BOOK # 4  Programing Excellence

Self Power Balance

     “Programing Excellence is an Excellence and solution Focused brief therapy:  an advanced        dimension of Pattern Change Programing.  Excellence is a process where an individual, a          relationship, a family or a society is in a constant Evo-revolutionary search to evolve to the       ultimate degree of being.  It is a revolutionary path that prevents stagnation in humanity and and promises eternal happiness, peace unity and abundance of prosperity.  Excellence Programed individuals with philosophical depth of Universal Self and scientific Self Knowledge use tools of Pattern Change to create, delete or save their Life Patterns through Pattern Analysis, Pattern Inventory, Deductive Reasoning and Final Analysis. Change is Inevitable.  It is the Choice of our direction which enables us to predict and program our own future, determine our own destiny and have the power to change the Patterns of Humanity.  Excel in your Self and you excel in the world and the universal evergreen of life that flows, miraculously.  Some of the tools of Self Excellence are Self Expression and Mind-Body-Spirit Prayer, where the silent dances of the spirit and the movements of the body to the hymns of the Self, create Collective Universal Power Balance beyond healing.” “We tend to become far too preoccupied with the need to control and perfection in our lives.  Our society  teaches us how to crawl, how to run and how to escape.  But we are all capable of flying.  And that is what I guide you to do best, in this new revolutionary psychology, Psychology of Excellence.”    


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