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The Bird Is The Flight

Parandeh Khode Parvaz Ast


The Global Family

part of me is hurting- as it is Bali- how much more to do? what can anyone do? what comes naturally- terror must be fought- with all that you've got- but if we can save- some that are still there- all from dying- all preventive, program for security- but at the end of the day- we must promote becoming a family- - those who abuse- those who are not there - we must gather in an island somewhere in the sea-

murder is a sin- killing is the same thing- let us change others- do not get violent or angry- and most of all, do not fear if you want to be living clear- let us get fingerprints for gun controls and port controls for all- and for all respect their rights and dignity- let us tighten the security- those who bully you and me- must know we are not alone- that we are a family-

bullies intimidate and threaten the little children and the innocent people - they themselves are inside frightened - they bully us to hide their feelings of inferiority- for the most part they need parenting - those suffering from sociopathy- must be locked up somewhere - they are a danger to the society- if they are not willing to see the god as the answer to their criminality- the chain killing is not ended- The Rosary - Two resolutions is not compromising -

neither is one resolution at a time if needed to be

when the wounds open - all the poison pours out- it does not mean it is new- and it does not means it has not been there- it means the healing is on the way- and the denial is over- yes the denial is over- there are more people who see- among the leaders and leaders to be- people are hurting but uniting - in darkness but enlightening- the crisis is frightening- but thank god people are caring, now- yes the patterns must change-

and Mr. President, two resolutions does not mean your are compromising - neither is one resolution at a time if needed to be- it means your are choosing carefully- dialogue is better than bombing- but indifference is never to be tolerating- it is now or never- but the process must not be sacrificed for the means-

North Korea, Iran and Iraq must disarm the nuclear weaponry- to become the example that we can change, we do not wait for others to see- and that there is no greatness to being the bully- unless we want to harm others- there is no excuse to justify lack of regard for humanity-

I will build a dome where all the nuclear powers are sitting waiting to be the tools for destructivity- - a dome for prayer and singing the songs of love and truth for all the children of god to see- all should live their lives safe and secure and without the threat of dying- all weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed - we do not need to advance in destructivity-

thank god the Kings boys are getting another chance to live freely- they never had a life and they are not guilty- thanks to Aaron Brown and Connie Chung for being the angels of freedom in CNN - for confronting the unjust - we all must, when we see-

I am so glad someone is hearing my cry- if not for myself, for the rest of humanity- I said years ago that John Majors delayed the right thing to do - and now that family is suffering- their beautiful daughter is dying of carelessness for profit before people- we will pay for that as a nation one way or another ultimately-

we must change the minds of the people- for the terrorists not to be influenced by them with clarity- if they terror because crazy or sick, they should be locked up - if for an ideology we must change their motivation and the interpretation to heal the Global Family-

god does not want children who kill- but god does not want children who suffer from imbalance in humanity and are victims of bullying and the environment in which they live in - reform of all systems and nations is the New World Order- father , mother and the child - we must delete addiction from the earth - our children need independence of though and action- interdependence is the child of healthy media and society and unity with respect to the differentness- diverse- unity that is-



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