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The Institute without walls. The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation was fully established in 1996  as a continuum of Parvin Centers since 1982 established for excellence and in the process of my seven year experience of death and rebirth  it became inactive, formally, it functioned as the Institute without walls.  

A Healers Society of Global-Cultural Peace, Reform, Power Balance & Excellence whereLeadership Excellence and People Power is created.

The Purpose

of The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation

BYLAWS OF THE PARVIN INSTITUTE FOR PEACE CREATION 103 Purpose As a part of the Bylaws of the Parvin Institute  for Peace Creation is to create self, familial, societal and global  pattern change, power balance and peace through leaderships,  through service and any and all available media, in matters  dealing with psychology; self; family; relationship; societal  professional and global peace; unity; cultural diversity; pattern  change ; power balance programming ; spirituality  as universal  compassion and not religion, and other related topics.   


The Creator

of The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation

A brief description of The Institutes founder and the intentions of The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation.  (More Extensive Information Can Be Found Under The Section Entitled “Peace Program”. 


The Peace Creator

I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE-INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."   Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

My friends, a spiritually compassionate, scientifically skilled, and philosophically  in-depth guide can reach a person in a single moment, where  conventional therapy might take years. We must heal the teachers in  order to transform the students.   We must transform the leaders, in order to heal the people. It is all a  matter of Universal Power Balance created by Pattern Change Programing toward  Universal Selves, free from selective judgment or selective compassion. We must love our enemy. Selective Compassion and preference is a corrupt Toxic Pattern. This is not an ordinary pattern. It has taken all of me all of my life to be awoman who can not only forgive but love those who see her and treat her as an enemy while they prosper from the fruit of my life work. The Parvin Institute is Rose Parvin. I am the Peace and Reform Institute. Seven years of my life is sepnt doing just that; loving my enemies while they had me on the cross. I gave them the sun and the light in my hands I taught them how to stop crowling and running. I gave them wings to fly.

I am inviting you to join me in a dialogue for providing guidelines for young people in the areas of ethical  competence, Global Power Balance (a process of creating peace and harmony within self, in families, in society and among nations) and non-selective compassion (development of tolerance and  acceptance of different-ness in all races and cultures). 


The Institute without walls. The Parvin Institute for Peace Creation was fully established in 1996  as a continuum of Parvin Centers since 1982 established for excellence   and in the process of my seven year experience of death and rebirth  it became inactive, formally, it functioned as the Institute without walls.  

The Institute's Purpose as Active Reformist was in process and Iran and  Global Cultural Peace and Reform was was the focus of Change Making.  The Peace and Reform Program is spreading through out the world,  creating Diverse Unity and Cross-cultural Power Balance bringing the focus of the world toward the Global Family of one god one world-ness. 

The radio and television programming that was the main tool for the mass production of the peace and reform program is implemented in other media and the radio that was established and designed to  create People Power through self, family, societal and global peace  and reform.    

Peace and reform is transferred to Iran and in United States and  around the world through my guidance and scientific, spiritual objective  analysis. The radio has not been under the Institute's management and the ownership because the partnership did not become formalized yet I stood by my work and under duress focused on guidance for clarity of  purpose and the nature of it's programming. I have led the reform of  the radio and other media from a distance as I believe a Healthy Society  requires healthy media and print. I felt the need to continue guidance of  my programs and not allow it in the hands of others who did not know  how and why to use the sacred knowledge. 


Just as if Einstein was alive he too would guide his programs to make sure of the how and  why, what for and by whom of his invention. He too would say no to  Power Monopoly. As I believe, however, in the evolution of man as  I said in my book titled Pattern Change Programming, Creating  Your Own Destiny and my work in Mind Power as the Missing Link  of Darwin in the Evolution Theory. Beyond that, another link in my  work and philosophy proven by years of research and experience  about Power Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit, is the process of flying  from the body and mind to the spirit. The reason the Vatican has  accepted the Evolution Theory I believe is the Pope reading my book and seeing the multi-dimensions of man and the interpretation of the missing link. Many, however, have taken my work claiming it as their own who have denied the true teacher and author and are misusing my  sacred knowledge without good intent and denied my guidance. 

Dialogue of Nations, leaders as well as Self Dialogue and Dialogue with God is the only way of creating peace and reform if it is based on Power Balance and with motivation of evolutionary revolution toward excellence. I created these philosophies by following my own spirit and my  Dialogue with God living in my spirit every moment and every  day and teaching it to people whom I saw daily for twenty one  years then wrote nine books to share them with all world leaders and people and became the world mother and guide in order to  implement it for I knew we had to begin from the roots and the patterns in order to create lasting change for no one had healthy upbringing and no one knew or had nurtured the child within let alone the god within. For to know the god within we must first  know the child within. And that is not only for people and  individuals but also for systems including the body the spirit  lives in. Any role model must be healthy and beyond health must be godlike in order to change the dead, godless society.


We must get back to the roots of the self, the cell and the soul in order to create excellence and Self, Family, Societal  and Divine Unity.  And the first in line are the healers for the healer heal thyself has lost meaning by hiding behind the  hat and the title of expert even though a requirement. Title guarantees nothing, the person behind the title does. The word must be where the action is and not just in the light  where everyone hears and looks but also in the dark where only the person and god is the witness. The root of our world  is rotted because we live in a Lie Society where people live in colt-like groups and are promoted and given titles that mean nothing. They are not representatives of people's choice but the monopoly of power behind them for the price of their soul. Just as the labels given to people are not valid by these people who are already sold to the system or are just as lost as those they are trying to heal or lead. Without a self and soul you are dead bodies walking going no where or are following evil.  So I created Self Making, Spirit Making and Leader Making.  

Dialogue of Nations, Leaders, People: the soul behind the title. The following letter is one among hundreds of letters I wrote  inviting the world leaders of every profession and life dimension  to my radio- television interviews and programs for the purpose  of Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program and Scientific  Universal Spiritual Cloning and Revolution of Compassion.  For years I have pioneered far advanced from all my colleagues in creating excellence in all life dimensions by creating the god that lives within us all in Spirit Making, Leaders Making, Self  and Societal Making by creating Root Patterns and role models. 

January 6, 1996

Dear Dr. Jay Haly,  

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. I mentioned  to you that after I wrote my book, I came across your book  Uncommon Therapy where you described Eriksen. In that book you  said he extended individual hypnosis to the family. I remember I  said that I have transformed Family Psychotherapy to Societal  Psychotherapy. You said “that is the next step.”  

I am writing to you to invite you to join me in a video production  of a person-to-person interview of one another for the purpose of  providing guidelines for young therapists in the areas of ethical  competence, Global Power Balance (a process of creating peace  and harmony within self, in families, in society and among nations)  and non-selective compassion (development of tolerance and  acceptance of different-ness in all races and cultures).  In addition to  you, I have invited Drs. Rossi, Bugental, Miriam Polster, and Menuchin. I  have also asked Dr. Victor Yalom to be the production director, as I find  him sensitive and highly skilled.  

The criteria for my choices were not only competence and leadership  but also a collective humanitarian spirit that has evolved from a life  dedicated to Self Discovery and Self-Search. As a role model, you  are not only a Change Maker but also a Peace Creator and safe guide  to the starving and tired minds and spirits of the people; in our case,  the therapists. Therapists need to be directed not only with the intent  and purpose to teach, but also to nurture, to heal, and to excel.  

A spiritually compassionate, scientifically skilled and philosophically  in-depth guide can reach a person in a single moment, where  conventional therapy might take years. We must heal the teachers in  order to transform the students.   We must transform the leaders, in order to heal the people. It is all a  matter of Universal Power Balance created by Pattern Change toward  Universal Selves, free from selective judgment or selective compassion.  

This program further extends to the public as a “Self Power” freeing the people from their dependency and powerlessness through Self  Knowledge and guidance toward a path of creating Self Compassion  and a compassionate society that nurtures peace and unity.  You have made a difference and continue to do so in your profession. 

I  believe that with your partnership, I can facilitate a focus and participation  toward Global Peace and Excellence.  Our power together will create “People Power” and “Self Institutions”.         

Enclosed, please find information about me. The book entitled Pattern  Change Programming is a gift from me. Please do not focus on  editorial detail so you can see the truth you have longed for, and  spoken of, from my message. I have also enclosed two other books and  would be honored if you find time to review one of your choice for me. Please  let me know if you are interested in the “Therapist Power Program” or would like to have more information. I can be reached at ( 714) 723-5248              

Respectfully, Rose Parvin     


A silent crime happening even during the past seven years misusing  my words censoring myself terrorizing my character for the fear that  a holy woman may take their power away by transforming their Lie  Society with her Truth Society.  As I have given them new birth and  wings to fly with my knowledge step by step in an evolutionary  process they created clones of me and celebrated my death.  

Spiritual Scientific Cloning. Today my seven year effort in bringing Spiritual Scientific Godlike- ness or sacred cloning is heard even in the Senate of the most  democratic country as they vote on total banning of human cloning;  a self destruction program by man himself. The world has always  been in the hands of evil and his fast paced programs giving fast  reward and long term destruction and regression for being human. Genome Project of President Clinton was inspired by my technology  of Pattern Change Programming and proving the ability to change  cells by seeing them as patterns. But the message of the need for  the Power Balance of Revolution of Compassion and the Revolution  of Information is not taken to heart. 

President Bush's ability to bring god into the White House today is  the affect of my lifelong effort to change coltish politics to Power  Balance and inner ethics. Today Bill Clinton is talking to Harlem  calling it home and has set offices in Harlem. I taught this new  politics of intent for People Power will give leaders power, even  in the democratic country this is new politics. People were always  used for votes and the pretense of giving them power was all they  received.  

I taught the Intent to serve the people and to create  people power to the Iranian leaders inside and in exile through not  only my books and the media but by being the living word advocating  Diverse Unity and becoming the role model for it. I believe we live  at home even in exile and that is how we can stand by our own  Cultural Identity and gain Global Identity as well. Like Jewish people who have the most powerful committee outside of their land,  all other minorities such as Iran must establish a home away from  home parliament for the purpose of strengthening their country,  being included as the voice of their people and to create Global  Cultural power balance within United States.

Today, Prince Reza  Pahlavi in exile is echoing my words as the unity among Iranians  for true democracy is created. He too was silenced within the  coltish political wars. President Khatami, Iran Leaders Khameneie  and Rafsanjani also echo my words.  People can make their own  choices by self and societal knowledge and awareness only if they  are given that and not a pseudo knowledge by the media and print.  

The Pope accepted the the theory of evolution for my philosophy of the Spiritual Evolution and the Mind Power as the missing link. Godlikeness Even the Pope in Vatican knows that people are the children of god and serving god means serving the people. People are the voice of  god if aware. This is how I also reformed the media in Iranian  Community. By teaching them that serving people and not using  people gives them power. This is a message I sang to them every  day; to the professionals teaching my words to people claiming it as  their own seeking power for themselves yet denying me keeping  me censored telling people lies about me while prospering by me.  I now again am in the process of reestablishing the Institute and  invite you to become a part of forming it again. If you are interested  in being on the board or being involved in the training programs or  become a member of the Institute in an advisory capacity or as a  friend of the Institute or any other capacity, please send me an e-mail  and let me know. It would make me very happy to hear from you and  to begin working together giving a new birth to peace. The purpose  will be the same written in the Bylaws. Off course those who have censored me for the purpose of monopolizing my words and sacred  scientific spiritual knowledge have isolated me and dried me up of  all my financial resources to the point that I do not even have the  funds to renew my license and thus cannot function as a licensed  marriage and family counselor which I have practiced as for the  past twenty years, but as a friend, a spiritual counselor and guide.  

I see all this as a part of the inevitable for the scientific rebirth and  return without the actual death of the flesh to the point of no return and is the witness to testability, validity and scientific credibility of my work.  And I have moved far beyond the capacity I function under my license.   The irony of it all is that years ago my proposals to annual conferences  were ground breaking training programs that the top in the field are now  trying to learn and teach from findings and knowledge shared in my books.   I have lived my life as a pioneer; in my professional field or in otherwise. Although I have always been been admired and respected among my own  colleagues I have not been saved from the patriarchal nature of my field  and the worship program for the psychiatrists which is the vulnerability of  my field and the obvious and offensive walls and ceilings set for a pioneer  of my nature meaning a beautiful woman who is a minority and a genius at  her work beyond belief of the prejudicially blind especially by those in her  own culture who have prospered from her life work far more than others. Prejudice, ignorance and spiritual blindness, like god, know no color or race. My nine books were not a beginning but the act of sharing my life of bliss. Rose Assier Parvin 7/1/2001   




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Roots of Being

a third eye is watching you.... from above the garden  

The roots of any individual are

not on a piece of land that carries 

the burden of the body,  the body that exists 

only to embrace the soul,  the soul that cannot be found 

in any house  that confines any limits 

its universal wisdom and nurturance  for all beings as a whole. 

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core 

and beyond the flesh  of color, gender, race or belief, 

where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, 

and equally created.  From those roots only, 

as individuals and as nations, 

we can harvest the seeds of 

peace, progression, joy and mastery,  joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners 

not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation 

that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest 

the tender blooms of the sacred seeds  of unity and togetherness, 

that will bare the evergreen  abundance of excellence 

in the designs and the patterns 

of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess 

this gardener will stay up to guard  the gate of heaven 

and to call on all the others  together with their bare hands, 

they will fetch the water  and with their heart and soul will dance, 

the mind-body prayer, and will pray 

ounce by ounce of that clear water,  over all the thirsty flowers 

who have crumbled from the chill  sleep well my prince, 

sleep well my princess  a third eye is watching you  from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage

the day America cried  Author: Rose Assier Parvin