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Freedom Seminar

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Freedom Within & Global Freedom & Peace

The New Civilization- A Global Culture

Parvin Peace & Reform Program - Individula, Family, National, Global

September 19th, 2003 Marriott Suites, Bayview, Newport Beach

all day Friday 9am-10pm Free with the purchase of one of Rose's books at the door value $15 or $40

Make reservation by phone (949) 887-2127 or e-mail

Marriott Suites Bayview Newport Beach500 Bayview Circle, Newport Beach, California (949)854-4500 The New Creation

The Rose Legacy - Revolution of Compassion

Freedom Rose

The teacher has been here teaching the blinds who claim her identity & lifework & sensor her to promote plagiarists of their own inner circle and monopolize her Peace & Reform Program - Promoters of the lie & prostitution for power have been shed the truth for 9 years to learn the Rose Prohecy & the Rose Way - you too, can learn about the miracle within you by the True Miracle Maker


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