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   Following the path of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualixzation and peak experience, and Darwin's incomplete theory of evolution, and Enshtein's last moment revelations about god's significance she walks alone beginning a new path where they had left off, not only completing them but implementing them in seven years as a fulfilled prophecy of godlikeness.

Creating psychology of excellence/flying, and Power Balance Theory and pattern Change Programing as a scientific technology and tool of Power Transfer and Power Merge, where people can actually experience a lifetime evolutionary revolution of self-excellence by a brief process of self search, analysis and self love as finding the god within, where every moment of their life is a process of death and rebirth as a flowing peak experience; of death of past patterns and rebirth of excellence patterns; to purify to beward godlikeness

Parvin Institute

     In 1995 Rose Parvin began to establish The Parvin Institute for Peace, which was the precursor to a dream living within her since the early years of her private practice.  The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation is a non-profit, public-benefit organization established in April of 1996 by Rose A. Parvin with the intent to create individual, familial, societal and global peace and power balance.  The purpose of the Parvin Institute for Peace Creation is to create Self, familial, societal and global pattern change, power balance and peace by offering success - excelence programs to the public and institutions, and their leaders through service and all available media, dealing with psychology; self; family; relationships; society; professional & global peace; unity; cultural diversity; pattern change programming; power balance therapy; spirituality as universal compassion and not religion or other related topics. 

Psychology of Excellence

     Books, Television Shows, Radio Shows Conferences, Seminars and articles based upon the theories of Rose Parvin, and the concepts for which she would eventually be fighting in opposition after the opening of the Parvin Peace Institute. 

Television Shows

Radio Shows


& Interviews

Time Prophet - KSCI- 30 years of daily programs toward Parvin Peace/Reform Program of Dialogue of Nations/ Cultures/leaders/ Religions to create People Power, Self, Family, Love Leadership Excellence, Societal Excellence & People Power through teaching True Freedom & democracy, Universal Spirituality, Global Cultural Identity & Interdependency-seeing &creating world as family KSCI - KUCI-Parvin Center for Developmental Health - Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence.

     Rose Parvin KUCI radio show - Interviewed by Dr. Steve Massion (Feburary 8, 1996) concerning her Revolution of compassion and Revolution of Information. and President Clinton signing the bill and her predictions and influence towards the information age concerning the access and use of the internet and its balance with developing Character Excellence and Inner Ethics.  Advising President Clinton to Create Power Balance of Compassion-Information which later on lack of such balance proved detrimental impacts of internet on youth whose boundaryless freedom must balance with inner ethics & compassion through love and guidance -as she was the first expert discussing the damages of sexual- aggressive and violent television programs and film on children and youth showing itself not only as premature exposures but also proving to be Toxic Programing for all ages. What we see and hear is Soul Food more singificant than ordinary food.

     Rose Parvin Radio and Television and Conferences on Patterns and Programs of Success & Excellence on Self, Families, Corporations, Societal and Global Cultural Shared with Back to Basics’ Dr. Zupala on KUCI, for numerous years.