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From The Early 1980s until May 1997, Parvin Center had been what everyone called their little heaven; a center dicated towards teaching prevention, health and excellence to the many clients who would visit Rose Parvin from all over the world, regardless of her humble promotions to the center and her selective moral standards towards clients which she felt were in denial from the answers that had been simply placed before them within such a short period of attendence to the center. 

Rose Parvin suffered from the pain of seeing what the short comings of our society had done to her clients, and how therapy had been accepted as a suppresent to ones despair, as opposed to its relief.  She later realized that a perpetual cycle of clients was the reality of a society in which the leaders and role models were themselves disturbed patients of the deficient therapists to which we had given license. 

As the neighborhood around our home began to darken within glutony, flase idealization, exploitation, and the lack of strength to pull one from these elements of a mediocre and static state of life; Rose Parvin realized that all of her attention was required upon the leadership of this and other countries - as she closed The Center doors to the public in 1996.  Thus began a two year journey of a political upheaval between herself and the Iranian government, and of numerous writings sent to president Clinton - each letter forecasting the coming events of the days following their shipment, and each letter burried deep within the denial of their recipient, but treasured as if the words of God.  The history repeated itself.


Past Brochures for The Center

Here are some of the information wielding advertisements for the Parvin Center while it was still open.