals.

"The right thing to do" was my words. Sanctions kill people's spirits they do not punish governments. As I told  President Bush sanctions do not punish governments, they kill the spirit of  the people who need their food and security and their dignity to survive and  grow; all that countries in sanction loose as a result of being labeled and  starved which are the physical and psychological punishments for people who have not done anything. Besides, punishment is up to god and the laws.  When people are given the truth, the true knowledge and are given the choice to hear their true leaders and prophet, they get clear and make the right choices.   I believe President Bush is also taking my words into heart as former President  Clinton did for he has suggested the Senate to reduce their agreed upon five  year sanctions to Iran to one year. These primitive patterns of politics will end!      No one was there for people. I was fighting opening of the new bars  no matter how lucrative they were and no matter how glamorous they  were promoted. Enrique was covering that Societal Movement through  the Los Angeles Times.

My words were written in that powerful Change Maker in print as the Societal Change Maker and Reformer who was  fighting on the behalf of the people against the alcohol industry.   Children had lost their innocent playground and their safe zone had become an unsafe market to sell no matter what the cost using them  as their billboards for profit and power of the interest groups in vein. The Collective Spirit. All of my life I fought against the corruption  of the systems on behalf of the rights and the dignity of the individual,  family and the Societal Collective Spirit and the Word Lost Spirit and  Consciousness. Many nonprofit entities I found to be sources of profit  at the cost of human rights, individual dignity and Collective Spirit.  It is now or never was what Sting said for the urgency to heal our world. On my calling I said there is no time to beat around the bush and our society needed mass healing for it was getting mass poisoning and killing.   I sat and wrote nine books that is the Blueprint for health and excellence and a truth society versus the lie society that has rotted the roots of humanity.    

Mental Health as the diseased and label focused entity, had become  the source of label creating, disease spreading, treatment promoting yet lacking knowledge of prevention and evolutionary health and excellence  and solution focused information and healing process for the individuals  and families. The individual was seen and treated as one dimensional  entity in all walks of life, not connecting to self. I created a new way of life. And when I wanted to show it to my colleagues I faced the prejudicial  resistance of those who feared change and wanted to keep repeating the old assessments and treatments that did not work and had no faith in the individual ability to learn more about herself or himself than the doctor.  

The Mental Health's hierarchical prejudicial classifications that only  psychiatrists are the know all in the field blinded my profession made  them drug pushers referring and promoting a male hierarchical entity.  I had my profession inviting to conferences those who were copying my work and were doctors than myself; a woman scientist and philosopher.  A new way of life, simply means seeing life from a different vision and  walking it on a different path. The one and only path of truth; walking with god and not against god, seeing through god's eyes and not with  blinders on, loving godlike, living godlike and spreading goodness. Godlikeness begins inside; loving and seeing oneself as god would:  with forgiveness and grace of god as the mirror for us to see in a light.      

In experiencing the spirit of Jesus Christ inside of me I found that Jesus or  Essa was not an ordinary Jehovah. He was the spirit of peace at any cost but at the cost of integrity. That means that he made a choice to go on the cross and die to prove to people that he loved them and was not willing to become like them in their hateful ways. But he was not willing to bow down against his integrity and dignity. Christianity is correct when it claims that God lived in  Jesus and thus Jesus was the son of god. I know. I lived Jesus within me, inside.  Scientifically measuring the world's soul deadness creating compassion. 

Jesus and I on the cross creates compassion and witnesses the dead world.   I also learned that there is only one god and that god made himself the subject  to scientifically prove the truth and separate it from the lie just as I did. Since  I know that all that is original and new is coming from inside of me and I know those who oppose me and assassinate my character are only my plagiarists, clones and copiers, I know who is pretending to be a true reformist and change  maker and who wants to just pretend to be a believer of change and evolution and wants to kill the revolutionary to stop the true revolution and freedom.  Being on the cross for seven years like the three days of Jesus was not to create sympathy or as a result of self pity but to measure scientifically the deadness of the soul of the world and the toxicity surrounding the pure and innocent.    

The holy spirit can visit you if you become godlike. It is Jesus who brought you god in a container for you to see. For human beings are so blind and lack the focus in their senses that god had to sacrifice her child for you to see what was Godlikeness. God knew you would kill the child so that you do not have to elevate to your own gold-likeness and keep pretending that you are human   while acting worse than animals, killing even when you were not hungry. For  animals only kill when hungry or threatened. People kill and enjoy doing it. I went on the cross for you to be forgiven and burdened you sins of plagiarism and character assassination, soul breaking and adultery for you to be born again. In my Dialogue with God, I have, and will be able to change god.   My theory was that lack of self knowledge and societal role modeling and  familial mothering caused the rotted roots of our world. But god tells me that  I am too optimistic and that man is dead in spirit and too lazy to discipline  himself to have spirit. I want to prove god wrong about this. I want to believe  the goodness of man. I have made a deal with god to let me change the nature  of man through love. And that is what I have done for the past twenty one years.  

When I wrote my book  and all of my life I believed men are all good in nature. I was proven otherwise.   I was eaten alive by educated men who intellectually raped me and took my life  work claiming it as their own prospering from it and at the same time every day  they assassinated my character spreading rumors against me denying my  existence.  I have spent seven year of my life guiding and loving those people  and mothering them in the hopes that they had bad mothering and that they will change.  God tells me people are sinful and will not change. And that only through my  love, patience and grace they are forgiven not through their actions. Humans are  lazy and sinful in nature. They prefer not to polish their soul allowing their  addictions rule their lives. They prefer to live toxic lives than healthy lives and  to purify themselves for they are used to sin not to grace and purification.  That is why they killed Jesus and they have done the same to me once again. There is only one god in me and it is that god who lived in Jesus, in Moses,  in Mohammed and in any prophet who cared deeply about humanity with  an excelled, divine Vision far ahead of time. They were examples that god  wanted to show to people to say that everyone could be a part of god and   the universal maternal, paternal nurturance, wisdom. God is all, all is god. 

The holy spirit takes over a pure place. And only pure people see and know the holy spirit. God simply lived more in Jesus than any other prophet for Jesus  suffered more and by choice, to role model love and compassion to humanity.  It was not weakness or seeking self pity to go on the cross. It was easier for him to fight for he had the support of the people and the evidence to fight evil rulers. I questioned Jesus and the cross until I was filled with his spirit inside of me  and then I experienced the miracle of Jesus-likeness. It was not in my control but  I began to teach humanity, love and forgive my enemies and cover for them while they were tearing me apart, daily. To me they were my children even though they did not want me as their mother except when they felt the need to be saved.     

The body is simply a container for the soul. When we fill it with the life's  easy fast food as Toxic Addictions and Patterns, we have no room for god.  We simply have no room for our self let alone god. If we don't have our self then how can we expect to have our soul. Soul is body and the blood of god.  Soul is body and the blood of god. We simply had no knowledge of knowing  our self and our god within us. The holy books tell us the truth yet when there  is no one who has experienced the truth talks about it, as it has been that way  for centuries, it becomes the word of god, copied and parrot-like spelled out  and it lacks the true power. That is the reason we have as much lost souls as we have religions.

Having religion or even faith does not save us without god. We must fly from the flesh to the spirit. God is everywhere, everything.   We deny god’s existence within us for we simply deny our self our soul and our own purity that can connect us with our god within. And without a self we  take away the nest we can nurture our god within. Our self is the nest of god.  God is a spirit and not a flesh. To meet god and feel god and know god, we  must fly from the flesh to the spirit in an evolutionary revolutionary journey.

I remember what I told Dr. Pir at the Mehregan event, a Persian Cultural  and Spiritual event that I have advocated as a Cultural Dialogue and as a exchange to other cultures to enrich the world by knowing the unknown  understanding diverse unity and the absence of walls in true spirituality.   

I told her that when Moses parted the sea, he was able to show the people  what was on the other side for them to want to take the risk of drowning.  Or perhaps he was able to show them what was it that they must get away  from. Pain is the path of discovery and a journey toward excellence. It is up  to us to show what is beyond it for people to want to go through it. What it  is that they must get away from, is simply the gradual death of their mind,  body and spirit. Life is god is truth is love and an ever-flowing water that moves to balance as she reaches imbalance and stays when reaches balance.      

People Power: key to success of any nation.    True Power Balance is the created through the  transformation of the People Power by Self  Knowledge and the power of question that rocks  the tower of authority and shifts the swing of  power from the institutional leadership to the  shared Power Responsibility by both people and  their leaders.  Hitler's rise in a society that teaches arrogance  and prophets are transcended from a nation that  nurtures its people and embraces People Power  created by the spread of Self Knowledge. From the book: Pattern Change Programming,  Creating Your Own Destiny, Author, Rose  Assier Parvin 1994, copyright friends,








against all odds

I will ride for the path is so wide

I will ride all alone against the odds

till I find the color of my words in the face of the shy

yes the truth is on my side and I will no longer hide

for I am who I am I will not be put aside

I will be in every word I will be the word

that will teach and that will find that all men,

women and children are equally compassionate and kind

equally worthy of our love equally able in their mind

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I point the cane and part the tides that tear us all apart

for there is only one God the spirit we all hold

in the depth of our self and heart

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I will ride the hostile tide I will change its patterns to find

love is all that we can mind yes the truth is on my side

and against all odds I will ride I will ride I will ride  

come with me on my wing come with me let us rise 

together let me show you how wings can fly high

next to one another

let us prove that it is only love it is only love

that is worth living for

it is only love that exists it is only love that existed before

and it is only love that will exist forever and for nevermore 

it is only love that can bring peace back to earth

and it is only love  that is worth the fight

Rose Parvin, 1996    Dialogue with Rose - 

My Friends, 

talk to me about your views, feelings, opinions

in all life dimensions

ask me whatever questions you have. 

My friends, 

God's love is the ultimate freedom. 

So is the dialogue with the holy spirit

who is bringing you the love of god

Your dialogue, negative or positive analysis and critique

or any questions you have in the path I am walking and

in which I have become a mirror for you,

will be published on this page!

Contact Information:  

Web page address: www.parvinprophecy.com 

E-mail Address: rose@parvinprophecy.com  (949)-887-2127 Rose                                                                                                                                                

Freedom and true democracy must root in the souls of each and every person, community, society, nation and the world as a whole. Only through acceptance of our most vulnerable patterns and dimensions can we begin to free ourselves from our limitations and soar to the highest of the mountains of our existence. Patterns of of Godlikeness is on the other side of our  Childlikeness and the process is to dare to walk in the dark unknown place. To know our self and our god within is the process of knowing the universal wisdom-nurturance, the universal god. The process of purification is living through me to find your self and your god. Why me? Because I have paid the price of purification for god to choose my body to be in me. In order to be godlike more important than the virtue of being pure, is the virtue of being kind and forgiving. God did not create the earth and the beings in it in order to rule them. God was alone and wanted companions to love and to be loved by. The fear of god is an unreal feeling and belongs only to those who want to be irresponsible, blame god for their actions, and fear an image they create within themselves. God is love and truth. I witnessed it. During the past seven years I have gone through extraordinary life experiences and at the age 51 I feel I have lived at least seven thousand years. I have an old soul and all of my life I have spent in learning and teaching what has focused the highest patterns of existence and have surrendered to a healing soul that exceeds my original scientific mind and deductive analysis driven from it. In my spirit lives a most compassionate, loving person who goes beyond all limitations and reasons in order to prove that human beings are all loving inside. I have gone through the worst and most tragic pain of victimization to change the patterns of my enemies who truly wanted me to die or disappear. I knew they were afraid and could change even when for seven years all indications were entirely different. I'm a true believer.   

Embrace me 

Embrace me with your kindness

Accept my different-ness 

Move away, move away move away 

from the madness 

I too am the like of you 

my different-ness is not 

the sign of separateness 

touch me with your compassion 

shed the block of prejudice 

see me with your heart 

judge me with your mind 

not with your anger 

not with your hate 

I am the voice of your inner self 

if you find me kind 

if you find me harsh 

just look within 

just look within 

just look within 

to search for the answer

Embrace yourself, you are the truth

embrace all that reminds you of you 

come dance with me to our inner hymns 

of the Mind-Body-Prayer 

come share with me the power of self 

let's build a house of peace, together 

embrace me, Embrace your self, 

embrace, my friend, embrace humanity, 

embrace the child of destiny, 

embrace your god within  

From the book: Pattern Change Programming, 

Creating Your Own Destiny 

Author: Rose Assier Parvin 

Part I :  A Preventive Measure: 

Moving Away from Repetitive Patterns of Regression  

Twelve years of solitude, seven years of meditation and silence, walking three to five hour a day on the beach writing nine books that became the Blueprint for the World Reform, Peace and Excellence, she learned to love her enemies as they stripped her of her lifetime work for seven years and censored her out of all functions and promoted themselves as her with her lifetime work and accomplishments. With the tool they used to destroy her she taught them. She taught them how to have their self, and their god. She gave them the motivation to serve. She had created change of patterns from violence to peace, from hate to love and from death to rebirth. She believes it is time for mass healing of the world's wounds and that is what she is doing for the past seven years after working as a family counselor for twenty one years. Her original Global, Cultural, Peace and Reform Program is spread throughout the world in seven years and has brought the people closer to one another in spite of political war games.

Fly my child, fly with me 

for the bird to fly, the wings must open wide

for the tree to soar, it must root before

for the sun to rise, the sun must set

for us to talk, we must first be silent

to become pure, you must sin and repent

to have control, it is better to surrender

to be perfect, you must fall and break

to be universal, you must be native

to be free, you must belong

to see, close your eyes you will be with me 

to better see me, move away from me

to be truly present, become absent

to laugh, you must know pain

you must die, to be born again  

to have your self, let go of the self  

to be god, you must be child again

to be Christ-like, you must let go

of imprisoning god in limited frames

God is not Christian, Christ is just a name

of a body purified, with the god's soul in a frame 

I went on the cross for you to be free 

do not kill me again because you fear freedom 

you fear freedom my friends 

freedom is to accept the unacceptable 

freedom is to believe the unbelievable 

freedom is to dream the un-dream-able

freedom is to know the truth of your self

and to know the world inside and bring it out

in the most creative ways that creates perfect unity 

with you, your environment, those you love

if you can sing or dance from the heart 

you have prayed in every chance with your god

freedom is not to fear but to make love to your god

freedom is to loose yourself in your god

freedom is to surrender to your god

freedom is to become your god

but you must first know your god

for what you don't know you cannot become

and what you don't know you cannot let go 

in the end, you must be able to choose and flow

with what god has given you as your destiny

or or what seems at first as the easy way

pay attention to your feelings

they lead the way, they lead the way

if you can forgive and if you can love

if you can be yourself and you can survive

you have found god, you have found god

don't look too far, god lives within you, inside   

Rose Parvin   4/9/2001   







a nonprofit public benefit corporation

A Healers Society of Global-Cultural Peace,

Reform, Power Balance & Excellence where

Leadership Excellence and People Power is created.

My friends,

The Institute without walls. The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation was fully established in 1996  as a continuum of Parvin Centers since 1982 established for excellence   and in the process of my seven year experience of death and rebirth  it became inactive, formally, it functioned as the Institute without walls. 

The Institute's Purpose as Active Reformist was in process and Iran and  Global Cultural Peace and Reform was was the focus of Change Making.  The Peace and Reform Program is spreading through out the world,  creating Diverse Unity and Cross-cultural Power Balance bringing the focus of the world toward the Global Family of one god one worldliness. 

The radio and television programming that was the main tool for the mass production of the peace and reform program is implemented in other media and the radio that was established and designed to  create People Power through self, family, societal and global peace  and reform.    

Peace and reform is transferred to Iran and in United States and  around the world through my guidance and scientific, spiritual objective  analysis. The radio has not been under the Institute's management and the ownership because the partnership did not become formalized yet I stood by my work and under duress focused on guidance for clarity of  purpose and the nature of it's programming. I have led the reform of  the radio and other media from a distance as I believe a Healthy Society  requires healthy media and print. I felt the need to continue guidance of  my programs and not allow it in the hands of others who did not know  how and why to use the sacred knowledge. 

Just as if Einstein was alive he too would guide his programs to make sure of the how and  why, what for and by whom of his invention. He too would say no to  Power Monopoly. As I believe, however, in the evolution of man as  I said in my book titled Pattern Change Programming, Creating  Your Own Destiny and my work in Mind Power as the Missing Link  of Darwin in the Evolution Theory. Beyond that, another link in my  work and philosophy proven by years of research and experience  about Power Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit, is the process of flying  from the body and mind to the spirit. The reason the Vatican has  accepted the Evolution Theory I believe is the Pope reading my book and seeing the multi-dimensions of man and the interpretation of the missing link. Many, however, have taken my work claiming it as their own who have denied the true teacher and author and are misusing my  sacred knowledge without good intent and denied my guidance. 

A silent crime happening even during the past seven years misusing  my words censoring myself terrorizing my character for the fear that  a holy woman may take their power away by transforming their Lie  Society with her Truth Society.  As I have given them new birth and  wings to fly with my knowledge step by step in an evolutionary  process they created clones of me and celebrated my death.  

Spiritual Scientific Cloning. Today my seven year effort in bringing Spiritual Scientific Godlike- ness or sacred cloning is heard even in the Senate of the most  democratic country as they vote on total banning of human cloning;  a self destruction program by man himself. The world has always  been in the hands of evil and his fast paced programs giving fast  reward and long term destruction and regression for being human. Genome Project of President Clinton was inspired by my technology  of Pattern Change Programming and proving the ability to change  cells by seeing them as patterns. But the message of the need for  the Power Balance of Revolution of Compassion and the Revolution  of Information is not taken to heart. 

President Bush's ability to bring god into the White House today is  the affect of my lifelong effort to change coltish politics to Power  Balance and inner ethics. Today Bill Clinton is talking to Harlem  calling it home and has set offices in Harlem. I taught this new  politics of intent for People Power will give leaders power, even  in the democratic country this is new politics. People were always  used for votes and the pretense of giving them power was all they  received.  

I taught the Intent to serve the people and to create  people power to the Iranian leaders inside and in exile through not  only my books and the media but by being the living word advocating  Diverse Unity and becoming the role model for it. I believe we live  at home even in exile and that is how we can stand by our own  Cultural Identity and gain Global Identity as well. Like Jewish people who have the most powerful committee outside of their land,  all other minorities such as Iran must establish a home away from  home parliament for the purpose of strengthening their country,  being included as the voice of their people and to create Global  Cultural power balance within United States.

Today, Prince Reza  Pahlavi in exile is echoing my words as the unity among Iranians  for true democracy is created. He too was silenced within the  coltish political wars. President Khatami, Iran Leaders Khameneie  and Rafsanjani also echo my words.  People can make their own  choices by self and societal knowledge and awareness only if they  are given that and not a pseudo knowledge by the media and print.  

The Pope accepted the the theory of evolution for my philosophy of the Spiritual Evolution and the Mind Power as the missing link. Godlikeness Even the Pope in Vatican knows that people are the children of god and serving god means serving the people. People are the voice of  god if aware. This is how I also reformed the media in Iranian  Community. By teaching them that serving people and not using  people gives them power. This is a message I sang to them every  day; to the professionals teaching my words to people claiming it as  their own seeking power for themselves yet denying me keeping  me censored telling people lies about me while prospering by me.  I now again am in the process of reestablishing the Institute and  invite you to become a part of forming it again. If you are interested  in being on the board or being involved in the training programs or  become a member of the Institute in an advisory capacity or as a  friend of the Institute or any other capacity, please send me an e-mail  and let me know. It would make me very happy to hear from you and  to begin working together giving a new birth to peace. The purpose  will be the same written in the Bylaws. Off course those who have censored me for the purpose of monopolizing my words and sacred  scientific spiritual knowledge have isolated me and dried me up of  all my financial resources to the point that I do not even have the  funds to renew my license and thus cannot function as a licensed  marriage and family counselor which I have practiced as for the  past twenty years, but as a friend, a spiritual counselor and guide.  

I see all this as a part of the inevitable for the scientific rebirth and  return without the actual death of the flesh to the point of no return and is the witness to testability, validity and scientific credibility of my work.  And I have moved far beyond the capacity I function under my license.   The irony of it all is that years ago my proposals to annual conferences  were ground breaking training programs that the top in the field are now  trying to learn and teach from findings and knowledge shared in my books.   I have lived my life as a pioneer; in my professional field or in otherwise. Although I have always been been admired and respected among my own  colleagues I have not been saved from the patriarchal nature of my field  and the worship program for the psychiatrists which is the vulnerability of  my field and the obvious and offensive walls and ceilings set for a pioneer  of my nature meaning a beautiful woman who is a minority and a genius at  her work beyond belief of the prejudicially blind especially by those in her  own culture who have prospered from her life work far more than others. Prejudice, ignorance and spiritual blindness, like god, know no color or race. My nine books were not a beginning but the act of sharing my life of bliss. Rose Assier Parvin 7/1/2001   

BYLAWS OF THE PARVIN INSTITUTE FOR PEACE CREATION 103 Purpose As a part of the Bylaws of the Parvin Institute  for Peace Creation is to create self, familial, societal and global  pattern change, power balance and peace through leaderships,  through service and any and all available media, in matters  dealing with psychology; self; family; relationship; societal  professional and global peace; unity; cultural diversity; pattern  change ; power balance programming ; spirituality  as universal  compassion and not religion, and other related topics.   

Dialogue of Nations, leaders as well as Self Dialogue and Dialogue with God is the only way of creating peace and reform if it is based on Power Balance and with motivation of evolutionary revolution toward excellence. I created these philosophies by following my own spirit and my  Dialogue with God living in my spirit every moment and every  day and teaching it to people whom I saw daily for twenty one  years then wrote nine books to share them with all world leaders and people and became the world mother and guide in order to  implement it for I knew we had to begin from the roots and the patterns in order to create lasting change for no one had healthy upbringing and no one knew or had nurtured the child within let alone the god within. For to know the god within we must first  know the child within. And that is not only for people and  individuals but also for systems including the body the spirit  lives in. Any role model must be healthy and beyond health must be godlike in order to change the dead, godless society.

We must get back to the roots of the self, the cell and the soul in order to create excellence and Self, Family, Societal  and Divine Unity.  And the first in line are the healers for the healer heal thyself has lost meaning by hiding behind the  hat and the title of expert even though a requirement. Title guarantees nothing, the person behind the title does. The word must be where the action is and not just in the light  where everyone hears and looks but also in the dark where only the person and god is the witness. The root of our world  is rotted because we live in a Lie Society where people live in colt-like groups and are promoted and given titles that mean nothing. They are not representatives of people's choice but the monopoly of power behind them for the price of their soul. Just as the labels given to people are not valid by these people who are already sold to the system or are just as lost as those they are trying to heal or lead. Without a self and soul you are dead bodies walking going no where or are following evil.  So I created Self Making, Spirit Making and Leader Making.  

Dialogue of Nations, Leaders, People: the soul behind the title. The following letter is one among hundreds of letters I wrote  inviting the world leaders of every profession and life dimension  to my radio- television interviews and programs for the purpose  of Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program and Scientific  Universal Spiritual Cloning and Revolution of Compassion.  For years I have pioneered far advanced from all my colleagues in creating excellence in all life dimensions by creating the god that lives within us all in Spirit Making, Leaders Making, Self  and Societal Making by creating Root Patterns and role models. 

January 6, 1996

Dear Dr. Jay Haly,  

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. I mentioned  to you that after I wrote my book, I came across your book  Uncommon Therapy where you described Eriksen. In that book you  said he extended individual hypnosis to the family. I remember I  said that I have transformed Family Psychotherapy to Societal  Psychotherapy. You said “that is the next step.”  

I am writing to you to invite you to join me in a video production  of a person-to-person interview of one another for the purpose of  providing guidelines for young therapists in the areas of ethical  competence, Global Power Balance (a process of creating peace  and harmony within self, in families, in society and among nations)  and non-selective compassion (development of tolerance and  acceptance of different-ness in all races and cultures).  In addition to  you, I have invited Drs. Rossi, Bugental, Miriam Polster, and Menuchin. I  have also asked Dr. Victor Yalom to be the production director, as I find  him sensitive and highly skilled.  

The criteria for my choices were not only competence and leadership  but also a collective humanitarian spirit that has evolved from a life  dedicated to Self Discovery and Self-Search. As a role model, you  are not only a Change Maker but also a Peace Creator and safe guide  to the starving and tired minds and spirits of the people; in our case,  the therapists. Therapists need to be directed not only with the intent  and purpose to teach, but also to nurture, to heal, and to excel.  

A spiritually compassionate, scientifically skilled and philosophically  in-depth guide can reach a person in a single moment, where  conventional therapy might take years. We must heal the teachers in  order to transform the students.   We must transform the leaders, in order to heal the people. It is all a  matter of Universal Power Balance created by Pattern Change toward  Universal Selves, free from selective judgment or selective compassion.  

This program further extends to the public as a “Self Power” freeing the people from their dependency and powerlessness through Self  Knowledge and guidance toward a path of creating Self Compassion  and a compassionate society that nurtures peace and unity.  You have made a difference and continue to do so in your profession. 

I  believe that with your partnership, I can facilitate a focus and participation  toward Global Peace and Excellence.  Our power together will create “People Power” and “Self Institutions”.         

Enclosed, please find information about me. The book entitled Pattern  Change Programming is a gift from me. Please do not focus on  editorial detail so you can see the truth you have longed for, and  spoken of, from my message. I have also enclosed two other books and  would be honored if you find time to review one of your choice for me. Please  let me know if you are interested in the “Therapist Power Program” or would like to have more information. I can be reached at ( 714) 723-5248              

Respectfully, Rose Parvin     

Roots of Being

a third eye is watching you.... from above the garden  

The roots of any individual are

not on a piece of land that carries 

the burden of the body,  the body that exists 

only to embrace the soul,  the soul that cannot be found 

in any house  that confines any limits 

its universal wisdom and nurturance  for all beings as a whole. 

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core 

and beyond the flesh  of color, gender, race or belief, 

where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, 

and equally created.  From those roots only, 

as individuals and as nations, 

we can harvest the seeds of 

peace, progression, joy and mastery,  joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners 

not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation 

that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest 

the tender blooms of the sacred seeds  of unity and togetherness, 

that will bare the evergreen  abundance of excellence 

in the designs and the patterns 

of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess 

this gardener will stay up to guard  the gate of heaven 

and to call on all the others  together with their bare hands, 

they will fetch the water  and with their heart and soul will dance, 

the mind-body prayer, and will pray 

ounce by ounce of that clear water,  over all the thirsty flowers 

who have crumbled from the chill  sleep well my prince, 

sleep well my princess  a third eye is watching you  from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage

the day America cried  Author: Rose Assier Parvin

Web page address: www.roseparvin.com 

E-mail Address: rose@parvinprophecy.com 



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