BOOK # 3  Power Balance Therapy

Pattern Change Programing


     “The balancing of powers in any given environment creates harmony as a Natural Life Pattern.  Whether it is within the Self Patterns or between the Self and its surrounding environment: a family or between the people and their leadership in a society.  Power Balance Therapy is a linear and universal path barring societal success and spiritual excellence by the process of unfolding the multi-dimensions and Patterns of Self to the ultimate core of its substance.  The Universal Laws of Power Balance flow within and among all of its parts, connecting them with one another.  The Self as part of the universal whole is governed by the same laws.  By Self Search and Self Analysis from our Self computer (the mind) where Self Knowledge is power, we utilize the tools of Pattern Change Programing to delete Imbalance, Block and Toxic Patterns and save Power Balance and Excellence Patterns.  By Programing Choice Patterns we become Destiny Makers and Change Makers of the Family and Societal Patterns, leaping beyond health to Psychology of Excellnce.  Where there is balance of powers, there is harmony.  Where the air is filled with the essence of harmony, there is no room left for the toxins of crisis.”   

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