BOOK # 7 Beyond Patterns   

The Psychology of Health and Excellence


     Psychology of Health and Excellence challenges the mental health profession to a change of       patterns: to focus away from disease, and dependency and move toward health and excellence. 

     When we look beyond patterns we learn to embrace the society as the patient in need of healing       and see the individual and family diagnosis and labels as the effect of the cause: an imbalanced   society that needs, encourages and creates addiction and dependency.  Although genetic differentness among the people is real, it is the society that breeds Hitlers or determines whom to call Mozart and whom to diagnose as an incurable schizophrenic.  Through in-depth philosophical theory if Oiwer Balance and demystified scientific tools of Pattern Change Programing, we can change Life Patterns from Imbalance to Excellence within the Self, in our family and society. By entering the world of those who experience pain, Power Block or Power Struggle we can create pattern transfer and transform powerlessness and Imbalance Patterns to Power Balance of Cognition-Emotion-Action.  By believing in people’s inherent Self Power we can change the Patterns of Illusion, Delusion or Hallucination to Excellence Patterns of Self-discipline, Self Control, creativity and Self Expression.  

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