BOOK # 2  Answer to Humanity

      Reclaiming Individual Power and Dignity


           “Far too many times, I have bared witness to the existential pain and anger of an alienated Self, terrorized by the institutional corruption, rigidity and lack of tolerance for differentness.  In a societal crisis and chaos of children killing children, the true underlying cause of the problems of being human is the Power Imbalance caused by the lack of regard for the Self.  By Pattern Change Programing as a brief therapy and scientific tool to Power Balance Theory, we can create Psycho-Universal Spirituality and Universal Self: a Self free from the addictive, habitual Toxic Life Patterns, destructive fast cures and rigid rules and limitations; a Self governed by an inner code of ethics and universal laws which transcend a solid seal of non-selective compassion among the people and create an Excellence Programed Society.” Compassion is a flower of peace and harmony which tends to grow only from the tree of Self Knowledge.  Under the tree of Self Knowledge we can find the fruit of Self Power.  Where there is Self Power, hate, judgment and pejudice are the intruding weeds taken out by the gardner; the one who waters the flowers; the one who watches for the children, as a third eye, from above the garden.”


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