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Rose Parvin The Institute for Peace Creation

From: Rose Parvin []
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 4:58 PM
To: ''
Cc: yarshater yarshater (
Subject: Contesting the Nobel Peace Prize 2003 and questioning its integrity

Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee,

I am an Iranian Moslem Woman who has spent all her life searching, learning, researching, teaching, practicing, guiding, materializing and writing about my vision and mission of a Global Cultural Power Balance, Freedom and Peace by Changing Patterns of the world in all systems including religion and government toward evolutionary revolution of compassion which is a nonviolent process and movement toward freedom and peace.
I have spent thirty two years of my life in United States and gone beyond the education I have here in a democratic country to be able to come up with new knowledge that tears down the walls of monopoly of power, superiority, god and prejudice between all cultures and all religions to free my people within and in a global nature and measure. My work is scientific, philosophical, Universal Spiritual, Psychological and psycho-biological. I have a spirit within me of all knowing that is polished to know the way the world should function by spending all of her life with people in a healing profession every day teaching them and guiding them to defend and gain back dignity beyond their rights.

I had a calling nine years ago to become the mother of the world and to free the people from their chain effect of victimization. I sat down and wrote nine books in one year from which I guided my evolutionary revolution of compassion for peace and freedom step by step to those who have censored me and taken on my identity. I am flattered and see it as a part of my mission and prophecy for my way to be followed. Only if they would not have denied my own voice and tried to dry out my resources by isolating me. This has put me on the cross of ignorance and fear I have forgiven even though I have not forgotten.

I am happy that as a result of my lifework and a chain of events of efforts of many some women began to live their passion and music and life and the soul of the people who had lost all faith was born again. I have respect for Ms. Ebadi and believe that her and many women and men in Iran deserve recognition and acknowledgement for the unjust pain and suffering they have gone through. I rose to just hat unjust and have paid for it, heavily. It is not prize but the principal of how the prize is given and how it will be used.
I am sure Ms. Ebadi will be as compassionate and committed as me to bring peaceful solutions to bring responsible freedom and democracy for my people. Yet if this attempt is already taking away my voice and is infringing upon my rights how will we be sure that this pattern does not repeat itself again. I do not see this as Ms. Ebadi's fault and see it as destiny and the process to perhaps bring justice to an unjust and wrong doing. If I did not have these problems I would not have called my mission a prophecy. This is the repeat of history and we want this time to change the patterns not to have a sacrificial lamb any more than it has had in my life, the life of my family and the people who have not been told the truth to make their own choices.

I have a great deal of compassion for the reformists. After all, they are following my vision and mission however at times with alienations from the true process. But they have grown and a rebirth has occurred to create a mock programming of the process of peace and freedom. I believe this is a process that will not be returnable. But there is much more to do and each time like election of President Khatami they think putting someone like me in my place is good enough but not only it is not good enough but it is unethical and illegal to steal another's identity and lifework and keep her silent for nine years in her own free country. Wouldn't you say? To advocate human rights and freedom we must live just lives ourselves.

A man who came to promote me and is Rafsanjani's promoter has spent the past nine years taking my every word and every dimension giving it to others, creating clones of me with my copyright work and identity. While I am transferring power for peace and unity there are some who claim my identity only to monopolize my knowledge for the sake of power monopoly. I think this silent crime must stop and my followers begin to give me back my identity and credit so that by their side I can help free my people and perhaps not with such helplessness that Iranians and people around the world have experienced because of censoring me.

I am sure this all has been as a part of security that was assumed to be needed for my people. I am an open book and I have brought the spirit and the knowledge to free all people and am not after abusing power. My power is healthy and not toxic and must not be sabotaged by censorship of me and lie promotion of others for nine years.

I hope that you consider my letter to you as a part of the process of creating peace and freedom for where there is justice and truth, there is love, peace and freedom.
With regards, Rose Parvin
Newport Beach, California 92663

From: Rose Parvin []
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 2:06 PM
To: ''
Subject: Nobel Peace Prize Winner has stolen my identity -

Rose Parvin Institute
(949) 887-2127
100 Scholz Plaza # 102 Newport Beach, California 92663

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner has stolen my identity - I am the mother of the world and the lady of angels, peace and freedom

The woman who wants to bring peace and human rights to Iran is not even accepted by her own group let alone the rest of the country. Already walls are up and mistrust increased about the international community that wants to interfere in the destiny of Iran by promoting those who have stolen my identity holding freedom hostage while claiming they are agents of bringing freedom and democracy. I have spent nine years creating unity among all religion, race and parties, and once more they are riding on my bleeding shoulders and stealing The Rose Revolution of Compassion, Peace & Freedom.

Everyone asked me and each other throughout the Mehrgan Events and after that where I attended and talked directly to thousands of people the question of who is Sheerreen Ebadi? Then when her own colleagues in Tehran questioned her high promotion in the prejudiced media began that what she will do is the reason she received the prize and not what she has done which everyone knows it is not much. I have high regards and respect for all women especially those who are following and believing my path and mission and for that matter I have higher expectations of them to be true to me and to the people in their intentions and action. If the purpose is freedom and peace and justice for people they must themselves adhere to those qualifications and not create victimization in their way of success and fame to save the people from the same victimization they create by not having responsibility and compassion along the way.

Since there are many objections at home and abroad to Ms. Ebadi's receiving Nobel Peace Prize, in defense of Ms. Ebadi Mr. Hejazi spoke to Ms. Tohidi at the 670 AM KIRN today. She is well versed in the Iran Politics and knows what is expected of her. She objected respectfully Mr. Zeeba Kalam who had among many others objected to the Nobel Peace Prize to Ms. Ebadi and said that those who object to Ms. Ebadi as a Peace Prize Winner now show that are obviously not on the side of the people. People did not elect Ms. Ebadi for Nobel Peace Prize for one thing. For another Ms. Tohidi is once more plagiarizing my scientific way of finding out who is true to people and yet twists it to the success of her own group who obviously have a great deal more prejudicial preferences other than being different from the conservatives, without giving me the credit for taking my ideas and inventions that came from my spirit and lifetime experience.

For I am the one who is saying for nine years that those who deny me and reject me are neither with the people nor are true reformists and freedom seekers. For freedom must be sought from within just as the truth and those who are the true reformists do not deny their true author of everything they are about and everything they say and have learnt during the past nine years. They call me names like wolf and alchemist and whatever they see themselves in the mirror and censor me and keep me from my people who want to hear me and then they plagiarize my every word and call themselves scientists of new creation and modernization and reformists. I proved all they claim to them bleeding on their cross of ignorance and competitive rivalry every day while they reaped the fruit of my lifework and went around the world with people's money and dried out the roots of my deep rooted long time professional work and delayed my political mission of change creating for my people because of their fear, ignorance and greed. I have forgiven them for nine years and even god is getting angry at me for not shedding light to the darkness of this silent crime and conspiracy.

Even today everything Ms. Tohidi said in her own name is what I have spoon fed to them with my blood being on their cross of competitive rivalry over the past nine years running with my lifework thinking they are each the next winners of some race and had no intentions of looking back to see who they are stepping on or who may be left behind or victimized as they try to fly high with their pray plagiarizing me and stealing my life work in my own free country in the name of democracy and who is listening with all these sold out congressmen waiting at the door to greet the thieves. That is why I am bringing a Global Culture that is neither theirs nor ours but stems out of one woman who sacrifice her life for freedom of others. And this life work could not have been created in Iran by an Iranian or in America by an American. For it had to be the researcher of the truth with a healing spirit who experienced both cultures and brought deep oriented yet easy solutions to the deep problems.

Today, Ms. Tohidi was telling people that there should not have to be a wall between religion and democracy or Islam and the true culture of Iranian people. While that is what I have tried to teach them, I also have taught them that no culture or religion is true to her people if it is not based on truth and acceptance and respect of the truth of another. Off course there is only one truth once people truly find themselves only, they can begin to see it. The truth has no walls of prejudicial party line or race or religion. There is one god and god is forgiving and loving while expects people to be human and does not let them to forget their sins unless they repent and stop the toxic pattern of victimizing others. Off course Mr. Zeeba Kalam himself who has objected to Ms. Ebadi has gained his fame among my people by plagiarizing my work telling people what I have written and proven during the past nine years that KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING. KNOWLEDGE IS THE TRUE POWER AND WHAT WILL BRING FREEDOM FOR MY PEOPLE. I REMAIN AS THE THIRD EYE FOR MY PEOPLE AND THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN EXPERIENCED ANY KIND OF OPPRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT WHETHER IT BE BY PHONETIC RELIGION OR PREJUDICED COMMUNISM OR PLAIN POLITICAL CONSPIRACY OF POWER STRUGGLE OR BLIND LEADING THE BLIND AND BLIND OBEDIENCE. GOD DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE TO BLINDLY OBEY GOD AND GIVES THOSE CHOICES AND THE WILL BUT GRANDIOSE DICTATORS WITH PLAGIARIZED CLAIMS THREATEN THOSE WHO OBJECT TO THEIR CLAIMS TO THE POINT OF CENSORING THEM AND ISOLATING THEM OUT OF THEIR OWN MEDIA AND PEOPLE.

Ms. Nayereye Tohidi herself is another miracle of my new knowledge and Mr. Khojasteh's promotion and political access who changed patterns from being a poll taker in UCLA and teaching simple course at Northridge all of a sudden became a philosopher of my copyright philosophy and lifework of Power Balance in every life dimension from psychology to politics and sociology and spirituality and even biology and the genetic structuring and time and light travel in physics.

Ms Tohidi is not alone and is accompanied by many others like a sociologist named Asadi who was being promoted at the same time by being interviewed from France by the same radio, another gentleman named Arasi and many more like Alamdari Ms. Tohidi's husband and even politicians from the Even Prison who where interviewed fifty times with my psychology of Excellence and Flying of Pattern Change Programing and had Press Conferences in prison and their books being published and promoted here where I was censored heavily and my books banned from being translated to my own language.

These ambitious go getters who found my new knowledge as the miracle poison for their success, in the direction of the man who was supposed to promote me for my lifework, were all highly promoted in the media that made sure to censor me and terrorize my character in order to promote my plagiarists without any tension or controversy. They said that I used to have good things to say and have written books and have done great work that is outdated and when people said all the new that is being said is Rose Parvin's and we want to hear her, they said I was an alchemist and they would not let me in their radio and ordered other media to follow suit of censorship and terrorization of character.

From clone making and promoting my plagiarists whose lack of qualification for what they claim and write in their names leaves people more disillusioned and disappointed in the faith they gain from the knowledge and vision and mission claimed by these plagiarists and their inability to walk the talk the have memorized so well, to giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a person who also claims my vision and ideas (that are already being implemented for years through her and a great deal of others and are not her ideas or vision or mission) to the lack of success of President of Iran Mr. Khatami who was another one who put the clothing of a reformist on and given my vision and mission and philosophy to serve the people and not the regime itself, has proven us that the means never justify the end and in fact they alter and sabotage the true end in a way that it was destined.

Only aware and well informed people must decide and not organized groups and organized associations and organizations in which one person behind the curtains and lines and not the true people buys and sells fame and elects leaders like the products every day put on the shelves of the markets for purchase. While the people in her country at home and here in US are asking who is this person and why we have not heard her before except for internal power struggle and maneuvers of the two parties in Iran being constantly promoted by the media paid for one party that is not so different from the other except for the fact that they call themselves reformists only to terrorize the identity and character of anyone disagreeing with their actions saying they too are with them ( meaning anyone disagreeing with them is with those they themselves have named conservatives,)

In nine books I have shown step by step the way to get to the truth of oneself and to freedom and from there how to become change makers of the society and the world I call the Global Family to create the means of truth that brings the end of freedom for all without creating the chain of victimization and pain and violence along the way. Now others have ran to the finish line and with my every day guidance are each taking my place in one way or other without having had the qualifications or walking the talk they have taken nine years to learn. Truth is not amateur theatrical work. It is what it is and it cannot be acted. In the play of life there is only one act that will succeed and that is to be yourself after you find it.

This mock programming for peace and freedom by those who are not willing to give the credit to the true author is backfiring and leaving people even more disillusioned in the faith they have initially gained by the vision and mission and the words and the way presented to them by the people who have only memorized it and are not qualified to claim it or walk the talk they give to people. The process is everything and for it to be true it needs true people who pass the torch to one another without creating false leaders and selling them with lie promotion to people. These false promotions backfire and those who are rewarded and promoted for it not having the capacity for the authority they are given which is most often misused and the people become the victims of ignorance of those who chose and decided for them. If you believe you don't need leaders, why do you create false one's and sell them to people while you hide and silence the true leaders who rose from the people. This is an old politics that must be changed and the formation of the new creation of the Truth Politics to take its place.

I remember that doctor Ernest Rossi who reviewed my books warned me of having created the word and the process of "programing" change and saw that it could be misused and abused by others who robatlike wear the petals and act like the Rose yet they are thorns to the eyes of others. If Enstein was alive would be just as sensitive as me in using the means of his invention in the wrong way and justifying it for the good intent of the end. Whenever we alter the truth the end is also altered. The truth must become the Global Politics and not the Lie Story created by the middleman who each want a piece of the action or the prostitutes of society and power who are willing to do anything at any cost to their way to fame and justify the means of how they get there by saying they want to help people once they are there. People must be involved in a non-manipulative way throughout the entire process for the end to make sense. Lies tear the roots of innocence and freedom of the people and the roots of their cultures rots.

An uneducated, conscienceless, empty woman is being promoted daily in the only mass radio of my people and taped garbage material is being fed to people every minute to promote an trusting image in a woman who has no capacity nor the qualifications for such a lie promotion by the man who wants to keep creating walls between me and my people to deny that he has created a dynasty by stealing my identity and the words he takes every minute from me and the guidance he has received of me while he has ordered to censor and terrorize me and every day he has a new plan to deny me for he fears my power that lies within my knowledge for I know everything without knowing. I am a spiritual leader and a scientist and not an astrologer. It is my spirit and the work of a lifetime with people and healing them through that spirit and crating a scientific analysis and doctrine and system to New Creation and New World Order and Peace and freedom and civilization as a result of the love and compassion existing in my spirit for the rainbow of god children of humanity.

This is once again the lie promotion of Massood Khojasteh's need for nullifying the need of my people and the world for me and continuously promoting clones endangering their lives and my life by the constant denial of me. The man who saw himself ending with the regime and came to me to promote my Global Peace and Reform Program, has taken off with it with my every day guidance and every word of mine creating clones to prove himself to be me. I am elated for spreading my prophecy throughout the world, yet I am sad by this betrayal of the century and the wrong pattern of justifying the means and altering the ending. Isn't this dictatorship we are trying to change its patterns to bring freedom and democracy? Why is everyone supporting it for a piece of action or money? These enabling patterns must stop and so will have to the patterns of addiction to toxic control and power.

I have held hands with the man who has taken my every word during the past nine years, even throughout this unjust censorship of me for him not to do wrong by my people, waiting for the evolving moment when he will get tired of all the lie stories and stand by my side and end this silent crime of history, celebrating victory of my mission and prophecy with me instead of keeping me on the cross of his fear and ignorance of a woman who has saved him and the world of the repetition of the toxic patterns of fear of the unknown, ignorance, prejudice and competitive rivalry. At a time the world is victimized by the imbalance of the power a woman rose to bring the balance of powers by not only her words of wisdom but by her spiritual love and compassion.

To misrepresent the facts to terrorize her character to nullity her and promote every part of her character and lifework to others and doing that in the name of love and promotion of freedom comes from a deep pain; the pain that has caused the earth to become lobe sided and imbalanced for ages. This is the time of healing for the sun to shine on the darkness and for the world to once again be born and become the transparent haven on earth and a safe place. It is the time for men and women to believe in the truth of one another and to respect the different ness and existence of another and the time where one does not have to sacrifice self, her identity or dignity and rights in the name of love or god or loyalty and patriotism for another. No one should make a choice for people or manipulate them to choose another. Only aware and well informed people must make choices for themselves. And this is love for the people and this will bring true freedom for them. Let us sing and dance together to the songs of freedom let freedom rise and let freedom be and sing with me: freedom is rising; freedom is rising, freedom Rose

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, too, has apparently stolen my identity - The Pope went around the world & confessed for the sins of the church after reading my books I had sent him - I believe the world is affected by my new psychology of Patterns of Excellence, technology of Pattern Change Programming and my philosophy of Power Balance reinterpreting and materializing the way the world should be - to free all the people bringing back their rights and dignity - the people who were victimized by systems power monopoly - the regime in Iran is already responding to my Universal Spirituality trying to change its ways yet giving my words to Ms Ebadi to avoid as much change as possible and to keep things in the Rafsanjani Family - that is why my promoter has tried to even promote Deepak Chopra's books in Iran and have them translated where he too was heavily inspired and influenced by my lifework after I sent him my book to review yet he began talking about them as it was his and then came up with fifteen books influenced by my lifework- how much fear of one woman or need for control or self centered-ness and narcissism could influence such a program or could it be all motivated by love and need for freedom and will have a wonderful ending. I already admire Ms. Ebadi's effort to bring freedom to Iran and only if she gives me back the credit for my lifework I myself may vote for her to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her truthfulness. As I saw that in her respectable best friend whose memory of Ms. Ebadi was how she cheered for her favorite side to win at a football game and as her group began to create a hero out of her, she advised against aggrandizement away from the truth. I have led Iran and the world toward diverse unity for the purpose of freeing the people from being pulled to many directions for leadership purpose's rather than the people's well being. Yet unity by the truth is much different with unity by the lie; one brings evolutionary revolutionizing the world and nations toward rebuilding and progression and the other brings more victimization and corruption.

Ms Ebadi does not have the qualifications for what she claims as far as her philosophy about Islam and relating that to reinterpretations of it and the ability to adhere to Human Rights Laws- When I rose as the mother of the world on a calling after twenty years of healing people from around the world as a counselor teaching Peace and freedom and balance of powers within and in the Global Family, I wrote nine books and went on the road to promote it that was sabotaged for others to catch up to me -much changed as a result of my lifework that is claimed by others unjustly. If every attorney activist was to get Nobel Prize the world is full of them - and if she received the prize for what she can do with it in the future we can begin with seven year olds with such qualifications - the power of the prize is not for sale, but it must go to those who qualify for it by their special and outstanding character and dedication for freedom & peace creation in this matter - I do not want the prize yet I see the motivation for it to be bought for Ms. Ebadi as another way of the nine year program of Mr. Khojasteh to silence me and cross my own name from my own Global Peace & Reform Program.

I have not only spent my life searching, studying, teaching and pioneering step by step change of patterns toward individual and societal and global freedom, peace and excellence, but I have written nine books to defend, interpret and materialize this vision creating change of patterns needed in all dimensions including societal psychology, Universal Spirituality and Truth Politics, unity and Power Balance.

Ms Sheereen Ebadi apparently has stolen my identity unless she has forgotten to give me the credit for my lifework, vision, mission, Universal Spirituality & philosophy she is claiming without any qualifications for it - No books on what she claims but some she has written about children after I rose with nine books to free the world orphans adults, youth and children alike from the patterns victimization and lie promotion that had kept my people in Iran & throughout the world burred alive in silent crime of evil patterns of corruption. I have been up against a powerful manipulator and promoter who were supposed to promote me and yet in calling it his way he has taken my every word and way and has implemented it without my name on it. And while claims these people are acting on these programs and I am not, it is only because he creates unjust opportunities for them daily and closes all doors of natural opportunities I have created for giving power to my people directly and he has the money and power for it.

Once again, I thank him as I have before for helping me implement my vision and mission and am waiting for him to give my voice back to my people if this all has evolved from his faith and belief of my way. Yet he insists to promote others with my work and keep me silent. Even though I have not been silent and have taught and guided him and his group to evolve and as a result Iran and the world is a better place, I believe justice must prevail in all cases and not just eh few selective one's Ms. Ebadi and her group chooses.
Ms. Ebadi is not alone in this apparent plagiarism of my work and identity. This has been a group effort and pattern for the past nine years. All those who call themselves reformists have done so with the lie promotion of Massood Khojasteh who was supposed to be my promoter and ended up becoming the thief of my every word creating clones of me and promoting my plagiarists while censoring silencing and isolating me for the past nine years.

One must ask Mr. Khojasteh his motivation but one is to claim it all has happened in Iran which has been promoted so forcefully and yet psychologically and environmentally it is impossible nor is there any truth in this planned program of action. I have seven hundred booklets that I have noted about daily activity of promoting my plagiarists and giving them ample time on the media and closing the doors on myself just to give them the chance to claim my lifework and on the same breath to terrorize my character. A counselor daily is put to that work on the radio 670 AM where the program director has even called me an alchemist on air saying I should not be heard on the only Persian mass radio and that is what he and his friends have decided. Everything promoted that is new in that radio is stemmed from my lifework just as what Ms. Ebadi claims is. These men for some reason do not find me worthy or deserving of delivering my own vision and mission to my people. Perhaps because I do not make any deals where it comes to the truth with which I must give people back their power.

No one knows Ms. Ebadi among the Iranian except for those who promote her which they themselves were promoted day and night in the media where Massood Khojasteh has exercised his power as the promoter of Rafsanjani calling whose character to be promoted and whose to be destroyed in trash politics - Other people are prospering from my lifework and for their own self and group benefit and not solely to empower the people. Iranians are tired of this kind of politics for 23 years and prefer to have the truth given to them.

I hope this time American media, print, politicians and even artists do not get sold out to play the game without appropriate question and expectation of Time Appropriate Human Right Laws that I have proposed in my books to be used by all religions and Ms. Ebadi claims the same, to be exercised to prevent patterns of abuse of power. I have documents to prove which some are in this Internet window that how the print and media are sold out to money power and have lost their sense of justice of journalism and ethics when I have for nine years attempted to get articles or interviews arranged with analysis that I hear later in the name of others.

This is not the way to create democracy in the world when in our own free country an honorable citizen is censored silenced and abused daily for someone from Iran to claim her words and get prizes for it.
If this is all a part of becoming Roselike I am flattered and forgiveness has already happened. Yet being censored and misrepresented for nine years while my plagiarists are getting heard by people in the media and organizations that have opened within the past few years by my standing up for democracy and freedom and have gone on the cross of ignorance for it - I welcome Ms. Ebadi myself to be qualified for who she truly is to gain the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing could make me happier as I have already indicated than an Iranian woman winning the Nobel Prize.

But first they started talking about a poet and they claimed that she has build Iran with her poems and since that was too obvious that it was I who has done that and has brought a nation and a world to life from death they suddenly without anyone knowing changed the names. This has been a pattern throughout the past nine years. As I said, with all the pain I have gone through and suffering my children have endured I forgive and welcome and praise all who have plagiarized me if this attempt is to be like me or to follow my way. And yet I see no reason for such act of love, faith, belief and understanding I myself should be censored in all media for my plagiarists to gain fame with my life work and mission.

Is The Nobel Prize For Sale?
I believe for the past two selections the words and solutions are taken from my lifework and original scientific and philosophical systems for Peace Creation - President Carter too echoed my words and Peace Program and solutions - before him all the Nobel Peace Prize Winners of the previous year voiced their helplessness in finding peaceful solutions - My solution focused Psychology of Excellence and Peace and Reform Program for Pattern Change Programming is being used without giving me the credit or the voice with which I can further help my people, globally.

Who is the true Reformist & the Peace & Freedom Lady, Globally?
At the time Iran & the world was dead & numbed with violence & had lost dignity & faith of self, god, humanity, & every walk of life & its professionals who were themselves confused and unhealthy, rose a free woman to free the world from the pain of victimization, become the other of the world on a calling and with step by step books & knowledge of what it takes to become change makers & free. A knowledge without which no one not even the People could have gone around the world and repented for his past sins let alone Ms. Ebadi & reformists who for the most part are those who have brought Khomaini & then Khatami in the name of Emam e Zaman & now Ebadi.

I believe, according to my own book Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny, that everyone can change. But they must stop repeating their lies & sins. I forgive being buried alive by them for nine years if they change patterns. I am a true reformist by my original scientific, philosophical and psychological knowledge for reform and excellence & the experience of a lifetime.

The reformists in Iran are those influenced by my philosophy & work & political power of a man who came to promote my work yet crossed my own name & silenced my own voice from it. I guided those who denied my being every day for the past nine years to evolve to free me & my people from the web of their ignorance, competitive rivalry, jealousy & fear of a woman who was from within free.

I have been silenced by this wall between my people & me yet I have taught them to fly with the cage and with the cross of societal ignorance, fear and mediocrity. I will not have my identity stolen in any name especially in the name of freedom and peace. I do not believe peace and freedom can be achieved by oppressing other people.

Even though these are revelatory poetry, this is how I have changed the Iranian and the world culture of poetry, by the godliness in me - coming from a culture where we had woman god - and now we have woman stoning and veiling for the man's weakness to clearly control his passion and see - I wrote to change the culture globally, create a global culture & to create a world born free from the prejudice that has victimized my people and me throughout the centuries.

All Ms. Ebadi has claimed is my words and philosophy that even the regime has responded to and stopped stoning. I am sure had I not been censored, there would have been no need for war or the political prisoners would not have had to remain in prison. Who frees, not freedom, is the focus here. Like the man who came to promote me & instead has censored, terrorized & isolated me for nine years in the name of love and has promoted my plagiarists & clones of me, putting me on the cross of his ignorance, fear & need to control at any cost even the cost of collective silent crime of infringing upon the rights and dignity of a woman whose identity and knowledge is freeing the world. The new Nobel Prize winner is also another clone of this man who started the reformists in Iran just to veil me and my identity.

I want Miss Ebadi first give me my identity back before she begins to bring freedom to my country. Only from a woman like me, stems the spirit and scientific mind and power to change the Islamic culture and all cultures and begin with the knowledge of reinterpreting what must be as I have done and others have plagiarized me. No freedom can be established anywhere by infringing the right and dignity of another. Keep the prize sheereen, but give me back my copyright words, philosophy and identity for I can do better for my people than any other person in my place to be. I am proud of you for who you are. You do not have to be me unless you want to take away something that belongs to me. I am sure you have enough to be proud of and as an ex judge you could win. All great people must win by their own identity and self accomplishments not others.

The Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi was born in 1947. She received a law degree from the University of Tehran. In the years 1975-79 she served as president of the city court of Tehran, one the first female judges in Iran. After the revolution in 1979 she was forced to resign. She now works as a lawyer and also teaches at the University of Tehran.

Both in her research and as an activist, she is known for promoting peaceful, democratic solutions to serious problems in society. She takes an active part in the public debate and is well-known and admired by the general public in her country for her defense in court of victims of the conservative faction's attack on freedom of speech and political freedom.

Ebadi represents Reformed Islam, and argues for a new interpretation of Islamic law which is in harmony with vital human rights such as democracy, equality before the law, religious freedom and freedom of speech. As for religious freedom, it should be noted that Ebadi also includes the rights of members of the bahai community, which has had problems in Iran ever since its foundation.

Ebadi is an activist for refugee rights, as well as those of women and children. She is the founder and leader of the Association for Support of Children's Rights in Iran. Ebadi has written a number of academic books and articles focused on human rights. Among her books translated into English are The Rights of the Child. A Study of Legal Aspects of Children's Rights in Iran (Tehran, 1994), published with support from UNICEF, and History and Documentation of Human Rights in Iran (New York, 2000).

As a lawyer, she has been involved in a number of controversial political cases. She was the attorney of the families of the writers and intellectuals who were victims of the serial murders in 1999-2000. She has worked actively - and successfully - to reveal the principals behind the attack on the students at Tehran University in 1999 where several students died. As a consequence, Ebadi has been imprisoned on numerous occasions.

With Islam as her starting point, Ebadi campaigns for peaceful solutions to social problems, and promotes new thinking on Islamic terms. She has displayed great personal courage as a lawyer defending individuals and groups who have fallen victim to a powerful political and legal system that is legitimized through an inhumane interpretation of Islam. Ebadi has shown her willingness and ability to cooperate with representatives of secular as well as religious views.
Oslo, 10 October 2003

President George W. Bush

RE: Freedom of Iran & Security of America

Dear Mr. President,
Thank you for caring about the Iranian People's Destiny. You must know by now that I am the savior of my people and the mother of the world. The world is being born again though not only my peace and reform program but also the spirit that leads me to such words of healing and creating new creation. For nine years I have gone on the cross of ignorance of the middlemen who fear the spiritual power of one woman who has brought to shame the regime that brutally killed anyone who disagreed with it. Ignorance is the cause of all killings in the name of god. Sheereen Ebadi has gained her Nobel Peace Prize because of being safe to the regime of Rafsanjani.

I wrote in my nine books nine years ago in 1994 that all religions must adhere to the Time Appropriate Human Rights Laws. My promoter who is Rafsanjani's promoter has silenced and censored me to create my clones and promote my plagiarists. Unfortunately their lives become in danger of their lack of qualification to be in my place. Ms.

Ebadi has no knowledge or qualifications to predict that the era of war and violence is over except that she like everyone else is riding on my shoulders and is repeating my living words of my spirit. I am the mother of the world and god has given me this name. I have the spirit of Jesus Christ inside me and this is the same spirit of the last prophet Moslems are waiting for making all the prejudice and power struggle wars a nonsense war.

Iranian People are silent by the very people who want me silent right here in the United States. I am the savior of my people and the people of the world for true freedom from terror and its patterns of silent crime of censor and character terror and association for the world to come to unity with peace and give life to the new civilization and world order. I thank you for your tough love strategy and adhering to my peace program of compassionate strength.

I need radio-television and access to awaken the Iranian People and the people of the world to their own power and inner freedom for democracy to succeed without violence and power struggle that will only victimize them. My destiny is to heal the masses of the people and bring them not only inner freedom and balance but also societal power balance and freedom. If In the homeland, the unity with California and the new success is opening the path of no resistance for your success in reelection!

Your friend, Rose Parvin

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