HUMANITY HELD HOSTAGE:  The Day America Cried, by Rose Assier Parvin; $15,
288 pages,
5 5/8" x 8 1/2" Perfectbind, Universal Publishing Company.  ISBN-1-885917-04-X

Rose Parvin serves as a third eye of the nation and analyzes the core problems of
humanity:  the destructive, outdated fast-cure solutions that lead to further addiction and
dependency.  Parvin treats society and its leaders as The Patient and asserts that mental
health should focus on healing.

CATEGORY: Self-help/Human potential, Psychology
KEY WORDS:  Personal Growth, Counseling, Healing, Health,  Self, Guidance,
Humanity, Spirituality, Society.

288 pages
5 5/8” x 8 1/2”
Perfectbind (Paperback)
ISBN:  1-885917-04-X
PUB. DATE:  1995
PUBLISHER:  Universal Publishing Company, PO Box 15424, Newport Beach, CA
TELEPHONE:  (714) 723-5748  (800) 723-5748   FAX:  (714) 723-5758

One: Out of Denial--Awakening the People Power, The Hatfield Conference, 1992
Election: Vote for Change, Politicians for Sale, The Bottom Line, Society As The Patient,
Obedience to Authority, Brilliant Minds--Heartless Actions, Conservatism or Dictatorship,
Culture Wars in a Free Country, Gridlock of Political Scrutiny, The Voice for All
Americans, America Is Not For Sale.

Two: The Theme is Oppression, Contract With Corruption, The Universal Evil, People of
Denial--The Universal Suffering, The Universal Truth--Hymns of The Inner Soul, Denied
the Miracle of Self, The Mirror Effect, We See What We Are.

Three : Like a Tree, Stagnant by Our Roots, Seeds of Freedom--Self Knowledge,
Ignorance--Fear of Self Knowledge, Universal Mind-Body Prayer, Universal Swing of The
Pendulum, Making a New Mold, A Universal Self , The Person Behind The Title, Rebirth:
a Conscious Pattern of Change.

Four: Blind Conformity to Authority, Societal Agents: People Enablers, Shared
Helplessness Prophecy, Power Corrupts, People Seen as Objects.

Five: The Vicious Cycle of Victimization, Preventive Measure, Volunteer Swing of Power
Compassionate Authority as Minority.

Six: In Our Bare Hands, The Power We hold, Patterns of Health, Hymns of Verse of The
Future, Actualizing The Spirit in Our Body, Shareholders of Universal Power, Tale of a
Temporary Fall Before The Rise.

Seven: The Victims and the Bullies,  Shared Conspiracy, The Making of Patterns,
Significant Influence Patterns, Pro-Life? Choice for The living?, Spiritual Guidance, Not
Evil Force, Pro-Love? Or Pro Hate?, Pseudo-Patriotism, Societal Billboard Programing,
Questioning The Intent, Screening Authority.

Eight: Parents--The Societal Victims, Master Programers, of Our lives, My Parent
Programing, My Mother's Daily Routine, Leaping Over the Centuries, As a Woman
Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons.

Nine: A New World Order, Amendments to Commandments, Society: Mass Programer,
Teachers, The Power of Education--People Makers, The Institution of Education, History
Making--Not Repeating, Parenthood--Not Obedience to Authority, The Sacred Neutral
Zone of School, Pawns of Blind Leaders, Peer Pressure, Those Who Have learned to
Follow Adolescent Subcultures, Victims of An Ignorant Society, Chain Effect of
Victimization, Mass Media Programing, Programing Inhumanity, A Clear Harm to Society
Vicarious learning of Aggression, Blindfolded Justice, Fast Food of Our Children's
Fragile Mind and Body.

Ten: Patterns of Democracy, America: The Blueprint, Guardians of Freedom,
Governmental Protection, A Right of Every Citizen, Freedom, Not Neglect, A People
System, Democracy, An Objective Measure, Cure for Democracy Is More Democracy,"
Repeating History, Breaking the Silent Crime, Ethical Code of Political Boundary,
Interpretation of History, Prevention of Future Holocaust, Promise of Red Apple, People
As Hostage, Prevention of Destructive Bloodshed, Boundaryless Dictatorship, In A Free
Country, Democratic Religion? Or a Schizophrenic Vision?,  Motherhood: a Sacred
Privilege, Not Mass Production.

Eleven: Rocking the Tower of Authority, The Institutions Outside of Self Questioning
Authority, Democratic Reform, Sitting on the Wall of Stagnation, Change: Shedding
Toxicity, Republican Reform, Conflict of Interest, Will the World Survive, the Pendulum
Swings, Congressional Values, Freeing Humanity, Quick Fix, or taking Responsibility?,
The Bells of Hypocrisy, Transparency or Arrogant Supremacy,  Religion In America,
Tainted Spirituality, The Answer: People Power, The Institution of Self People Initiation
Programing, Separation of Church and State, Inner Wisdom, Not Blind Obedience, Voice
of The People, People: Not Unwanted Orphans, Embracing Humanity, Universal
Spirituality, Not Religious Addiction, A third eye watching.

-Balance Patterns:  Patterns of being that honor and value the multidimensional nature of
the universe.  Examples of Balance Patterns are Patterns of Process and Goal Orientation,
Patterns of Cognition-Emotion, Patterns of Strength and Vulnerability. 
-Block Patterns:  Equivalent to denial.  Patterns that interfere with the flow of power
between two Balance Patterns, between individual and society, or between leaderships,
globally.  These include Power Blocks, Power Abuse, Power Jam, and Power Neglect.
-Chain Effect:  A series of patterns that is caused by the power struggle in the patterns of
the mind and body.  The mind is chained to the past and to outdated rules, while the body
pulls away to be free.
-Chain Theory:  When an individual is chained to the past with outdated myths and
inhibiting patterns of thinking, the body pulls away to set free.  This creates the
boundaryless society:  a Chain Effect Pattern of the mind-body.
-Change Agents:  Either the individuals or the environment they create within and around
themselves that provides the necessary tools for Pattern Change to occur.
-Evo-revolution:  The evolutionary process of power balance and wholeness in being with
the revolutionary tools of a scientific mind Pattern Change Programing and Power Balance
Therapy, science (the advancement of the mind) and wisdom (the oldness of the spirit)
work together in creating harmony within and without.
-Excellence:  A way of being in the world that connects with the multidimensions of our
humanity and the harmony and clarity of our Self that comes from living in Patterns of
Power Balance and beyond.
-Existential Patterns:  Patterns of existence inherent within all individuals.  A common
core of knowledge embedded within our Self from birth which includes Existential Power,
health, clarity, and the existential reality.  Also included are:  Existential anger, Existential
-Imbalance Patterns:  Patterns of being that are not in harmony with the core of the
individual.  These are Patterns that can paralyze a person from functioning fully or living
fulfilling lives.  Examples include Procrastination, Jealousy, Envy, Perfection, and Need to
-Inhumane Patterns:  Patterns that harm others and society.
-Mirror Effect:  Projection (or mirroring) or thoughts onto others.
-Multidimensionality:  The essence of Power Balance Theory.  The knowledge,
appreciation, and celebration of humanity as a multifaceted being made up of the
interconnectedness of science, philosophy, psychology, enviro-psychology, psycho-
physiology, Universal Spirituality (humanity).
-Patterns:  A series of processes and movements existing within an individual that create
the presentation of the behavior we observe.
-Pattern Change Programing:  The method of creating Power Balance and Excellence
based on the principles of Power Balance Theory.  Through brief, targeted analysis of the
past, Imbalance and Block Patterns are deleted and replaced with tools to develop
Success, Prevention, and Excellence Patterns.
-Pattern Search:  Objective and selective analysis of our past and present in order to arrive
at a clear understanding of the Patterns we posses.  By understanding the roots behind
them and the Programers involved in creating them, we can make a clear choice of their
purpose in our lives, and whether to save or delete them.
-Power Balance Initiation:  The process of deleting adopted, old programs, creating Self
Programs, thereby gaining independence of thought and action. 
-Power Balance Theory:  A philosophical and multidimensional approach to achieving
Excellence as individuals, in societies, and humanity as a whole.  The techniques and
method for creation of Power Balance and Excellence is the science of Pattern Change
-Power Balance Program:  A natural inherent state of being where an individual is in
harmony with all inner patterns of Self and the environment.  A balance between the innate
dimensions that coexist within each individual creating harmony and power balance within
self and with others, inner peace, creativity, and excellence.
-Power Chaos Theory:  The theory that order stems from chaos, thus order must welcome
chaos as its catalyst and precursor.
-Prevention Program:  Patterns that can be programmed that will prevent crisis stemming
from Power Blocks and Power Imbalances from developing.  These can be programmed
both in childhood and adulthood.
-Programs:  Paths modeled and taught by significant influences in our lives.  Examples
include:  Power Imbalance Program, External Focus Program, and Power Balance
-Programers:  Individuals, institutions, organizations, or any entity that has significant
influence in shaping individuals’ life patterns, i.e., patterns, teachers, role models, societal
-Programing:  The process of inputting thoughts, emotions, ideas, values, and beliefs
consciously or unconsciously into an individual which creates life patterns.  These can be
either Imbalance and Block Patterns or Power Balance and Excellence Patterns.
-Psycho-Universal Spirituality:  A non-selective compassion for all that exist in the
universe, spiritual principles and patterns of guidance chosen by deductive reasoning and
scientific analysis of  right or wrong, and recognition of the collective universal wisdom
and nurturance available to us all.
-Roozeh:  A physical fast, helping individuals overcome addictions.
-Societal Power Balance:  A state of civil evolution where equal regard is given to all
persons and equal knowledge and opportunity are available to all.
-Sokoot:  A mental fast where an individual engages in periods of silence, healing
emotional and mental addictions.
-Toxic Patterns:  Create toxicity within the individual and society.  Examples include
Patterns of Hatred, Prejudice, and Rigidity.
-Universal Law:  The Universal Paternal and Maternal Power Balance of Wisdom and
Nurturance within and around us.
-Universal Mind-Body-Spirit Prayer:  Hymns to our inner soul, inner Self, inner music in
silence while creating movements that stem from our inherent balance connected to the
Universal Parental Power
     around us.
-Universal Parental Power:  Union between the Universal Paternal Power of Wisdom and
Universal Maternal Power of Nurturance.
-Universal Pendulum Theory:  The idea that the entire universe is in a constant natural
process of swinging from life to death, dark to light, and hot to cold.  This swing unfolds
universal laws governing all living things and provides us with the universal knowledge of
the truth necessary to heal ourselves.
-Universal Self:  An individual free of self-limiting discrimination and toxic programing,
and at one with the inherent goodness, nurturance, and wisdom of the universe.
-Universal Spirituality (Patterns of Humanity):  non-selective compassion and connection
one feels for the universe, including the environment, people, and the spirits flowing
among us.

Universal Law of Code of Ethics
If every one of us looks within and finds our Self, a Self free from past adopted patterns
and present imposed patterns of our society, and expresses our inner hymns, our voice as
it echoes in silence, we will have in our society the polished voices of our souls: our inner
ethics. We will have a life that breeds goodness as  we genuinely and intuitively feel within
and we will act upon it by the laws of the universe assessed by our inner justice without a
need for an independent council. In a society with inner codes of ethics not only the adults
and the children but humanity as a whole will be restored and safe. In my own tireless
journey that has connected my nights to my days and my mind to my soul, sometimes in
my body and sometimes stretched beyond, all my life I have found myself sensitive to
patterns in which goodness became a victim and compromised for success. I have made it
my purpose to prove that success and spirituality can be the two sides of a coin, collective
of both sides of the life-aisle, a universal power balance and that obtaining success and
embracing spiritual excellence prevents power imbalance, prostitution of soul, and slavery
of emotion. Corruption folded in presentations of spirituality has always deeply troubled
me; it reminds me of the bitter fact that among the appearances of richness we find the
finest thieves, as the poorest embrace life with generosity.  It is not the clothes we wear or
the cars we drive that determine our richness of the heart; it is not the language we speak
nor the church we appear in. It is in the clarity of Self, the conscience of our soul and the
cleanliness of our hands that pave the direction. It traumatized me when I was younger
and more intolerant of the vast swings of pendulum of existence; of the rain, the thunder
and the clouds that took over the brightest days. But I have come to know that there are
many shades and patterns to this divine universe we live in and follow as a part of, within
our own wholeness. I embrace my computer as I have for the past year, away from the
comfortable chair of my private practice on a mission to be the voice of the people in this
historical time when our silence can cost our children their future.  I remember when a
colleague, who I had given my book in confidence for feedback, tried to use my book and
its theories as his own. I felt robbed; my faith in humanity hindered.  Had he
acknowledged my work of a lifetime, I would have handed him the torch to carry on with
honor. My body is too small for what I have in my mind. When the same thing occurred
again it did not affect me as much.  After all, I thought,:  we live amidst historical
universal crisis: children kill children, brothers discriminate against brothers; leaders sell
out their people and build iron curtains around a free nation. Why be surprised if fellow
healers are robbers? I know how intense it can get for one who has been trying to break
through his own walls of traditional corruption. Stumbling upon a revolutionary guideline
to health and prevention meant as much to him as a jewel to a robber.  The same
justification is held sacred; always with a denied, oppressed chip on the shoulder: justifying
that the other has a lot more, does not need it; has had it easier, is more privileged, has not
been around long enough to deserve it. Or perhaps it is the plain old notorious pattern of
the bully who wants it and takes it at any cost and just doesn't care; like the preacher who
robs the innocent virgin in the dark of the night; the murderer who justifies a sin worth
killing another; the politician who contracts out the future of a nation; or a drug and
tobacco dealer who says everyone should have the right to buy his product. Not much
seems to be different among the poor and the rich when one has poverty of the spirit: at
least not much that can make a difference. And how easy it is to ignore the laws that are
worth robbing to preach to others: laws that separate us from the animals and make us
able to live with ourSelf. I know. There were times in my life when things on the outside
seemed more significant than what was within. I searched mySelf to know what price I
was willing to pay. I soon recognized that although I was willing to pay plenty by getting
things the hard way,  ultimately there was no jewel worth the price of my dignity and a
good night's sleep; I realized then that I had taken after my father. I like providing a
comfortable life for my children, but only in balance with my dignity and self-respect,
willing to throw it all away if it will make a difference is my found freedom. There is much
need for a path of truth; the Universal Path and its Laws of Power Balance is the truth I
have found and the first step in crossing it is to look within, honestly and painfully. Our
society is in severe danger of  a lack of respect for the rights of others that crosses all
boundaries. I myself feel pain as I read my own words. I know that many will be hurt. My
intent is not to distrust but to build, to create balance in a society where people are
victimized by authoritarian bullies whose denial is too thick to hear the pleading soft
voices.  Nonetheless, I hurt for the pain I have inflicted; I beg for forgiveness and promise
that if I am heard, I will not make tough love a habit, for a society I have adopted as my
larger family,. I am filled with compassion for all and being a critical eye is not pleasant,
yet at times we must shake an old bottle to get a trickle of water. I see goodness in the
core of every person; I know the underlying pain that can cause unkind action and I know
everyone has justification for their passion. But our societal leadership and their abuse of
power is out of control and its consequence detrimental to the future of our children
whose trusting eyes are on us to see the larger vision of commitment and wisdom to peace
and progression.  I have accumulated a wealth of a lifetime of Knowledge of Self that I
gain joy and fulfillment from sharing with others.    But I know that until we stop the cycle
of victimization and put an end to crisis as natural life pattern, people cannot embrace life
blessings with clear choices in the absence of anxiety and fear.  People must feel free yet
responsible for their actions; only in nurturance of acceptance of the core of all being can
we hymn to the sacred music in silence and dance to the universal Mind-Body Prayer that
fills our hearts and our souls, showers us with wisdom and embraces us all as beings
worthy of blessings by the miracle of compassion.  Only then can we be whole, adhering
to our inner voices and hymns that govern us with goodness beyond pretense; only then
can we connect the body with the spirit; only then can we be accountable for our actions;
only then can we prosper with kindness and submit to compassion.          
One:  “Out of Denial--Awakening People Power”
The day America cried.
On November 8th of 1994, when people were anxiously waiting for mid-election results 
in front of their television sets, the pendulum of American history swung, and when it
reached the other side, America cried. The Republicans, who had been the minority for
almost two decades, became the majority, and brought, along with the power they were
given, all their frustrations of the years they had felt victimized by the voice of people,
freedom and liberation. They have merged with the old order government of fanatic
organized religion and ever since, bill by bill, have been carelessly tearing down the statue
of liberty. America cried because she knew the day after what would be happening. And
sure enough, it happened exactly as feared, before the tearful faces of America, like on an
old movie screen.

     The same men who supported the tobacco industry were now sitting on the committee
for regulating tobacco, and the rest were wondering if soon there would be anything left
of such a committee. America cried because women who had fought for decades for their
rights and an honest partnership with men were suppressed again. America cried because
she became a nation that kills the living for the right of the unborn, before giving the time
of day to prevention. America cried because, after slashing regulations for environmental
protection, we must pray for the air to stay clean with every breath we take. Our children
are to be forced to pray in schools, and some are expected to abide by the prayers they
have never heard. "They will have something to pray about as the school lunch is slashed
out," as Senator Leahy mentioned. America cried, because we have now resorted to using
our children’s faith and religion to manipulate and brainwash  them  in their own sacred
playgrounds. America cried for the misrepresentation of prophecy and words of wisdom
of a great man. Yes, my friends, America, the awakened America, cried on November 8.   

Silencing the bells of liberty.
America cried not because the Republicans are in power, but because the religious
extremists have bought out their souls, using the votes of innocent people who would do
anything for their faith and their party. (I even considered myself a Republican back when
it represented dignity.) America cried because the politics in America reached beyond the
inner code of ethics, careless about the price that was being paid, celebrating on the wing
of power with a denial far too dangerous, and too historically classic, to ignore.
Republicans, too willing to silence not only the people's voice for their own greed and
power, played degrading games of control and intimidation to silence those among
themselves who voted fairly, not blindly. In fact, American politics tried desperately to
silence all voices that swung the bells of liberty. By no longer adhering to an inner code of
ethics as we preach values and morality, sleeping at night without a conscience to disturb
us (or ignoring it if it does), and placing the price tag of victory e on the bodies, minds and
souls of the innocent people, we are selling our own to the devil and are no longer safe in
any position, let alone in the position of the majority.    

Code of Ethics for the next election. 
The plea of the American people to the leadership that is already preparing for the next
presidential race is: Please, hold on to the money you earn by selling your souls. Instead of
throwing your money around to buy our votes, let us see some integrity as you all discuss
the issues that concern the country on public television for as long as you want, equally. If
you are truly a leader for the people then put a stop to playing on people's emotion, their
need for peace and security, their need for approval, their fear of intimidation by authority
and their faith, and behave decently. But even before you do any of that, let us have our
fair share of  your energy and devotion to the affairs of our country before you get a head
start on selling yourself as the President to be. Serve us, the forgotten people, as we have
paid you to do, before you are so unethically, let alone unprofessionally (and it should also
be illegally), up for grabs for another round of favorite tap dance of your party.

     America, as the leader and parent of the globe in power, next to the United Nations,
which acts as the parent of the globe in wisdom and nurturance, must begin to think about
every step it takes, for it affects not only the nation, but the world. Contrary to some of
our politicians who say they want the power and the prestige but not the responsibility of
leadership and parenthood to those who have granted them the power, I say that if parents
in this country say the same, they are called unfit parents by their government. So why not
begin within and focus on your patterns of leadership?  If you are unwilling to lead
responsibly, then you must be responsible to step down for another.

Another civil war: citizen seen as "Nigger."
We live amidst universal crisis of the century and we don't want to read about the
tragedies tomorrow in the national papers that we can prevent today. The world needs
wise, mature leaders whose intent is peace and progression, not a bunch of rowdy children
who are ready to tear each other apart, sell their souls and mothers for the price of a vote
and ask their sugar daddies to support their dependency and addiction for their fix of
power. If what our leaders are trying to do is truly to empower people, then they must
respect the people, all the people, and not treat them as orphans who will accept and do
anything just to be invited to dinner. America does not seek prostitutes or punishing jailers
as politicians. In the case of both jailer and prostitute, at least one knows what one is
getting. But our politicians preach value and decency on one side and then have their
comedian idol teach their freshmen the values of back-stabbing and intimidation to wash
away the little dignity that remains in their party. As a therapist I can appreciate the victim
syndrome of having been the minority for so many years that when you gain majority, you
want to take it out on everybody. But as a citizen, I think that leaders with such a profile
are not suitable or safe for my country. Perhaps they ought to step down until they calm
down and gain appropriate objectivity and balance to qualify for positions of leadership.   

The Hatfield Conference
What happened to Senator Hatfield and the conspiracy to bring him down from his
chairmanship just because he voted with his conscience and not blindly to his party's
demand, goes far beyond just a power struggle or even the need for power; it stems from
the root of imbalance and toxic power that has crippled this democratic and free giant. The
Hatfield Conference should be the biggest warning for all the American people. There will
be more bloodshed in this country than the eye witnessed during the civil war. This time
the entire nation is seen as "Nigger." The danger is greater today however, because all
these gentlemen have learned the art of slick communication. The Freshmen who seem
ready to throw everybody out and Senators like Connie Mack, D'Mato and McCullum will
not be satisfied reprimanding just a few leaders who disobey their orders. The real crosses
are being built in the back rooms for our children. And believe me, when it comes to
demonstrating power, they will not recognize Jesus from Moses or Mohammed. They all
died because of ignorance and the war of greed for power, and if we don't stop this chain
effect, they will die again for the very same reason. When a presidential candidate like
Senator Dole comes out and says that just because he worked so hard to pass the balanced
budget mandate and Hatfield voted against it that there should be a conference and he
should not get away with it, and he goes on in a prosecuting manner about "those
Democrats who also did not vote for it," ignorance is at work and so are its children:  
destruction and toxicity. So much for the preaching of Mack trying to convince the
reporters that it was the principle of it all. He and freshman Santorium denied the
reporter's question who asked if it was going to be the abortion issue next time or the
school prayer. Dole said that had the Democrats not changed their minds and voted for the
balanced budget amendment, and had it passed, nobody would have had to do this to
Hatfield. I guess principle in the Republican vocabulary means blind obedience to the party
votes even if your conscience is screaming NO. Everyone is an object for a vote and no
one seems to care about the people. It is absolute anarchy, and the credit goes right to the
Republican contract on America. And as for prostitution of the soul, senators try to sell a
package to the innocent people that is already bought out by the lobbyists of unlimited

     The issue of character has been so significant lately, as our family value package
candidates have spent all their energy and resources to tear down the character of our
President in the name of loyalty to their country. Yet it turns out that they believe we are
in the dark ages of the eighteenth century as they push for the old order rules of
dominance and regression. But the make-believe character we will observe in our
candidates is powerfully painted with the color of money on their faces. Behind the masks
they are truly empty, bought out and already sworn to corruption. If I am wrong, I will
humbly beg to be corrected by their answers as to exactly what they were expected to do
for the money they receive, if not for the promise of prostituting their souls to their grand
contributors. Yet all they need to do to get elected honestly and serve the people is to
show up and talk about the issues that interest the American people, and be broadcast for
free on the nationally televised channel devoted to open the people's eyes: C-Span. Or is it
that mother nature only raises cutthroat actors and trains them to play dirty politics in our
civilized Western hemisphere? I am sure that there is a great deal of competitive blood
stirred up by a race of such nature. But the people deserve, demand, and will get far more
than being stripped of their rights and dignity by competitive shows of Graham and Dole.
In my book “Answer to Humanity” I unveil the Patterns of Democracy and what has made
this country a sacred place to live in. I also compare those patterns with the Stanford
Prison experiment by Zimbardo, a psychologist who found that under the authority of a
jailer, anyone can become a bully, and as prisoners, anyone can develop obedient patterns
of a victim: even the young and curious students of Stanford University who were only
experimenting the effect of those positions on their character and personality. I will also
discuss the patterns of supremacy as the world experienced with Hitler and his followers:
scenes still fresh in our minds from the shocking true stories of Stephen Spielberg's
“Schindler's List”.

1992 Election Vote for Change
Inspiration of hope.
President Clinton won the election, and the people breathed a sigh of hope and relief.
President Bush had clearly demonstrated that he represented only a chosen few of those
who had voted for him and that he was willing to sell the country to those to whom he
owed his soul: organized religion. On his way to the White House he would consult
neither his liberated and fair wife nor his conscience. When he insensitively humiliated the
young woman who asked him about her rights before national television, acting like a
prejudiced preacher, far from what is expected of a leader of a multidimensional land,
everyone read his lips. In his answer to a concerned citizen who was disturbed by his
consistent pattern of Clinton-bashing and insensitivity towards the youth and, in general,
towards the people, Bush replied, "I don't get it." As he pushed the intrusion of one
dogma into the people's lives who trusted his democratic leadership, even he himself knew
that not even the Lord was going to help him. The country was sick and tired of Mr.
Bush's arrogance and incompassionate denial of the people and could not wait to get rid of
him. (Except the same country has been fed so many lies and deceptions, in addition to
being put through intimidation and fear, that she has developed a case of amnesia. Our
country has forgotten the twelve years of practically nothing but cat naps, lip reading and
filibustering of bills while piling them up to pass during the right aisle's turn, who is
insensitive to the impact of its primitive, dangerously childlike and competitive actions on
the lives of the people: lives which have already been the selling card in the Republican
Contract on America.) But that was not the reason for Bill Clinton's election. The man in
the White House is clearly a man whose campaign was for change towards peace and
progression. He campaigned for the inspiring and forgotten hopes, wishes and dreams of
the young people as he remembered the hopes, wishes and dreams of his own in a country
founded by the virtue of making any dream, for anyone, possible. His need to do the right
thing and compassion for the people who elected him is what our country is struggling
with; it has become his most vulnerable pattern. After all, even in a free country we are
more impressed by loud voices of bullies.

We, as a nation, are not used to kind and respectful leadership that advocates equal rights
and integrity for all people; we don't always recognize those who demonstrate sensitivity
and compassion. I don't believe that Bill Clinton is truly a President of one side of the aisle
in Congress, as Mr. Gingrich, who has shown his loyalty clearly to whomever pays more,
insinuates. I believe that Bill Clinton is neither Democrat nor Republican; he is a person
who grew up wishing to someday become President, putting his life efforts into building
his character as he was taught, including the flaws he picked up by watching other men
and Presidents. But in the end, the person behind the mask is a man with the strongest
character; a man who has learned on the job and is ready to serve his people; a lonely man
whose only friend is his own conscience beating him up as he watches his self-discipline
fail him in past performances; a man who wants to do right by others, so much so that at
times he forgets to defend the rights of his own as a President of this great country: the
promised land. In the end, President Clinton does not forsake the safety of his country for
the need to play star wars. He is a man who has enough power that he can share it with
others regardless of their gender, color or faith. He has shown that in his relationship with
his life partner. He is a man with the Power Balance of strength, wisdom, compassion and
the ability to be flexible for the sake of his people; a man whom I will vote for to be my
President and that of my children, in the November 1996 election. But I demand that he
does not get into the rat race as others already have. We need our President's energy and
power to work for us, not to be occupied in the struggle to get re-elected or to survive the
hands and teeth of his hungry headhunters clothed as respectable congressmen.                   
Politicians for Sale

Evaluating the candidacy for the next election.
We the American people are watching the process of the next election and demand more
integrity, credibility and class from our politicians. If anything needs reform it is their
character and the responsibility and ethics they hold as congress members, let alone the old
rules and institutions they push on us as revolution. We will not allow our politicians to be
seduced, intimidated or bought out by the whims of power and corruption. When Mr.
Lamar Alexander, who is running for president, talks about the Evil of Arrogant Empire in
reference to the democratic congress and government, he should get his facts right or at
least go back and review the old pictures. It appears to me that the evil of ignorance began
with the arrogant empire of the Bush Presidency and his thoughtless and foolish spread of
fanaticism through the heart of a democratic country. not because of his faith, but as a
failed campaign trick and gimmick. Now he seems humbly and graciously sorry for the
consequences of his actions that has created a destructive and downward regression  in
this country. His careless, thoughtless presentation of a position that should be most
sensitive to the welfare of all the people; his biased views of a specific religion in a
multicultural country that has many different belief systems; his attack on the rights of
women who have worked for decades to come up for air, were truly uncalled-for, from a
President of a free country. But then again, how can one expect a general, who works
hard to collect medals, to have  sensitivity or offer any doctrine to humanity. It is not their
fault. This is how we have raised our children and trained our leaders. Unless we change
as a country, and as mothers and parents who bear and raise compassionate leaders, we
cannot expect to get anything else but what we have been getting. We work so hard as a
nation to recruit the right people for jobs in the private sector. That's why America is
where it is in the world. But there are no requirements for parents, and when it comes to
our leaders and decision-makers, they too have no qualifications other than their own need
for power and get no test of character except when they are tearing down each other's:
much like preachers. Anyone with a bible in hand and a license from the city can call
himself or herself a preacher who feels qualified to intrude on the rights of others who
work hard for their life roles and positions. As for the leaders, they are bought and sold
easier than prostitutes, handled and controlled by pimps: the giant lobbyists of industry.

     This country needs a serious reform plan for all its leadership, starting with its talk
show hosts who have the power to change the societal current without unbiased wisdom
or higher education. It is ethically and morally wrong, professionally a poor policy and
characteristically weak, psychologically, economically, societally and politically insane and
boundaryless, and it must change. It is ironic that all our failed politicians can look
forward to becoming talk show hosts. It seems that toxicity and corruption has no
problem finding its way into the homes of the American people. Yet it takes a lifetime to
be heard if one is speaking truth for the empowerment of the people. The truth gets bad
ratings on radio and television. When my marketing director approaches the media for
getting air time to open up the minds of the people, some ask if there is any scandal slant
that could make it hot and exciting. I suppose that writing nine books in a year on a
mission of embracing humanity amidst corruption and deterioration of our society where
everyone is looking for answers is not good enough for our public, or at least for those
who decide what the public should get. As talk show hosts competitively invite the
mothers who sleep with their daughter's boyfriend, there seems to be no room for those
who have given lifetime of guidance to heal such scars. Or there is room for those who
keep repeating themselves or repeat stolen words of others without understanding what it
means. These are the hypocrites who then go home and wash their spiritual faces, beat
their own wives or kill their own husbands and sleep with their own patients: before they
run for congress to protect (at the cost of the people's welfare) their own prosperity. Such
denial and neglect of responsibility and abuse of power on all levels of leadership has been
the underlying cause of the problems of our country. Back to the subject of prostitution of
the soul for candidates of Presidency, I can see the centerfolds in Playboy lining up next to
each other to be voted on. I see them cleverly promise dinner to the highest bid as they
diplomatically say all the right things to get elected. Although I doubt it. Most of these
women have integrity and great heads on their shoulders; they use men's weakness, self-
indulgence and fears of intimacy to build their own future. For those who see such
patterns as their only choice, I feel the pain they feel to have to resort to such degradation.
I am not trying to put men or women down; it is the last thing on my mind. But I want us
to look at the roots of the problems to change our societal patterns. Every time we do so,
we will experience the painful truth of our own existence. But it is the only path to
change. These women are not at fault. Ever since they were little girls their parents lined
them up in competition. With our chauvinistic society, it is the only way they know how to
get ahead and not be rejected. I furthermore don't criticize the choice for equality of the
sexes and for freedom.

     I salute women like Demi Moore, the actress who has no inhibition or boundary to
experience her self dimensions and expand her pattern of flexibility as she clearly makes a
statement that indeed, men and women both come from the same planet. As I watch her
loyally announce her happiness in her marriage and work towards feminine perfection, it is
obvious that unlike some others she does not have a man with wandering eyes that she
would have to work hard in order to keep on herself: not that any woman should have to
go through such degrading experience. There are women, however, who are abused by
their illusive husbands who drag them to nude bars while pregnant with their children: at a
sacred time of their lives when they must be worshipped in order to exude happiness and
nurturance so that it transfers through their umbilical cord to their fetus. It is not a time
when they should be confronted with their perhaps less-than-a goddess shape with cruelty,
and be made to compete with women who are paid to win over their men, out of
desperation. In my upcoming book entitled Love Patterns, I will explore patterns of
intimacy and tools to excel in relationships in order to prevent the tragedies we watch
daily on television caused by insensitive, disconnected men and women who are attracted
to patterns of intimate illusion to the point of loss of Self and even endangering their

     There are men whom in the absence of Self fear intimacy and abandonment and hide
their degrading competitive patterns with  women that lead them to prostitution in
distorted attempt to claim dignity or to prove their desirability to their men. Yet no matter
how destructive, relationships and their power struggle affect only two people, at least
most of the time, while our leadership and its patterns affect all Americans; standing up
like a showpiece to be judged is liberating for no one, man or woman. It is deceiving,
abusive and corrupt on all levels for all involved. It promotes indignity, numbs values of
being a person. But I must add that the answer is prevention by Self-Knowledge, not by
creating guilt or forced rules. For when the foundation has been wrong, the process must
take place without punishment and force to avoid rebellion. Ultimately the choice of
change is that of the individual, not an institution. Institutions are there to educate and to
protect people from the consequences of their own neglect. For our congressmen to
competitively prostitute themselves and line up to sell their loyalty, the people's trust and
responsibility to the highest bid instead of standing up for their convictions and respecting
the people who choose them, makes me ill. I am very disappointed that as a nation we
allow such dehumanizing and corrupt patterns. Our leaders, too, are not at fault. Ever
since they were children their parents taught them to compete with utmost aggression, and
failed to teach wisdom, kindness, compassion, humble pride, love and fairness Power
Balanced with competitive passion. As for religion, they learned worthlessness, guilt, and
the shame of being born in sin. Thus they grew up without a Self.

The Bottom line
The bottom-line is the intent behind every action that counts and we the people must be
able to recognize that. I am constantly aware of my own intent as I act upon the
responsibility I have accepted as the voice of the people and their guide who holds the
light up for them to see and choose their own path. We can easily prostitute ourSelf no
matter what we are doing, if we allow the need for recognition and power to take over the
freedom, the purpose and the conscience of our spirit. I have been approached many times
by those who wanted me to use the credibility and power of my words to their benefit, and
they would have highly rewarded me for it. No one would know, they said, and no one
would get hurt. But my answer to them was that I would know, and my conscience would
get hurt. And to me, that was more significant than an army of jurors and judges. And I
punished mySelf more than the law would when I felt I deserved it. We must keep our
intent clear if we want self respect. William Clinton was a breath of fresh air, a
humanitarian with the passion to win the people's hearts and to fight for their rights. He
had ambition and wanted to win. But the direction of his intent was right. Yes, he had
indulgences and had made mistakes. But show me one who has not. He certainly has
learned from, and heavily paid for, his. He came from the people and was elected by the
aware people of this country, not by the power hungry, greedy, corrupt and the
conscienceless who rob their own children of their health, welfare and happiness if it
brings in the vote and the money. His kind and spiritual words of wisdom embraced the
entire nation and won even the hearts of some of the hard core Republicans. But his words
were exceptionally inspiring to the ears of the youth who had heard nothing up to that
time but false bureaucratic jargon and arrogance. My seventeen year old son, an artist, has
become interested in politics for the very first time: an interest that replaced his lack of
trust. Inspired by the young heart of our President, he began telling me what he himself
would do if he became President. My twenty one year old daughter, a young journalist,
also began to express interest and faith in our political excellence. Families, communities
and the entire country began to celebrate the hope of coming out of a depression that for
years had crippled the entire nation. People had heard about the impressive parties and
dinners at the White House but they could not identify with the wealth of the nation any
more than the movies they watched on television of the dynasties they were not a part of.
But Clinton planted the hope of prosperity in the heart of every person. He not only had
regard for individuals and their feelings, but believed in a partnership with all Americans.
He not only talked to the people, for a change, but also involved them in the process of his
leadership, from appointing positions to giving invitations to his state dinners that were
once kept a secret. People began to get a taste of what leadership could bring to them and
began to feel empowered for the first time by their governmental system.

     Bureaucracy exists on every level of any system and it must change. Bill Clinton fought
it without hindering its effectiveness to protect the people. Everything he touched, every
bill he put on the table, was about the people and their welfare, a passion he paid a heavy
price for because of the giant industries who wanted him to focus on their prosperity:
industries such as the National Rifle Association, drug industries, medical profession, and
even the enterprising leadership of organized religion. Even his own party began to stay
away from a man who was driven to making a difference instead of making a buck or a
few million dollars on the side by the seductive lobbyists who in the past had literally ruled
the system. The Republicans were approached by the powerful lobbyists of our nation and
began filibustering every bill that came to their table. They were fuming with rage and
every day we had to witness the harassment of Congress on television screens, intrusively
and with utmost cruelty disturbing the peace of mind of our families and our children
without the slightest consideration. Every seed that our President sowed with to bring us
hope and get the nation out of its depression and recession was torn to pieces by a
Republican before national television, negating all his words, saddening and confusing the
people. People were asking each other what was going on. They saw how hard their
President worked and could not understand why he was being so harassed. Furthermore,
they could no longer tolerate the burden of the destructive games of politics that were
crippling them. Instead of the government becoming the nurturing parent of the people
and empowering them, they were expected to become the parents of a bunch of self-
indulgent children who kept coming to mother to tear down each other's characters
competitively and demand individual attention.

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