BOOK # 6  Preventive Family Therapy

Family Patterns of Change


     Preventive Family Therapy sees all relationships as cross-cultural.  Within our own families we have cross-cultural differences.  No two people are alike; parents and adolescents, husband and wives, not even twin sisters.  To the degree that we can look at each other and instead of strange, black, Jewish, Iranian, Italian, Moslem or Christian we only see  “different” and to the degree that we can accept this differentness with compassion and grace, we have learned to accept our Self, our families and society.  This is a process of prevention of Imbalance Patterns and creation of Excellence Patterns on a universal scale.  Preventive Family Therapy is an introduction to Psychology of Excellence where Self Search and Family Analysis results in Family Patterns of Change toward Power Balance creating a linear path of health, success-excellence within families, societies and nations as one Universal Family.  The answer to the individual, familial, societal and global crisis is Self-Knowledge and the Solid Seal o Non-selective Compassion that nurtures the core of Self and preserves individual dignity.  Where there is Family Power Balance, Patterns of Imbalance are deleted and Patterns of Excellence are created:Patterns of Compassion, Self Discipline and an inner code of ethics that breeds Universal Dignity; may it be among the parents and children or presidents of different ountires, becoming responsible role models for others.  Family Ritual of Mind-Body Prayer is a tool of Pattern Change Programing that changes the Patterns of Family Power Struggles to Family Power Balance and excellence where parents and children dance to their inner hmns and fly together with love and compassion.     

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