BOOK # 8  Self Programer

The Psychology of Destiny Making


           We are the makers of our own destiny.  We can become our own Self Programer and guide our children and family.  We can change our Life Patterns fromthat of a Forgotten, Feared, Adopted Self who has lived life only as programed by others, to a Chosen Self free from the Societal Chain effect of Victimization.  We  can move beyond the previous limitations, own the Patterns of Inner Ethics-Freedom-Responsibility, rock the tower of authority with our scientific analysis and questions and create a Self Institution.  The Forgotten Self is the sinned Self according to religious myths:  the one that sees, feels, desires, hopes, wishes, and wants but cannot have. Having been told that we must be selfless to be spiritual, our ture Self suffers, becomes alienated, oppressed, obedient, rebellious or forgotten.  Through Self Search, Inventory and Analysis anyone can delete      

      their Crisis Patterns, shed the adopted self imposed upon us by our past programers and choose Patterns of Prevention and Excellence and a Universal Self , a Self free from the societal dependency and Patterns of Mind-Body-Distortion and Addiction.  Self Programer is a guide to Self Love. Self Healing, Self Excellence and Self Embrace.                


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