Humanity Held

The day America cried

Rose Assier Parvin
A reformed Western Psychotherapist

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HUMANITY HELD HOSTAGE:  The Day America Cried, by Rose Assier Parvin; $15,
288 pages,
5 5/8" x 8 1/2" Perfectbind, Universal Publishing Company.  ISBN-1-885917-04-X

Rose Parvin serves as a third eye of the nation and analyzes the core problems of
humanity:  the destructive, outdated fast-cure solutions that lead to further addiction and
dependency.  Parvin treats society and its leaders as The Patient and asserts that mental
health should focus on healing.

CATEGORY: Self-help/Human potential, Psychology
KEY WORDS:  Personal Growth, Counseling, Healing, Health,  Self, Guidance,
Humanity, Spirituality, Society.

288 pages
5 5/8 x 8 1/2
Perfectbind (Paperback)

ISBN 1-885917-04-X
1. Conduct of life. 2. Quality of life--United States.
3. Values. 4. Parvin, Rose Assier, 1950-.
5. United States--Moral conditions. I. Title.
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Derived from the book Pattern Change Programing;
Creating Your Own Destiny
@ 1994 Rose Parvin
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Parvin, Rose Assier, 1950-
Humanity Held hostage / Rose Assier Parvin.
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Disclaimer: I am writing this book as a person, mother, woman, therapist and citizen. I am an American who is deeply concerned about the stability of her country and its safety for her children and for the future of all families and children. The societal patterns that have evolved by the swing of the pendulum of political change and the patterns of its leadership have created an unsafe environment for the people of this country and the world, globally. I want my country back from the hands of those who instead of serving the people seem to think they know what is best for them; those who have abused the seats of power given to them in trust and faith by the nation. I want my children to have the rights that I worked hard to provide for them; liberation for which I have traveled across the globe. I want them to experience the security I have planned and the dignity with which I raised them. I want to feel that I live in America again, in the land of equal opportunity-freedom-responsibility; a land where liberty is not a dirty word and democracy is not an outdated policy. I want the freedom given to me by my Constitutional legacy. I want my President safe again; I want my country back, again; I want the bells of liberty salute the children every morning.



One: Out of Denial... 1
Awakening the People Power
The Hatfield Conference... 4
1992 Election: Vote for Change... 6
Politicians for Sale... 8
The Bottom Line... 12
Society As The Patient... 14
Obedience to Authority... 17
Brilliant Minds, Heartless Actions... 23
Conservatism, or Dictatorship... 25
Culture Wars in a Free Country... 29
Gridlock of Political Scrutiny... 36
The Voice for All Americans... 47
America Is Not For Sale... 49
Two: The Theme is Oppression...51
Contract With Corruption...56
The Universal Evil... 65
People of Denial
The Universal Suffering... 66
The Universal Truth... 68
Hymns of The Inner Soul
Denied the Miracle of Self... 69
The Mirror Effect... 72
We See What We Are
Three : Like a Tree,
Stagnant by Our Roots... 74
Seeds of Freedom: Self Knowledge
Ignorance: Fear of Self Knowledge... 75
Universal Mind-Body Prayer... 76
Universal Swing of The Pendulum... 77
Making a New Mold... 79
A Universal Self
The Person Behind The Title... 84
Rebirth: ... 88
a Conscious Pattern of Change
Four: Blind Conformity to Authority... 94
Societal Agents: People Enablers... 102
Shared Helplessness Prophecy... 104
Power Corrupts ... 106
People Seen as Objects
Five: The Vicious Cycle... 113
of Victimization
Preventive Measure... 117
Volunteer Swing of Power
Compassionate Authority as Minority...122
Six: In Our Bare Hands...128
The Power We hold
Patterns of Health... 131
Hymns of Verse of The Future
Actualizing The Spirit in Our Body... 137
Shareholders of Universal Power... 142
Tale of a Temporary Fall Before The Rise... 145
Seven: The Victims and the Bullies...147
Shared Conspiracy
The Making of Patterns... 147
Significant Influence Patterns... 152
Pro-Life? Choice for The living?... 157
Spiritual Guidance, Not Evil Force...159
Pro-Love? Or Pro Hate?... 160
Pseudo-Patriotism... 162
Societal Billboard Programing... 165
Questioning The Intent... 168
Screening Authority
Eight: Parents... 170
The Societal Victims
Master Programers, of Our lives... 170
My Parent Programing... 171
My Mother's Daily Routine... 177
Leaping Over the Centuries... 182
As a Woman
Mothers and Daughters... 185
Fathers and Sons
Nine: A New World Order...191
Amendments to Commandments
Society: Mass Programer... 192
Teachers... 198
The Power of Education
People Makers... 199
The Institution of Education... 200
History Making, Not Repeating... 201
Parenthood... 202
Not Obedience to Authority
The Sacred... 203
Neutral Zone of School
Pawns of Blind Leaders ...203
Peer Pressure... 205
Those Who Have learned to Follow
Adolescent Subcultures... 206
Victims of An Ignorant Society
Chain Effect of Victimization... 207
Mass Media Programing...207
Programing Inhumanity... 209
A Clear Harm to Society
Vicarious learning of Aggression...209
Blindfolded Justice... 210
Fast Food of Our Children's... 211
Fragile Mind and Body
Ten: Patterns of Democracy...214
America: The Blueprint
Guardians of Freedom... 214
Governmental Protection... 216
A Right of Every Citizen
Freedom, Not Neglect... 218
A People System... 219
Democracy... 219
An Objective Measure
Cure for Democracy Is More Democracy"...221
Repeating History... 222
Breaking the Silent Crime... 223
Ethical Code of Political Boundary
Interpretation of History... 224
Prevention of Future Holocaust
Promise of Red Apple... 226
People As Hostage... 227
Prevention of Destructive Bloodshed...229
Boundaryless Dictatorship... 230
In A Free Country
Democratic Religion?
Or a Schizophrenic Vision?... 231
Motherhood: a Sacred Privilege... 233
Not Mass Production
Eleven: Rocking the Tower of Authority... 234
The Institutions Outside of Self
Questioning Authority... 235
Democratic Reform... 236
Sitting on the Wall of Stagnation...237
Change: Shedding Toxicity... 238
Republican Reform... 238
Conflict of Interest... 239
Will the World Survive... 240
the Pendulum Swing
Congressional Values... 240
Freeing Humanity
Quick Fix, or taking Responsibility?...243
The Bells of Hypocrisy... 245
Transparency or Arrogant Supremacy...248
Religion In America...252
Tainted Spirituality...255
The Answer: People Power...260
The Institution of Self
People Initiation Programing... 262
Separation of Church and State... 263
Inner Wisdom, Not Blind Obedience...264
Voice of The People... 265
People: Not Unwanted Orphans... 267
Embracing Humanity... 270
Universal Spirituality,
Not Religious Addiction... 273
A third eye watching...275
Glossary... 276
Book Order... 278

About the Author
Rose A. Parvin, author of nine groundbreaking books in one year, is on a lifetime mission to create patterns of health success and spiritual excellence in family and the society with revolutionary methods and vision beyond psychology. Mother of two children of 21 and 17, international consultant, speaker, guide, marital and family counselor, is psychotherapist and the founder and director of Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills for thirteen years. Graduate of Chapman and California State Long Beach Universities, Rose believes that being a person is more than being someone's daughter or wife, or belonging to a piece of land. Home, to Rose, is where there is peace, compassion, dignity and universal laws of Pattern Change and Power Balance beyond any predetermined labels that mold the multidimensional patterns of humanity.

Universal Law of Code of Ethics
If every one of us look within and find our Self, a Self free from past adopted patterns and present imposed patterns of our society, and express our inner hymns, our voice as it echoes in silence, we will have in our society the polished voices of our souls: our inner ethics. We will have a life that breeds goodness as we genuinely and intuitively feel within and act upon it by the laws of the universe assessed by our inner justice without a need for an independent council. In a society with inner codes of ethics, not only the adults and the children, but humanity as a whole will be restored and safe. In my own tireless journey that has connected my nights to my days and my mind to my soul, sometimes in my body and sometimes stretched beyond, all my life I have found myself sensitive to patterns in which goodness became a victim and compromised for success. I have made it my purpose to prove that success and spirituality can be the two sides of a coin, collective of both sides of the life-aisle, a universal power balance; and that obtaining success and embracing spiritual excellence prevents power imbalance, prostitution of soul and slavery of emotion. Corruption folded in presentations of spirituality has always deeply troubled me; it reminds me of the bitter fact that among the appearances of richness we find the finest thieves, as the poorest embrace life with generosity. It is not the clothes we wear or the cars we drive that determine our richness of the heart; it is not the language we speak nor the church we appear in. It is in the clarity of Self, the conscience of our soul and the cleanliness of our hands that pave the direction. It traumatized me when I was younger and more intolerant of the vast swings of pendulum of existence; of the rain, the thunder and the clouds that took over the brightest days. But I have come to know that there are many shades and patterns to this divine universe we live in and follow as a part of, within our own wholeness. I embrace my computer as I have for the past year, away from the comfortable chair of my private practice on a mission to be the voice of the people in this historical time when our silence can cost our children their future, I remember when a colleague tried to use my book and its theories given to him in confidence for feedback, as his own. I felt robbed; my faith in humanity hindered; had he acknowledged my work of a lifetime, I would have handed him the torch to carry on, with honor. My body is too small for what I have in my mind. When the same thing occurred again it did not affect me as much; after all, I thought, we live amidst historical universal crisis; children killing children, brothers discriminating against brothers; leaders selling out their people and building iron curtains around a free nation. Why be surprised if healers are robbers? I know how intense it can get for one who has been trying to break through his own walls of traditional corruption. Stumbling upon a revolutionary guideline to health and prevention meant to him, as much as a jewel to a robber; the same justification is held sacred; always with a denied, oppressed chip on the shoulder: justifying that the other has a lot more, does not need it; has had it easier, is more privileged, has not been around long enough to deserve it. Or perhaps it is the plain old notorious pattern of the bully who wants it and takes it at any cost and just doesn't care; like the preacher who robs the innocent virgin in the dark of the night; the murderer who justifies a sin worth killing another; the politician who contracts out the future of a nation; or a drug and tobacco dealer who says everyone should have the right to buy his product. Not much seems to be different among the poor and the rich when one has poverty of the spirit: at least not much that can make a difference. And how easy it is to ignore the laws that are worth robbing to preach to others: laws that separate us from the animals and make us able to live with ourSelf. I know. There were times in my life when things on the outside seemed more significant than what was within. I searched mySelf to know what price I was willing to pay. I soon recognized that although I was willing to pay plenty by getting things the hard way, ultimately there was no jewel worth the price of my dignity and a good night's sleep; I realized then, that I had taken after my father. I like providing a comfortable life for my children, but only in balance with my dignity and self-respect, willing to throw it all away if it will make a difference is my found freedom. There is much need for a path of truth; the Universal Path and its Laws of Power Balance is the truth I have found and the first step in crossing it is to honestly and painfully look within. Our society is in severe danger of boundaryless lack of respect for the right of others. I myself feel pain as I read my own words. I know that many will be hurt. My intent is not to distrust but to build; to create balance in a society where people are being victimized by authoritarian bullies whose denial is too thick to hear the pleading soft voices. Nonetheless I hurt for the pain I have inflicted, beg for forgiveness and promise that if I am heard, I will not make tough love, for a society I have adopted as my larger family, a habit. I am filled with compassion for all and being a critical eye is not pleasant, yet at times we must shake an old bottle to get a trickle down water. I see goodness in the core of every person; I know the underlying pain that can cause unkind action; and I know everyone has justification for their passion. But our societal leadership and their abuse of power is out of control and its consequence detrimental to the future of our children whose trusting eyes are on us to see the larger vision of commitment and wisdom to peace and progression. Through a lifetime of experience I have accumulated a wealth of Knowledge of Self that I have been sharing with others from which I get joy and fulfillment. But I know that until we stop the cycle of victimization and put an end to crisis as natural life pattern, people cannot embrace life blessings with clear choices in the absence of anxiety and fear, and thus feel free yet responsible for their actions; in nurturance of acceptance of the core of all being, only, can we hymn to the sacred music in silence and dance to the universal Mind-Body Prayer that fills our hearts and our souls, showers us with wisdom and embraces us all as beings, worthy of blessings by the miracle of compassion; only then can we be whole, adhere to our inner voices and hymns that govern us with goodness beyond pretense; only then can we connect the body with the spirit; only then can we be accountable to our actions; and only then can we prosper with kindness and submit to compassion.









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Root of Being

a third eye is watching you.... from above the garden

The roots of any individual are -not on a piece of land that carries-the burden of the body, the body that exists - only to embrace the soul, the soul that cannot be found -in any house that confines any limits - its universal wisdom and nurturance for all beings as a whole.

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core -and beyond the flesh of color, gender, race or belief, - where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, - and equally created. From those roots only, - as individuals and as nations, - we can harvest the seeds of - peace, progression, joy and mastery, joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners - not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation -that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest - the tender blooms of the sacred seeds of unity and togetherness, - that will bare the evergreen abundance of excellence - in the designs and the patterns - of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess - this gardener will stay up to guard the gate of heaven - and to call on all the others together with their bare hands, - hey will fetch the water and with their heart and soul will dance, - the mind-body prayer, and will pray - ounce by ounce of that clear water, over all the thirsty flowers - who have crumbled from the chill sleep well my prince, - sleep well my princess a third eye is watching you from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage - the day America cried, copyright 1994 Author: Rose Assier Parvin


Out of Denial
Awakening People Power

The day America cried. On November 8th of 1994 when people were anxiously sitting in front of their television sets, waiting for the mid-election results, the pendulum of American history swung, and when it reached the other side, America cried. The Republicans, who had been the minority for almost two decades, became the majority, and brought, along with the power they were given, all their frustrations of the years they had felt victimized by the voice of people, freedom and liberation. They have collided with the old order government of fanatic organized religion and ever since, bill by bill, have carelessly been tearing down the statue of liberty. America cried because she knew the day after what would be happening. And sure enough, it happened exactly as feared, before the tearful faces of America, like on an old movie screen.
The same men who supported the tobacco industry were now sitting on the committee for regulating tobacco, and the rest were wondering if soon there would be anything left of such a committee. America cried because women who had fought for decades for their rights and an honest partnership with men were suppressed again. America cried because she became a nation that kills the living for the right of the unborn, before giving the time of day to prevention. America cried because with every breath we take, we must pray for the air to stay clean after slashing regulations for its protection. Our children are to be forced to pray in schools, and some are expected to abide by the prayers they have never heard. "They will have something to pray about as the school lunch is slashed out," as Senator Leahy mentioned. America cried, because we have now resorted to manipulating and brainwashing our children against each other in their own sacred playgrounds, using their faith and their religion. America cried for the misrepresentation of prophecy and words of wisdom of a great man. Yes, my friends, America, the awakened America, cried on November 8.
Silencing the bells of liberty. America cried not because the Republicans are in power, but because the religious extremists have bought out their souls, using the votes of innocent people who would do anything for their faith and their party. (I even considered myself a Republican back when it represented dignity.) America cried because the politics in America reached beyond the inner code of ethics, careless about the price that was being paid, celebrating on the wing of power with a denial far too dangerous, and too historically classic, to ignore. Republicans, too willing to silence not only the people's voice for their own greed and power, played degrading games of control and intimidation to silence those among themselves who voted fairly, not blindly. In fact, American politics tried desperately to silence all voices that swung the bells of liberty. When we no longer adhere to our inner code of ethics as we preach values and morality; when we sleep at night without a conscience to disturb us, or deny it if it does, as we place the price tag of victory on the bodies, minds and souls of the innocent people, we are selling our own to the devil and are no longer safe in any position, let alone in the position of the majority.
Code of Ethics for the next election. The plea of the American people to the leadership that is already preparing for the next presidential race is: Please, hold on to the money you earn by selling your souls. Instead of throwing your money around to buy our votes, let us see some integrity as you all discuss the issues that concern the country on public television for as long as you want, equally. If you are truly a leader for the people then put a stop to playing on people's emotion, their need for peace and security, their need for approval, their fear of intimidation by authority and their faith, and behave decently. But even before you do any of that, let us have our fair share of your energy and devotion to the affairs of our country before you get a head start on selling yourself as the President to be. Serve us, the forgotten people, as we have paid you to, before you are so unethically, let alone unprofessionally (and it should also be illegally), up for grabs for another round of favorite tap dance of your party.
America, as the leader and parent of the globe in power, next to the United Nations, which acts as the parent of the globe in wisdom and nurturance, must begin to think about every step it takes, for it affects not only the nation, but the world. Contrary to some of our politicians who say they want the power and the prestige but not the responsibility of leadership and parenthood to those who have granted them the power, I say that if parents in this country say the same, they are called unfit parents by their government. So why not begin within and focus on your patterns of leadership. If you are unwilling to lead responsibly, then you must be responsible to step down for another.
Another civil war: citizen seen as "Nigger." We live amidst universal crisis of the century and we don't want to read about the tragedies tomorrow in the national papers that we can change today. The world needs wise, mature leaders whose intent is peace and progression, not a bunch of rowdy children who are ready to tear each other apart, sell their soul and mother for the price of a vote and ask their sugar daddies to support their dependency and addiction for their fix of power. If what our leaders are trying to do is truly to empower people, then they must respect the people, all the people, and not treat them as orphans who will accept and do anything just to be invited to dinner. America does not seek prostitutes or punishing jailers as politicians. In the case of both jailer and prostitute, at least one knows what one is getting. But our politicians preach value and decency on one side, and then have their comedian idol teach their freshmen the values of back-stabbing and intimidation to wash away the little dignity that remains in their party. As a therapist I can appreciate the victim syndrome of having been the minority for so many years that when you gain majority, you want to take it out on everybody. But as a citizen, I think that leaders with such a profile are not suitable or safe for my country. Perhaps they ought to step down until they calm down and gain appropriate objectivity and balance to qualify for positions of leadership.
The Hatfield Conference
What happened to Senator Hatfield and the conspiracy to bring him down from his chairmanship just because he voted with his conscience and not blindly to his party's demand, goes far beyond just a power struggle or even the need for power; it stems from the root of imbalance and toxic power that has crippled this democratic and free giant. The Hatfield Conference should be the biggest warning for all the American people. There will be more bloodshed in this country than the eye witnessed during the civil war. This time the entire nation is seen as "Niger." The danger is greater today however, because all these gentlemen have learned the art of slick communication. The Freshmen who seem ready to throw everybody out and Senators like Connie Mack, D'Mato and McCullum will not be satisfied reprimanding just a few leaders who disobey their orders. The real crosses are being built in the back rooms for our children. And believe me, when it comes to demonstrating power, they will not recognize Jesus from Moses or Mohammed. They all died because of ignorance and the war of greed for power, and if we don't stop this chain effect, they will die again for the very same reason. When a presidential candidate like Senator Dole comes out and says that just because he worked so hard to pass the balanced budget mandate and Hatfield voted against it that there should be a conference and he should not get away with it, and he goes on in a prosecuting manner about "those Democrats who also did not vote for it," ignorance is at work and so is destruction and toxicity: its children. So much for the preaching of Mack trying to convince the reporters that it was the principle of it all. He and freshman Santorium denied the reporter's question who asked if it was going to be the abortion issue next time or the school prayer. Dole said that had the Democrats not changed their minds and voted for the balanced budget amendment, and had it passed, nobody would have had to do this to Hatfield. I guess principle in the Republican vocabulary means blind obedience to the party votes even if your conscience is screaming NO. Everyone is an object for a vote and no one seems to care about the people. It is absolute anarchy, and the credit goes right to the Republican contract on America. And as for prostitution of the soul, senators try to sell a package to the innocent people that is already bought out by the lobbyists of unlimited power.
The issue of character has been so significant lately, as our family value package candidates have spent all their energy and resources to tear down the character of our President in the name of loyalty to their country. Yet it turns out that they believe we are in the dark ages of the eighteenth century as they push for the old order rules of dominance and regression. But the make-believe character we will observe in our candidates is powerfully painted with the color of money on their faces. Behind the masks they are truly empty, bought out and already sworn to corruption. If I am wrong, I will humbly beg to be corrected by their answers as to exactly what they were expected to do for the money they receive, if not for the promise of prostituting their souls to their grand contributors. Yet all they need to do to get elected honestly and serve the people is to show up and talk about the issues that interest the American people, and be broadcast for free on the nationally televised channel devoted to open the people's eyes: C-Span. Or is it that mother nature only raises cut-throat actors and trains them to play dirty politics in our civilized Western hemisphere? I am sure that there is a great deal of competitive blood stirred up by a race of such nature. But the people deserve, demand, and will get far more than being stripped of their rights and dignity by competitive shows of Grammandole.
In my book entitled Answer to Humanity I unveil the Patterns of Democracy and what has made this country a sacred place to live in. I also compare those patterns with the Stanford Prison experiment by Zimbardo, a psychologist who found that under the authority of a jailer, anyone can become a bully, and as prisoners, anyone can develop obedient patterns of a victim: even the young and curious students of Stanford University who were only experimenting the effect of those positions on their character and personality. I will also discuss the patterns of supremacy as the world experienced with Hitler and his followers: scenes still fresh in our minds from the shocking true stories of Stephen Spielberg's Schindler's List.
1992 Election Vote for Change
Inspiration of hope. President Clinton won the election, and the people breathed a sigh of hope and relief. President Bush had clearly demonstrated that he represented a chosen few who had voted for him and that he was willing to sell the country to those to whom he owed his soul: organized religion. On his way to the White House he would consult neither his liberated and fair wife nor his conscience. When he insensitively humiliated the young woman who asked him about her rights before national television, acting like a prejudiced preacher, far from what is expected of a leader of a multidimensional land, everyone read his lips. In his answer to a concerned citizen who was disturbed by his consistent pattern of Clinton-bashing and insensitivity towards the youth and, in general, towards the people, Bush said, "I don't get it." As he pushed the intrusion of one dogma into the people's lives who trusted his democratic leadership, even he himself knew that not even the Lord was going to help him. The country was sick and tired of Mr. Bush's arrogance and incompassionate denial of the people and could not wait to get rid of him. (Except the same country has been fed so many lies and deceptions, in addition to being put through intimidation and fear, that she has developed a case of amnesia. Our country has forgotten the twelve years of practically nothing but cat naps, lip reading and filibustering of bills while piling them up to pass during the right aisle's turn, who is insensitive to the impact of its primitive, dangerously childlike and competitive actions on the lives of the people: lives which have already been the selling card in the Republican Contract on America.) But that was not the reason for Bill Clinton's election. The man in the White House is clearly a man whose campaign was for change towards peace and progression. He campaigned for the inspiring and forgotten hopes, wishes and dreams of the young people as he remembered the hopes, wishes and dreams of his own in a country founded by the virtue of making any dream, for anyone, possible. His need to do the right thing and compassion for the people who elected him is what our country is struggling with; it has become his most vulnerable pattern. After all, even in a free country we are more impressed by loud voices of bullies.
We, as a nation, are not used to kind and respectful leadership that advocates equal rights and integrity for all people; we don't recognize those who demonstrate sensitivity and compassion. I don't believe that Bill Clinton is truly a President of one side of the aisle in Congress, as Mr. Gingrich, who has shown his loyalty clearly to whomever pays more, insinuates. I believe that Bill Clinton is neither Democrat nor Republican; he is a person who grew up wishing to someday become President, putting his life efforts into building his character as he was taught, including the flaws he picked up by watching other men and Presidents. But in the end, the person behind the mask is a man with the strongest character; a man who has learned on the job and is ready to serve his people; a lonely man whose only friend is his own conscience beating him up as he watches his self-discipline fail him in past performances; a man who wants to do right by others, so much so that at times he forgets to defend the rights of his own as a President of this great country: the promised land. In the end, President Clinton does not forsake the safety of his country for the need to play star wars. He is a man who has enough power that he can share it with others regardless of their gender, color or faith. He has shown that in his relationship with his life partners. He is a man with the Power Balance of strength, wisdom, compassion and the ability to be flexible for the sake of his people; a man whom I will vote for to be my President and that of my children, in the November 1996 election. But I demand that he does not get into the rat race as others already have. We need our President's energy and power to work for us, not to be occupied in the struggle to get re-elected or to survive the hands and teeth of his hungry headhunters clothed as respectable congressmen.
Politicians for Sale
Evaluating the candidacy for the next election. We the American people are watching the process of the next election and demand more integrity, credibility and class from our politicians. If anything needs reform it is their character and the responsibility and ethics they hold as congress members, let alone the old rules and institutions they push on us as revolution. We will not allow our politicians to be seduced, intimidated or bought out by the whims of power and corruption. When Mr. Lamar Alexander, who is running for presidency, talks about the Evil of Arrogant Empire in reference to the democratic congress and government, he should get his facts right or at least go back and review the old pictures. It appears to me that the evil of ignorance began with the arrogant empire of the Bush Presidency and his thoughtless and foolish spread of fanaticism through the heart of a democratic country. not because of his faith, but as a failed campaign trick and gimmick. Now he seems humbly and graciously sorry for the consequences of his actions that has created a destructive and downward regression in this country. His careless, unthoughtful presentation of a position that should be most sensitive to the welfare of all the people; his biased views of a specific religion in a multicultural country that has many different belief systems; his attack on the rights of women who have worked for decades to come up for air, were truly uncalled-for, from a President of a free country. But then again, how can one expect a general, who works hard to collect medals, to have sensitivity or offer any doctrine to humanity. It is not their fault. This is how we have raised our children and trained our leaders. Unless we change as a country, and as mothers and parents who bear and raise compassionate leaders, we cannot expect to get anything else but what we have been getting. We work so hard as a nation to recruit the right people for jobs in the private sector. That's why America is where it is in the world. But there are no requirements for parents, and when it comes to our leaders and decision-makers, they too have no qualifications other than their own need for power and get no test of character except when they are tearing down each other's: much like preachers. Anyone with a bible in hand and a license from the city can call himself or herself a preacher who feels qualified to intrude on the rights of others who work hard for their life roles and positions. As for the leaders, they are bought and sold easier than prostitutes, handled and controlled by pimps: the giant lobbyists of industry.
This country needs a serious reform plan for all its leadership, starting with its talk show hosts who have the power to change the societal current without unbiased wisdom or higher education. It is ethically and morally wrong, professionally a poor policy and characteristically weak, psychologically, economically, societally and politically insane and boundaryless, and it must change. It is ironic that all our failed politicians can look forward to becoming talk show hosts. It seems that toxicity and corruption has no problem finding its way into the homes of the American people. Yet it takes a lifetime to be heard if one is speaking truth for the empowerment of the people. The truth gets bad ratings on radio and television. When my marketing director approaches the media for getting air time to open up the minds of the people, some ask if there is any scandal slant that could make it hot and exciting. I suppose that writing nine books in a year on a mission of embracing humanity amidst corruption and deterioration of our society where everyone is looking for answers is not good enough for our public, or at least for those who decide what the public should get. As talk show hosts competitively invite the mothers who sleep with their daughter's boyfriend, there seems to be no room for those who have given lifetime of guidance to heal such scars. Or there is room for those who keep repeating themselves or repeat stolen words of others without understanding what it means. These are the hypocrites who then go home and wash their spiritual faces, beat their own wives or kill their own husbands and sleep with their own patients: before they run for congress to protect (at the cost of the people's welfare) their own prosperity. Such denial and neglect of responsibility and abuse of power on all levels of leadership has been the underlying cause of the problems of our country. Back to the subject of prostitution of the soul for candidates of Presidency, I can see the centerfolds in Playboy lining up next to each other to be voted on. I see them cleverly promise dinner to the highest bid as they diplomatically say all the right things to get elected. Although I doubt it. Most of these women have integrity and great heads on their shoulders; they use men's weakness, self-indulgence and fears of intimacy to build their own future. For those who see such patterns as their only choice, I feel the pain they feel to have to resort to such degradation. I am not trying to put men or women down; it is the last thing on my mind. But I want us to look at the roots of the problems to change our societal patterns. Every time we do so, we will experience the painful truth of our own existence. But it is the only path to change. These women are not at fault. Ever since they were little girls their parents lined them up in competition. With our chauvinistic society, it is the only way they know how to get ahead and not be rejected. I furthermore don't criticize the choice for equality of the sexes and for freedom.
I salute women like Demi Moore, the actress who has no inhibition or boundary to experience her self dimensions and expand her pattern of flexibility as she clearly makes a statement that indeed, men and women both come from the same planet. As I watch her loyally announce her happiness in her marriage and work towards feminine perfection, it is obvious that unlike some others she does not have a man with wandering eyes that she would have to work hard in order to keep on herself: not that any woman should have to go through such degrading experience. There are women, however, who are abused by their illusive husbands who drag them to nude bars while pregnant with their children: at a sacred time of their lives when they must be worshipped in order to exude happiness and nurturance so that it transfers through their umbilical cord to their fetus. It is not a time when they should be confronted with their perhaps less-than-a goddess shape with cruelty, and be made to compete with women who are paid to win over their men, out of desperation. In my upcoming book entitled Love Patterns, I will explore patterns of intimacy and tools to excel in relationships in order to prevent the tragedies we watch daily on television caused by insensitive, disconnected men and women who are attracted to patterns of intimate illusion to the point of loss of Self and even endangering their children.
There are men whom in the absence of Self fear intimacy and abandonment and hide their degrading competitive patterns with women that lead them to prostitution in distorted attempt to claim dignity or to prove their desirability to their men. Yet no matter how destructive, relationships and their power struggle affect only two people, at least most of the time, our leadership and its patterns affect all Americans; standing up like a showpiece to be judged is liberating for no one, man or woman. It is deceiving, abusive and corrupt on all levels for all involved. It promotes indignity, numbs values of being a person. But I must add that the answer is prevention by Self-Knowledge, not by creating guilt or forced rules. For when the foundation has been wrong, the process must take place without punishment and force to avoid rebellion. Ultimately the choice of change is that of the individual, not an institution. Institutions are there to educate and to protect people from the consequences of their own neglect. For our congressmen to competitively prostitute themselves and line up to sell their loyalty, the people's trust and responsibility to the highest bid instead of standing up for their convictions and respecting the people who choose them, makes me ill. I am very disappointed that as a nation we allow such dehumanizing and corrupt patterns. Our leaders, too, are not at fault. Ever since they were children their parents taught them to compete with utmost aggression, and failed to teach wisdom, kindness, compassion, humble pride, love and fairness Power Balanced with competitive passion. As for religion, they learned worthlessness, guilt, and the shame of being born in sin. Thus they grew up without a Self.
The Bottom line
The bottom-line is the intent behind every action that counts and we the people must be able to recognize that. I am constantly aware of my own intent as I act upon the responsibility I have accepted as the voice of the people and their guide who holds the light up for them to see and choose their own path. We can easily prostitute ourSelf no matter what we are doing, if we allow the need for recognition and power to take over the freedom, the purpose and the conscience of our spirit. I have been approached many times by those who wanted me to use the credibility and power of my words to their benefit, and they would have highly rewarded me for it. No one would know, they said, and no one would get hurt. But my answer to them was that I would know, and my conscience would get hurt. And to me, that was more significant than an army of jurors and judges. And I punished mySelf more than the law would when I felt I deserved it. We must keep our intent clear if we want self respect. William Clinton was a breath of fresh air, a humanitarian with the passion to win the people's hearts and to fight for their rights. He had ambition and wanted to win. But the direction of his intent was right. Yes, he had indulgences and had made mistakes. But show me one who has not. He certainly has learned from, and heavily paid for, his. He came from the people and was elected by the aware people of this country, not by the power hungry, greedy, corrupt and the conscienceless who rob their own children of their health, welfare and happiness if it brings in the vote and the money. His kind and spiritual words of wisdom embraced the entire nation and won even the hearts of some of the hard core Republicans. But his words were exceptionally inspiring to the ears of the youth who had heard nothing up to that time but false bureaucratic jargon and arrogance. My seventeen year old son, an artist, has become interested in politics for the very first time: an interest that replaced his lack of trust. Inspired by the young heart of our President, he began telling me what he himself would do if he became President. My twenty one year old daughter, a young journalist, also began to express interest and faith in our political excellence. Families, communities and the entire country began to celebrate the hope of coming out of a depression that for years had crippled the entire nation. People had heard about the impressive parties and dinners at the White House but they could not identify with the wealth of the nation any more than the movies they watched on television of the dynasties they were not a part of. But Clinton planted the hope of prosperity in the heart of every person. He not only had regard for individuals and their feelings, but believed in a partnership with all Americans. He not only talked to the people, for a change, but also involved them in the process of his leadership, from appointing positions to giving invitations to his state dinners that were once kept a secret. People began to get a taste of what leadership could bring to them and began to feel empowered for the first time by their governmental system.
Bureaucracy exists on every level of any system and it must change. Bill Clinton fought it without hindering its effectiveness to protect the people. Everything he touched, every bill he put on the table, was about the people and their welfare, a passion he paid a heavy price for because of the giant industries who wanted him to focus on their prosperity: industries such as the National Rifle Association, drug industries, medical profession, and even the enterprising leadership of organized religion. Even his own party began to stay away from a man who was driven to making a difference instead of making a buck or a few million dollars on the side by the seductive lobbyists who in the past had literally ruled the system. The Republicans were approached by the powerful lobbyists of our nation and began filibustering every bill that came to their table. They were fuming with rage and every day we had to witness the harassment of Congress on television screens, intrusively and with utmost cruelty disturbing the peace of mind of our families and our children without the slightest consideration. Every seed that our President sowed with to bring us hope and get the nation out of its depression and recession was torn to pieces by a Republican before national television, negating all his words, saddening and confusing the people. People were asking each other what was going on. They saw how hard their President worked and could not understand why he was being so harassed. Furthermore, they could no longer tolerate the burden of the destructive games of politics that were crippling them. Instead of the government becoming the nurturing parent of the people and empowering them, they were expected to become the parents of a bunch of self-indulgent children who kept coming to mother to tear down each other's characters competitively and demand individual attention.
Society As The Patient
As a psychotherapist I see many families of that nature. Families who live a life of Power Struggle and thus hinder and damage the healthy development of their children. Parents who should be their children's protectors and peace and progression-makers act more juvenile than their own children, competing with their innocent and helpless children who are confused by such unfairness and lack of clear judgment. These Parents are not evil, but led by the evil of ignorance and the avalanche of expectation of their own Self, they damage their children by sheer frustration. When they see the damage and pain they have caused, they are willing to give their eyes to see and, if necessary, to change.
Our Congress was, and still is, acting in the same pattern as those families, playing the part of the parents who acted as self-indulgent children, neglecting and abusing the people who voted for them. People were exhausted by the end of the two year period. Happy that it was over. After all that abuse, if they did not have to see such power struggle daily, anything was going to be better. Maybe it was that sigh of relief that the Republicans saw as the wind of revolution. People of a free country would not have a revolution to regress and to return to the outdated old order of religion. But some of our Republican friends had all that planned out as well. I believe that many years of hard work and planning by a coalition of some leaders of the Republican Party with extremists has gone into what we watched on November 8. It was by no means a revolution by the people. It was soliciting votes by the leaders of organized religion from the churches and the innocent people, while promising favors to each other. It was the powerful lobbyists using people as objects of their plans of action. The sacred soul of the people and their devotion to their faith was used to win an election. Many children told me that their churches told their families that they should vote Republican. I was ill to my stomach but not surprised. I myself had been brainwashed by letter after letter from prominent Republicans telling me that my President is a traitor. Some people in their churches were given a videotape that linked the President of our country to Russian spies. Nonetheless, Republicans themselves were stunned that no one complained about the legitimacy of the turnout in the election. It was not that one party had gone and another had replaced it. America is used to that. What makes a country cry is replacement at the cost of sold-out freedom. This country was built on the spirit of freedom: of turning against bureaucratic old order that is now being sold and promoted as transformation and the answer to all our problems.
The Republicans have moved in. The entire atmosphere of Congress in session and in committees bring chills to intelligent people who can understand where a process of this kind is going and do not have to wait until the end to know the results of such actions. The young freshmen, sure of their man and the source of their continuous election by the same innocent people previously influenced to vote for them, arrogantly disrespect decent and honorable individuals who have spent their lifetime serving the people. I watched Secretary Shalala gracefully hide her feelings of discomfort and humiliation as the young Republicans, trained by Rush Limbaugh and Lord Gingrich, treated her with disrespect. The same with Secretary of State Warren Christopher who while talking, witnessed the same distinguished gentlemen exchanging notes with each other. The arrogant supremacy role-modeled and encouraged these days by our leadership in Congress and his auxiliary clan is not decent, nor is it spiritual, professional or ethical. It is not good role modeling for our children, and certainly not doing any good for our nation. The last time people were fed up with such arrogance, America witnessed the sixties. This time, I am afraid, it will be far more dangerous and costly a backlash. They have moved in and with them have brought an entirely new system: a system of slashing each and every department that represents humanity, people power, education, health, security and right protection. They are planting, as a replacement, the Department of Correction: a department that eliminates the regulations put upon the giants of industry for the sake of the health and security of the people. In reference to this department, the Speaker of the House Mr. Gingrich said, plain and simple, to the governors, If anyone is destructive, tell us and we'll get rid of them My friends, when he said that he was addressing his own colleagues. He has not yet decided what department he will create for the little people who stand in the way of his contract with the industry giants. We have already been the witness of this distinguished gentleman and his friend Richard Armey's sensitive emotions to the media intrusions. Ironically, the epitome of media intrusion, which has focused for two solid years on the President of this country and his family, is awarded by Republicans, while others are scolded for asking questions. As Senator Dole said, sad but true, negative campaigning works. True. It works for the leaders who want to win at the cost of manipulating the people. Dole has cleverly succeeded in doing so for the past year. He filibustered every bill that the Democratic Party and the President tried to pass. Now the first thing he says as he runs for presidency is that if the right President were in the White House, things would be different. Knowing the standard for rightness for the Republicans this year, I, for one, am glad that they are not approving our President. When the pendulum of power swings, however, we find many revealing patterns and multidimensions. For instance, I don't know what Senator Gramm will do with his four million, as he already summarized his presidential plans in three words: balancing the budget. I think the rest of the money will go to his true intent that he also voiced: "Taking our country back from Bill Clinton," meaning that he will use four million dollars not to tell us about himself, but to further tear down our President. He is right. The people want their country back. But Clinton is not the one who has taken it away from them. It is those who are supposed to speak for America, and yet are abandoning more than half of the Americans. The people want more from their President than just someone who promises to balance the budget. I assume that government, as in families with meaningful and enriched lives, can hire someone for that. What is significant, however, is leadership that understands and stands for all its members. In families, and I believe it holds true with a system of government, it is more significant to actively create prosperous opportunities than to sit in a corner with the door closed counting one's money: a direction many Republicans have been suggesting when it comes to the patterns of governing in a global economy. But while they are frightening the people of the patterns of prosperity for political gains only, they welcome the green eyed monster at any cost and from anyone offering.
Obedience to Authority
I had a very disturbing dream on the day I watched the new congress in action on the McCullum 666 Bill that gives power to force and dictatorship and takes away the right of the people to their lives and privacy: the Bill that gives police officers the right to search and seizure without an outside warrant and second opinion. Since we have not yet had our police force reform and we know that the job breeds aggression and impulsiveness, let alone the prejudice and bigotry we have seen many instances of in our own conservative cities, believing in police first and assuming guilt before it is proven is another oppression tactic and silencing of the voice of the people by the Republican party. Now everyone that is not obedient can easily be framed. I understand that there have been many frustrating situations for the officers when they know they have a drug dealer on their hands and cannot, as they say, "nail him." But I also believe, as I tell my children, that truth can be patient. It is evil that is always in a hurry. Unless those honorable officers need to bust a drug dealer to get to their own fix, they can wait until they get a warrant and do it as Mr. Gingrich has started teaching American civilization. But we only talk a lot, and in action we are all just as primitive as our ancestors were, back in the eighteenth century. I think that if Mr. McCullum and his group were not so much against prevention, we probably would have passed many Bills for Crime Prevention and would not have had to burn the innocent to get to the guilty. Ted Koppel had a program on Nightline, where in a prison the criminals and the congressmen sat on opposite sides and talked. It was difficult for me to guess who is taken for a criminal, and who was truly sounded guilty. It is difficult sometimes not to be the blind obedient in life whom our leaders want us to be. For some, like Martin Luther King, it even costs their lives. Yet when one reaches a certain Life Pattern where to see or not to see is no longer an option and the perception and the vision is clear, one cannot turn back and have it any other way. But there are many whom remain silent about what they see. Indeed, many times silence is the ultimate Pattern of Wisdom. However, we are living in a critical time of history when silence will cost us humanity and the future of our children. I can understand at this moment when I am writing these words on white paper the reason why many died for their cause and passion. It has taken me strength to shed the imposed upon sentimental patterns and tactics implemented by the leaders of our society to use the people as objects, in order to come to a full circle of my true sentimental passion. There is a time for everyone whose soul has been universally embraced by the ultimate power, when a lifelong mission and purpose larger than Self gives meaning to life, beyond any actualizing patterns that temporarily merge between the intervals of remission, and takes precedence over a life of denial and submission. In reference to the media patterns, when I wrote Pattern Change Programing: Creating Your Own Destiny in January of 1994, initially I objected to the intrusiveness of the media and was quite critical of its lack of boundary. I sent a copy of that book to some major newspapers and television hosts, along with several authors and known political leaders. I was concerned that by the time I got around to the red tape of being heard, it would be too late to make any difference in the tragic swing of our society whose patterns at that time I felt were turning. The patterns of Media, has swung today to the other side, far too exaggerated. I was watching Speaker Gingrich's daily meeting with the media one day and could not believe my ears. I would like to hope that my book made a difference in their pattern, which demonstrates more ethical boundary by my Laws of success and spiritual excellence and patterns of Responsibility-Freedom-Boundary. But I am afraid this was more like seeing the making of patterns of dark oppression created by leadership patterns of misuse of power through intimidation and bullying. It was in February. Reporters who are usually aggressive to the point of intrusiveness were afraid of asking legitimate questions. Each time someone would straighten up, gathering courage and curiosity to ask about the multidimensional and beyond boundary activities of the Speaker of the House (such as advocating the cut of public broadcasting television funds, which is the source of unbiased education, while raising funds with fifty thousand dollar dinner plates to have his own television network of one-sided Christian brainwash which we already have too many of), he would label their questions as allegations. He replied to one reporter who was begging for his sensitivity to his responsibilities as Speaker of the House, something to the effect that he had been sensitive all these years and it has not done any good. I am not sure how mature or responsible a justification that statement is for a House Speaker and I don't know how much power it takes for Mr. Gingrich to have in order to get rid of the chip on his shoulder. But that does not justify a Speaker of the House to abandon the people he is to be the voice of. With his leadership on slashing the Constitution of United States, I don't think it is his popular or appropriate tradition to speak for or to protect: not nearly as popular as his promotion of fanatic religious limitations of the old order and outdated government bureaucracy on the people and calling it new revolution. But the funny part was when he put President Clinton down for trying to put an end to the baseball strike. He said that he should be doing what he is getting paid for. I find that funny and hypocritical: typical patterns of the Speaker about anything for which he shows passion. It seems to me that he is in absolute denial of his own boundaryless actions and their global impact on people of his own country and on other nations, while remaining sensitive to and critical of the actions of others. This is a man who criticizes a President, a man more committed to his position than any President I have witnessed in the past twenty four years of my citizenship of this country, for playing golf occasionally. He says he does not deserve to play, whereas he justifies packing up by the millions like a bandit on his credentials as a Speaker even before he sets foot in office. To this day, except for his wheeling and dealing with big lobbyists, I have not seen him yet give an honest day's work on the job: the job he keeps delegating to others after heavily giving himself a raise. I suppose the four million dollar book contract is demanding all his attention. Sadly, what he and his gang don't realize (the label he himself put on a group of fine Senators who are on to what he is doing and want answers), is that by character, Democrats and our President have had good intentions behind their convictions: something that, as hard as I am trying, I cannot see in his actions nor in the actions of our new Congress. For the fire of anger they have carelessly and brutally incited among the people which will soon burn the entire nation and not just those they are aiming at, the President wants to pour water on. Since there is a suspicion that our Republican friends appealed to a wide variety of angry white males with the same chip on their shoulder as our new Congress, and angry, oppressed religious fanatics, the President wants to protect and bring back the healthy pastime of baseball instead of the gladiator-like game of football or role-modeling of our new leaders promoting aggression and lack of sensitivity detrimental to healthy patterns of humanity. Besides, putting an end to the monopoly of big business, even if it is sports, is a good place to start to end the monopoly of any big lobbyist on America's destiny. I heard something even more amusing by our Speaker the other day. He was saying that our President should be more than just a President for the Democratic aisle; he should be a President for the country. Always managing to be hypocritical, he forgets that he, as Speaker of the House, must abide by the same rule. After all, he himself has only been a profitable Speaker for Gingrich, the Republican Party, religious extremists and powerful lobbyists: all of whom share a common pattern of making their best bets on the top man to hire: Speaker Gingrich, a man solely responsible for the downward swing of patterns of humanity in a democratic country. Gingrich would not think twice about selling the future and the freedom of our children or his own to the highest bid, whether it be to a saint or to the devil himself, as long as he pays his fee. Gingrich who has single-handedly (well, maybe with a little help from his gang of Bill busters and Rush, his protégé) managed to divide the entire nation. And he did that based on the issues that our fathers have already shed blood for decades ago so that they can leave a free land as their legacy and guarantee the future of their children; guaranteed by the bells of liberty. This man thinks that he has invented civilization and teaches color and belief preference in a free country while he can sit down and, with a straight face, tell reporters who long ago stopped questioning him that our President should be a President for all the people of this country. While planning his four billion dollar book, his Christian television network to substitute unbiased, informative public broadcasting, and his national teaching course neglecting his job as Speaker, he is going around spreading the seeds of cynicism not just between us all, but also about the President of our country. I don't believe in stereotyping people. I have written a book entitled Beyond Patterns that questions limitations of traditional diagnosis in mental health. But when I come across people of supreme arrogance who label an entire country as counter culture just because they have been paid to convert everyone to one failed dogma and culture that they themselves have alienated from, I think one cannot prevent putting them in perspective. The fact is that the American people have been deceived by the new congress and are being sold out and dumped into the dark hole of eighteenth century. We in the mental health profession call similarly patterned actions schizophrenic double-bind, manic depressive attack, or multiple personality. These are the diagnoses we give people who feel inferior within as a result of childhood rigid programing they advocate to the entire country while all along carrying a chip on their shoulder, alienated from themselves and others, thus punishing those who allow them to feel superior, those who remind them of their inner imperfections, or those who seem comfortable with their Self. Many leaders who have abused their people come from these patterns of relating, such as Hitler and Stalin. I am sure that when these men were ruling, if people spoke up, others would reject them for their paranoia and lack of regard for their leaders. But would anyone feel the same, today? In truth, many leave Steven Spielberg's shocking movie entitled Schindler's List feeling angry wondering why the people didn't stop such a tragedy, while they go home and blindly support the Republican Party. Let us learn from past history and not allow mistakes to repeat. Hitler and his men were not outcasts of the German society. They were the elite who had a great deal of credibility. We the people must learn to recognize the good and the bad underneath the impressive exterior clothing. Anyone watching C-Span (which in itself is a blessing as a tool of Self-Knowledge and information about what is happening under the blue skies of democracy by those we feed and promote to protect our society) would get chills on their backs comparing the patterns of today's American politics with the tragic makings of victimization in world history.
Brilliant Minds, Heartless Actions
Democrats in nature have shown consistent patterns of serving the people who elected them with utmost decency. They are compromising and demonstrate a capacity for sharing power or at times, powerlessness as a minority, and doing it with the universal compassion and wisdom necessary for maintaining global peace and unity. They too play politics. What politician doesn't? And they too will use their deductive reasoning to make scores. But they are always civilized, decent and stop playing politics when it comes too close to risking the welfare of the people: of all the people, not just a chosen few. That is the true meaning of values and spirituality, not just dry rhetoric that is automatically used as campaign slogans by those who show distinct dissonance between their words and actions. It seems to me that nurturance and wisdom while serving the people is a pattern common to liberal democrats in all nations. Democrats everywhere seem less self indulged. Only the people of denial of consciousness indulge themselves with whatever tools that numb them from caring. When I hear Tony Blair and Paddy Ashdown (Leaders of the British Democratic Counsel) talking, I wish that our Democrats who joined Republicans this year would receive lessons of democracy and liberation from these gentlemen who put regard, compassion and aspiration for the people they are serving above the decision to join the popular side of the aisle. But the charade goes on intensely under our democratic skies. Our new congress with brilliant minds, heartless actions did not even lighten up when the Democrats put their pride on the line and begged for mercy on the people when Senator McCullum was promoting the amendment to his bill that would make it even more brutal to citizens. In a country that for centuries has enjoyed the ideal of innocent until proven guilty it is now innocent until the police officer decides you are guilty. And when he does, you won't even have time to defend yourself, even if innocent. This competes with barbarian dictatorship in other countries we label as inhumane for their boundaryless laws such as the ones we have been passing. Indeed, America and her star war strategy of our revolutionists of hate, not hope, will be the beginning of new global patterns of leadership inspiring from this role-model country, where there is no contract for peace and progression advocacy. Increasing defense at a time when all other countries have put up a white flag of democracy and peace, giving the policemen more rights than innocent citizens without even a process of prevention and education to sensitize policemen to the critical ethical and moral responsibility on their shoulders, to take away the rights of the citizens to defend themselves, as well as dumping the people like unwanted orphans into the hands of the angrier fanatic religion, as promised, is competing with the Eugenic Colony in Virginia years ago that humbled even Hitler and his men.
It was building up long before the election on November 8. The preparation has been one of long-term and careful planning. When Mr. Dick Cheney of the Bush Administration said, on television, to send Bill and Hillary home, for a public who was trying to relax and heal from the misuse and harassment of his campaign, let alone the neglect of the people by his administration and policies, his action was not an intent to build or even to restore hope in America. Bob Dole, the leader of the Republican Party, going on television whenever our President tried to send a message of hope and progression, undermining his intentions and authority, was not of great intent for America. It only stirred the people's emotions and feelings of safety and security to create an unbearable enough situation for the people to stop trying and asking. Appointing a republican prosecutor was not good enough for our congress because he did not hang the President. Getting a real hangman to do the job he had already started without asking or even consulting the people, does not have the appearance of an intent to restore justice, American welfare or dignity. Hunting dogs who smell blood won't let go of a dying man. But they soon leave his body alone if they are not too hungry. We seem to have many hungry dogs in our new congress who have disgraced the name of politicians and their own political party. It appears to me that Mr. Lamar Alexander is following his star war classmates' footprints when he nominates Bill Bennett for Surgeon General and shares their brilliant idea of abolishing the Department of Education and increase defense to maximum at the time of global peace. Now, as well as then, we have the followers of such evil. Fanatic religious hatred and ignorance promoters, frightened of education that opens the minds of the people and allows them to question, have been waiting for this day. Mr. Alexander, the Republicans and religious leadership call themselves conservative. I would like to define conservatism. Because the more I look around, the less I see any conservatives; all I see is fanaticism.
Conservatism, or Dictatorship
I am a conservative woman. I even used to consider myself a Republican. I showed up at the 400 Club, my favorite Republican gatherings (that should truly become exemplary for the rest of the Republicans as far as humanitarian patterns of being) to support global prosperity while maintaining spirituality. I never attached myself to any specific party, however, and have always been a freelance at the support I give to any group in society. Belonging to a party or organization makes one blind to the multidimensions of all other life truths and possibilities. Time and peer pressure in any group makes one stamped property. Don't get me wrong. There are wonderful attributes to belonging to a specific entity. The recognition, the familiarity, the kinship, the support system, and most of all, the source of referral in this country feeds only from being affiliated to a specific organization. One can keep talking without truly saying anything. One can keep listening and smiling without truly hearing. But the only drawback is that little by little, one can no longer speak the truth of one's own voice and the inner voices to which one feels connected. It all becomes the business, as usual, of politics and high society. All people are nice and friendly at some point or other or with select people. Even Hitler and his followers had campaign dinners and went to operas, had pets and made love passionately. Besides, we won't want to hurt anyone's feelings. They might take exception with it and hold it against us. Especially now when everything seems directly related to our character, and our character is directly related to whom we pay, and how much, and whom we pray to, and where. Soon, there will be no mention of independence of mind and action that stirs up the young minds and hearts when they talk about an issue that to them means something: something more than can be measured at the polls of popularity. But soon we may see many perfect candidates who have never done anything wrong in their lives; at least not anything that anyone would dare questioning. In fact, some of us are already reprimanded for our curiosity, which is now called allegation by Lord Gingrich who has declared all children endowed by his creator: the one up there with the most trickle down power and money system. In my conservative hometown, people get invited to all kinds of charities and parties where they are advised to bring their own booze, their own plate of money, their own bible and their own mates: to swap, that is. I thought it was the American way that everyone had to French kiss my former husband and sit on his lap. I hear horror stories from my clients of broken hearts and marriages that are built upon conservative values. The need to blend and fit in is a significant pattern to not just immigrants who will do anything not to be identified as unwanted aliens. The natives of this country are also lost souls with calendars full of meaningless events to cheer on meaningless speeches and forget about their children at home from the fear of being forgotten by their friends or their party. It is this innocent need to fit into the box, the poll of approval, that is being used by the leadership of this society. I am a conservative woman. I have evolved into a spiritual being. There is not a day that goes by without my prayers, my private prayers for my children and the people I love, and even for the people I don't love, and the well being of our country and the survival of humanity. I do not belong to a church, I don't pay half of my income to Father John for a larger government of religion, and I am not Christian. I am a fine being. If the world had my inner fairness and ethics, we would all be safe, excelling, and I don't need Mr. Gingrich's lessons on civilization to become a real American. We have enough of those around who must change before we all can begin living safely. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't show up at bars to pick up a one night stand. I teach and practice spirituality, and have raised my children and family with love and patterns of inner ethics and principles of humanity. I don't like what is happening in our country either. It is difficult to raise children and have a family in such calamity. I don't like much that I see on television, and am disenchanted by what my children are freely getting. I live a quiet life and have said no to many opportunities so that I can have a balanced family life and take responsibility for the path my family is taking. But I don't choose my friends by the color of skin and I don't hate my neighbors for the difference of their faith. I have helped many Christians gain more faith towards themselves and their own family by fighting the damage done to them by rigid rules and negative messages caused by hateful preaching and lack of education and Self-Knowledge. But I am not ignorant nor fanatic. I don't sell my soul for the price of popularity and vote, nor do I blindly accept whatever is handed to me. It is very significant to recognize that the crime taking place on streets is not exclusive to any one religion or race and does not exempt Christianity. If we take polls we will be amazed by the ratio of angry white male who rape women, rob people of their treasured privacy in one way or another, whom own nude bars and exploit women, push drugs on children, are members of gangs and kill without a conscience and are leaders of corrupt organizations destructive to our society and family. Many alter boys have cried with me, their guilt for their patterns of inhumanity. So let's stop being self-righteous. Even Jesus said self-righteousness is the highest sin. And let's not blame the government when it has only been picking up the mess left and caused by the failure of religion to strengthen faith and spiritual self-discipline. And if it had done any good for its own people it would not have been so bad when others are constantly harassed and intruded upon by the door to door name-callers, on street corners and now even in parks, beaches and markets. It is yet another effect of the contract we see on our streets; Preachers not leaving people alone to live freely in a free country. So to tell Mr. Alexander about what he has in common with conservatism, my perception is quite different from his, for I see the ocean when he sees the creek. His perception is an ideal one. It is what conservatism has been, not what it is being called today. Vice President Quayle said in his last speech as presidential candidate at C-PAC (I wonder if he heard me saying he should not run at this time, for he would destroy his name as a real Republican conservative): "We are the silent majority and we must not be silent anymore. We have in common the idea of less government, less regulation, individual liberty and strong national defense." I congratulate him for being so inspiring to the innocent youth of America who have placed their trust in the idea of conservatism being practiced today. I want to say, however, that there is more in common with today's religious fanaticism than meets the eye. Yes, Republican leaders want less government not because they want to be independent and free, but because they want people more dependent on a larger, older, more dictatorial government of religion. Less regulation would be favorable to the giants of industry who don't want anyone to tell them they cannot prosper at the cost of the health and safety of the American children and families. But there is no way you can convince me that religious fanaticism allows individual liberty. We are just going through the battle of them taking away all the liberty and right that individual had earned under a democratic congress of this free country. Especially when all those precious children grow up being told they are born sinners and should not have a Self, and should give it all to the bigger-than-government Daddy. So let's celebrate getting people off of welfare and addict them to religious handouts while the real goodies are being split between the most privileged in the party. And as for the strong defense, it seems to me that spirituality by their definition means hating neighbors and guarding against everyone who is not wearing the pin given to them by their church or their specific party. I don't think I am exaggerating. I think this is a tragedy that our free country must overcome, as the real silent majority speaks, the voices of the People Power combined with the Universal Power and the hymns of Humanity.
Culture Wars In a Free Country
Speaker Gingrich so eloquently talks about "counter cultures" and links them to drugs and the White House. In regards to immigrants, he says, "They come here and they become like us. We are a superior nation." I agree with him wholeheartedly. We do become like you, Mr. Speaker. But not for too long. Our true Self arises as we grow from the vast blissful knowledge we gain in the objective environment of education: an education you are planning to take away from the natives of this culture. We get to know our Self and our inherent worth and value and we become clear: something many natives have been taught against, and are paying for, today. Although education has helped many to become leaders and powerful decision-makers, it is not wise for certain leaders to advise others to follow the same path and enjoy the equality of power. Leaders like Mr. Gingrich and Congressman Armey and the Senator who wants to get people to work out of high school without education and with low pay, don't tell people they will lose their option to become senators, congressmen and doctors and lawyers who make more than minimum wage, if they don't continue their education. These types of leaders have found the path to lopsided prosperity and trickle-down charity through keeping the people down on the bottom, to serve them. And, of course, the familiar pattern of the old government of religion has always been to keep everyone blind, dependent and obedient. That is why many of those who are successful are amongst immigrants who believe in education as it is ingrained within them by their culture. Education is not just to get office jobs or even to make money. It is to learn how to live in a society with others, to learn how to compromise and cooperate, and to learn to utilize the mind to make decisions and act civilized and independent. That is why the department of humanities is being slashed by the Republicans who are influenced by the old order of organized religion; people who are aware of their power will want Power Balance and will no longer be satisfied with Trickle Down Effect: an imbalance of justice of American society that our President has been trying to change. He is wise enough to know that although by keeping the people down many prosper financially, that is also the reason underlying the crisis we live in, and society's downward patterns of humanity. Still, when it comes to learning fundamentals values, and when it comes to pointing fingers to blame, immigrants and different cultures are always at the forefront by our Republican congressmen. Not their financial and societal contributions or their ancient heritage, but their troubles they bring to this perfect and superior race. God would shiver if he could hear the tragic stories that are told in His name, and would cry if he could see the crime being done in the name of thee. I am grateful that I live in this country. It truly is the best place on earth. I am honored to have known so many wonderful people that I would not have known had I stayed in my own country; including the person I myself have come to be. I would never replace the experiences and opportunities I have been given to become who I am in this lifetime by the combined freedom-responsibility I am offered by freedom and liberty. Some of my best friends are natives of this country: those with whom I share a great deal. My children were born here. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn to counsel many who have trusted me. As far as all the fuss about class and formal existence, I would not give an ounce of freedom I have gained here, in my democratic country, to live my life for any oppressive aristocracy. We must water all the flowers of the garden of Eden equally, or we will fail to maintain a flourishing, ever-green garden we can all treasure with humble pride and dignity. And if it hurts us to hear someone talking us down, then we must first take a look within and change our own Patterns of feeling superior by stepping on someone else's character and dignity. But if some Republican congressmen truly want to have their country back and become isolationists, we should let them. After all, if they slash the humanities and dry up public education and if they want us to all turn Christian, then maybe we should all go back to where we came from and give the country back to its original owners: the Native Americans who are also treated as foreigners in their own land. Then with a few fanatic Republicans they can all create another backlash of the sixties, caused by rigid rules, expectations, interpretations and upbringing: something that the Republican Congress is trying to rewrite and deny altogether. As with the Republican Presidencies, they are trying to rewrite their own version of history: another suggestion from their wise man who has practically ruined the country by his comic tragedy. This new breed truly thinks that the entire country consists of little children who have no memory of their own. Or even if they do, if playback is used time after time, they can all take it as fact and be deceived. As I said somewhere else in this free association book note of mine, the remaking of the backlash of the sixties in this information age of Mr. Gingrich will be a way of no return and no home run for anyone involved, at the end of The Last Inning.
But leaving America and being left alone by America is not that simple for those who have some awareness of the global patterns in the twentieth century. America has gained leadership by interfering in the affairs of other countries, positively and negatively. According to the information age of Mr. Gingrich, the smallest town in Iran, Italy, Africa, France or anywhere on the globe will be affected by the American Heritage that will be taught to the people of this country. America has worked hard to be the role model country and has always been the lead for whatever goes on internationally. I am afraid that the walls have come down, no matter how hard the leadership of our land of liberty wishes to build them back up, arrogantly and ignorantly. Because every individual's true home in this historical decade will be the universe: a home filled with family members who possess multidimensional patterns and diversity; a home where the only law that would speak to the people is a non-selective universal power of compassion, parental wisdom and nurturance embracing us all, equally.
I remember that when I came to America in 1971, I had brought with me several suitcase of European clothes. My mother traveled to Europe to visit my sister and filled up her suitcases for us. We were always well dressed. In Persian culture, one always dresses nicely and formally outside of the home. I used to be laughed at in college for being formally dressed. So I made a special effort to wear jeans. Later on I realized that my brand new and clean jeans were not good enough to fit in. So I started wearing the old looking jeans. It felt great when no one made any remarks about the way I dressed. It was common in those days for American women to shop in their polyester pants that are now becoming fashionable again, and to shop during the day in their curlers. I couldn't do that. Although I used to iron my hair when I was a teenager, I didn't use curlers. But I was able to have American fast food in place of Persian food, with its hours of steamed preparation. I must have become Americanized. The same with my accent. It was an English accent because they teach us that way in our schools. I was laughed at for being so proper. I amused my American relatives and friends. So I began talking in broken sentences and pretending I had something in my mouth. It worked. Sitting properly, which was what we had learned all of our lives, also had to change. Putting my feet on the table really made me feel at home. But when it came to some of the other things, although I tried to fit in for a short while the old principles my parents had taught me and my integrity took over. To this day, I work hard to be a role model to my children. It has taken a great deal of time and effort to raise them without the need to fit in. Many children and teenagers out there are truly lost souls. Their patterns of relating are too primitive to even be considered human let alone, humane. Some are filled with drugs and alcohol because their fragile bodies and minds cannot handle the pressure they are put under without the Self Love they need in order to keep perspective on what is real from what is in vain. Some have been so controlled and oppressed that they think that in order to be different, they have to rebel against even their own welfare and their own will. And there are parents who think that being hip parents means to become like their children, confusing their children further. They think friendship means regressing to their child's age. We see many examples of that on our television shows that truly turn my stomach. Many parents simply have their priorities distorted. Fighting for family values slogan of their party to win leaves them no energy by the end of the day to focus on the well being of their own children; values they were never taught, let alone to know how to teach them to their children. (I am not referring to preaching guilt and shame to the innocent people by calling them helpless, worthless and sinful from birth.
I am talking abut teaching people how to connect with their children and how to love their Self so they can teach their children Self-Love, Self-Control and Self Discipline and prevent the imbalanced patterns for which they are blamed.) And there are those parents and children who have been so bashed and bruised by negative connotations of unreasonable societal neglect, lack of boundary and support, and mountains of expectations, that they are merely surviving and have left living for another lifetime to taste. Trying to fit in instead of standing our ground with a strong Self, for anyone, even in the garden of Eden, has its price. For some of us, when we see injustice, inhumanity, inequality, rigidity and hypocrisy, and want to be true to our Self by not joining in, people look at us strangely. When we gain perspective, grow up and have responsibilities, when we are looked at as one of them, praised, honored, fed, introduced and cheered for, we graciously pay our dues for our package of prosperity. For a long time I did not remember my roots or my destination. I belonged with the cream of the crop, perfectly. And why not? I had done all the right things. I had paid my dues the hard way by higher education and hard work. I had paved the way for myself and my children to live just like one of them: I had become one of them. It was such an achievement that for years I forget who I truly was. I did not realize that in order to become one of them, I had blocked the truth of mySelf. I was not raised in this country. I came here at twenty one and have spent more than half of my life as an American. When I came here, and even until last year, I was proud to be American. I felt I was breathing the sacred air of liberty and freedom. But I know those who have horror stories about our land of freedom coming from times when prejudice and bigotry had blinded many of our leaders. I am referring to the Eugenic Colony where people were sterilized because they did not fit into the perfect picture of our nation. Or about the time before President Lincoln when a Mormon colony was robbed and burned by the orders of the government. This past year many people have been feeling the same fear.
In a country whose mainstreams are Rush and Newt, whose prejudice and bigotry is smelled across thousands of miles of distance, causing people's lives, no one, not even those whom stand up for such acts of violence, should feel safe. Hatred and bigotry is not an indication of loyalty to anyone but tormented minds that live in darkness and fear. For someone who humbly says he is "going to make a lot of dumb mistakes," he is indeed in quite a denial about all the mistakes he is making, at the present. I lived in a conservative neighborhood where many came to me for advise. I knew that I would never stop working. Even if something happened to me I would never degrade myself to turn to any welfare program, and I resented those who wanted to prosper from my hard-earned living; intelligent, independent and I could go anywhere and do anything I wished. I had learned not to let anything intimidate me. Life was an open book of successful challenges leading to abundance and prosperity. I held training seminars for professionals on creating and maintaining success and competence, Fear of Success, and Patterns of Excellence. I had gained a great deal of credibility amongst my clients and colleagues and knew that when I wrote my books that I would be right there with the best of them having everything it takes for ultimate success. That is, except for the unlimited voters from the churches. Church is the best networking joint. Many only go there for opportunities their church affiliations promise. But my problem was that during the many times I went there I could not socialize as it seems customary in churches. I was too spiritually attuned to be networking. That's the way I am; deep, and I take everything seriously. That way I feel both joy and pain, intensely.
It is very easy, as you see, under such circumstances of ample opportunity in a land that breeds prosperity, to forget our soul and give it away as a gift of loyalty. It was not hard to do when one considers what can be that bad if it is asked of, in a free country? What could be expected that would take away one's dignity? I already had established my boundaries and knew who I was and was not going to lose my integrity for anything. So what could be that bad to be expected for a free soul in a free country? A free soul that rises with the power of the passion for freedom, truth, and individual dignity? A question you must ask of yourself: what could be that bad to be demanded of anyone, in a free, democratic country...?
When I suddenly decided to write Answer to Humanity and Pattern Change Programing after years of teaching its principles, and seven other books driven from them, my thought patterns were far more different from all the years I had planned my success strategy. In January of 1994, I was called upon by my inner voice to become the voice of the people with a passion far too controversial and against my long-term life plans of calculated and hard-earned success and prosperity. Although I felt all of my life pain and suffering as well as joy and happiness was preparing me for something larger than just living successfully happy, and I always had the purpose of serving humanity, a powerful sense of mission was growing within me that was stronger than anything I had ever before experienced. It was a power that captured my focus for an entire year: a year since which I have never been the same. At first I thought that not remaining in the center was a sabotage of success. Others who knew me likewise told me that I was too good at doing what I did to ruin it with such controversy. Although I agreed with them, I was no longer concerned about the effects of my work on my success rate. I was merely doing what was written in my destiny. Even this may sound strange from an individual who has and will try the rest of her life to prove that we can, indeed, create our own destiny. It is true. I have changed my own one hundred and eighty degrees. Someday I will write about my life story. But I believe that unless we shed the status quo and open our wings and fly away from the roof where the man standing on top keeps feeding us with the intent of keeping us addicted and greedy enough to come back for more, obediently and blindly, and until we dare to fly away and find our own life seeds of love and meaning, we will never be equipped or deserving of our true destiny. Our destiny is written for us not only by the Self within us, but also by the collective power of wisdom and nurturance embracing us all with non-selective compassion, universally. That is the definition of the freedom of soul, of mind and of body: a freedom that if taken away, will leave only the skin that covers the shell, the body, and a skull that holds the brain, disconnected from the enlightened power of the free, untainted, non-addictive and unclaimed soul, mind and body.
Gridlock of Political Scrutiny
At this historic time of universal crisis, when the world is looking up to the leaders of their choice, many feel that we are at the mercy of overindulgent children who have chosen politics as their competitive playground of indulgence. From terrorizing each other's character, framing one another for amusement to calling each other names and appearing before the nationally televised programs to tell on one other; we have seen it all during the past few years. Instead of mutual cooperation of a group of mature and wise leaders who take turns serving the people of their country, we have witnessed the lack of strength and tolerance of those who are too self-indulged and blind without a Self to care about the safety and welfare of their society. We the people have been victimized, manipulated, abused and brainwashed to believe it is our welfare that drives such inhumane Patterns amongst our leaders. We have been even further pushed, unethically, to being a part of it, to carry it for them, and to forevermore be burdened by the guilt and sin of this shared conspiracy. The proof of lack of sincerity and intent of pure partisanship comes from the fact that some do not even give others a chance to be proven wrong by results of their own performances. When some leader is clearly doing something for the people, they are fast to filibuster, which means congressional obstruction, to show their muscles.
One of the saddest of such presentations was summarized in the words of one congressman who went before national televised cameras after President Clinton's Address of State of the Union. This bright and competent man, who could have easily gained the respect of others by focusing on what he could do for the people, among other things said that our present President was not going to be a good enough leader, that his speech was not his own, and that he had actually copied it from another president. Immediately after that, the true politician, who seems to be always talking against the other aisle without saying anything meaningful, appeared without having any agenda, said that he and his party will oppose whatever they will find worth opposing. Somehow, they all missed the process of congratulating the incoming party, shaking hands with their new president, and waiting to see how he would be doing.
And Mr.Lamar Alexander has not only brought the same depression onto the people in his first speech, as his boss did; he also, like the rest of the Republican candidates, betrayed America by selling us out to the unconstitutional takeover of the church and its unlawful influence on the states and the congress. He has demonstrated to us that he too lacks the sacred universal code of ethics we must hold our leadership responsible to, if we don't intend to lose our rights. Cleverly suggesting to the people that the President should resign by saying that the presidents of other countries with a parliament would have done so, in a critical time when people are already frightened about the country and the world is unstable, was no sign of caring for the people or wisdom. Instead, it was business as usual, of using people of this country as objects of power. We the American people must help these old-timers understand that not all of this country is under the spell of their tactics of fear and intimidation, and not all of this country is raised by idealizing father figures, adhering to blind obedience.
Many immigrants who have built America remember the oppression their fathers experienced by the sins of organized and fanatic religion. Many immigrants who built America have taught their children to learn from their experiences and have taught them well so they would not have to live the dictatorship they ran away from. Many immigrants who have faced oppression in their own lands will not allow their second homes to be burnt in hell by the hands of distorted and bigoted men. It is offensive to me, personally, that the President I voted for is the target of attack of every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is offensive to me, personally, that people are being used as objects and looked at as mindless possessions of anyone who would like a piece of the action. It is offensive to me that those who have had their chances as leaders are such poor losers, and are interfering with the peace and stability of my country for their own personal profit and need for power. Mr. Alexander could run for president but leave our President alone. And the same goes for the rest of them and the Concord Coalition gang and the likes of them who did nothing when it was their own turn and now they are standing outside of the ring and want to jump in with hot air. For them to say that the President we elected cannot do his job and that they should interfere is the most un-American and unethical let alone too unprofessional an act even among a group of dirty old politicians. It undermines the system in which they serve under, undermines the intelligence of the nation, and undermines them as ethical and professional politicians. I want these accusations and power plays to stop. They are destroying my home and my piece of mind and that of my children and family and anyone I know and any friend that I have. I would have supported any president with Clinton's characteristics no matter what side of the aisle he or she came from. We Americans must stand by our votes of confidence. What has become of us when every manipulator in town and every door-to-door salesman is trying to get a piece of us? Aren't we the children of those heroes who knew what they wanted when they traveled across the oceans to make a home in a free land? Or are we all the orphans of boys town; the Speaker's old order robot-making dreamland.
Bill Clinton is our president and he is our only hope for global peace and democracy. He is the only one who believes in the people and sees them as his equal. Beginning the presidential campaign by assassinating the character of the President the country has elected seems like evil in the making all over again. Mr. Alexander said, in regard to our President, "There is nothing up there. He has delegated foreign policy to a former president and domestic policy to the Speaker of the House." Mr. Alexander has his fact distorted, typical of today's Republican. The Speaker of the House, and in fact the entire new congress, have taken away the domestic policy from our president like pirates taking over unclaimed lands. Our present congress was voted in not by the people of free will and independence, but by those who are on the payroll of the most powerful lobbyists: the National Rifle Association and the organized religion to whom the Republican Party now owes a favor. As our President built, they destroyed. Every brick was knocked over by these honorable gentlemen. And now they have brought back the good policies made and written by democrats and have fit in their own personal ideologies and agendas beneath appearances of a contract for America. No one has bothered to tell these gentlemen that we thought we already had a contract with America for the past two hundred years. So either the original one was not good enough, or this one is a fake. I am not against renewal and change. I like the idea of safer streets, the proposal for keeping our own money in our own pockets and balancing our budget like we expect the nation to do. We must keep in mind, however, that no American truly has a balanced budget. As Senator Leahy said, we all have golden cards and we all borrow in the hopes that we can someday pay back. As long as we are not distorted about what we make and what we borrow, that is the idea of the American Balanced Budget Plan. So I am not against creativity and ingenuity that keeps us moving ahead in the history of man, woman, child, African American, Christian, Moslem, and Jew: in short, of all Americans. I am against giving us the last decade's old order under the name of revolution. I call that regression, oppression and the abuse of a nation. The President of our country has been consistently harassed for the past two years by the Republican Party coalition and their strong lobbyists. He was not willing to sell out America to the bandits of health, heart and soul of this country. That is why he is being treated with utmost inhumanity.
We cannot simultaneously say that we are spiritual beings on one hand and with the other hand slash the livelihood of innocent servants of humanity. I am sure most of the respectable Christian families are just as confused and abused about this charade as the rest of the country. They have been even more used than the rest of the country. To use the influence of the church where people go unguarded to pray and gain peace in their minds and souls and to use them as objects of power and greed is the most inhumane act of all that has been done to the sacredness of people's faith, and to this country. We must form a coalition and break the silent crime that will cost us a free country. We must object the votes of November 8 because it was not the free will of the people who brought the Republican takeover of congress and we must prevent this from ever again happening. I cannot live in a free country and be at the mercy of organized lobbying to swing my destiny to whatever suits the chosen few conscienceless and power hungry. I can convince myself that this is America and no one can get away with such inhumane appearances of dictatorship and authority. That's why I watered down the books I wrote in January of 1993, hoping that freedom and democracy would have a strong voice in our country. But this comfort of mind that nothing as such would happen to America, as we watch on C-Span the basic rights of the people slashed by the Republican Party, and Heritage Foundation becoming the congress research source and interviewing China for foreign policy, is a part of the denial of facing how far out the edge of progression and humanity we are slipping. I don't think that we have yet seen the last and the best of our Republican Revolution. They are not happy with just injuring their innocent prey; they have smelled blood and are after the whole thing. As an intelligent citizen, I don't care what Mr. D'Mato and McCullum and Leach find wrong with the President and the First Lady. They are not objective judges of goodness and character, and they are too damned biased and too vested in destroying democracy and its President to play clean. I have received letters from Mr. Leach trying to poison the minds of the citizens of this country against their President, casting him as an impostor. What happened to America on November 8? It was a suicide of a nation. The pain of being abused and used by these so-called leaders has affected people so deeply that they decided to give the ax to the devil. They haven't even begun to realize that the real devil has not even made an appearance. Throughout history, religious fanaticism has been used by the government whenever the people were empowered and questioned the system. The only way dictatorial governments have been able to silent the voices of liberty in the past, has been through sentimentalism and blind obedience to authority. But in every situation, the government has lost the control itself of the object of its power: religion swallows the government. In Iran, religious fanaticism was used to overthrow a powerful monarchy that was no longer obedient to superpowers. But then the religious fanaticism took over and created an out-of-control gang of bandits. They gave themselves permission to go to people's homes without warrants and take the most precious of all things: not only their lifetime of hard earned wealth, but the lives of their children. We are not talking about the innocent and spiritual people who believe in their faith and have compassion for mankind. We are not talking about those who use religion to spread kindness and offer helping hands to the people around them. We are talking about Organized Religion, about people who have a chip on their shoulders and are even hungrier for power than the power hungry politicians themselves. We are not talking about the people whose faith is used by these organizations and are kindly treated as free slaves without pay. We are talking about the system that has robbed even its own people out of their rights to be human and live with dignity. The religious corporations are the researchers of America, today, doing the research on what is good for average Americans. The same corporations like the Heritage Foundation and Empower America who award people like Rush Limbaugh as the role model for the new generation. Rush did not disappoint them; his first advise to the young freshmen was to be as cutthroat as possible. Mr. Pat Buchanan and his vision of holy wars and culture wars for America is more suitable to replace Falwell or Robertson not our democratic president. This is a country of hope and opportunity, and that is its strongest pattern. But we must put an end to boundaryless and inappropriate arrogance of those who think that if they choose, they can sell everything to our people. Mr. McNulty of Project for Republican Future and many people like himself spent an entire evening telling people that the Crime Bill the President is trying to pass should be rejected because "it won't do any good". He said that economic opportunity and training youth to seek opportunities and prevention doesn't stop crime. One of them said that crime was only where it always was, in poor neighborhoods, so nobody should worry about it because the prisons are being built, thanks to Senator McCullum. But he may not have to push so much on building prisons. There won't be a need for prisons if the officers they gave cart-blanche power to, do their job quick enough and execute every destructive American before they even get a chance to go to Correction. The trained right wing, the loyal and blindly obedient robots, are also coming out of the woodwork and have spread their toxic and ignorant existence throughout the country.
Deprived of love, dignity, Self and Patterns of Humanity are the truly cheated children of obedience whose religion has failed them, and now want to fix the entire world and country. But what is frightening is that when we think we are dealing with objective researchers or reporters or delegates or congressmen, all we have to do is take one good look at their role model, Rush Limbaugh, who has taught them to ruthlessly and aggressively numb all human emotion with programed ideologies that they now tactfully hide underneath prejudiced statistics. During a writing break, I stumbled upon on another tragedy on Talk Back Live with Susan Rook on CNN. They were discussing Dr. Foster's nomination for Surgeon General. It was hopeful to see people getting angry at Christie Hamrick, who introduced herself as member of Family Research Counsel, whom only offered character assassination of a fine doctor, typical of the right wing strategy. The audience was an intelligent group who kept asking what does the number of abortions performed by a gynecologist in a free country have to do with qualifications of a Surgeon General which are to move the health of the country forward towards prevention and progression, not backward to the eighteenth century. Dr. Foster meets these qualifications, so did Dr. Elders, the previous Surgeon General who was let go by the President under the tremendous pressure of the right wing. The audience seemed fed up by the arrogant and repulsive narrow-minded remarks of this woman. She objected to the misrepresentation of administration and Dr. Foster for the number of abortions performed, while she herself, hypocritically misrepresented her position and should have introduced herself as a member of the Right Wing Family Research Counsel. She also attacked the people, saying that they want big daddy government to make their decisions for them, while hypocritically representing big, old, outdated government of fanatic organized religion that wants to take over all the affairs of the individual and the family. Then Susan Rook brought another robot of the right wing on, dressed as a Roll Call reporter who was more diplomatic but still with the same narrow goal of right wing. These people are so outrageously hypocritical, as are their leaders, like Mr. Gingrich and his gang, that they are losing their tragedy and have become a live comedy. What will truly be tragic for America is what one of the callers was concerned about, which is to have a bunch of robots as leaders in Congress who qualify only because they are Pro-Life and Republican. Presidents should not have to worry about their nominee's number of legal surgeries to pacify those who instead of advocating prevention of these tragedies they are in denial of their own share in the imperfections of humanity. As Jack Kemp, another educator look-alike says, "Let's not preach." If I was one of those Christians who voted for his bodies while praying, I would ask why is it so bad to preach now that you have your votes in. Is it that their votes are good but they are still in sin? He says, "Let's share, not the wealth, but the ideal." Mr. Kemp, please keep your ideal to yourself as religiously as you insist on keeping the wealth. In fact, I insist that you respect our ideals and not push them on others. These people know what they are trying to convert the entire nation to. They are not stupid. They just needed to use the American people as well as those who innocently believed in them as objects. If we give them a chance, they will be far more brutal to us than they were to their Lord Jesus. We cannot give them that chance, because we know the evil to which they want to convert the entire nation. We know that such toxic evil has burnt down the pillars of a far more powerful heritage of mankind. Even today, we can fly to the Middle East, to Iran, the Persian Empire, and see that the evil of fanatic religion has regressed the most advanced country in the Middle East to the dark ages and has brought its people to their knees. We think that our leaders are packing up with million dollar contracts and using their influences to enrich their families and their church and its puppet show while they are actually depriving the nation of its basic needs for safety and security and basic rights to freedom and privacy. I like Speaker Gingrich myself. I know the amount of pain it has taken for him to get to where he is, I appreciate his clever vision and identify with his perseverance and passion for change. The downward direction in which he is dragging the nation and ultimately the world is what I have a problem with. I don't mind cutting the welfare program. If we can provide education and Self Knowledge for people, treat them with dignity and give them equal opportunity, they need no welfare. I don't even care about social security. If we leave people alone to plan their golden days, they need no handouts. I don't even care about increasing defense. When insecure, go ahead and buckle up. Or when in need for power, go ahead and do whatever it takes to feel more powerful. And as for cutting programs and departments, if we can't afford it, then we can't have it. About the balanced budget or unfounded mandates or term limits, we are talking about bills that Democrats have been trying to pass which have been blocked by political games, and as far as decentralizing the government, more power to you, but make sure the States do not become their own centralized bureaucrats. And I can understand his vision of the orphanages. I think he believes as I do that if a mother does not want her child, the child is better off without that mother. I too, think children can be raised healthier by a healthy and loving baby sitter than by a tyrant or an imbalanced mother who has been deprived of love herself. In his vision, however, he wants orphanages so that he does not have to provide for those mothers who want a better life and a good education. In fact, if it was up to him, as he already is considering, he would send eighty percent of the people to orphanages so that twenty percent could be left to prosper. I believe that parents must have license to become parents and it is up to government to provide opportunity and training for them to qualify for it. Children are the future of society, and parenthood is above any societal service. Some say it is a right to have children as they please. I say, "Your life, any way you live it, is your right as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. But if you bring a child to this world, you are taking responsibility for another. And for that, you must qualify." We cannot take children away from the mothers who love them but cannot afford them. For that we must find the fathers. But we can require that women qualify to raise children. Motherhood is the most significant job in any society and it well deserves a salary by the government of that society. But on the same token one must have been raised with love, nurturance and preventive tools in order to not abuse another's right for the purpose of self indulgence: a pattern only possible in a society without alienating victimization. There are women who tell me they get power from their children's breath and without their love they cannot survive. That is a love too burdensome and costly for a child. It is most ethical for a woman to wait until she is ready for motherhood. It is also ethical to choose not to be a mother even if everyone thinks one should be. Ultimately the decision must come from within, And societal responsibility is to prepare individuals for adequate parenting. But that is not this Congress' priority: money to buy war toys, is. When it comes to Mr. Gingrich's influence on increasing power and defense when the world is craving for democracy and liberation, one cannot help but wonder about his intent. No one, no matter how good a salesman, could convince an entire free nation that dictatorship and corrupt organized religion and its darkness cast on people with its chains of oppression that caused unlimited bloodshed for decades, is our revolutionary road to progression and new world order. Unless you use the people's faith in churches to get their loyal votes to those who have promised their pastors to get them a larger audience. Or those who use force and dictatorship for the rest of the country and drain their passion for freedom and democracy by making them run for their most basic rights they have to establish, all over again. I don't think that Mr. Gingrich recognizes the downward power he has swung us towards and is only high on the taste of winning and in denial, unaware of the dangerous snowball of his actions. I do not find a spiritual man who is devoted to spreading the gift of his spirit to mankind when I listen to Mr. Gingrich's fast talk to the nation. On the contrary; I see a driven, enterprising and entrepreneurial salesman who puts a price on everything, even on the people's spirit. Thus, the direction in which his intent is made needs to be questioned. But far more significantly is the extent to which he recognizes the consequences of his actions, globally and in the nation by turning a free nation to the old order of fanatic religion for favors of the same kind. And his simbiosis with the National Rifle Association is underlying his indifference about the security of our children. The word "power" flashes before my eyes next to the word "intent." I have no problem with people having power. As a citizen of this country, I just want to make sure it is not at the cost of the spirit of my children and that of a nation. You should want the same assurance for the future of your children from your leadership, and you have every right to clear answers. If a leader tries to bully you out of your question, or tries to intimidate you and send you to Corrections, then you know you share deep problems as a nation.
The Voice for all Americans
I look forward to a day when all of our congressmen and preachers gain more of the spiritual life they suggest to the nation to read about, so that we can all, comfortably and with feelings of security and trust, adhere to the path of progression as individuals and as a nation. Meanwhile, I recommend the position of Speaker of the House to anyone who wants to influence everyone while getting paid for delegating the job to others, collect on four million dollar book contracts, and on the side play God to the children of an entire nation and demand people to worship the cross whose makers elected him. It is a clever way of getting rid of the little people by sending them to orphanages while spreading grand plans through the information channels of the trinity clan. If I am not mistaken, the definition of "clan" represents those who feel superior to others and see others as inferior breeds: they know best and everyone should be like them. So they kill those who do not fit into or adhere to their plan. It is a global channel that night and day talks about how hateful and sinful other human beings are, and how they will only survive if they convert; they even call their own children sinners. I can't imagine how anyone could look at a beautiful child and call him or her a sinner. But whatever works for them, more power to them, as long as we don't wonder where all the hate and toxicity in our neighborhoods come from and blame the government or other cultures for it. But that is not enough. We are supposed to learn spirituality from them, convert to their ways, and have our children watch their puppet show that is supposed to send them directly from sinful hell to the doors of heaven. And we get these orders from our congressmen: people we pay to serve us with our best interest in their plan. Alleluia, Lord...bless the revolution to free the man. I am sure that our Speaker of the House deserves his position. He has worked hard for it, and until no one questions the validity of such boundaryless power for one man, he will be our beloved Speaker. If I had the job, what would I have done? This is the question that every decent and intelligent citizen must ask of himself or herself. I myself would not have felt good by my own Inner Ethics if I was the Speaker of a country and wasn't doing the job I was getting paid for, using the power of that seat for personal gains, pushing people where I wanted them to go, and not being the voice of all Americans. All Americans, Mr. Congressman: consisting of tall people, short people, red people, black people, yellow people and white people; people who eat differently, sleep differently, live, love and pray differently. People who want to be accepted for their differentness. And to answer to Mr. Keyes who thinks the only decent people are those who go to church, I would think it does not seem like he remembers the era of Jim Baker and Jimi Swagert, or perhaps he realizes that they don't fit into his closed minded, bigoted speech? It is fine that he is conservative but conservatism is far different from bigotry. What he should truly be conservative about, is not to stir people up to kill the living.
America Is Not For Sale
In one neighborhood, there are many patterns of life that embrace this nation. Most people work hard in America. I know. I live here. And Mr. Speaker you are absolutely right that they should not be punished for their hard work. I don't want to be, either. People contribute enough just by surviving in a country that demands the most of a person. And yes. All children are endowed by their Creator and should be treated just the same. But being endowed by creator does not mean, at least not in my book, that they should all be converted into the popular fanatic religion. It might come as a shock to you, but it is quite offensive to many, when you think you have all the answers. There are honorable families who have lived here all of their lives and have contributed to humanity far more than you can begin to imagine. To make clones out of their children and to separate them from their families and friends and to alienate them in their own homes where they must feel the most accepted is un-American, unethical, immoral, inhumane, and it should be illegal. For a man who tells us constantly how many books he reads, it is quite shortsighted to think that all roads end up in Rome, even when for centuries, he has witnessed its ruins. There are many paths to life, as there are many paths to spiritual life. Only for those who need neon lights and million dollar monuments not to get lost, the one road that is advertised heavily is the only road to town. The rest know where they are going, even if they are walking in the dark. Indeed, there are many different nations, many different people and different philosophies and visions embraced for decades by this precious land. You are one, Mr. Congressman, who is also not the same as others; you are different and only you know your differentness. You must be proud of it, embrace it and embrace the difference of others. It does not mean that if people are different from us, that we somehow become less or bad. It means just that; we are simply different. There are some who feel so inferior inside that they want to remove anyone that reminds them of themselves. We have seen that kind, too, and we all have paid the price of their hatred. The universal crisis we face today is not because people are different; it is because people are not accepted as who they are and for their differentness. It is not because they are bad; it is because they are not being treated with compassion and respect; it is because they are not embraced by the spirit which believes in freedom for all men, women and children; freedom from the chains of ignorance and bigotry; freedom from the old dictatorial contracts and plans; and freedom from power plays of leadership that are deteriorating our children's souls and the spirit of this land. I think I speak for all Americans when I comfortably say: Mr. Congressman, you can get the best bet for your book sale, and you can market your own television program with fifty thousand dollar plates and have Pat Buchanan announce the holy wars for the puppet children. Neither I nor anyone else has the power to tell you that if and when the conflict of interest does not apply to your obligations as a public servant, you cannot do anything your brilliant mind plans. But ever since I was a little girl I knew that where the edge of the earth meets the sky, the boundary its power represents commands a law in which governs this sacred land; The Law of Universal Freedom; a law that protects all the godlike children and nurtures them all with its universal wisdom; a law that frees a prisoner amidst confinements of the mortal eye and embraces our souls as if we are all the birds of Eden. And it is the power of the same law that makes me announce as the voice of all the people; the Christians, the Jewish the Moslems, Black and White and Men and Women who stand tall for their own convictions with integrity and humble clarity to tell you with kindness: Mr. Congressman, America is not for sale, not even to the best better. No one has a monopoly on this land; it is the fruit of all our labor; the legacy we shall leave to our children.