PATTERN CHANGES:  Universal Laws of Success and Spiritual Excellence; by Rose
Assier Parvin; $15, 288 pages, 5 3/8Ē x 8 1/2Ē, Perfectbind, PUB. DATE: 1994,
Universal Publishing Company.

This miraculously demystified book presents an evo-revolutionary vision that empowers
the Forgotten Self, creates and Institution of Self, brings us closer to one another through
a larger purpose beyond the Self, guiding us toward the universal power of wisdom and
nurturance that embraces us all as equal children of humanity.

CATEGORY: Self-help/Human potential, Psychology
KEY WORDS:  Personal Growth, Counseling, Healing, Health,  Self, Guidance,
Humanity, Spirituality, Society.

TITLE:  PATTERN CHANGES:  Universal Laws of Success and Spiritual Excellence
AUTHOR:  Rose Assier Parvin
288 pages
5 3/8Ē x 8 1/2Ē
Perfectbind (Paperback)
ISBN: 1-885917-08-2
PUB. DATE:  1994
PUBLISHER:  Universal Publishing Company, PO Box 15424, Newport Beach, CA
TELEPHONE:  (714) 723-5748  (800) 723-5748     FAX:  (714) 723-5748


One:  My Self--Your Self.  The Knowledge of Being, Patterns of Self, The Chosen Self,
The Feared Self, The Victim Self, The Adopted Self, The Institution of Self, Root to
Success--Path to Spirituality, Thick Shells of Denial, The Universal Law of Power
Balance, Self-Programing Success and Spiritual Excellence.

Two:  The Forgotten Self.  Universal Self, Philosophical Self, Societal Self, Society and
the Individual, Psychological Self, Psycho-physiological Self.

Three:  My Computer, Myself.  Components of an Individual Computer, Functions of
and Individual Computer, The Scientific Program--Pattern Change Programing.

Four:  Our Culture, Our Self.  All Patterns are Cross-Cultural, Beyond the Inherited
Culture, Eastern Culture--Timeless Path, Westernization--An Advanced Maze, The War
of Cultures, Embracing Differentness, Universal Freedom and Liberty, Pseudo Savior
Syndrome, Societal Tough Love, The Arrogant Culture--Hitlerís Men.

Five:  Eleven Universal Laws of Success-Spiritual Excellence--Laws of
First Universal Law:  Law of Pattern Change, Blueprint for Change. 
Second Universal Law:  Law of Power Balance. 
Third Universal Law:  Law of Wisdom-Nurturance. 
Fourth Universal Law:  Law of Being and Doing. 
Fifth Universal Law:  Law of Assertion-Compassion. 
Sixth Universal Law:  Law of Part-Wholeness. 
Seventh Universal Law:  Law of Chaos and Order. 
Eighth Universal Law:  Law of Feminine-Masculine. 
Ninth Universal Law:  Law of Responsibility-Freedom, Taming Basic Instincts.
Tenth Universal Law:  Familiarity-Difference.
Eleventh Universal Law:  Law of Universal Code of Ethics.

Six:  Universal Patterns of Success.  The Making of Successful Children, Patterns of Goal
Orientation, Process Orientation Patterns, Goal-Process Power Balance, Patterns of
strength, Patterns of Vulnerability, Patterns of Activity--Focus Outward, Patterns of
Openness, Patterns of Boundary, Boundaryless Society, Mind-Body Imbalance.

Seven:  Universal Spiritual Excellence:  Universal Spirituality.  Patterns of Compassion,
Patterns of Morality, Patterns of Kindness, Patterns of Decency, Patterns of Excellence,
Nature of Excellence, Type Patterns of Excellence, Patterns, of Self-Discipline, Patterns
of Self-Control, Patterns of Silence, Patterns of Flexibility, Flexible People, Patterns of
Responsibility, Patterns of Freedom, Patterns of Ethics, Patterns of Honesty.

Eight:  Programing Universal Success.  Path to Success, Mind-Control for Success,
Make Your Own Mistakes, Patterns Children Teach.

Nine:  Programing Universal Excellence.  Mind-Body-Spirit Movement, Universal Mind-
Body Prayer, Pattern Change Therapy--Scientific Method for Excellence, Pattern
Analysis, Analysis of the Past, Deductive Reasoning of the Present, The Final Analysis,
The Excelled Individual, Patterns of Change, Purifying the Spirit, Paths to Power

Ten:  Tales of Universal Excellence.  The Power Balance, Tale of a Successful Man Who
had Nothing, Tale of a woman who feared her power, Instant Forest amidst maddening
crowd, Tale of a woman who slept with the devil.

-Balance Patterns:  Patterns of being that honor and value the multidimensional nature of
the universe.  Examples of Balance Patterns are Patterns of Process and Goal Orientation,
Patterns of Cognition-Emotion, Patterns of Strength and Vulnerability. 
-Block Patterns:  Equivalent to denial.  Patterns that interfere with the flow of power
between two Balance Patterns, between individual and society, or between leaderships,
globally.  These include Power Blocks, Power Abuse, Power Jam, and Power Neglect.
-Chain Effect:  A series of patterns that is caused by the power struggle in the patterns of
the mind and body.  The mind is chained to the past and to outdated rules, while the body
pulls away to be free.
-Chain Theory:  When an individual is chained to the past with outdated myths and
inhibiting patterns of thinking, the body pulls away to set free.  This creates the
boundaryless society:  a Chain Effect Pattern of the mind-body.
-Change Agents:  Either the individuals or the environment they create within and around
themselves that provides the necessary tools for Pattern Change to occur.
-Evo-revolution:  The evolutionary process of power balance and wholeness in being with
the revolutionary tools of a scientific mind Pattern Change Programing and Power Balance
Therapy, science (the advancement of the mind) and wisdom (the oldness of the spirit)
work together in creating harmony within and without.
-Excellence:  A way of being in the world that connects with the multidimensions of our
humanity and the harmony and clarity of our Self that comes from living in Patterns of
Power Balance and beyond.
-Existential Patterns:  Patterns of existence inherent within all individuals.  A common
core of knowledge embedded within our Self from birth which includes Existential Power,
health, clarity, and the existential reality.  Also included are:  Existential anger, Existential
-Imbalance Patterns:  Patterns of being that are not in harmony with the core of the
individual.  These are Patterns that can paralyze a person from functioning fully or living
fulfilling lives.  Examples include Procrastination, Jealousy, Envy, Perfection, and Need to
-Inhumane Patterns:  Patterns that harm others and society.
-Mirror Effect:  Projection (or mirroring) or thoughts onto others.
-Multidimensionality:  The essence of Power Balance Theory.  The knowledge,
appreciation, and celebration of humanity as a multifaceted being made up of the
interconnectedness of science, philosophy, psychology, enviro-psychology, psycho-
physiology, Universal Spirituality (humanity).
-Patterns:  A series of processes and movements existing within an individual that create
the presentation of the behavior we observe.
-Pattern Change Programing:  The method of creating Power Balance and Excellence
based on the principles of Power Balance Theory.  Through brief, targeted analysis of the
past, Imbalance and Block Patterns are deleted and replaced with tools to develop
Success, Prevention, and Excellence Patterns.
-Pattern Search:  Objective and selective analysis of our past and present in order to arrive
at a clear understanding of the Patterns we posses.  By understanding the roots behind
them and the Programers involved in creating them, we can make a clear choice of their
purpose in our lives, and whether to save or delete them.
-Power Balance Initiation:  The process of deleting adopted, old programs, creating Self
Programs, thereby gaining independence of thought and action. 
-Power Balance Theory:  A philosophical and multidimensional approach to achieving
Excellence as individuals, in societies, and humanity as a whole.  The techniques and
method for creation of Power Balance and Excellence is the science of Pattern Change
-Power Balance Program:  A natural inherent state of being where an individual is in
harmony with all inner patterns of Self and the environment.  A balance between the innate
dimensions that coexist within each individual creating harmony and power balance within
self and with others, inner peace, creativity, and excellence.
-Power Chaos Theory:  The theory that order stems from chaos, thus order must welcome
chaos as its catalyst and precursor.
-Prevention Program:  Patterns that can be programmed that will prevent crisis stemming
from Power Blocks and Power Imbalances from developing.  These can be programmed
both in childhood and adulthood.
-Programs:  Paths modeled and taught by significant influences in our lives.  Examples
include:  Power Imbalance Program, External Focus Program, and Power Balance
-Programers:  Individuals, institutions, organizations, or any entity that has significant
influence in shaping individualsí life patterns, i.e., patterns, teachers, role models, societal
-Programing:  The process of inputting thoughts, emotions, ideas, values, and beliefs
consciously or unconsciously into an individual which creates life patterns.  These can be
either Imbalance and Block Patterns or Power Balance and Excellence Patterns.
-Psycho-Universal Spirituality:  A non-selective compassion for all that exist in the
universe, spiritual principles and patterns of guidance chosen by deductive reasoning and
scientific analysis of  right or wrong, and recognition of the collective universal wisdom
and nurturance available to us all.
-Roozeh:  A physical fast, helping individuals overcome addictions.
-Societal Power Balance:  A state of civil evolution where equal regard is given to all
persons and equal knowledge and opportunity are available to all.
-Sokoot:  A mental fast where an individual engages in periods of silence, healing
emotional and mental addictions.
-Toxic Patterns:  Create toxicity within the individual and society.  Examples include
Patterns of Hatred, Prejudice, and Rigidity.
-Universal Law:  The Universal Paternal and Maternal Power Balance of Wisdom and
Nurturance within and around us.
-Universal Mind-Body-Spirit Prayer:  Hymns to our inner soul, inner Self, inner music in
silence while creating movements that stem from our inherent balance connected to the
Universal Parental Power
     around us.
-Universal Parental Power:  Union between the Universal Paternal Power of Wisdom and
Universal Maternal Power of Nurturance.
-Universal Pendulum Theory:  The idea that the entire universe is in a constant natural
process of swinging from life to death, dark to light, and hot to cold.  This swing unfolds
universal laws governing all living things and provides us with the universal knowledge of
the truth necessary to heal ourselves.
-Universal Self:  An individual free of self-limiting discrimination and toxic programing,
and at one with the inherent goodness, nurturance, and wisdom of the universe.
-Universal Spirituality (Patterns of Humanity):  non-selective compassion and connection
one feels for the universe, including the environment, people, and the spirits flowing
among us.

Eleven Universal Laws of Success-Spiritual Excellence

Laws of Multidimensionality
Knowledge of Self develops Individual Inner Power Balance which is governed based
upon the Universal Laws. We are multidimensional beings, as is the universe, although
we are unaware of many of our dimensions. All Universal Laws are driven from the
universal multidimensional nature and patterns that in practice I call Power Balance
Therapy. Our societal training has taught us to only adhere to one dimension of our Self
while denying the others. Rigid old order that limits the vast power of being human has
caused us much pain and confusion. I unfolded in chapter two, the Forgotten Self,
dimensions existing within the individual that we must nurture and embrace or they will
stay forgotten and remain on the back shelves of our unconscious. When we become
vulnerable, these inhibited and punished facets gain power over us, and we lose control of
our actions.                         
     Universal laws are driven from my source of inspiration and wisdom: the universe, an
ultimate teacher. In my observations, its vast powers embrace the swings of Individual
and universal patterns of existence. There are many Universal Laws governing this
natural playpen. I will point out eleven which powerfully affect individual and societal
patterns of excellence.

First Universal Law:  Law of Pattern Change

The core of Sky and earth are equally significant. Pattern Changes function as a universal
law, clearing the air of Toxic Power Blocks of all kinds that impact the environment, by
not only respecting the earth, but also fighting the Imbalanced and lopsided Patterns of
relating all together. The equality and significance of the sky and the earth symbolize
equality among all individuals, at all levels and classes that our cultures offer. It is true
that one who works hard should reap the fruit of his or her labor, yet that does not put
one on any higher level than one who does not choose  success as the meaning for
progression in life. A sincere and true choice cannot arise when we have but one choice
and option.   

What are Patterns?
Patterns are processes of multidimensions existing within an individual that create the
presentation of the behavior we observe.  Patterns are whole within the individual and yet
a part of the universal patterns of existence.  The cognitive and emotional processes
affect actual behavior and characteristic of an individual.  For example, a person whom
we call passive may not be passive in nature at all. She or he may be demonstrating
behavior that stems from Patterns of guilt, shame, or other thought processes
Programmed within the individual. 

Patterns of Harmony exist next to each other or alone within an individual creating joy
and peace. For example, when a person is watching a sunset or sunrise, the pleasure and
joy of the moment is an indication that the person is in harmony at that time. If someone
feels as though life is just like watching sunrises and sunsets every moment in life, even
amidst crisis and the rush of everyday life, that person lives completely within the
Patterns of Harmony. Harmony is a state in which many Power Balance Patterns exist
side by side with the intent and purpose of peace and progression of Self and, ultimately,
the environment.

A collection of Patterns existing in harmony.
Patterns of Harmony at times can be entirely different from each other, or similar in
nature, yet representing the multidimensionality of the individual who exists in harmony.
Power Balance Patterns that are of multidimensional nature existing within individuals in
harmony, are indications of flexibility, versatility and clarity that only exists from the
wisdom the stems from Self Knowledge.

Disconnected harmony.
In absence of harmony in Patterns, or in the presence of Patterns of Imbalance and Block,
the continuity and consistency of existing harmony is interrupted, and harmony becomes

Existential Patterns.
I would like to add to our awareness of what I call existential Patterns, the Patterns of
Existential Health, Existential Power, Existential Clarity, and Existential Reality: the
Universal Patterns and Laws of being. In all of these patterns  there exists an inherent
power, health, and clarity as the core, commonly embedded within all individuals. It is
only because of a lack of focus and knowledge towards such inherent power, and
misguided societal Programing that takes the individual outside of Self for sources of
power, support and nourishment, that individuals have drifted from their inherent Patterns
of Being.

Existential clarity: Universal Paternal Power Change Therapy and Programing is based
on: a) the assumption that the healing process of individuals, families, and societies is
directly related to their willingness and motivation to change their status quo, and b) the
competence and the Power Balance of their guide. If the knowledge they receive is
substantial, liberating, unbiased, and clear of specialistís own blocks and Imbalances, and
if the guide has transcended the part given to him or her to whole Self: an Existential,
Universal Self, healing is gained, in part, by an almost automatic transference of what I
call Existential and Universal Clarity, or Universal Paternal Power existing between the
student, and the guide; an Evolved Change in definition of existentialism; a Universal
Law of Power Balance.

Existential Anxiety, Existential Power. Existentialism has focused mostly on
vulnerabilities of the individual instead of the strengths, at least as I have understood it. I
would like to change that Pattern and introduce new Patterns of Existentialism. Just as
we have innate Existential Anxiety, we have Existential Power and capacity. The absence
of focus on something simply takes the power away, temporarily. And the focus on the
other, makes us all feel that anxiety is a natural state of being. Whereas the knowledge
and recognition of our existing and inherent Existential Power acts as the support system
we all need and seek outside of ourselves. It reduces Existential Anxiety, and produces
Patterns, too, have minds of their own. Our Patterns, too, have minds of their own, and it
is only when we accept, nurture, and understand them, that we can have control over
them and change them if we so choose. To deny our Patterns means to be at their mercy
for as long as we live, driven by the motivation that brought them into our lives, for the
rest of our lives, even if the Programer of that motivation is long gone.
All Patterns have had true intent at one time. We cannot look at our Patterns as our
enemies, even if they are destructive to us. Every Pattern is initially Programmed into our
general life patterns for a positive intent and purpose. It might have also been
Programmed just because it was there, and was not necessarily for destructive purposes.
All Patterns change. All Patterns change; the choice to change is the awareness of the
direction and the guidance we take towards change. We are changing all the time. To
know what one picked up on the path of life, what one rebelled against, and what one
obeyed, is to know what we are made of and what we will become with a choice of the
direction our changes take place. Where we are today can change position from
regression towards progression, from lack of control to healthy control, from limitation
to openness, expansion, and a dropping of the walls, from hate to love, from separation
to compassion, from alienation to connection, and from the abuse of power of the
institutions to the power of the people: the creators of those institutions, for their peace
of mind and not their own destruction; if we choose to trust our Self. 

Blueprint for Change
Patterns: Adopted or Chosen? We all know that great wisdom comes in simple
definitions and solutions, not in confusing, vague and complicated labels and stereotypes.
Pattern Change Therapy  explains peopleís differences in the Programs and Life Patterns
they have Chosen or Adopted. As a result, it simplifies the ability to change. It also
provides tools for individuals to find the roots to Adopted Patterns handed down to them
by other Programers, challenging the notion of widely accepted theories of genetic
predisposition as the basis for mental illness or inferiority. Even further, by scientifically
walking the individual through creating and forming patterns that have been stamped
exclusive to a certain generation, race, belief, or even gender, it challenges the stability,
credibility, and validity of many established beliefs that have been formed by others just
like the individual, within and without his or her life domain.

This simplification of individual patterns releases the burden from the shoulders of the
people. Individuals will find freedom from the labels of other programers who find
power, pleasure and challenge in developing invalid grounds for creating competitive
prejudicial separation between people by dividing them into boxes with names on them,
glorifying some and humiliating others. It isnít any wonder that we are always fighting
with each other to salvage our dignity.   

No genetic superiority or inferiority. Life is but a collection of Patterns. The problems
human beings experience are only the result of Patterns adopted; they are not caused by
something they inherited or because they were doomed by the devil or blessed by the
angels. There is no superiority or inferiority: only a collection of Patterns one acquires
that if one sees fit, can be chosen or deleted. Just as easily, if we are not comfortable with
the weight we put on, once we recognize the subconscious reason for keeping it on, we
can easily lose weight: not for feeling less than a person, but because we seek our own
best of health.  

Genetics are real. But we can change our Programs so that they enable us to benefit from
our gene selections, and thus control the nature of their functions. Genes, too sensitive to
be read by neurotransmitters, exist. They will not go anywhere, so worrying about them
will only deny what can be done to tame them. Everything, no matter how wild, can be
tamed and changed by patterns of flexibility and tolerance of delay of gratification. Not
what we have acquired in the womb, but what we do with it, even long before it is out in
the world we invite it to, will enable us to take full responsibility. The power of the mind
and the inherent capacity and desire to change our lives from powerlessness to Self-
Control, are truly worth focusing on.  

What is Change? Change is an inevitable Universal Law; its direction is a choice one can
make. Change itself is not a choice; it occurs consistently and unconsciously. Every living
thing is in constant change before our eyes, every moment of our lives. The ability to
change is inherent and, in fact, more often without our conscious awareness. The
direction of change is controllable only if we bring its process into our consciousness.
Example. When we walk into a room, if we donít decide where we want to sit, who we
want to talk to, what our purpose is in the room with these people, and what we want to
accomplish, then we will walk out of the room having sat where someone else suggested,
talked about what others brought up, ate what was offered and left with what others
dictated to us as an assignment or order.

Change with intent and purpose. The core of the individual or any living entity will never
change. What the individual is carrying that does not belong and blocks joy, progress and
prosperity, is changeable. People are terrified of change. They think that if they change,
they will have nothing left, or that they might turn into some kind of monster they will
have to live with all of their lives. But the fact is that people are right. They canít change.
The core will never change. The core of every person is a shared, inherent goodness.
What changes are the Patterns of Imbalance and Block that have been put upon them.  

The blink of an eye is a change so automatic that we donít even think about it. But if we
learn to focus on the changes going on within us, we can learn a great deal from the
meaning of the blink of an eye. The power is not in the changing; it is in understanding
the meaning and direction of that change.

What does change do? Just as we watch someone who is dying of deprivation come to
life as we give him or her oxygen, water and food, I watch people change from the death
of a meaningless existence to the life of a purposeful journey, every day. And they make
that happen only by change.
What does change look like? How does it feel? And how does it sound? I suppose we
must first see and understand stagnation, to see change. During the process of Pattern
Change, I see people for different purposes and in different times of their lives. In people
who come to me during crisis experiencing hopelessness and powerlessness, I observe the
pattern of literal death and dying in their faces and bodies. I see colorless faces without a
glimmer of hope, love, joy or compassion, bent backs from heavy and uncontrolled life
burdens, Imbalanced postures from a lack of awareness and Knowledge of Self, and
suspicion and fear of others from the absence of trust in Self. Change, changes all that.  
     I see feelings, hidden, tucked away to where they are long forgotten; voices shaky and
without firm convictions from being lost in a path they did not map out; without a guide;
without their Self; and without a companion or friend; just looking for another excuse or
legitimate permission to give it all up and go back to their custom-carved graves of
stagnation they call life; doing nothing, being afraid of death. I tell them they seem to be
already dead and it is up to them to be in heaven or hell. And then as I merely put my
hand behind their back, lean towards them and say a kind word that stems from genuine
care; when I guide them to see that change is near, I see their faces glow and their voices
strengthen. They sit up straight, and I see change.        

Patterns of Change needs no lapse of time. Change needs a focus of the mind to feel and
to think as if there had been a lapse in time. Any time new answers, new methods, new
approaches and new visions are presented, they must also go through their own process
of Power Balance and Excellence like the individual experiencing it. But the process does
not mean a lapse of time; it means focusing the mind, and using its flexible capacity to go
from one point to another, in moments, as if there had been lapses in time. Pattern
Change Therapy shortcuts the lengthy times spent with the lack of understanding the
purpose, as well as the lack of knowledge of the tools and the process. The scientific step
by step well defined process, enables not only the client to know where they are going
and why, but it also creates demystification in the therapist or the guide who now can be
clear simply because she or he has the answers and the tools to lead on the why, what,
and how, of todayís path of guidance.          
Witnessing Pattern Change in moments. In moments, I witness them becoming open to
hear and understand, their eyes clear up of fear and suspicion; their movements become
lighter, they begin to breathe; they even begin to care. They loosen up and laugh a little.
They begin to talk about their plans instead of their hopelessness. They gain a sense of
purpose. Their voice becomes stronger and the ambivalence hiding underneath
disappears. When I meet people, I can immediately tell whether they have a sense of
appreciation and respect for change as an inevitable constant process of life, or if they
fear, deny and constantly fight it. One way or another, its appreciation or denial leaves its
footprints all over a person.       

Change is only created by change. As I begin to change position in my comfortable seat,
leaning forward toward my client, changing within mySelf from feelings of empathy for
the person to wanting to do something about their pain, feeling no sympathy for keeping
them in their thick shell of denial and prolonging their dependency, my intent becomes
focused on the purpose of replacing their Pattern of Stagnation with that of Movement.
And at that moment, change is created.

Change as a transferable phenomenon. I changed. I no longer accepted the status quo of
another person in pain, knowing that pain was neither necessary nor natural. By my
change, by leaning forward to lend my trust of the inherent capacity within my client, an
immediate change in my client was created. After that, the knowledge of Patterns of Life
and the Programs, techniques and skills to gain control and take charge of my life and
destiny, brought about a constant chain of changes that are now part of the joy and
mastery of my life.
Myth: Block between dreams and reality. Everything is simple when we begin the
process. Only the illusion that change is difficult paralyses us from acting. We must
realize that we are capable and powerful: not powerless, as some Programers have taught
us to believe. There is no dream that cannot be materialized.

Questioning old and outdated Programing. The only thing standing between the dream
and the reality is our doubt about the inherent power of our minds, our unquestioned
beliefs, and our choice to remain ignorant of the Knowledge of Self.  Knowledge of Self
is the key to obtaining everything there has ever been, and anything there is yet to be.      
Becoming the makers of ourSelf. We must choose what goes inside our bodies and our
minds. We live in a free country where everything is easy to reach.  Abundance of
information and opportunity is severely taken for granted in this country by its natives,
and is far more appreciated by others who know that acquiring such vast knowledge is a
difficult task elsewhere in the world. Accumulating knowledge is inhibited and
discouraged by those who fear self sufficiency and independence in thought and action by
people. No leader whose life savings depends on leading the blind will ever buy or
encourage the purchase of a cane for that person. It is up to that person to recognize the
hindrance of such dependency and to ask another to assist him or her into buying a cane,
or to hold on to the walls, feel the light and walk out of adopted darkness of blind insight.
Becoming our own Life Programers. As a part of freedom without boundary, we are also
exposed to unwanted or harmful information. But it is up to us to care enough about
ourselves to feed our bodies and souls the nurturing nutrition they deserve. To the
stockholder, we are only a body to fill with a toxic and wasteful product. To ourselves,
we must mean a great deal more, or else we learn to become that which we are given.
We are what we consume. We become a collection of what we see, what we hear and
what we eat, and the less we care, the more we are at the mercy of others who care not
about us, but about how to use us for their own personal profit and agenda. The study
which found that plants that heard classical music survived and actually blossomed better
than the ones reared with pop music gives us part of the answer to the great mystery of
the lack of control we feel in the way we become. Only because we donít choose the
direction of becoming, and not because the process of growth is uncontrollable, do we
lose Self-Control. Knowing that knowledge is power, and that the mind is the keeper of
that power, we must begin to feed our minds the Programs we choose, consciously
directed towards the intent, purpose and mission of our lives: becoming Power Balanced
and Excelled Individuals.

Self-Program of Power Balance and Excellence. We must become the creators and
Programers of our own lives, in full knowledge and capacity of functioning with choices
deserving of our integrity. Life is but a chain of Pattern Changes that creates our destiny.
Self Knowledge = Freedom = Responsibility = Power Balance = Program of Individual
Power and Dignity. Power Balance and Excellence, a philosophical, psycho-physical-
socio- universally Spiritual Self-Program, guides us towards the vision to obtain and
maintain our inherent individual power and dignity. Pattern Change Programing is an
application that scientifically teaches us why we should, shows us how we can, and trains
us to maintain it. 

Beyond the Patterns. By moving beyond the labels of the mental health profession and
see the shades and the patterns of the individual as a part of the universe, we can utilize
Change in a liberating, unlimited change process governed by Universal laws,
scientifically, spiritually, philosophically and societally, allowing individuals the vision,
and the mind/body independence of thought and action to take charge of their own
destiny and not get lost in todayís societal calamity. And by moving beyond the patterns
we can connect with the core of the person connected with that of the universe: in mind,
body and spirit. 


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