The Bird Is The Flight

Parandeh Khode Parvaz Ast

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Rose Parvin's Unpublished Books

BOOK # 2  Answer to Humanity

Reclaiming Individual Power and Dignity


     “Far too many times, I have bared witness to the existential pain and anger of an alienated Self, terrorized by the institutional corruption, rigidity and lack of tolerance for differentness.  In a societal crisis and chaos of children killing children, the true underlying cause of the problems of being human is the Power Imbalance caused by the lack of regard for the Self.  By Pattern Change Programing as a brief therapy and scientific tool to Power Balance Theory, we can create Psycho-Universal Spirituality and Universal Self: a Self free from the addictive, habitual Toxic Life Patterns, destructive fast cures and rigid rules and limitations; a Self governed by an inner code of ethics and universal laws which transcend a solid seal of non-selective compassion among the people and create an Excellence Programed Society.” Compassion is a flower of peace and harmony which tends to grow only from the tree of Self Knowledge.  Under the tree of Self Knowledge we can find the fruit of Self Power.  Where there is Self Power, hate, judgment and pejudice are the intruding weeds taken out by the gardner; the one who waters the flowers; the one who watches for the children, as a third eye, from above the garden.”

BOOK # 3  Power Balance Therapy

Pattern Change Programing


     “The balancing of powers in any given environment creates harmony as a Natural Life Pattern.  Whether it is within the Self Patterns or between the Self and its surrounding environment: a family or between the people and their leadership in a society.  Power Balance Therapy is a linear and universal path barring societal success and spiritual excellence by the process of unfolding the multi-dimensions and Patterns of Self to the ultimate core of its substance.  The Universal Laws of Power Balance flow within and among all of its parts, connecting them with one another.  The Self as part of the universal whole is governed by the same laws.  By Self Search and Self Analysis from our Self computer (the mind) where Self Knowledge is power, we utilize the tools of Pattern Change Programing to delete Imbalance, Block and Toxic Patterns and save Power Balance and Excellence Patterns.  By Programing Choice Patterns we become Destiny Makers and Change Makers of the Family and Societal Patterns, leaping beyond health to Psychology of Excellnce.  Where there is balance of powers, there is harmony.  Where the air is filled with the essence of harmony, there is no room left for the toxins of crisis.”   

BOOK # 4  Programing Excellence

Self Power Balance

     “Programing Excellence is an Excellence and solution Focused brief therapy:  an advanced        dimension of Pattern Change Programing.  Excellence is a process where an individual, a          relationship, a family or a society is in a constant Evo-revolutionary search to evolve to the       ultimate degree of being.  It is a revolutionary path that prevents stagnation in humanity and and promises eternal happiness, peace unity and abundance of prosperity.  Excellence Programed individuals with philosophical depth of Universal Self and scientific Self Knowledge use tools of Pattern Change to create, delete or save their Life Patterns through Pattern Analysis, Pattern Inventory, Deductive Reasoning and Final Analysis. Change is Inevitable.  It is the Choice of our direction which enables us to predict and program our own future, determine our own destiny and have the power to change the Patterns of Humanity.  Excel in your Self and you excel in the world and the universal evergreen of life that flows, miraculously.  Some of the tools of Self Excellence are Self Expression and Mind-Body-Spirit Prayer, where the silent dances of the spirit and the movements of the body to the hymns of the Self, create Collective Universal Power Balance beyond healing.” “We tend to become far too preoccupied with the need to control and perfection in our lives.  Our society  teaches us how to crawl, how to run and how to escape.  But we are all capable of flying.  And that is what I guide you to do best, in this new revolutionary psychology, Psychology of Excellence.”    

BOOK # 6  Preventive Family Therapy

Family Patterns of Change


     Preventive Family Therapy sees all relationships as cross-cultural.  Within our own families we have cross-cultural differences.  No two people are alike; parents and adolescents, husband and wives, not even twin sisters.  To the degree that we can look at each other and instead of strange, black, Jewish, Iranian, Italian, Moslem or Christian we only see  “different” and to the degree that we can accept this differentness with compassion and grace, we have learned to accept our Self, our families and society.  This is a process of prevention of Imbalance Patterns and creation of Excellence Patterns on a universal scale.  Preventive Family Therapy is an introduction to Psychology of Excellence where Self Search and Family Analysis results in Family Patterns of Change toward Power Balance creating a linear path of health, success-excellence within families, societies and nations as one Universal Family.  The answer to the individual, familial, societal and global crisis is Self-Knowledge and the Solid Seal o Non-selective Compassion that nurtures the core of Self and preserves individual dignity.  Where there is Family Power Balance, Patterns of Imbalance are deleted and Patterns of Excellence are created:Patterns of Compassion, Self Discipline and an inner code of ethics that breeds Universal Dignity; may it be among the parents and children or presidents of different ountires, becoming responsible role models for others.  Family Ritual of Mind-Body Prayer is a tool of Pattern Change Programing that changes the Patterns of Family Power Struggles to Family Power Balance and excellence where parents and children dance to their inner hmns and fly together with love and compassion.     

BOOK # 7 Beyond Patterns   

The Psychology of Health and Excellence


     Psychology of Health and Excellence challenges the mental health profession to a change of       patterns: to focus away from disease, and dependency and move toward health and excellence. 

     When we look beyond patterns we learn to embrace the society as the patient in need of healing       and see the individual and family diagnosis and labels as the effect of the cause: an imbalanced   society that needs, encourages and creates addiction and dependency.  Although genetic differentness among the people is real, it is the society that breeds Hitlers or determines whom to call Mozart and whom to diagnose as an incurable schizophrenic.  Through in-depth philosophical theory if Oiwer Balance and demystified scientific tools of Pattern Change Programing, we can change Life Patterns from Imbalance to Excellence within the Self, in our family and society. By entering the world of those who experience pain, Power Block or Power Struggle we can create pattern transfer and transform powerlessness and Imbalance Patterns to Power Balance of Cognition-Emotion-Action.  By believing in people’s inherent Self Power we can change the Patterns of Illusion, Delusion or Hallucination to Excellence Patterns of Self-discipline, Self Control, creativity and Self Expression.  

BOOK # 8  Self Programer

The Psychology of Destiny Making


           We are the makers of our own destiny.  We can become our own Self Programer and guide our children and family.  We can change our Life Patterns fromthat of a Forgotten, Feared, Adopted Self who has lived life only as programed by others, to a Chosen Self free from the Societal Chain effect of Victimization.  We  can move beyond the previous limitations, own the Patterns of Inner Ethics-Freedom-Responsibility, rock the tower of authority with our scientific analysis and questions and create a Self Institution.  The Forgotten Self is the sinned Self according to religious myths:  the one that sees, feels, desires, hopes, wishes, and wants but cannot have. Having been told that we must be selfless to be spiritual, our ture Self suffers, becomes alienated, oppressed, obedient, rebellious or forgotten.  Through Self Search, Inventory and Analysis anyone can delete      

      their Crisis Patterns, shed the adopted self imposed upon us by our past programers and choose Patterns of Prevention and Excellence and a Universal Self , a Self free from the societal dependency and Patterns of Mind-Body-Distortion and Addiction.  Self Programer is a guide to Self Love. Self Healing, Self Excellence and Self Embrace.