Where Do I Belong?

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Where do I belong?

Man beh koja taalog daram

I wasn't trying to make films, theater or CDs- I wasn't even trying to write books you see?I was trying to change the earth's Patterns of Destiny- from destruction to prevention and reform- from the gradual death to rebirth by unity- I was trying to save you from mass killing- I was trying to save you from mass dying- you were on my wings the whole time- and I let you because it was the only way of flying you to get to me-

you are still on my wings and I am behind because you have silenced me- making a deal with me for your empty idols you have created from my feathers and petals- you didn't have to become dirt to win my love- you shouldn't have taught you should make me dirt to reach me- I will always keep flying- the only way you can reach me is to keep flying with me - but this time, my friend and partner, not on my wings- you can fly side by side with me-

you had reached your end when you came to see me- you and my people and the leaders of the world had reached their end -just as all the systems had failed- every one had taken and did not know how to give back- and people did not trust them even if they decided to give back- in a dead world, I was the only one caring enough to see it dying and the only one to have the answers for giving it another birth- god only gives life and god only should take it away- but I have god inside who has agreed for me to make the wrong, right- and give another chance to earth-it is once more your birth day - just the same as god's birthday

by changing the patterns of being and doing that has created this anarchy- god does not want anyone die for god- god wants man to change his patterns of living- and that is why you had come to see me- I was at the top of being and at my rising- I am always rising and your cross for me did not stop my process , it glorified it- and that to you is troubling-

how much more do you have to take away from me to come to your balance- it took you seven year of silencing me and terrorizing my character while taking and claiming my life work to become who you are- you are in another birth- I have given you and my world another birth- all you have to do is sharing what was given to you for free-

you and I are far above the political conspiracy- all you have to do is to be you- all you have to do is to accept me to be me- we are larger than life, you and I - you and all your cards against me- flying on my bleeding wings not knowing- that I wanted you there the whole time- it was the only way of flying you to get to me- with all the clone making and plagiarizing you did of me- you were blind to who I was - you did not see me!

It is never too late to reach me- I am neither under the ground- or on the seventh sky- just open your heart- and you will see me- It is now or never my partner!- seven year riding on my wings is enough Power MonopolyPeace without War- are we powerful enough and human enough to manage it? I suppose we will all see !

The United Nations must accept her New Role and Patterns of Prevention- People of the world want to rely on UN, not to become the victim of her non-action- UN is the world hope for peace without war aside from the Holly Spirit who is rising every day and still denied by those who want power, unilaterally and not in unity

The world must stop the hate rhetoric and must begin having compassion and caring about all the people as a whole and open arms to the love of the Holly Spirit in me!