PicturePATTERN CHANGE PROGRAMING:  Creating Your Own Destiny; Rose Assier Parvin
Parvin;  $40,
768 pages, 5 3/8" x 8 1/2" Hardcover, 1994, Universal Publishing Company.

Rose Parvin introduces Psychology of Excellence, philosophy and science of flying.  Her
Power Balance Therapy creates harmony within self, family, society and globe. We
become Destiny Makers, choosing and predicting our life patterns and programs, free
from predetermined biological inferiority/superiority. With Self Knowledge, vision, and
intent we gain success-spiritual excellence.

CATEGORY: Self-help/Human potential, Psychology
KEY WORDS:  Personal Growth, Counseling, Healing, Health,  Self, Guidance,
Humanity, Spirituality, Society.

"I like the way Rose Parvin seeks nothing less than a global shift in our deepest
perspectives on the human condition and our current needs.  I know her book will help
many people--individuals as well as governments."
     -Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Ph.D., Editor of "Psychological Perspectives" and author of
"The Psychology of Mind - Body Healing" and "The Collected Works of Milton H.
Erickson, M.D."

"A book of insight, sensitivity, and direction that  can help you on your journey through
life.  Read it and learn more about living, loving, and healing."
     -Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of "Peace, Love, and Healing"


Part I:  "A Preventive Measure:  Moving Away from Repetitive Patterns of Regression"
Intro-Summary:  Creating Your Own Destiny:  Individual and Societal Excellence, Pattern
Creation of  Success and Excellence, Society as the Patient--Self as the Victim, The
Universal Truth.
Roots to Pattern Change:  Root Search, Individual Power Balance, Rocking the Tower of
Authority, Societal Patterns of Power Imbalance, A Professional Robot in the Making,
How I Created Patterns, Analysis of My Work, Tale of temporary fall before the rise.

Part II:  A Progressive Vision:  Moving Toward Patterns of Excellence"
Pattern Change Programing--A Universal Path:  The Purpose, The Process, Tools and
Techniques, The Theories and the Nature, Why Pattern Change Programing, Answer to
Individual as Computer:  My Computer and MySelf, Components of Individual Computer,
Functions of Individual Computer, The Scientific Program:  Pattern Change Programing,
Blueprint for Change.  The Mother Theory--Power Balance:  Power Balance, The Roots
of Power Balance, Power Balance Theory--Assumptions and Principles, Philosophical
Dimension, Societal Dimension, Psychological Dimension, Tales of Power Balance, Tale
of a successful man who had nothing, Paths to Power Balance.
Multidimensionality:  Pattern Change Programing as a Science, Pattern Change
Programing as a Philosophy, The Psychology of Pattern Change Programing, Pattern
Change Programing as Universal Spirituality, Pattern Change Programing as Societal
Psychology, Programers, Programs, Patterns, Patterns of Character, Pattern Change
Programing as Psycho-Physiology.
Programs of Being:  Paths We Follow--Paths We Lead, Mother Programs, The Theory.

Part III:  Program Analysis--Creating Power Balance
Programers of our lives:  Programers, The Making of Patterns, Significant Influence
Patterns, Parent Programing, My Parent Programing, Societal Programing, Teacher
Programing, School Programing, Peer Programing, Media Programing, Programing
Inhumanity, Government Programing, Partisan Programing, People Programing, Religion
Programing, Self-Programing.
Patterns of Destiny:  Types of Patterns, Types of Power Balance Patterns, Types of
Preventive Patterns, Balance Patterns, Patterns of Goal Orientation, Process Orientation
Pattern, Goal Process Power Balance, Patterns of Strength, Patterns of Vulnerability,
Patterns of Silence, Patterns of Cognition, Patterns of Emotion, Emotional Imbalance
Patterns, Patterns of Anxiety, Patterns of Fear, Psycho-Universal Spirituality, Patterns of
Compassion, Patterns of Morality, Patterns of Kindness, Patterns of Decency, Power
Imbalance Patterns, Types of Power Imbalance Patterns, Patterns of Success, Patterns
of Destiny making, Patterns of Excellence.

Part IV:  Application--Vision-Materialization
Tools and Techniques:  Change of Patterns, Techniques of Pattern Change Programing,
Patterns of Crisis Intervention, Patterns of Prevention, Voice Mail for Excellence, Change
Agents, Clear Screen, Programing Prevention, Process of Preventive Discipline, Focus on
Self, Pattern Changes of Imbalance, Programing Imbalance-Delete, Pattern Change of
Emotional Imbalance, Pattern Changes of Anger, Programing Anger-Delete,  Changing
Power Imbalance, Pattern Changes of Perfectionism, Patterns of a Perfectionist, Pattern
Changes of Need To Control, Programing Change for Need to Control, Pattern Changes
of Envy, Pattern Changes of Jealousy, Jealous People, Programing Delete
for Jealousy, Pattern Changes of Regression, Regressed Patterns, Pattern Change
Programing of a Regressed.
Beyond Labels--Beyond Symptoms:  Psychology of Health and Excellence, Cognitive
Imbalance Patterns, Beyond the Label of Schizophrenia, Family, Culture and the
"Schizophrenic", Healing of Familial and Societal Wounds, Tales of Societal
Schizophrenia--People as Victims:  The Girl who Claimed She was Jesus, Schizophrenic
Program-Delete, Terrorized Identity, The Chain Theory, Labeled Manic Depression,
Pattern Changes of MD, Patterns of Emotional Imbalance, Labeled Depressive Neurosis,
Labeled Adjustment Disorders, Addictive Blocks, Sexual Imbalances and Blocks, Eating
Disorders of  Adolescence--distorted image, Eating Disorders--Beyond the Symptoms,
The Power Balanced Life, Patterns of People's Reality, Tale of Borrowed Patterns--A
Borrowed Dream, Pattern Changes, Patterns of Guidance, Golden Rules of This Tale, The
Healthy Living, Patterns of a Healthy Individual, How to Live a Healthy Life, Patterns of

Creating Your Own Destiny:  Individual-Societal Excellence

Mission and Intent
The purpose of this book, in which I have introduced my theories, applications, as well as
my lifetime work and experiences is to guide individuals to gain the Knowledge of Self: 
recognition and application of inherent wisdom and power to choose the direction,
patterns and program of our life, destiny, and the of humanity. We can create Excellence
Programs within our Self, in our relationships, families and society. Only through a clear
and multidimensional Self can we have true connections that transcend peace and

Hope and desire
My hope and desire is to demonstrate my theories, tools, and solutions to excellence in
mental health and to humanity.  We all must have hopes and desire toward achieving a
purpose clear to our Self.  I trust that my solutions will de-mystify labels and clinical
jargon and unfold the truth that has been lost underneath the one-dimensional perspective
of psychology.  I will introduce a revolution within a process of evolution:  a clear,
philosophically in-depth, yet scientifically brief path of becoming and being.  By
transferring both gifts of scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom to others, I believe we
can guide people to Self Power:  discovering their inherent wisdom through the letting go
of outdated myths and beyond, leaping away from universal crisis in humanity, moving
toward programing excellence patterns of compassion for all, in peace and harmony. 








AUTHOR:  Rose Assier Parvin
768 pages
5 3/8" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1-885917-01-5
PUB. DATE:  1994
PUBLISHER:  Universal Publishing Company, PO Box 15424, Newport Beach, CA
TELEPHONE:  (714) 723-5748    (800) 723-5748   FAX:  (949) 887-2127

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To Our Children
Creators of Tomorrow
This is my legacy that I leave to my children,
whose inherent inner wisdom
and clarity has created nurturance
and abundance of compassion
within me,
not only for them, but for my Self,
and for the entire race of humanity.
The meaning of life, has become clear
only by the Power Balance,
of our existence
of our togetherness,
and of our sameness,
and of our differentness.
I have experienced life,
on both sides
of the Universal Pendulum,
through their vision.
I see my children
within me, beside me,
and most often,
beyond me,
in my ever-changing
Patterns, that we
Programmed towards the
ever-growing mission
to clean the air
from toxins of all nature
so that all our children
can breathe, comfortably,
in an environment of
peace, compassion, progression,
and Universal Harmony.

The Path of Guidance:  Nature of Guidance, Patterns of Guidance, The Making of a
Programer, Self- Programing, Focus on Self, Patterns of a Guide, Self-Knowledge.
Programing Patterns of Excellence:  Patterns of Excellence, The Nature of Excellence,
Patterns of  Excellence--Types, Patterns of Self-Discipline, Patterns of Self-Control,
Patterns of Silence, Patterns of  Flexibility, Flexible People, Patterns of Responsibility,
Patterns of Freedom, Patterns of Ethics,  Patterns of Honesty, Creating Balance Program,
Change Therapy for Cognition, Creating Power Balance--Programing Excellence, Pattern
Change Programing:  Search for Excellence, Pattern Analysis, Analysis of the Past,
Deductive Reasoning of the Present, The Final Analysis, The Excelled Individual, Pattern
Change Programing for Purifying the Spirit.

Self-Knowledge is everything
It is to know thySelf, in and out, painfully and honestly, and to materialize the presentation
of your truth within, gracefully.  Knowledge of Self creates the power to be open to
whatever awaits us in the universe.  It creates the power to change the life patterns of
imbalance and block.  It creates the power to create patterns of responsibility, freedom,
and the recognition of our inherent power and capacity and desire--desire to not only excel
as individuals and families, but also to influence change within society, with the hope of
creating progressive patterns in the path of humanity.

Power Balance of Knowledge-Experience
Knowledge without experience and action, or vice versa, creates Pattern of Imbalance by
setting us up for failure of disparagement.  In all aspects of our lives, if we apply ourSelf in
our world with the Power Balance of our knowledge and experience, we have created
both Preventive Life Patterns that will guarantee the absence of failure, and Success
Patterns that will scientifically guarantee the outcome desired in any given endeavor of
Excellence, whether it be connecting with people we love, connecting with ourSelf,
accomplishing a specific task, pursuing a career, or making a difference in a larger picture.

Conviction-Kindness and Passion-Compassion
I would like to demonstrate that while creating Power Balance in our lives requires
recognizing Patterns of Strength and asserting rights with Conviction and Passion, and
while many are so unwilling to share the power that one must exaggerate at some point or
other in order to break the walls of denial and penetrate the core, that when it is all said
and done, answers can be reached through their Power Balance of Patterns of Kindness
and Compassion.  All Answer.  When it comes right down to it, the victim and the bully
are both the neglected children of society needing to be embraced with the Power Balance
of Wisdom and Nurturance existing freely and in harmony, side by side, in the maternal
womb of humanity.  The how of getting either victim or bully close to their own souls
simply requires different patterns of penetrating.

Sharing a new vision and new tools of implementation
I would like to share with you not only the philosophy and the experience of Power
Balance but also the scientific tool of selective and brief process of Pattern Change
Programing toward success and excellence, and a global unity.  Through the process of
searching for the roots, recognizing, defining, and changing Patterns of Powerlessness,
Alienation, Hopelessness, Hate and Crime, and through Self-Programing of Power within,
we can create Power Balance in our society and claim our own destiny.

Pattern Creation of Success and Excellence

Free of addictive sensationalistic attachments
In that my mission is a global one, it is without bias or prejudice against one land or
another, one race or another, one gender or another, or one belief system or another. 
Many take that as a sign of a lack of Compassion. On the contrary, it takes true
Compassion to create Universal Patterns that embrace all who are there to love, not just a
select few.  In my vision, the world is one global family. Through challenging our
sensationalized addictive attachments we can develop Patterns of Excellence and arrive at
Universal Spirituality and Laws of Power Balance of Spiritual Success.

You can have it all:  Success and Excellence
I would like to share with you the belief that we can truly have it all in this world.  There
should not be exaggerated sacrifices for happiness, in life or after.  In fact, the principles
are one and the same.  Once we step inside, within our Self, we become even ore capable
of stepping outside of our Self and connecting fully with others.   Once we can step
outside of ourselves and engage in a purpose, a mission, or an intent to serve society or
humanity in one way or another, then our own personal purpose and intent blossoms right
before our eyes, bringing us the fruits that we were once taught would be impossible to
bear.  For then we lacked the vision we now have learned:  to look further.

Having a Purpose Outside of Self
Having a purpose outside of our exclusive profit-loss sheets of existence not only brings
us closer to our true Selves (for we just step within in order to see a clear path to getting
out of ourselves), it brings us closer to our goals, with more consistent and powerful Life
Patterns of Joy and Mastery, leaving us no time for preoccupation with despair. 

A Psycho-Universal Spirituality
The existence of Self as a whole will enable us to create the power within in order to
transcend non-selective compassion and thus develop a sense of oneness, a universally
spiritual connection, of becoming a Part to a While, universal entity.  Psycho-universal
spirituality will not only strengthen the Power of Self and move us away from traditional
image of Self as powerless, sick, and worthless, guilty, shameful, and thus envious,
prejudiced and hateful, but it will also move us toward health, societal success, universal
compassion, inner peace, prosperity and thus Excellence within our Selves and in

A Divided Self
The dimensions of Self have always been introduced separate from one another.  One has
either been able to have an independent mind and a clarity, or has been given options for
spirituality which has meant a focus outside of Self, relying upon an external entity.  I
believe in the Power-Balance within all dimensions of existence.  The ultimate Power
Balance is Psycho-Universal Spirituality:  a Whole Self, connected with the Universal
Power embracing us all,  creating internal and universal peace and harmony.
Society as the Patient, Self as the Victim

Crisis Stems from Power Imbalance within any system
I believe, and will demonstrate in this book, that problems for people as well as nations
stem from Patterns of Imbalance both within and among individuals.  Imbalance is created
by some inhumane and neglectful societal programers and their lack of regard for the core
of the person, shared within the society by those who follow them.  Yet society is the real
patient mental health experts and psycho-societal programers should focus upon to heal,
to change, to question and to watch, for its patterns have truly become a danger to itself
and others.

People are not the problem, the systems are
I believe that individuals and families work hard and have all the intentions of doing right
for themselves, for those they love, and for society.  However, there are explanations for
this tragic universal crisis and the Imbalance and chaos within ourselves, our homes, every
neighborhood, and every community.  And the answer by far is not the fact that our
universal crisis stems from every child in America not studying two hours every evening,
or that their parents are not responsible for their well being.  This has merely been the fast
answer for cures by hose who undoubtedly would find the nearest entity to jump all over
and blame for their own negligence, as innocent parents of a disillusioned family.  But the
answer could be in part that if public schools had not been dried out of funding and people
had not been forced to send their children to private schools that teach unquestioned and
blind obedience to a specific dogma with disregard to this county's nature of diversity, we
would not have become an empty shell of such calamity.

Redefining problems, Reprograming solutions. 
In this book I introduce to you the psychology of excellence or the psychology of flying. I
will focus on the Individual and scientific teaching of programing power within the Self in
hope of bringing back not only People Power but also the individual dignity that seems to
be lost by the absence of Self.  I will demonstrate and define my philosophical theory and
scientific tools and techniques and a language that flourishes and embraces the individual
inherent power, goodness, responsibility, freedom, and spiritual inner ethics.  I will
provide solutions, simultaneously, for the people to rise from the constant state of crisis
and see a larger picture by teaching Patterns of Prevention, Success and Spiritual
Excellence within our Self, in connection with our families and society, and in humanity. 
In this book, and its continuation entitled "Answer to Humanity" I will define problems of
humanity and living in today's deteriorating society, with its selective compassion and
absence of safety and stability and will provide scientific excellence programs toward
creating a compassionate, global society. 

The process of Root Search, is a first and most significant step to substantial individual
growth and Self-Knowledge in my application of Pattern Change Programing. Through
Search of Root of one's Patterns, one can achieve Power Balance: a state of  harmony.
Although it is customary in the Western science and psychology for professionals and
scientists to remain objectively aloof, with detached patterns of presentation, I will begin
the process of Root Search with my Self. Although this does make me vulnerable and a
target for other's subjective interpretation about me, I find it valuable in the process of
balancing powers. By being a clear model of transparency and openness I hope to create
trust and by sharing my process of thinking, feeling, changing, and being, I hope to
demystify the path of becoming. I also see it as a right of others, in their process of
establishment of trust; a right  I reserve for myself as well, in case I become a target of
those who are societal experts on analyzing others and justifying themselves.  
Besides, as a part of the process of growth and embracing all of our Self, we become
comfortable with who we are; inside and out. We become unconcerned with leaving our
Self open to other's penetrating curiosity; within a boundary of civilized and agreed upon
regard and respect of human rights to privacy.         
Searching within my Self. When I began psychology in 1971, as an undergraduate, I
delved immediately within to find my true Self: the Self I knew was within me and yet so
far away from my reach. I realized that I was trying so hard to gain control on the outside,
only because I was feeling lost on the inside. That was something I wanted to change. I
recognized what was happening outside of me was impossible to control. Either I was too
small, or it was too large, or at the time, it was a combination of both. Many times,
difficult situations are a blessing, for they throw us in the arms of mother-pain, where she
embraces us, nurtures us, and gives us back to our Self: more real, stronger, yet more
vulnerable to life, and to love. There is nothing more powerful than pain to penetrate to
the core of  Self, just as there is nothing more powerful than love, to lead us to penetrate,
to the core of others.    
     I began to exercise my ability to stretch my strengths, and let go of the weaknesses and
fears that came from ignorance and lack of Self-Knowledge. The ignorance I felt was from
Habitual, Adopted Patterns I had hung on to that were handed down to me from previous
generations. It was also from the lack of conscious knowledge of what was happening to
me, within me and around me. I chose this profession to help pull my Self out of the deep
whirlpool of confusion I was facing, and to save my own soul and sanity.      

Self Power Balance
Fear of unknown: Block of growth. When I began to open up and learn about my Self, the
fear of the unknown paralyzed me, seducing me to deny my passion to learn. I was afraid
of all the unknown Patterns that were handed down to me and did not belong to my
psyche. I was even afraid of all the Patterns that I was about to discover as a part of me. I
feared the void of the loss of a mother I loved more than anything, and the separation from
a culture that was familiar to me. I had traveled across the globe to create my own destiny;
in a marriage I knew nothing about; with a man I did not know how to know; in a new
home; in a country foreign to me; with a whole new set of rules and roles that seemed as if
they would break every bone in my body. It was a giant adventure I wanted to conquer.
At the same time I knew very little about my Self: this untamed, untainted, free, wild horse
that had lived on a leash all of her life. I didn't know where I would go and what I would
find if I got closer to my Self in the search for my true Self and identity. Would I like
myself? I feared.

Mind-Body-Spirit Power Balance.
My mind searched to find the pieces to the big puzzle of life laid out in front of me. Often
sorrow from the loss of my mother, feeling alone in the world and the inevitable, intrusive
pain of growth would come together and create a heavy sadness within me that was
difficult to carry. Although I had filled my days with activities in the fast-paced, planned-
out process of external societal success, I began to fit in dancing daily; a Survival Pattern
that I had learned as a child. Dancing was a pattern to release tension and to prevent
feeling sad and lonely in a world that alienates us and turns us away from our Self in its
process of socializing us and molding and accepting us as one of its own. It is to slowly
walk inward, into the depth of our soul and hymn to the songs in which originated from
our own controversial existence, and move spontaneously, to those hymns of our body,
freely, in order to create harmony and expansion of inner power and a universal
connection. Mind-Body-Spirit Power Balance creates a coming together of the actions of
the mind with the movements of the body, freeing up the spirit of the child in the forgiving
arms of maternal peace and tranquillity.

Universal Mind-Body Prayer.
I began to share the Mind-Body-Spirit Power Balance with my children without giving it
structure or a name; a ritual I recently named the Universal Mind-Body Prayer. Although I
had encouraged my children to always search for their feelings and express them with
words, at times we got together after a long day of work and play, and without using
words, we danced together. It was special to connect without even talking to each other.
Both of my children: my daughter, who is now twenty one, and my son of seventeen, have
benefited from this; not only in their own process of Power Balance, but also in the
connection and Power Balance between us, in a parent-child Power Balance and harmony
of love, acceptance, regard, and compassion with absence of any condition but acceptance
of that which already exists within them and  between us. 

Power of cultural Programing on Self.
Becoming exposed to two cultures teaches us how one-dimensional and limited the
Programing of cultures, Eastern or Western, are on creating one's destiny. To the degree
that one allows any kind of Programing to supersede one's core, the universally true Self
whose unique path allows universal unity as well as individual freedom and dignity, one
has allowed the unchosen destiny. The significant influences of being born on a certain
piece of land and inheriting certain Cultural and Familial Life Patterns are adopted
unconsciously,  overriding the Individual Choice Patterns, thus limiting unlimited
potentials and possibilities of her or his path of destiny.           

Swing of the Pendulum.
For a girl who was told not to look straight into men's eyes for it was not graceful and
feminine, looking straight into men's eyes was major Pattern Change for which one needed
to be swung to the other side of the pendulum. When assertion is regarded as vulgar and
effeminate in one culture and the lack of it is considered meek in another, one begins to
recognize the need for breaking the mold; a mold that only sees people on the surface;
only their color, or their gender, or even the way they pray; a mold that only sees people
as clear as it can stretch its rigid limitations. It is clear that it is time to make a new mold.
One culture's virtue, another culture's sin. When I saw that what in Eastern culture is
interpreted as a feminine virtue is in Western cultures interpreted as a Schizophrenic
Pattern, I realized that being exposed to different cultures is not only a blessing but a
requirement. The pain that it takes to stretch one's Self further than Programmed before is
a necessary process for true Power Balance.
Making a new mold: creating a Universal Self. It isn't any wonder we are lopsided if
exposed only to one culture. Being exposed to only one culture does not give us the
opportunity nor the wisdom to stretch our wings and experience our unique and
multidimensional Self; reacting instead of responding, living by the rules of approval,
blindly, repeatedly, and not becoming who we can truly be. I believe that if we gave our
prejudice friends who are against the patterns of multi-cultures in our free country to
travel and see the rest of the world, openly, that they would change their minds of
"shipping back" whomever seems different in their eyes, and would stop rejecting
international trade or anything that can bring this democratic country closer to global
unity. Of course, that person must have a healthy self to begin with, like Senator Dole who
has changed significantly since he has traveled abroad and has recognized that indeed the
world is truly watching. Perhaps the rest of the republicans should go through his
Universal Law of Power Balance. To become whole, I have learned, one must abide by
the universal laws of Power Balance: to have the flexibility to swing the pendulum of our
thoughts, emotions and actions to all sides, accept all there is in order to reach balance and
harmony: within and without. This is a part of my Power Balance Theory that I have
explored in later chapters.  

Getting close to the person underneath.
The more I persevered and challenged every bone in my body and every thought in my
mind, the more I recognized and accepted the person within, the more inner changes I
could make, the more courageous I became, and the clearer I could see. Like miracles of
life right before my eyes, my fears began to disappear one by one, as a joyful clarity and a
firm stance took the place of their shallow disguise.

The core of a person is inherently pure.
As I began the path of learning about my Self and getting to know who I am, I discovered
that the person underneath was far better than I had ever imagined. This, I find, is the case
with anyone who dares to search for her or his true Self; a Self with the inherent power of
goodness and abundance of clarity; the Self that lives behind the presentation of a Societal
Self; which we create to identify with people, feel accepted, and have harmony within

Power Balance of Self-Control and Harmony.
The more I gained Self-Knowledge, the more I gained Self-Control and no longer needed
to control my environment that, was so helplessly in chaos and out of control. I changed
the pattern of challenging what was around me, which threatened my sense of security,
with the patterns of challenging my Self. Instead of covering up dimensions of my Self and
presenting a perfect picture to the world as I had in my past, I began to challenge every
demon, every victim and every bully existing within me. Slowly, I began to come to peace
with  the person I had hidden inside the nicely packaged unit called: "myself." I no longer
connected everything to my self-worth as subjectively as I had before: no longer at the
mercy of the insanity going on around me. I was not only able to experience the
responsibility for who I was, but also the Self-Control and abundance of power within me.    

My schooling and credentials.
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at California State University of
Long Beach and my masters in Marriage - Family Psychotherapy and Counseling at
Chapman University. Shortly after that, I obtained licensing credentials that enabled me to
open up private centers in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills.  These credentials required
three thousand hours of work with clients and were evaluated by a written and oral exam.
Although like all blocks and obstacles, this process became an examination of Self and
appreciation of one's strength procedurally, as any defective system, it takes away dignity,
before giving the license to others to preach self-worth, human rights and equality.

A period of rebirth and discovery. 
My time at Long Beach State University was a period of rebirth and discovery. I could not
learn enough about my Self. I was ignorant in my Knowledge of Self. I became like a
sponge for what life had to teach me. I learned a great deal, not only about mySelf, but
also about being and becoming a true person. My life philosophy and convictions were
strengthened, and their validity became more obvious and clear to me as I read about them
and could define them. People do change indeed, as they come to this country, as Speaker
of the House Gingrich suggests they do. The difference is that they don't really change by
learning the American civilization being taught today in churches and by some of our new
majority members who think that only the white male Christian American is civilized. They
don't learn to change from the thousands of bars operating in this country, nor from those
churches that teach discrimination among their own members, let alone the rest of
Nothing worthwhile comes easy. I have always been a very hard-working person; nothing
ever came to me on a silver platter. Nothing worthwhile ever does. I learned this as I
tested my own levels of commitment early on: that if I truly wanted my dreams, and not
someone else's, to materialize in my reality, then I had better put a one-thousand percent
effort into creating exactly what I wanted, not only in my mind, but also in my actions in
the society.

Societal Patterns affect individuals.
No matter how we plan  our reality, no matter how much effort we put into it, and no
matter how clearly we choose the people to connect with, there are times when fulfillment
of our life dreams depend heavily upon popular,  Societal Patterns. We must be prepared
for what awaits us on the other side of the aisle of life's negotiations and bargaining.

Societal Patterns: by-product of lobbying.
Societal Patterns that we blindly accept and obey are not always based on what's right for
us or for humanity. In Eastern countries, they are a product of strong religious myths,
cultural beliefs and Habitual Patterns of relating handed down for centuries. That is why
Eastern culture has stayed behind: in the past. Easterners come to Western countries in
order to progress academically and gain better economic opportunity. In the Western
world, even though the best is available to be earned in every dimension of society,
Societal Patterns are significantly influenced by, and are merely products of the silent,
powerful green monster that understands no true compassion nor objectivity. 

Advanced cognition, regressed emotion.
The powerful interest groups that do not act according to the best interest of the people
and are controlled by the oppressive institutional systems that are ruling every dimension
of our society while claiming that they exist for the welfare of the community. Thus,
Western culture, as advanced as it is technologically, has stayed behind. Today, the
majority is  blind. Blindly obedient and ignorant to the picture behind what is presented to
it, and behind, in the independence of thought and action separate from the institutions
that feed from its blood. And it is behind in the Power Balance of Mind-Spirit, and Body,
drowning in the power struggle that takes it away from the unity of true spirituality.        

Societal Toxic Programing.
Once people are programmed as life hustlers by societal requirement, encouragement, and
its reward, competitively running after what must come to them as a result of their effort,
effortlessly, takes true strength of character to stop running like hunting dogs smelling for
blood, even when it is not  appropriate nor necessary. That is the saddest thing I see
today, amongst the leaders of our society. It is heroic to go back and study characters of
people like Hitler years later after they have already left their scars on humanity. But it
takes a real hero to unfold the true faces of the Hitlers as they arrive, to repeat the history,
on the cheers of approval of, the majority.

Patterns of Humanity.
Although I truly believe in the inherent nature of Patterns of Humanity that are within each
and every one of us, I don't take them for granted when I see them around me. For that
matter, having become exposed to people from whom I could learn kindness, equality and
compassion in an educational system that has become yet another enterprising marketplace
in our competitive society was not ordinary to me. I worked as assistant to knowledgeable
and wise professors who, in the midst of scientific endeavors, had not forgotten to also be
human; a rare commodity in today's society.

Finding mySelf, finding others.
The pendulum had swung again. I had to swing within mySelf in order to get closer to my
inner soul and move away from the Cultural Patterns that had taught me to live for others.
Yet with almost as much intensity I began swinging back towards others, and in doing so,
finding mySelf. Finding mySelf and finding others became my habitual Swing of the
Pendulum and the first slogan on my business card. I learned that not until we experience
all dimensions existing within us that are different from each other, although not 
necessarily opposite one another, we will be whole and our Life Patterns, truthful and
lasting. In my process of believing in the miracle that a personal relationship with mySelf
will bring me closer to others, others began to believe in me.

Existential Pain and Suffering.
During my internship, I realized that everyone shares an existential pain and suffering that
results from an incongruity with who they are inside and who they are supposed to be in
order to be accepted, culturally and societally. It is so rewarding for people to be accepted
by others, that they sometimes even consciously and willingly let go of their own true
identity. It is a difficult pattern to learn to be true to our Selves as well as being true to
those who love us and whom we love, and feel no obligation to play the stereotyped roles
of our society. But it is a Change of Patterns we can make by being flexible and open to
the truth of our being.
      We can question and be open to who we are, and what our needs are towards our
process of becoming and blossoming as healthy, fulfilled, and yet helpful constructive
beings. It is difficult for people to recognize that all the rules were made at the beginning
in order for them to have some general and clear direction of what is right for them, a
common-sense set of healthy and constructive Patterns of Being. But as all rules become
outdated, and their positive purpose served in the past becomes a block to our ever
changing inner health and harmony, continuing them blindly and unquestioned, or being
forced to do so by others, creates shared existential confusion, pain, and suffering. We can
break this chain of pain and suffering by raising our children with compassion and without
the expectation or demand of their blind and unquestioned loyalty.       

All Patterns are changeable.
I realized that although the core of our being, our Self is not changeable, that all Patterns
surrounding it are; even the most ingrained Patterns that we feel we are born with are truly
the results of our blind acceptance and our absorbent tolerance for what we have
observed, felt, thought, touched and even smelled around us. I experienced that firsthand,
and after that I taught it to every one of my clients.  The mere recognition that their vision,
their feelings, their thoughts and their existence mattered beyond the external reality, and
that what they had adopted they could change and had control of, set them free. Any
change begins with knowledge and ends with materialization of our dreams, wishes and
fantasies. Most often the greatest changes take place by first dreaming.

Rebirth: a conscious choice of change. By merely deciding to change Patterns, having the
willingness to let go of the bad habits: addictions, and learn good habits: Self-Discipline,
creating Self-Programing and gaining Self-Control in their lives, my clients soon would
learn they can guarantee themselves almost anything.    

Creation of Patterns. I realized that what we learn while growing up becomes a collective
set of Patterns that follows us regardless of whether we are aware of it, or even whether
we like it or not. What we see, what we feel, what we are taught, what we are told, what
we must be obedient to, what we must be loyal to, like parents, cultures, beliefs, societal
rules and roles; all become a part of what we are exposed to, and who we think we are,

The power of Balanced Programing. I recognized the difference that Power of Balance
Programing could make: being born into an environment where there is regard for the core
of an individual, and one is truly cared for, above and beyond the expectations put upon us
by society. It develops Patterns of Flexibility and Strength within: a clarity of knowing that
we are worthwhile beings; this can help us endure any life pain and suffering, prevent life
crisis, and guarantee us healthy living.    

Reprograming my destiny. I was most grateful for the collective package of my life: all its
joy and all its pain. I do not regret anything in my life. I painfully and eagerly, but not
easily, was destined, by choice, to do nothing but move ahead on the path of discovery: of
mySelf, of my mission and purpose in life. I had to rewrite my destiny, it seemed, even if it
killed me. Many nights, sleeping alone in my bed, I painfully wondered, in tears, if I was
right in my convictions, or had I just created all this pain in order to avoid a greater pain:
the pain of rejection and intimacy.

There is always a blessing to any pain. I remember watching the movie "Gone With the
Wind" when I was sixteen years old. Two scenes in that movie deeply touched me. One is
when Scarlet O'Hara holds the dirt of Tara, her father's land where she grew up, and, after
she had lost it all, she makes a commitment to herSelf to recreate her destiny.
      I have caught my Self throughout my life committing to the betterment of my Self, my
home, my land, and my family. I also remember the scene when the love of her life finally
gives up on her just as she discovers her love for him; this is the last scene of the movie
where she asked herself desperately, "Where shall I go, what shall I do?". Through her
tears her face lights up and she whispers, "There is a tomorrow, I'll find a way,
There is always a tomorrow. Although we must not leave the process of finding solutions
in our life to tomorrow and lose the moments of joy and productivity with moments of
paralyzing pain, we must always remember that there is indeed always a day after the
night, that sun always shines and warms our hearts after the coldness of the dark, and
always, always, there is a liberating, celebrating, strengthening, blessing and joyful end to
all our pain.              

Creating destiny is not an easy path. All the answers I was unconsciously led to came to
me later throughout my life.  Never immediately, never too easily. All I had was the belief
in the truth within my Self, and the integrity that led me to see the truth even if painful,
even if hidden behind unaccepted societal shells of definition, even if it took rejection,
even if it took standing alone, on grounds I believed in. When my answers arrived from
within, they gave me peace of mind and a deep sense of clarity. This is a process of
creating one's own destiny. It does not guarantee an easy path, nor absolute certainty. It
requires belief in one's own intuitive, cognitive-emotional, and universally spiritual voices
and hymns, within. To listen and recognize the truth within Self, and to touch it with
clarity, in order to become congruent within the core of Self: to be Power Balanced,
responsible, and free.                              

Stepping beyond tradition. At some point, all individuals  must graduate from their
parents, teachers, and role models and begin developing their own paths. They are a part
of this scientific equation of Imbalance of Powers, and they too, must take responsibility.
As Bugental, one of the great teachers of mental health students, in his address to
thousands of students at the Erikson Institute in Arizona said: "Stop reading the gray-
haired books and start writing your own." Regardless of our profession, race, or belief, we
must step beyond the tradition and look ahead for answers applicable to the questions of
our current crisis and the turbulence of humanity that stems from blind obedience to
authority. And we must focus, beginning with our Self, reclaiming and creating our Self
Power and dignity.