House of Self,

House of God

Like a tree, stagnant by our roots

we move to grow

we separate, initiate, we choose

my mother, my father, my child

are all inside

we must let go of our roots

we must allow the tide

we can no longer hide the truth

from the naked eyes

I am the mother, I am the father,

I am the child

embrace me, embrace me, embrace me

for I am the truth you have sought to see

I am the father, don't abandon me

I am the mother, nurture me

I am the child, I am destiny

embrace me I am your king,

in the kingdom within

I am the child crying silently

embrace the mind, embrace the body,

embrace the spirit that lives within

dance the prayer, regain your peace again

choose to love the child again

look within, focus inside

can you see the child can you be the child

can you be the child you hide inside

can you love again, can you be proud, again

I promise I will be right here by your side

you are the father, you are the mother,

you are the child

I am alone don't leave me,

I want you to believe me

you will not deceive me,

no more darkness for you to get lost

in this journey, I am the light

I am the Self you hide inside

I am your guiding light

I am the path and I am the guide

I am the Self, I am the mother

and I am the Child

From the book Pattern Change Programming,

Creating Your Own Destiny Author: Rose Parvin, 1994

Seven thousand Ghataeh

Seven thousand Pieces of my body 

are written in blood on them pouring out of me 

in the midst of pain of the death and the rebirth

and the denial and the loss of everything 

that I worked for, everything and everyone who ever meant to me.

On a calling from within calling me and wanting me to rise

to become the mother and teacher of the world to change and reform 

the Orphan World by singing my revelatory songs 

to the dying masses who walked soul-less, 

soul-less and spiritually dead 

I stopped my practice of counseling and wrote nine books

and seven thousand pieces of me in poetry

made from my body and my blood to promote universal spirituality

and mass healing in a world that was dying

only to be stopped by the powers of the time who wanted my miracle

my science and technology

they silenced me for seven years 

and spread my words claiming it as their own

just because of fear of a woman who knew more than they had ever known

and a woman who loved  more than they ever loved

and a woman who forgave more than they had forgiven even their self

a woman who tolerated them more than their parents did 

and a woman whose words were the truth in their Lie Society and World

they feared a woman 

feared that I might take control so they silenced me 

and kept me under the glass globe but still my voice was carried

was carried by the wind and was given to my people spontaneously and constantly

and this is how I rose once more and fulfilled my destiny

a child is born to us and from that there is a new birth in my nations

and my global family.

Seven thousand  pieces of my body are written in blood

bringing to you all  my dimensions 

becoming your mirror to see who you are  beyond your names, 

beyond your titles,  beyond your  political games,  and beyond your flesh 

in my Dialogue with my child in my dialogue with man and in my dialogue with God

Seven years  have passed  and I have been on the cross to show my people the miracles

that live within me and I share with the world with those who want to hear,

those who are waiting for a new child and a new world  

a new child is born to us! and there is a rebirth of the souls

everyone is blessed and forgiven once more

Rose Parvin, 7/7/01 

Roots of Being

a third eye is watching you.... from above the garden  

The roots of any individual are

not on a piece of land that carries 

the burden of the body,  the body that exists 

only to embrace the soul,  the soul that cannot be found 

in any house  that confines any limits 

its universal wisdom and nurturance  for all beings as a whole. 

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core 

and beyond the flesh  of color, gender, race or belief, 

where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, 

and equally created.  From those roots only, 

as individuals and as nations, 

we can harvest the seeds of 

peace, progression, joy and mastery,  joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners 

not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation 

that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest 

the tender blooms of the sacred seeds  of unity and togetherness, 

that will bare the evergreen  abundance of excellence 

in the designs and the patterns 

of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess 

this gardener will stay up to guard  the gate of heaven 

and to call on all the others  together with their bare hands, 

they will fetch the water  and with their heart and soul will dance, 

the mind-body prayer, and will pray 

ounce by ounce of that clear water,  over all the thirsty flowers 

who have crumbled from the chill  sleep well my prince, 

sleep well my princess  a third eye is watching you  from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage

the day America cried  Author: Rose Assier Parvin


Only through me

Don't cry for me  my dear children, the truth is I never left you

in all my troubles, of death and rebirth

I was night and day,  right here beside you 

I kept my silence to prove my promise.

Don't cry for me  Iran-e-man (my land Iran)  I never truly left you

I was night and day,  right there above you

you will reach power once again on earth only through me

But you must make me your mirror I am a god-like flower

and my heart is the place for all world children

as one family on earth.

Don't cry for me I'm back, I'm true Don't cry for me I'm here, for you!

Rose Parvin, June 15,2001

The Priest  Knows me

The priest knows me, he knew me the moment he saw me 

He was chosen to Baptize me and to witness my rebirth

and rising from my tomb of destiny. I am who I am, he knows me

He threw down his Bible at the door after his sermon and said

you have nothing if you have it all,

if you have read all the books, and heard all the sermons, and prayed all the prayers,

you have nothing if you don't know god, if you don't see god's face, in the color of eternity

an old soul in a child, in a man or a woman, it doesn't matter, spirits don't have gender

spirit is all light, all fire and all knowing, the messenger said that repeatedly

if you don't see god's face, you haven't seen anything,

he was hard on me he said, we broke you he whispered later,

we broke you last time to have you be all here for us, all of you be the spirit,

no flesh, no arrogance or mind power of an intelligent being 

I said to him calmly, I have been broken, on the cross,

for seven years they tore me apart

they ate pieces of my body, and they drank my blood, daily they laughed at me

and they threw darts at me, they stole my life work and prospered from it,

and grew  in front of me, while they called me liar, magician, sick, black cat and crazy 

and when Diana died they called us both whores, independent women they censored and isolated me

they dried up my roots and watched me perish my children separating from me

loosing our home and  all I had worked for all my life,

dying somewhere in some motel, a woman alone in pain of betrayal of love and of truth, 

when her prophecy was  love and truth on the cross,  with a bloody heart

walking behind the caravan, that was led by the light of my spirit,

with my horse giving someone else free rides on my wing, 

tired of all the lies and deceptions corruptions and the power monopoly

the thick wall of prejudice around me

still keeping  my grace and dignity so you see, you see -I have already been broken

a woman who gave up all she had in the midst of success and mastery

spending all of her last money on television programs

that saved a nation from being bombed

and kept the children from dying  in wars, drugs, prostitution and poverty, 

to come out of the death, the gradual death of their spirit and to gain back their faith

that there is a god and there is justice and to get back their lost rights and dignity 

I have forgiven everyone I have loved those who hated me

perhaps too much, but how much is enough for loving unconditionally

for as you said, I want to be close to all, so I came down from my heaven

to be with my people and love them like no one has ever loved another being

The Priests said prayers over my head and said I was Baptized with the holy water

one said that he saw all white light, another said she saw fire around me burning the evil eyes   

another said we know you are chosen, the other saw me going, 

on a long journey over the stormy waters

and before god I asked be my witness to these non-believers,

for it has been seven years  of being on the cross and I am tired

of the poisonous air around me

priests said you will never be the same and that you will talk a different language,

and so I did.

He gave me his Bible and I saw in it the word  that came from within me

the all knowing that took over my destiny was in the Bible

as the god the one and only I knew I had the holy spirit, the living word within me

I was born again, the old child of destiny,

and everything around me was experiencing rebirth and becoming fresh, 

with a new beginning everything around me was becoming free, the fire burnt 

all that was not pure and all that was not holy

the word stayed only inside of me   

And tonight he sat his wife on a chair and asked god to appear in the holy spirit

and save his wife from the dead stuff and all the lies

I found myself standing up with my hands open,  my voice was strong,

and told her in a command

open your fists, let me fight your fights,

I went forward and held her, she was like a helpless, lost lamb in mother's arms

I told her that I loved her, she repeated my words,

I love you, I love you, my body was  like pure fire and electricity,

my hands were singing for the sound was so loud I could hear my hands talk

I held her hands and gazed at her eyes she was changed, the young woman never smiled,

she had a big smile on her face and her face was lit up

her husband knew what I had done for her,

I had given her  my own spirit until she gets her own

I became her mother and gave her a new birth right then and there

I held the man who got angry at me because I said I was born with the holy spirit inside me

I told the old man  that I loved him too. He too, smiled

He told me I appreciate you coming to me and telling me that

I said to him not to worry and not to get confused

For I am not an ordinary woman

everyone laughed in joy and appreciation of my nature forgiving and loving

to the fault at times, for god does not compromise,

but I have found myself compromising, at my own cost

I read to them the part of the Bible that I had written for my daughter in her time of trouble

a woman's husband had had a stroke three times today and she did not know Christ

they prayed for her she was spiritless and unloved as if she had never been loved in her life

I said to them how I found, my daughter's Bible when I could not read, the Bible that the priest gave me

for the words were small and I did not have glasses and I could not buy another one

the book came to me opened up in page 50 Isaiah that siad   

"Sing for joy, O heavens, shout O earth.  Break forth with song, O mountains, 

for the Lord has comforted his people,  and will have compassion upon them in their sorrow."  

"Yet they say, "  My Lord deserted us,  he has forgotten us." " Never! 

Can a mother forget her little child  and not have love for her own son? 

Yet even if that should be,  I will not forget you. " 

See, I have tattooed your name  upon my palm and ever before me 

is a picture of Jerusalem's walls in ruins.

" Soon your rebuild shall come and chase away all those destroying you. 

Look and see for the Lord has vowed that all your enemies shall come and be your slaves. 

They will be as jewels to display, as bridal ornaments.

"Even the most desolate parts  of your abandoned land  shall soon be crowded with your people, 

and your enemies who enslaved you shall be far away. 

" The generations born in exile shall return and say,  " We need more room!  It's crowded here." 

Then you will think to yourself who has given me all these? 

For most of my children were killed  and the rest were carried away into exile.  leaving me here alone. 

Who bore these?  Who raised them for me?" " The Lord God says, " 

See, I will give a signal to the Gentiles  and they shall carry your little sons 

back to you in their arms, and your daughters on their shoulders.

" Kings and Queens shall serve you, they shall care for all your needs. 

They shall bow to the earth before you and lick the dust from off your feet. 

Then you shall know I am the Lord.  Those who wait for me shall never be ashamed."

" Who can snatch the pray from the hands of a mighty man? 

Who can demand that a tyrant  let his captives go?  But the Lord  says  

"even the captives of the most mighty and the most terrible shall all be freed." 

For I will fight those who fight you,  and I will save your children.  

"Listen to me my people,  my chosen ones. I alone am God. 

I am the First;  I am the Last"

Come all of you and listen.  Among your idols,  which one has ever told you this" 

The Lord loves Cyrus.  He will use him to put an end  to the empire of Babylonia. 

I am saying that I have called Cyrus  and I have sent him on this errand  and I will prosper him. 

Oh that you had listened to my laws 

then you would have had peace  flowing like a gentle river  and great waves of duteousness. 

" You are my servant.  A Prince of Power"  with god and you shall bring me glory,"

" you shll bring more than restore Israel to me.

I will make you  a light to the nations of the world  to bring my salvation to them too." 

" Kings shall stand at attention  when you pass by;  princess shall bow low 

because the Lord has chosen you; 

he, the faithful Lord  the Holy One of Isael,  chosen you." 

" Your request has come  at a favorable time.

I will keep you from premature harm and give you as a token and pledge to Israel, 

proof that I will reestablish the land of Israel  and reassign it to it's own people again. 

Through you I am saying to the prisoners of darkness "  Come out" I am giving you your freedom. 

They will be my sheep , grazing in green pastures and on the grassy hills. 

They shall neither hunger nor thirst.

The searing sun and scorching desert  will not reach them anymore. 

For the Lord in his mercy will lead them beside the cool waters."

And I will make my mountain into level paths for them;  the highways shall be raised above the valleys."  

See, my people shall return from far away,  from north and west and south."

Then I sat on the chair and talked about my dilemma

of a man competing with my god who does not understand pure love

who wants me to compromise myself 

T he Priest said god does not compromise you must dump what competes with god

he read to me from the Bible not to join unequal yoke, do not join a non-believer

a man who wants me to join him with his wife and his lovers or he will keep censoring me 

keeping me in a glass shell telling my people lies about me promoting prostitutes and clones of me

who have stolen my life work and prosperd from it while throwing stones at me

denying my existence assassinating my character

the man who loves me who believed in me and came to me to promote me and my mission

of the truth and love, my peace and reform program, Universal Spirituality,

the true freedom and democracy, one world, one god, and christ-like-ness of a world that is dead in spirit

but I was an independent woman a scientist, a philosopher a teacher and a guide 

who was not and is not, dependent to any cult, yet he tried to destroy me and claim my mission as his own

he claims to be me he said again you have a difficult choice your life is in this man's hands

I said I love him too he said it is your choice but god does not compromise!

I told him what if god wants me to love him he is my soul-mate we are partners, he lied to me at first

he said god does not compromise  

And so, I left saying I shall not compromise! at home, in the radio angels sing

giving me his message of love and compassion

and yet the night story is about a woman lover who ends up being a killer

that is what they have done to my people for seven years

they have made angels from prostitutes who come between me and my people

and steal everything in their way and they make a killer,

of the virgin marry and the child being born again

I think to myself does he love me enough to respect my identity and my mission

and not deny that he is my partner? in equal dignity and respect?

the woman who is committed to her mission and was when he met her

or is his love a selfish love of the evil? 

only this afternoon  he was worshipping the prostitute he had created in order to humiliate me

and deny me from my people, entertaining them with promotional clones of me

what kind of a love can that be?

god has been denied for centuries by evil and the man-made stony animals substituting god

while they were constantly crying why they are not blessed by god's eternal divine love!

god says if you love me you must obey my commands and my inner laws of ethics

and god  does not compromise! god makes the chosen one to suffer to become a perfect leader

god is great, there is only one god, god has no associates.

I am the one, I am the way. the light and the lantern

god is fire for the sinner and water for the believer

you came to me as a believer to help me spread my word

you took the sacred word and claimed it as your own and called your act an act of love

to prove to me that you are the one for me

Seven years of my life is spent on forgiveness, patience, tolerance and guidance

of a man who has taken from me everything that belongs to me

my voice is my birth right and and my life work are the fruits of my vine,

the grapes that give life to all the children of humanity

I have proved to you that I am true, you are my witness that I am real

all that you have taken from me has worked miraculously

and I have been flying with the cross, with thecage taking your hand and my people 

to the spirit beyond the flesh, to the life of eternity 

I am the one and I am the way, the veiled truth, unveiling as we speak

through the two way mirror

I must spend with my people  in a direct relationship 

the time you are taking from me, monopolizing my sacred knowledge

as you keep my home under the glass globe of censorship, intelligence, tight control and security   

The Priest is right about everything except one thing

He is looking for the words of the book in me.

He is not looking in the words for me

He says there are times where the word is without the presence of god

and at times the presence of god without the words 

and looks at me and says you are the presence of god without the word

but the presence of god is the word

I am saying the same thing, I just don't know the number of the verses

I was saying the word before I read the Bible

Now I know that I have the living word, inside

for all I say is in the Bible

I say to him loosing my patinece

you are in the presence of god

he says tell me the verse and the chapter

I have not heard anything more ignorant than that

god is the living word god is the word

god does not have to know the verse and the chapter

of the book somebody else wrote in his name

the words confirm the presence of god to others and to god as witness to the truth

but all the history is a lie tailored to those who rule earth at the time

books are burnt every time one ruler succeeds  the other

Massiah was a woman to begin with and came from Persia and her name was Mytra

the massiah was a woman for god is a spirit of man and woman

god has the world in her stomach, she is always pregnant, the world is god's stomach!

I had the world in my stomach I brought it out, I gave the world a new birth

I am the mother of the world. I have the holy spirit inside

my life is my witness to the truth and the living word as witness and guide

But that session is not the place for me I don't want to shatter the lives of little people

with little faith who believe in god with their own limitations

let them learn their way and imagine god in their own way and believe in god in their own way 

if they hurt enough  or they believe enough  they will come and seek me on their own

I will not be in a place where I am not accepted, understood and treasured

seven years of being on the cross is enough for a second life time. 

Rose Parvin 6/28/2001  And the Living Bible page 50 ISAIAH  





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as  witness to  The Veiled Truth of the true author

Poetry & Song Programming A Scientific Prophecy 

A Spiritual Programming for Pattern Change Programming

and Cross-Cultural Power Balance tearing down the walls of  prejudice

Power Monopoly and discrimination

is a Scientific Spiritual Tool for Programming Excellence

to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through

The Revelatory Word and Power Transference 

Nations Common-ness in Strength Patterns and

creating tolerance, flexibility  Respecting & Accepting Different-ness

in Diverse Unity from Self Making to Soul Making 

The Parvin Global Cultural Peace and Reform Program 

by Pattern Change Programming

An Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion

toward  Change, Reform, Power Balance

through their Role-Models  and leaders, 

in all Life Dimensions of artistic and scientific nature

through the media/print and through Power Transfer

A Scientific-Spiritual tool of Excellence 

Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny 

Copyright @ Library of Congress 1994-All rights reserved.







True democracy, freedom  and evolutionary revolution

begins from the heart of every person. 

for a heart is a place for the soul

In a soulless society and world,

there is no true freedom.

So take my heart, my children

and make it the home for your soul

and until your own heart beats for others

take hold of my heart and become god-like,

my children 

keep my heart and believe its your own.

drink from it, all of the blood

eat my pieces of my body pouring out of me

like verses of poetry

and become like me as I am bleeding on the cross

for you to see what it is like to be me!

I have not been here by you no one has silenced my screams 

my voice of the injured humanity

I am here by choice for you to see yourselves

denied and forgotten, buried inside

for I am who I am I am you and you are me

we are all from one and one from all

we are the evolving dimensions of existence and humanity.   

Rose Parvin - June 19, 2001 







This is my legacy that I leave to my children,

Shaun and Ellie,

whose inherent inner wisdom

and clarity has created nurturance

and abundance of compassion

within me,

not only for them, but for my Self,

and for the entire race of humanity.

The meaning of life, has become clear

only by the Power Balance,

of our existence

of our togetherness,

and of our sameness,

and of our different ness.

I have experienced life,

on both sides

of the Universal Pendulum,

through their vision.

I see my children

within me, beside me,

and most often,

beyond me,

in my ever-changing

Patterns, that we

Programed towards the

ever-growing mission

to clean the air

from toxins of all nature

so that all our children

can breathe, comfortably,

in an environment of

peace, compassion, progression,

and Universal Harmony.

From the book: Pattern Change Programing,

Creating Your Destiny   

Author: Rose Assier Parvin

The Word

My friends, 

The word is love, the word is god

the word is truth unveiled,

once more to show the word  was there

when no one was from the start

the word is god, god is love, god is truth  unveiled,

once more to show the word was there

was the first and last in the universe

and inside our heart the word is god

the spirit that lives beyond the space and time 

the flesh is a wall that divides our bodies

but the soul is the spirit that holds us together as a whole-

as a whole 

when we know our self  we can see the soul 

we can hear the word  in our heart like fire 

flowing in glowing out  writing our destiny on the stone 

Like Moses we bring the law  from the god inside 

Like Mohammed we show the world  there is justice,

there is god   

Like Jesus we fulfill the law  we become godlike 

and capture the heart of nations with love-

from concurring each heart  from seeing the rights 

and dignity of a child  all the books know the word 

all the books  were our guides at a time  

the word is love, is truth, 

the word is justice, is balance is the flowing spirit

like ocean like holy water  like a holy Rose 

bringing the message  bringing the holy spirit 

in a Scientific Prophecy 

a child is born to us a child is born to us 

with the holy spirit inside 

a child is born to us with Merry and Joseph as the parents

as the wings of god for god to fly

as the bird who will take the angels home this time

a child is born to us  that child is the living god   

the word is the truth,  the truth unveiled the word is love 

the word is god! I am the word I am the child

I have the Holy Spirit inside!  

Rose Arvin, 6/27/2001

Prophetic Revelatory Poetry

Fly my child,

fly with me

for the bird to fly, the wings must open wide

for the tree to soar, it must root before

for the sun to rise, the sun must set

for us to talk, we must first be silent

to become pure, you must sin and repent

to have control, it is better to surrender

to be perfect, you must fall and break

to be universal, you must be native

to be free, you must belong

to see, close your eyes you will be with me 

to better see me, move away from me

to be truly present, become absent

to laugh, you must know pain

you must die, to be born again  

to have your self, let go of the self  

to be god, you must be child again

to be Christ-like, you must let go

of imprisoning god in limited frames

God is not Christian, Christ is just a name

of a body purified, with the god's soul in a frame 

I went on the cross for you to be free 

do not kill me again because you fear freedom 

you fear freedom my friends 

freedom is to accept the unacceptable 

freedom is to believe the unbelievable 

freedom is to dream the un-dream-able

freedom is to know the truth of your self

and to know the world inside and bring it out

in the most creative ways that creates perfect unity 

with you, your environment, those you love

if you can sing or dance from the heart 

you have prayed in every chance with your god

freedom is not to fear but to make love to your god

freedom is to loose yourself in your god

freedom is to surrender to your god

freedom is to become your god

but you must first know your god

for what you don't know you cannot become

and what you don't know you cannot let go 

in the end, you must be able to choose and flow

with what god has given you as your destiny

or or what seems at first as the easy way

pay attention to your feelings

they lead the way, they lead the way

if you can forgive and if you can love

if you can be yourself and you can survive

you have found god, you have found god

don't look too far, god lives within you, inside   

Rose Parvin   4/9/2001                                         

against all odds

I will ride for the path is so wide

I will ride all alone against the odds

till I find the color of my words in the face of the shy

yes the truth is on my side and I will no longer hide

for I am who I am I will not be put aside

I will be in every word I will be the word

that will teach and that will find that all men,

women and children are equally compassionate and kind

equally worthy of our love equally able in their mind

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I point the cane and part the tides that tear us all apart

for there is only one God the spirit we all hold

in the depth of our self and heart

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I will ride the hostile tide I will change its patterns to find

love is all that we can mind yes the truth is on my side

and against all odds I will ride I will ride I will ride  

come with me on my wing come with me let us rise 

together let me show you how wings can fly high

next to one another

let us prove that it is only love it is only love

that is worth living for

it is only love that exists it is only love that existed before

and it is only love that will exist forever and for evermore 

it is only love that can bring peace back to earth

and it is only love  that is worth the fight

Rose Parvin, 1996    Dialogue with Rose - 

Embrace me 

Embrace me with your kindness

Accept my different-ness 

Move away, move away move away 

from the madness 

I too am the like of you 

my different-ness is not 

the sign of separateness 

touch me with your compassion 

shed the block of prejudice 

see me with your heart 

judge me with your mind 

not with your anger 

not with your hate 

I am the voice of your inner self 

if you find me kind 

if you find me harsh 

just look within 

just look within 

just look within 

to search for the answer

Embrace yourself, you are the truth

embrace all that reminds you of you 

come dance with me to our inner hymns 

of the Mind-Body-Prayer 

come share with me the power of self 

let's build a house of peace, together 

embrace me, Embrace your self, 

embrace, my friend, embrace humanity, 

embrace the child of destiny, 

embrace your god within  

From the book: Pattern Change Programming, 

Creating Your Own Destiny 

Author: Rose Assier Parvin 

Part I :  A Preventive Measure: 

Moving Away from Repetitive Patterns of Regression 

Please see me

Please see me

Beyond my clothes, my nails and my hair

please see me, and why I am here

I went on the cross for you for seven years,

once more for you to be free to love

to love me and to love god through me

and to love one another

like you never loved before

What more do I have to do

what more do I have to say for you to know me

you must know who I am

for you have followed every step of me

now hold my hands and pray with me

pray that we will all love one another

and that we will all be free!

Rose Parvin, 6/28/2001

People Need a Hero

People need a hero

they all want to hear

words of truth

coming from you coming from you

coming from me

Is it hard to be you

Is it hard to see

People are depending on your honesty your honesty

Is it hard to be you is it hard to see

you and I, are one and one is all there is, all there will be

so rise with me my child and fly with me, my child 

I will take you to where, you want to be

where you can see you you can be you for only if,

you can see you you can be you

you can see me you can be me

People need a hero And my child, my child

The hero is you, the hero is me

The hero is the spirit of humanity

In all the children all the children all the children

of our global family

Rose Parvin, 1995