as witness of the veiled truth  of the true author

Letter Programming Pattern Change Programming Finding Your Destiny

is a Scientific Spiritual Tool for Programming Excellence

to Heal the Nations in Masses creating change through The Word

Roots of Being

a third eye is watching you.... from above the garden  

The roots of any individual are

not on a piece of land that carries 

the burden of the body,  the body that exists 

only to embrace the soul,  the soul that cannot be found 

in any house  that confines any limits 

its universal wisdom and nurturance  for all beings as a whole. 

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core 

and beyond the flesh  of color, gender, race or belief, 

where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, 

and equally created.  From those roots only, 

as individuals and as nations, 

we can harvest the seeds of 

peace, progression, joy and mastery,  joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners 

not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation 

that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest 

the tender blooms of the sacred seeds  of unity and togetherness, 

that will bare the evergreen  abundance of excellence 

in the designs and the patterns 

of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess 

this gardener will stay up to guard  the gate of heaven 

and to call on all the others  together with their bare hands, 

they will fetch the water  and with their heart and soul will dance, 

the mind-body prayer, and will pray 

ounce by ounce of that clear water,  over all the thirsty flowers 

who have crumbled from the chill  sleep well my prince, 

sleep well my princess  a third eye is watching you  from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage

the day America cried  Author: Rose Assier Parvin


Letter Programming, Song Programming and the Dialogue of Nations in Culture Programming are among the programs I created for bringing Iran and the world out of isolation and for creating Power Balance  in the world and within nations. Hundreds of letters and e-mails were sent to leaders of the world in order to help them understand my Peace and Reform program and to change patterns from the old politics of bullying and manipulations and threats to the new politics of the world as the Global Family with Diverse Unity and the politicians and leaders as parents to serve and not as  monopolizes and create Lie Society to use people and take their choices away from them by misrepresentation.

Seeing the world as a family is a necessity for our world  as I saw it for years and wrote about it. I learnt changing  the world through the families who came to me and healing them for years and my original philosophies  and science was tested and proven before I wrote my books about it. Now they are fulfilled for creating Diverse Unity  and Global Mind-Body-Spirit-Environmental Excellence and change toward Power Balance. Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny Copyright @ Library of Congress, 1994-All rights reserved. A dimension of Parvin Global Cultural Power Balance,  Excellence Peace & Reform Program and witnesses to  her Predictions, Preventions, and Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion for the purpose of  creating Diverse Unity and a Global Family  

The veiled truth  

Where is my home,

Where is my freedom

Where is my rights

Where is your dignity

Under the Glass Globe for Seven Years The true life of the Messiah, the last Prophet, guide, put on the cross of censorship and isolation The Truth Society v.s. The Lie Society One woman's love against the men's world confronting the world's Power Monopoly with  global governmental, mental health, media/print  promotional power riding on her wings of Revolution  of Information - Compassion for Perfect Diverse Unity  and People Power creating the Truth Society -  a Global - Cultural Peace and Reform, Evolutionary Change- Evolution of Childlike-ness to godlike-ness-   After centuries of crawling she taught flying  flying from the addicted bodies and corrupted minds to the spirit, where one is sacred and whole and  two are wings of a bird each whole within mirroring each other  flying from the Self to the Soul creating Excellence-Society a society made of wise-nurturing hearts a Global Cultural Family in our minds and spirits One god, One law, One world one main language

An Open Letter

To: President Bush The White House


Mr. President,

Happy Birthday Mr. President - In a day like this spending the time with your father and reflecting on the years of your life I  am sure you recognize you are a fortunate man - perhaps  more than many. Having had a father like yours who is a  former President has also been helpful to you as a role model  for reaching high to the ultimate of your potential toward  excellence. God is with you Mr. President. You are chosen!    At a time like this you must give your prayers to god and give  back to the world what you have been given. I see that you  are doing that and appreciate the peace your have brought  our country and the world only by the mere fact of your  decency.

Mr. President decency is one of the most significant  patterns a President must have for the world to learn to be  human is a pattern that must fly above the party-lines. I see  you are already doing that too. I am very impressed by your  nature. Although there are a great deal of controversy around  your policies. What do you think on this day about today's  world.  

What creates peace and balance? Do you think that you would have this opportunity had this country been in a war, in sanctions and in humiliations of  titles such as terrorism as soon as there is something going- on in anywhere in the world? Iranian children and youth are  having to live that kind of life and have fathers who do not  know how to provide them their next meal let alone be the  role model of excellence for them. I know what goes on  inside that child. Many of them who left the country came  to talk to me as their counselor and they did not lead a  normal life of the young. Children need security, love, role  model. I have been Programming Excellence in the young minds  for thirty years now.

Ever since I committed myself to creating a better world around me when I came to this country I have been healing the young hearts to see wise and old hearts to see young. Balance in the young stems from world-balance. And our youth have suffered from lack of world balance and the lack of role models who can show them who they can be. I hope you can consider this vision in your birthday and use your influence in the senate for re-considerations about Iran. Also, the courts that find Iran guilty for whatever reasons the   opportunists find to take away the Iranian people's money in U.S. that must be used to heal them from the tragedies that lack of Dialogue with Nations for Power Balance and peace instead of creating coups for profit and power has created.

Off course till now we cannot blame even the guilty since the science of evolutionary revolution of compassion that I have created was not available. Without the knowledge the guilty must be forgiven. It is knowing and sinning that invites punishment.  I offered that knowledge in 1994 to the world and I have forgiven what happened until then to my people. It is from here on that we must stop creating wars and then put sanctions on the innocent victims as people. I am very happy that General Powel prefers dialogue and allows countries create internal unity before interfering in their policies. I am sure Iranian Youth will act taught and heart directed on the July ninth this time and not emotions without control that causes unhealthy backfires and reactions that blocks the path for healthy negotiations and solutions.  This time they have the knowledge of Change Programming  through evolutionary revolution of Programming Change and know the author of Programming Universal Spirituality. This pattern is what the interest groups used and celebrated coups to over throw governments to gain power in-hands I hope we meet someday and you know the validity of word. 

Your friend, Rose Parvin      July 7/7/2001    

To: President Bush 

From: Rose Parvin

Sent: Friday June 29, 2001 12: 00 AM Subject:

Re: Thank you for responding to me by asking the senate to reduce the sanctions for Iran. And promoting your faith-based saying we must give the communities back to our visionaries  and spiritual leaders. Now it is recognizing a true leader.      


Dear Mr. President, 

I am glad that General Colon Powel and you believe in  Dialogue of Nations except I don't know why no one  wants to send the author of the Peace and Reform  Program to create peace and dialogue. President Clinton sent Dennis Ross instead of me and that is  why it took eight years and no cigar. And now Senator Mitchael  who seems more experienced and aware than Dennis Ross. But  for god's sake would anyone be interested in getting guidance  from the guide? Or is it still against the international security to send a  woman who wrote about dialogue when everyone was  only thinking of bombing countries in order to create  peace and get rid of one burnt leader. Or am I considered  an American yet after sixteen years of being a citizen? I want freedom to create peace and diverse unity between  the people of my both countries and the world not to bomb  countries under the name of democracy. Power Monopoly  is also against democracy and kills the spirit of the young  visionary entrepenuvers who want to be another Bill Gates.  I know you are a businessman at heart but in a Spirituality  Democracy justice and balance of equal opportunity for all comes before Power Monopoly by one calling it freedom  and democracy. The fact that the world is run and belongs only to five percent has  not exactly created heaven on earth. Has it? Visionary leaders  prevent and dream not just dream at any cost to others. That  is the Jesus Way of life.   

With warm and kind regards, Your friend, Rose Parvin   Rose  7/6//2001      


To: Rose Parvin

Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 9:41 AM Subject:

Re: Michael Slackman - July 9 -  Your article in Los Angele Times on july-  an the next article you will be writing on AJuly 9th Dear Ms. Parvin, Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Good luck with your future endeavours. I believe however your local concerns would be better  addressed to a reporter in California. I do not cover your community on the west coast. Sincerely, Michael Slackman

To: Michael.

From: Rose Parvin  

Re: Article on Iran on Serial Killings put Prostitution in Public Eye

and your next article on July 9th, the students and demonstrations

of that day for creating a name to distract people from their true savior.  

Dear Michael,

I read your article on Iran again on Thursday July 5th. I wanted to comment on the statement you had there that  "the spider killings have compelled the leadership to  acknowledge that it's faith-based society is susceptible to  the same kinds of problems that plague secular societies." This has been true for the entire twenty one year that the Islamic Regime has governed Iran. It is also true that this problem is shared heavily in a secular society like United  States where religion holds unsaid laws within the society  and even though the church and state are separate religion  practically rules this democratic country with its influence in  politics. Having a religious government has nothing to do  with having spirituality root in a country or nation. Iran had  gradually died during the last twenty one year since it was  not only being governed by a regime that was angry for  feeling victimized by the world but also a regime that did not know what to do with the people as an Islamic  government.  No religion truly has known what to do with the people  and how to teach people to love and obey god and how  to even know god. Blindly loving god and obeying god  in a regime and a world that daily people are killed  under the name of god or without any explanation is  not an easy order.  Attached, letter to President Bush. I hope you understand now how professionalism and  unbiased  reporting is significant. What happened twenty  one years ago  in Iran was as a result of biased reporting  and it is still going on. I mean the price is still being paid  by the world and the  Iranian people around the world.  Please cover me and do not treat me as an invisible, entity  and The Veiled Truth of the century. I know more about this  evolutionary revolution in Iran than the President Khatami  and the religious leader and the reformists all put together.

With kind and warm regard, Rose Parvin

7/8/2001 at two thirty in the morning in California time.  

Queen Farah Pahlavi

P.O.Box 566

Falls Church,

VA 22040


Dear mother,  

I felt your pain on Mother’s Day and then I heard about your distressed interview with a reporter where you expressed  your sorrow about the Iranian people and their fate. I have a  great deal of compassion and respect for the graceful manner  in which you handled your tragedy. In our process of pattern  change for a larger purpose, our spirit rises above our flesh and  creates a mind, body, spirit Power Balance and excellence and frees us from pain and bondage.  

Thus I invite you and your family to participate  in my Leadership Peace Program. It transcends leadership  unity within our culture and abroad. Through  intent and  desire to make a difference, we can create dignity and  power for our people who have suffered enough as gypsies  around the world. We don’t have to take sides to win, nor do we have to reject others to gain a place at the table.  I always believed in the notion of the United Nations and the power it can have on the world peace through creating the balance of powers. The recent events ( some correspondence  toward change of patterns enclosed) have proved my theory  I have underlined in order to achieve global peace and power  balance and excellence in my book Answer to Humanity  Creating Your Own Destiny.         

I would very much like to arrange an interview with  some select members of the security counsel and to elevate  our standing and power around the world.  I believe having  one leader to rule over the nations is not only non-democratic  but it also facilitates corruption. United States has all the  good intentions at heart, however, it is the United Nations  that must lead the twentieth century toward peace creation.  For it is from a collective of wisdom that we can create  nurturance and compassionate strength for all instead of  some select race, religion, gender or cultural population.     

This is not about your son getting his throne back. It is about the children --his, mine, and all the children who must accept their roots and be validated by it so they can create universal selves. Let us rise from the ground of our own limitations so that our children can have wings and fly to the top of the mountain.

With prayer for global Peace and unity  Rose Asseer Parvin    

President Hashemi Rafsanjani

Iranian Islamic Republic Iran, Tehran

June 3rd, 1996

Mr. President,

We live in a time of historical Universal Crisis and Habitual Toxic  Patterns of hate, prejudice, discrimination and thus alienation of the  souls and destruction. If we change the direction to a unified path  we are destined to discover, we will flourish as one world embracing  peace and power balance among nations. Fourteen years of healing wounded families drown in Power Struggle  taught me Peace Creating and change of patterns from imbalance and  crisis to Power Balance, peace and progression. During the past two  years, I treated the society and the globe as one family in need of  healing and excelling in peace. 

Global Leadership Peace Program engages all world leaders  in a  unique Peace Creating Process of Power Balance in their  nations and within nations. In this process all parties will have  equal chance to present their own non-violent Peace Program of compassionate strength and willingness to share power with other  leaders and with people engaging in a Responsible Freedom. 

This program has inspired the President of the United States, William  Jefferson Clinton throughout the past year. His efforts toward creating  peace among the world leaders with compassionate strength, and  between the people of his nation with Responsible Freedom, has  transformed him to a Global Role Model.  You are one of the world  leaders who is chosen in my mission to change the Patterns of  Humanity from destruction to Global Peace and Power Balance. By  creating unity among the world leaders, in mind, body and spirit, a  universal code of ethics shall be written to create global peace and  a new world order.

I invite you to participate in this Global Leadership Peace Program which brings the promise of dignity and grace to you  and your people. By the power vested in true purpose and  intent for peace and an active participation of the world leaders in this revolutionary movement, we shall deliver this Global  Peace Program to all nations as a maternal and paternal legacy,  to all the children.   

With Prayers for peace on earth

Rose Alizadeh Parvin   


To: Sahazadeh Reza Pahlavi

From : Rose (Asseer) Alizadeh Parvin  

RE: My condolences for the loss of Shah Dokht Laila Pahlavi 

and Prayers for Perfect Union 

Life does give us the pain for which god has prepared us to tolerate.  The greater the purpose, the greater the pain and the greater the  impact on the lives of those who need our support and guidance. 

Your Noore cheshm is at peace and with her father. Perhaps that  might ease if not reduce the pain from the loss of your precious  sister. This family has had more than share of the pain of the  soulless insensitive humanity from which no one is safe or free until  recognized and changed for our injured land and nation. Laila's  purpose was served for the chosen children of god are sacrificed to create impacts of one kind or other in the messages they bring to  people to clear them from blindness. Our humanity is suffering and  damaged. Years of parrot-like- talking about it has not helped.

Our task is to bring truth that cliché first for our own nation and  then for the world in stress. I am sorry that because of my  limitations caused by being a political target for the past seven  years I did not know you were in town. I did not even hear what  you had said but very limited quote from others. I was proud,  however, to hear you talk about your sorrow of your sister and at  the same time stand on your principals of being the symbol of truth  and strength for the people who uphold you as their cultural and national heir to your father.       

Our people are much divided and alienated. They need to become  united by us putting our hands together as Perfect Diverse Unity.  For Iran true democracy is to bring everyone home and end this  homelessness or at least give them the choice to go back if our people  desired. You and I are the alternatives to Khatami's who are chosen from  within the regime to maintain the regime's power. They are mistaken.  The regime will only have stable power if intent is to serve the people  and change, if all the people's leaders are respected and given a voice prejudice. I know you know me and have been following me in a spiritual dialogue and special connection. Our spirits have always been together been together since you were born and I have always had special love  and warmth for both of you as I have witnessed your lives as people's  symbols of togetherness and cultural unity. I sent you my books and  received warm response in return. I also have kept real close eye on  your welfare for I believe in the truth and justice.   

I have lived Iran's history since the coup outside of Iran and am well  aware of the pain and suffering of all involved in such wars. It has been  very difficult for you all these past several years for our politics cannot  understand live and let live. It is customary to kill leaders to be able to  take their place. I do not believe in that for I think the pattern of killing  and assassinating even characters must stop at some place, by those  who are carrying special tolerance and capacity to lead and guide the  people. We can disagree and become angry at others but to see them  as enemies will take away our choice of what belongs to us unless  we go in a war to take it or choose to share it. Iran or for that matter  the world does not belong to just one group or even one religion.

Iran  belongs to all Iranians and it must remain that way for greater years  ahead. People must be able to choose their leaders until they no longer  need to be led or only wish to have symbols to remind them of warmth  and love of the past, the wisdom of the future and joy of the present. Leaders like the Doli Lama and hopefully there would be no longer need  for the Luther Kings. You have shown great strength and character in the  years past. People know you and want to be around you and hear more  from you. Do not limit yourselves because of the toxic environment that  these middle men create. They have taken over the media like they did  twenty one years ago. People must know what is going on and choose for themselves. True dictatorship is here.   

I suggest that we campaign together against the Lie Society and bring  people into the awareness of what a civil society is and what is True  Democracy for Iran with diverse unity. And that people have alternatives  and yet they have not been given the choice or the just time to choose  while some group has chosen for them and has brain washed them out  of their freedom of choice and liberty. A healthy society needs healthy  media / print and their objectivity. Yet even in the U.S. we must cover  all sides to an issue not censoring true voices, promoting their clones who differ in surface.   

Sorrow must be cried out and time spent for grief to heal. Yet one can  use the genuine feeling for creating a more of a civil society for our children  to be safe and for our country to become free.

Warm and kind regards, Rose Parvin                                                                                                   

Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi

805 Turkey Run Rd.,

Mc. Lean, VA 222101 A1


My dear friend,

I treasured my conversation with you three years ago. I remember I  suggested that you seek freedom for people from a gypsy life around  the world by bringing them together, instead of letting the people around  you fight for your throne and divide the people who need a united and  democratic leadership.

I heard about your interview months ago where you had talked about your openness to democracy for Iran. I also heard  about your latest talk in L.A. It seems we have come together in regards  to my theory. You are a born king. No one can take that away from you.  But for true leaders the right, dignity, safety and unity of all  the people  lies above claiming a throne or kingdom. Only true leaders are willing to sacrifice their throne, their birth-right, for the liberation of their people and it is only then, that their people will flourish, will trust, and will choose them.  

I adored you when you were a little boy trying so hard to act like an adult. I  taught it was so unfair that you did not have a chance to be a little boy. But  then again it was fair since your life was a life of purpose, I taught. Years  ago, I was invited to hear you talk to a small group in Hilton Hotel. I saw a  rightfully cautious, skeptical leader in you. I said then that all Iranians must  unite to seek solutions for their problems. I believed then as I believe  now, that we are our own worst enemies for our division will keep  us dependent on others who will keep us weak for their own fears,  unless we change our patterns. 

It is up to the leadership to create unification. I said the same to Dr.  Madani. I advised him to join you in order to unite your people with  one another. He listened. It is one thing to share power with America  in Power Balance, with justice in peace, it is another to be her loyal  dependent. She knows no Royalty when it comes to her own self  interest.  Your father was the one who kept the Middle East in peace.  No one heard about any conflict within it while he was there. But  obedience to authority was required from him and he retaliated. Let  us not repeat the same mistakes. Only through creating people power  and dignity can a leader succeed to lead the people with long lasting  foundation.  

I have changed the patterns of the American Society from anarchy,  powerlessness and corruption to power balance and excellence in the  past year. The President is changed from a lost soul to an spiritual father to the people through patterns of compassionate strength. I  would like to do the same for our people by providing them the  knowledge to choose their leaders in a democratic pattern and to  bridge the gap between the people and leaders, creating responsibility and willingness to be involved in the process. Unity and sharing power among the leaders creates peace and unity among their people and thus more choice power for leadership.

You cannot oppress religion for it  will retaliate again, as it did before. Nor can you gain the trust of your  people by doing unto them what was done onto your father. But you  can be big enough to tolerate competition for a place of leadership.  Just as my brother-in-law, Heshmat, coached you when you were a little boy, I would l ike to guide you toward a process of creating power and dignity for the  Iranian people abroad, unity and power balance with other leadership, a fair  choice opportunity for a people who will choose their leader to be, non-violently  and in peace.  Some of your loyal friends have approached me in the past. But you are ready, now!  

I look forward to guide you to create your Leadership Peace Program  and announce it to world through a global interview with me. My intent and purpose is to bring back the dignity, peace, power balance and  justice to our people, and to our global family.      


Iranian National Front 

Former Iranian Admiral Madani


Dear Mr. Madani:             

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to  you. I saw you as a man of honor and felt your sincere  intent to serve the Iranian people who have suffered much  during the past years as un-welcomed gypsies without a  home to claim. The Institute takes much of my time as I  intend to create power balance within and among nations  to create global peace and dignity for all the children.   As you know, in the past years we have witnessed global  crisis as a result of the world imbalance as well as watched  the Iranian dehumanization that burdens the shoulders of  our young generation as they find their heritage become a  target of political war-game. We must rise from our own  limitations so that our children can embrace their roots,  gain their both wings and fly to the top of the mountain.             

I invite you to participate in my Leadership Peace  Program. It transcends leadership unity within cultures and  abroad. Through self knowledge people can change their  change their own patterns, choose their leaders who embrace  them with patterns of compassionate strength and create their  own fate with a responsible freedom. Sincerely, Rose Parvin

January 6, 1996

Dear Dr. Jay Haly,  

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. I mentioned  to you that after I wrote my book, I came across your book  Uncommon Therapy where you described Eriksen. In that book you  said he extended individual hypnosis to the family. I remember I  said that I have transformed Family Psychotherapy to Societal  Psychotherapy. You said “that is the next step.”  

I am writing to you to invite you to join me in a video production  of a person-to-person interview of one another for the purpose of  providing guidelines for young therapists in the areas of ethical  competence, Global Power Balance (a process of creating peace  and harmony within self, in families, in society and among nations)  and non-selective compassion (development of tolerance and  acceptance of different-ness in all races and cultures).  In addition to  you, I have invited Drs. Rossi, Bugental, Miriam Polster, and Menuchin. I  have also asked Dr. Victor Yalom to be the production director, as I find  him sensitive and highly skilled.  

The criteria for my choices were not only competence and leadership  but also a collective humanitarian spirit that has evolved from a life  dedicated to Self Discovery and Self-Search. As a role model, you  are not only a Change Maker but also a Peace Creator and safe guide  to the starving and tired minds and spirits of the people; in our case,  the therapists. Therapists need to be directed not only with the intent  and purpose to teach, but also to nurture, to heal, and to excel.  

A spiritually compassionate, scientifically skilled and philosophically  in-depth guide can reach a person in a single moment, where  conventional therapy might take years. We must heal the teachers in  order to transform the students.   We must transform the leaders, in order to heal the people. It is all a  matter of Universal Power Balance created by Pattern Change toward  Universal Selves, free from selective judgment or selective compassion.  

This program further extends to the public as a “Self Power” freeing the people from their dependency and powerlessness through Self  Knowledge and guidance toward a path of creating Self Compassion  and a compassionate society that nurtures peace and unity.  You have made a difference and continue to do so in your profession. 

I  believe that with your partnership, I can facilitate a focus and participation  toward Global Peace and Excellence.  Our power together will create “People Power” and “Self Institutions”.         

Enclosed, please find information about me. The book entitled Pattern  Change Programming is a gift from me. Please do not focus on  editorial detail so you can see the truth you have longed for, and  spoken of, from my message. I have also enclosed two other books and  would be honored if you find time to review one of your choice for me. Please  let me know if you are interested in the “Therapist Power Program” or would like to have more information. I can be reached at ( 714) 723-5248              

Respectfully, Rose Parvin     

This letter has been sent to seven other prominent American psychologists and the leaderships of other modalities.


My dear Parvaneh,

It is a pleasure to see you and talk to you after so many years and after the change of patterns from a student to a full blown master. Indeed it is always a pleasure to talk to true beings and competent professionals who know who they are and thus are able to see others with clarity and compassion--something missing in our healing profession, especially within those who gain societal and political power within it. In my observation, it seems humanity dies when success calls. Very much the same patterns as the people you and I have lately been in touch with. It turned out that there was no meeting and what was, was just a calculated snake pit. No professionals, only two of his friends, one of her friends and two of whom she invited to support her but were victimized to cover both their critical mistakes. The entire process was so corrupt and victimizing that could cost them a great deal if this association truly existed or if I did not know that their intent was to keep me away from my focus at the institute. After the patterns seen by us all, anyone who wants to become a member, makes a clear choice and that's all that matters. Throughout my practice, as well as working with so called incurable labels such as schizophrenia, I also worked with many successful people who seemed to have sold their souls to the devil. It certainly is a challenge I myself faced early on and understand it well. That is why twelve years ago I began to teach Patterns of Success and Excellence as a mission toward Pattern Change Programing and Power Balance Therapy. As you might recall, while I taught Self Knowledge to my clients and interns toward prevention and excellence instead of being lost in power struggle of limitation of labels and mental disease, I also taught that we can be successful yet human, climbing societal ladder without walking over bodies in order to get there. This, I have done by creating balance of powers within Self dimensions of Mind-Body-Spirit where the mind creates societal success, body materializes it and the spirit leads the purpose with good intent and a desire to change from bondage and victimization to power and from addiction and disease to prevention and excellence. Enclosed, is the book I promised. It is my first book and written at a time of global crisis. So it is written with the purpose of creating people power through self knowledge as well as creating leadership compassion and excellence through tough love. My other books are far more forgiving and nurturing of the victims as well as the bullies for I see both as victims of adopted patterns of societal programs. I also see a great deal of change of patterns in the past year toward embracing humanity. I would love for you to be a part of training others at the Institute. Let's talk soon. Have happiness and eternal peace within, Rose Mr. Christopher Hartman Promotion Publishing



412 31st St., Newport Beach, California 92663

TELEPHONE ( 714) 723-0404 FAX ( 714) 723-5758 E-MAIL ADD. RAPARVIN@AOL.COM

Date: Oct. 2nd, 1996 From : Rose Parvin, President

TO: Mr. Turner

Inside Politics

President Clinton gracefully demonstrated his ill intent and amateur therapeutic skills. He and Natanyahu were obviously counting on being able to intimidate or seduce Yaser Arafat selling the dignity and right of his people and he did not. No other solution was reached only because no other solutions was intended. Perhaps President Clinton chose not to prove loyalty to Israel as he learnt that the people were watching and they were aware. I am proud of Arafat and respect Hosni Mobarak for refusing to be a part of this charade. Although U.S. must help those victimized by taking unjust sides and actions by the U.S., this process must be done without the claim of supreme control and power. Instead of pleading to the media to be responsible, Mr. Natanyahu must act responsible himself. Instead of endangering the peace process when people, his own and others, have been through much in the course of history, if insignificant, why not leaving the tunnel alone until there is clear peace in the region. I am afraid keeping the tunnel open will lead to nulifying other rights of that nation.


Mr. President,

Although I have not written to you, I have been closely watching the course of event and the change of patterns that have blocked your power to serve your people. All that can change as you focus, as I had suggested earlier, on peace making and power balance between countries instead of gestures of preference and superiority. No one but god is the supreme power on this earth and anyone who tries to act as he, will be punished. You are a chosen servant of god; for the purpose of bring people and their spirit together, with dignity, not to preface one against the other. If you choose the power given to you, in fairness and accordance to the Universal Laws and Code of Ethics, your power will be multiplied. If you choose your power toward supremacy, however, your power will be taken away from you. It was your country that made the decision to support Iran's current administration and government at the time of the Shah's overthrow. Iranian people are gypsies around the world. Iranian children and youth have lost their heritage and dignity as second class citizens. Even those who don't seem to have suffered, are having a difficult time with their self and families who have lost their common pride of their heritage and even their belief. I was one of the people who has talked against Iran's current administration and the humanitarian tragedies that have taken place there in the past several years. I was one of the people who was not willing to acknowledge Iran as my country until it changed hands and more humanitarian patterns of relating. But I will be dammned to remain nutral to the people suffering and being bombarded each time for political purposes and arrogant hand holding of other countries, or watch the Iranian youth suffer a tragic loss of identity because of attacks to their religion. When I look around me, I see as many tragedies right here in the land of freedom and done to my other sisters and brothers. So, you see Mr. Presient, corruption, ignorance and and toxicity exists everywhere and you are not in a position to make choices that belongs to the people of a country not even in in a country you lead. My people must go back to their land and if anything, you must help them to get there. If you want to help them, help them as you do with other countries with humanitarian aide, so that they can all get educatio and gain self knowledge and can choose and vote the kind of leaders they want to serve them. Meanwhile, I see no harm in religion side by side of politics, as it is here, except in both countries it needs reform, wouldn't you say? I will enclose the last letter I wrote to you, although I am sure you have not forgotten the cotent of it. You have another chance to become a preace maker and not a supreme ruler and make the wrong right by your fairness. I have made it easy for you. I have founded an Institute for Peace Creation and have received an invitation from my country to be the Peace Creator between the U.S. and Iran. I want to have your blessing and your cooporation when I return from Iran after my visit with President Rafsanjani and the heads of Islamic Republic. Power Balanced fair negotiations with honoring both sides, will heal the wounds of both nations who have suffered enough from the unjustifed chaos and uncertain patterns. Mr. President, you know that I have been right in everything I have predicted for you and this nation. I have been right about all that I have advised the leaders of this nation and its societal patterns. I have also been right in all that I have warned you of, in my letters. I have also been right in that my book has transformed you to an spiritual leader. I am also right in telling you that your time has come to put that power to test of fairness and justice of not having to be seen as the supreme power or the only one who can create change. I have given you much power, give me some back by believing in me, so that I once again, pour the light of peace, on earth. I am the mother and I am the father and I am the child. Believe in me and believe in your self and watch the power of the holy spirit sorround you like a shield of protection from toxic powers around you that are highly destructive. The First Lady visiting the Moslem Musk was a graceful and compassionate gesture that healed great wounds of hate, but there must be a national movement, a revolution of compassion, to change the patterns of misrepresentation about Islam and Iran or the sin of such crime is worse than the killings and burnings of the cross in the churches. Jesus wants all religions to be honored as their prophets and the people who worship one god under different names and traditions. Sanctions against a country is sanction against the children of the universe, not against its leadership. Leaders have never been known to suffer from honger or from lack of dignity. It is the children who are suffering. For you and your wife to go around the world and talk about children it is shameful to be so insensitive to the tragedies of sanctions and humiliation of remarks like " make no mistake about it, Israel's attack on Iran was a mistake, but Iran's was intentional." That is as sinful as spread of hate by burning the churches. If we cannot create peace among the nations, we must do nothing with our power. That is the right thing to do. AsI have said before, invite them around the table, feed them all the same, and then demand the Universa Laws and Code of ethics. And don't ever take decision makings that belong to people's choices, upon yourself. It is up to the people of Iran to get together and choose what leaders they want, it is up to their leaders to put them first, and it is up to United States to protect them by giving them power, not humiliating and starving them, to end this cycle of victimization. For not as long as all the nations in the world live in dignity and power balance, there will no exist a lasting peace on earth. There is no god but one who lives in the hearts and spirits of those who can touch the truth within their self. The holy spirit lives in the abcense of ignorance not necessarily in churches, although it could be found in all reformed churches where self knowledge is encouraged and diversity is honored.

Aug. 1996

Dear Mr. President,

For a man who seeks peace, I find your present policy about Iran unjust and diplomatically unwise. You have proposed to bomb a country that has spent fifteen years in war partly with your help. Your administration has repetitively used sources of information critical to the world peace that have clearly and consistently proven biased and invalued. Your quick to judge approach influenced by such information lacks research, analytical introspection, validity and clear intent to create Global Peace without political influence or preference. What governmental, congressional or ethical law in a democratic country proposes to endanger the much suffered people once more without first taking wise, ethical and fair measurements? Thorough research of the objectivity and the validity of the sources and a request or even a demand for inspection by a fair and unbiased committee of experts must be considered long before you allow your administration to spread toxic rhetoric about a country and disgrace its people toward alienation by constantly pointing fingers at them. I am a citizen for twenty five years and consider myself an American. My heart bleeds for the pain and suffering of my people on both sides of the globe. I am not an advocate of any government, but an advocate of all the people and thus believe in Global Peace and justice. I believe that the path to create Global Peace is through the balance of powers of all the people regardless of their nationality, color, race or religion by creating people power and dignity by self knowledge and leadership excellence patterns of compassionate strength. As I have written to you, Mr. President, my people are today placed in the same dilemma as Moses's people were in another time in history. They have become Gypsies around the world, caught in political internal and external war games, unable to stand for their rights, frightened of the loss of their survival and their dignity is constantly shattered and at the mercy of political preference or leadership paranoia with roots deep in ignorance of fear of loss of control and supreme power creating subtle shades of prejudice. I have recently sent you a peace offer announcement that is backed by the highest Iranian Leadership who have invited me to be their spokesperson who can fairly observe all sides and come up with a fair and power balanced peace agreement. You have known my work for a year and have followed the universal laws of Peace and Power Balance of my book " Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny" that I sent you in November of 1995. My letters of guidance have transformed you to a global spiritual leader whose purpose and intent stems from his God Within. You, of all the people must trust my intent. All I ask of you is to reconsider your approach as a fair and just leader. Allow everyone at the table as I had asked you earlier, feed them, hear them, validate them and then lay down the universal laws and code of ethics. Mr. President, the era of supremacy and war is over for people will know the truth through self/ societal knowledge. Only those leaders will succeed who depend on their Mind Power and negotiate with compassionate strength.

Rose Parvin

Charlie Rose

Bloomberg Studios 499 Park Ave., 15th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Aug. 22, 1996

Dear Mr. Charlie Rose,

I watch your show as often as I can. I find it one of the few shows that possesses the balance of power of information-compassion and the grace of justice-assertion that seem to be lost in our culture. While as an author I have unfolded the problem, the answer and excellence programed brief solution to humanity I have been treated as invisible. While our societal leaders have enjoyed my programs and other authors have made best sellers from my books sent to them for review, I am not accepted by any publishers nor talk show hosts. Perhaps it is because I am Iranian, even though I am a citizen and having been here for twenty five years, I feel I am home. The subtle patterns of prejudice have blinded many who seem to use every word written in my book toward creating societal change of patterns while denying the voice of its true messenger. I watched your show interviewing two professors from Harvard who claimed to have found the key to end racism. They proposed that it is the ignorance of the white man that flames racism and although they did not have the answer, they would devote some time to find the solution. On another show you interviewed the great author Eli Wisel for whom I have endless regards, and asked him about his vision of the problem of humanity and he simply said "stupidity" and sat next to the First Lady at the Address of the Union. In Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny I unfold my original theories proposing that self knowledge is the answer to the global crisis stemming from ignorance that causes imbalance of power in all life dimensions including race and religion. I unfold the problem of humanity, the answer to it and the brief solution and excellence focused scientific programs to materialize it. On January of 1994 I looked down my window, saw our societal crisis, stopped my practice, risked the survival of my children, sat in front of my computer and wrote nine books on a call to change the patterns of humanity from toxicity, corruption and regression to excellence, reform and progression. My book has transformed President Clinton, Mario Como enjoyed my expression of patterns of compassionate strength and in his book called it sweet strength, Hillary Clinton was inspired from my focus on the children of the universe and their global family and the Pope talked about reclamation of individual dignity. They all have done so, with my blessing but Deepak Chopra made best seller from plagiarizing my book when I sent it to him in November of 1995 for review and came up with seven spiritual laws. I ask you to change the patterns of the media and interview a person who has made a difference without fame and give a voice to the truth, rising once again. Sincerely, Rose Parvin

Dear Enrique,

Thank you for stopping by yesterday. Again, I appreciate your interest in writing about me. I am afraid I did not get a chance to let you know about the activity I am involved in regards to the election. I am trying to let others know of the deception of President Clinton in posing as a peace maker. I have evidence that proves otherwise. I know that I helped transform him to the powerful father he has become to the nation. But he used the power toward supremacy and his paranoid schizophrenic tendencies worry me about the future of foreign policy. I have saved world war by changing his patterns and deleting the effect of some of his irrational decisions stemming solely from self interest. There should be a balance of powers for fairness and justice in any process and I don't feel that in this election there is. So I would like to create that by giving out my information for the public to make choices clearly. Please let me know if it is something you would be interested in talking to me about, before the election. Also please let me know whether you want me to fax the eight-page notes to your house or to the office. Respectfully, Rose Parvin

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