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A Change Creator of reform &excellence-  Rose Parvin is and always was a pioneer at everything she focused on. She was withih the first group who established the Hospital-Therapist Networking and every center aside from being the founder and director of the Parvin Center and Insitute she has braught excelling changes . Her scientific pioneering spirit and ethical professionalism and standing on principals that can be law is remembered every where she has touched including Chapman University where she had her education and the West County Center, and every clinic like Huntintong Beach Clinic, Anaheim Clinic, or Laguna Beach Clinic she was invited to as the chair person in the board of directors or superviser and counselor she created change, reform and excellence patterns and programs.

Regardless of the controversal nature of Rose Parvin as a revolutionary pioneer, guide and change creator, the change she creates is always evolutionary and toward peace and with tools of excellence and not and the old patterns of prophets who justify bloodshed to create peace. Rose believes that the process is the end and the bird is the flight for the evolutionary godlikeness is forgiveness. And she sees the main rock to build the temple of self is truth. Every word she speaks is the truth and the world of god she has arrieved to from the years of search for the truth and scientific knowledge she has gained as self experience; her personal and professional experiences and and she has surrendered them all to the spirit within her that she follows, learns about and teaches to others in scientific spiritual analyis of the self and the soul. She has changed god to evolve to see beings as good in nature and not sinful in nature and forgive them as the only friends of god she can find on earth, regardless.

From bringing dignity to music in American schools that sports overshadowed everything else that has value, to bringing dignity back to her community by standing against drugs and opening of bars beyond the legal capacity of each community, to fighting for safety zone of the children and creating reform in residential areas for environmental needs of living in grace and peace to reform programs for the elections from presidency to local with the hlep of the media to fighting against the tobacco companies to voicing theories against violence and toxic programming on television, film and music industry which kills the root of nations, Rose is the pioneer thinker and she teaches and becomes the role model for the implementation of each and every process of change toward health and excellence. She lives in past, present and future at once bringing all that is good from each dimension.

The death of cultures and nations, the spirit of the world and the rights and dignity of the individual in all natins and cultures made her to work toward the rebirtth of nations and the world expecially Iran her birth country created the envirionment to which she applied her theories and science for families toward the world as the Global Cultural family she has come to know. Her seminars from creating power balance within self patterns evolved to creating balance of powers within the nations and their cultures as she watched families and that of her own to work toward understanding and accepting each other's cutlure. But the motive behind going on the cross for the world rebith was the pain and suffering she witnessed throughout her life and to this moment for the lack of compassion spread in the world.

I know that there are many of these articles which I will post as soon as I can find them and will go to every conference she announces as I always have. Here is one article and activity announcements as Rose Parvin teaches the becoming a Rose.

Rose Parvin Training Programs for CAMFT Licensing Exams had one hundred percent success rate on and after the exams.

Every day seminar and conference in the Parvin Conference Center and numerous radio-television appearances for teaching Parvin Programs for Sucess and Excellence on all life patterns, consistant teachings and training programs for colleagues who had found Rose Parvin trainin and supervision an extra ordinary path to sacred knowledge not found in any books before her, has created an evolutionary revolutionary woman whose path is the way to the naked truth; knowledge of from the self and the soul.

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Nutrition & Health Magazine

     Rose Parvin's articles on Prevention, health and excellence Psychology were and are a breaktrhough and a new psychology.

Many articles which Rose wanted to have published in a book or within the CAMFT newsletter were briefly summerized in this magazine with which she had been printing articles frequently aside from her own articles and tapes tailored for her clints to have answers to their questions since the early 1980ís.  

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Audeo- Video Tapes & CDs of Radio - Television Shows, Conferences & Revelatory, Healing Poetry- Pamphlets of some of the seminars held by Rose Parvin, regarding her Psychology of Excellence & Flying theories, philosophies of Power Balance and technology and science of Pattern Change Programmingand their implication.  Audeo & Video Tapes & CDs of all seminars, conferences and radio - television shows & appearances are available upon request.

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