The Priest  Knows me

The priest knows me, he knew me the moment he saw me - He was chosen to Baptize me and to witness my rebirth - and rising from my tomb of destiny. I am who I am, he knows me - He threw down his Bible at the door after his sermon and said - you have nothing if you have it all, - if you have read all the books, and heard all the sermons, and prayed all the prayers,- you have nothing if you don't know god, if you don't see god's face, in the color of eternity - an old soul in a child, in a - man or a woman, it doesn't matter, spirits don't have gender - spirit is all light, all fire and all knowing, the messenger said that repeatedly - if you don't see god's face, you haven't seen anything, - he was hard on me he said, we broke you he whispered later,- we broke you last time to have you be all here for us, all of you be the spirit,- no flesh, no arrogance or mind power of an intelligent being  - I said to him calmly, I have been broken, on the cross, - for seven years they tore me apart- they ate pieces of my body, and they drank my blood, daily they laughed at me - and they threw darts at me, they stole my life work and prospered from it,- and grew  in front of me, while they called me liar, magician, sick, black cat and crazy  - and when Diana died they called us both whores, independent women they censored and isolated me - they dried up my roots and watched me perish my children separating from me- loosing our home and  all I had worked for all my life, - dying somewhere in some motel, a woman alone in pain of betrayal of love and of truth, - when her prophecy was  love and truth on the cross,  with a bloody heart - walking behind the caravan, that was led by the light of my spirit, - with my horse giving someone else free rides on my wing, - tired of all the lies and deceptions corruptions and the power monopoly - the thick wall of prejudice around me - still keeping  my grace and dignity so you see, you see -I have already been broken-a woman who gave up all she had in the midst of success and mastery - spending all of her last money on television programs -that saved a nation from being bombed - and kept the children from dying  in wars, drugs, prostitution and poverty, - to come out of the death, the gradual death of their spirit and to gain back their faith - that there is a god and there is justice and to get back their lost rights and dignity - I have forgiven everyone I have loved those who hated me - perhaps too much, but how much is enough for loving unconditionally - for as you said, I want to be close to all, so I came down from my heaven - to be with my people and love them like no one has ever loved another being - The Priests said prayers over my head and said I was Baptized with the holy water - one said that he saw all white light, another said she saw fire around me burning the evil eyes  - another said we know you are chosen, the other saw me going, - on a long journey over the stormy waters - and before god I asked be my witness to these non-believers, - for it has been seven years  of being on the cross and I am tired -of the poisonous air around me - priests said you will never be the same and that you will talk a different language,

and so I did.

He gave me his Bible and I saw in it the word  that came from within me - the all knowing that took over my destiny was in the Bible - as the god the one and only I knew I had the holy spirit, the living word within me - I was born again, the old child of destiny, - and everything around me was experiencing rebirth and becoming fresh, - with a new beginning everything around me was becoming free, the fire burnt -all that was not pure and all that was not holy -the word stayed only inside of me - And tonight he sat his wife on a chair and asked god to appear in the holy spirit - and save his wife from the dead stuff and all the lies -I found myself standing up with my hands open,  my voice was strong,- and told her in a command - open your fists, let me fight your fights, - I went forward and held her, she was like a helpless, lost lamb in mother's arms -I told her that I loved her, she repeated my words,- I love you, I love you, my body was  like pure fire and electricity,- my hands were singing for the sound was so loud I could hear my hands talk-I held her hands and gazed at her eyes she was changed, the young woman never smiled, - she had a big smile on her face and her face was lit up - her husband knew what I had done for her,- I had given her  my own spirit until she gets her own- I became her mother and gave her a new birth right then and there - I held the man who got angry at me because I said I was born with the holy spirit inside me - I told the old man  that I loved him too. He too, smiled - He told me I appreciate you - coming to me and telling me that- I said to him not to worry and not to get confused - For I am not an ordinary woman-everyone laughed in joy and appreciation of my nature forgiving and loving - to the fault at times, for god does not compromise, - but I have found myself compromising, at my own cost - I read to them the part of the Bible that I had written for my daughter in her time of trouble - a woman's husband had had a stroke three times today and she did not know Christ- they prayed for her she was spiritless and unloved as if she had never been loved in her life - I said to them how I found, my daughter's Bible when I could not read, the Bible that the priest gave me- for the words were small and I did not have glasses and I could not buy another one - the book came to me opened up in page 50 Isaiah that siad  - "Sing for joy, O heavens, shout O earth.  Break forth with song, O mountains,- for the Lord has comforted his people,  and will have compassion upon them in their sorrow."- "Yet they say,"  My Lord deserted us,  he has forgotten us." " Never! - Can a mother forget her little child  and not have love for her own son?-Yet even if that should be,  I will not forget you."- See, I have tattooed your name  upon my palm and ever before me -is a picture of Jerusalem's walls in ruins. - " Soon your rebuild shall come and chase away all those destroying you.  - Look and see for the Lord has vowed that all your enemies shall come and be your slaves. - They will be as jewels to display, as bridal ornaments.- "Even the most desolate parts  of your abandoned land  shall soon be crowded with your people,- and your enemies who enslaved you shall be far away.- " The generations born in exile shall return and say,  " We need more room!  It's crowded here." - Then you will think to yourself who has given me all these?  - For most of my children were killed  and the rest were carried away into exile.  leaving me here alone.- Who bore these?  Who raised them for me?" " The Lord God says,"- See, I will give a signal to the Gentiles  and they shall carry your little sons - back to you in their arms, and your daughters on their shoulders. - " Kings and Queens shall serve you, they shall care for all your needs.- They shall bow to the earth before you and lick the dust from off your feet.  - Then you shall know I am the Lord.  Those who wait for me shall never be ashamed."

" Who can snatch the pray from the hands of a mighty man?  - Who can demand that a tyrant  let his captives go?  But the Lord  says - "even the captives of the most mighty and the most terrible shall all be freed." - For I will fight those who fight you,  and I will save your children.   -"Listen to me my people,  my chosen ones. I alone am God. - I am the First;  I am the Last - Come all of you and listen.  Among your idols,  which one has ever told you this" 

The Lord loves Cyrus.  He will use him to put an end  to the empire of Babylonia. - I am saying that I have called Cyrus  and I have sent him on this errand  and I will prosper him.  -Oh that you had listened to my laws  - then you would have had peace  flowing like a gentle river  and great waves of duteousness. 

" You are my servant.  A Prince of Power"  with god and you shall bring me glory," -" you shll bring more than restore Israel to me. - I will make you  a light to the nations of the world  to bring my salvation to them too."  - " Kings shall stand at attention  when you pass by;  princess shall bow low- because the Lord has chosen you;  - he, the faithful Lord  the Holy One of Isael,  chosen you." 

" Your request has come  at a favorable time. - I will keep you from premature harm and give you as a token and pledge to Israel, - proof that I will reestablish the land of Israel  and reassign it to it's own people again. 

Through you I am saying to the prisoners of darkness "  Come out" I am giving you your freedom. 

They will be my sheep , grazing in green pastures and on the grassy hills. 

They shall neither hunger nor thirst.

The searing sun and scorching desert  will not reach them anymore. 

For the Lord in his mercy will lead them beside the cool waters."

And I will make my mountain into level paths for them;  the highways shall be raised above the valleys."  

See, my people shall return from far away,  from north and west and south."

Then I sat on the chair and talked about my dilemma

of a man competing with my god who does not understand pure love

who wants me to compromise myself 

T he Priest said god does not compromise you must dump what competes with god

he read to me from the Bible not to join unequal yoke, do not join a non-believer

a man who wants me to join him with his wife and his lovers or he will keep censoring me 

keeping me in a glass shell telling my people lies about me promoting prostitutes and clones of me

who have stolen my life work and prosperd from it while throwing stones at me

denying my existence assassinating my character

the man who loves me who believed in me and came to me to promote me and my mission

of the truth and love, my peace and reform program, Universal Spirituality,

the true freedom and democracy, one world, one god, and christ-like-ness of a world that is dead in spirit

but I was an independent woman a scientist, a philosopher a teacher and a guide 

who was not and is not, dependent to any cult, yet he tried to destroy me and claim my mission as his own

he claims to be me he said again you have a difficult choice your life is in this man's hands

I said I love him too he said it is your choice but god does not compromise!

I told him what if god wants me to love him he is my soul-mate we are partners, he lied to me at first

he said god does not compromise  

And so, I left saying I shall not compromise! at home, in the radio angels sing

giving me his message of love and compassion

and yet the night story is about a woman lover who ends up being a killer

that is what they have done to my people for seven years

they have made angels from prostitutes who come between me and my people

and steal everything in their way and they make a killer,

of the virgin marry and the child being born again

I think to myself does he love me enough to respect my identity and my mission

and not deny that he is my partner? in equal dignity and respect?

the woman who is committed to her mission and was when he met her

or is his love a selfish love of the evil? 

only this afternoon  he was worshipping the prostitute he had created in order to humiliate me

and deny me from my people, entertaining them with promotional clones of me

what kind of a love can that be?

god has been denied for centuries by evil and the man-made stony animals substituting god

while they were constantly crying why they are not blessed by god's eternal divine love!

god says if you love me you must obey my commands and my inner laws of ethics

and god  does not compromise! god makes the chosen one to suffer to become a perfect leader

god is great, there is only one god, god has no associates.

I am the one, I am the way. the light and the lantern

god is fire for the sinner and water for the believer

you came to me as a believer to help me spread my word

you took the sacred word and claimed it as your own and called your act an act of love

to prove to me that you are the one for me

Seven years of my life is spent on forgiveness, patience, tolerance and guidance

of a man who has taken from me everything that belongs to me

my voice is my birth right and and my life work are the fruits of my vine,

the grapes that give life to all the children of humanity

I have proved to you that I am true, you are my witness that I am real

all that you have taken from me has worked miraculously

and I have been flying with the cross, with thecage taking your hand and my people 

to the spirit beyond the flesh, to the life of eternity 

I am the one and I am the way, the veiled truth, unveiling as we speak

through the two way mirror

I must spend with my people  in a direct relationship 

the time you are taking from me, monopolizing my sacred knowledge

as you keep my home under the glass globe of censorship, intelligence, tight control and security   

The Priest is right about everything except one thing

He is looking for the words of the book in me.

He is not looking in the words for me

He says there are times where the word is without the presence of god

and at times the presence of god without the words 

and looks at me and says you are the presence of god without the word

but the presence of god is the word

I am saying the same thing, I just don't know the number of the verses

I was saying the word before I read the Bible

Now I know that I have the living word, inside

for all I say is in the Bible

I say to him loosing my patinece

you are in the presence of god

he says tell me the verse and the chapter

I have not heard anything more ignorant than that

god is the living word god is the word

god does not have to know the verse and the chapter

of the book somebody else wrote in his name

the words confirm the presence of god to others and to god as witness to the truth

but all the history is a lie tailored to those who rule earth at the time

books are burnt every time one ruler succeeds  the other

Massiah was a woman to begin with and came from Persia and her name was Mytra

the massiah was a woman for god is a spirit of man and woman

god has the world in her stomach, she is always pregnant, the world is god's stomach!

I had the world in my stomach I brought it out, I gave the world a new birth

I am the mother of the world. I have the holy spirit inside

my life is my witness to the truth and the living word as witness and guide

But that session is not the place for me I don't want to shatter the lives of little people

with little faith who believe in god with their own limitations

let them learn their way and imagine god in their own way and believe in god in their own way 

if they hurt enough  or they believe enough  they will come and seek me on their own

I will not be in a place where I am not accepted, understood and treasured

seven years of being on the cross is enough for a second life time. 

Rose Parvin 6/28/2001  And the Living Bible page 50 ISAIAH  

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My Son

You are an old soul - You are my friend - you are my teacher - You are my savior - You are my son - Please forgive me - for sacrificing you - By raising your soul -To shine like the sun - I am your mother - Who raised you to love - I put you on the cross - I was not aware of - Those you help save -Will seek your blood -I am so sorry - to have hurt your heart -But my dear son - The cross is gone -You are born again -To be the King and we won - The crucifixion is over - You are born again - to be the savior - you are my teacher - You are my friend - you are my savior - you are my son -you are here to stay -To shine like a sun - hold my hands -Together we can fly - to the sky up so high - Beyond the Toxic Patterns - To tear down the walls - of discrimination, prejudice and pain -To walk on the path of peace- and Jihad of Love and Compassion - in the absence of violence

To make the people of the world to see again - To raise the souls of the dead spirited - To be born again - To sing the prayer for the rain - To wash away the people's pain -To unite the world once again -under one god we trust and remain- in surrender with the knowledge we gain - that we are one family and all god's children - the Power Imbalance in the world is to blame - that creates the World Crisis -and the family feels the pain -Freedom is responsibility - and responsibility is freedom - freedom for all and not just some - at the cost of the other children - we are all godlike children - for rainbow planet - all equally governed by - the Universal Laws of Power Balance.

Rose Parvin 11/20/2001


The veiled Truth- The Absent Present

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1. Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming From tender stem haths prung! Of Jes-ses' lin-eage com-ing As men of old have sung. It came a flow'r-et bright, A - mid the col of win-ter, When half spent was the night.

2. I saiah 'twas fore- told it, The Rose I have in mind, With Mary we be-hold it, The Virgin Moth-er kind. To show God's love a - right, She bore to men a Sav-ior, When half spent was the night. A song written in the fourteenth century about the brith of Jesus Christ. A song that was sang in Christmas in church of the Lady of Mount Carmel

Follow me to Freedom!

Freedom Rose

Follow me to freedom- and sing the song of freedom with me - and dance to the song of victory - let freedom rise and let freedom be and sing with me - freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; freedom Rose-its wide and its white, Peace Path is the flight- its for the left and its for the right, -Universal Laws and inner code of ethics- Global Human Rights- balance of powers- Dialogue of Nations- One God one Universe- is the path of Rose - that 's the way the story goes- freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising, Freedom Rose - this Rose is not just a Rose - she is Time Rose, Freedom Rose - and that's the way the true story goes - freedom she saught - and freedom she chose

Follow me to freedom- and sing the song of freedom with me - and dance to the song of victiory - let freedom rise and let freedom be - and sing with me - Freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose its for the black and yellow, its for the red and white- Rose is the guiding light, the only star that is bright, is the spirit in me - the Circle of Light- superiority- inferiority stems from the lack of self and god in you- all patterns changes- your destiny is in your hands and god's- -the way of life, is the way of Rose- that's the way the story goes- freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising;Freedom Rose - and that's the way the true story goes - freedom she saught - and freedom she chose

Follow me to freedom - and sing the song of freedom with me - and dance to the song of victory - let freedom rise and let freedom be - and sing with me - Freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose- there are no loosens, there are no winners; for peace and excellence; Rose Compassion Revolution- , Rose Peace Resolution ; way of Rose; is the only way; that's the way the story goes- follow me baby, follow me baby to freedom; freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose - and that's the way the true story goes - this Rose is not just a Rose - she is the Time Rose, the Freedom Rose - she saught freedom and freedom she chose

Follow me to freedom - and sing the song of freedom with me - and dance to the song of victory - let freedom rise and let freedom be 0 and sing with me - Freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose- Mosa, Mohammed, Essa, eeosa,, saw god inside their soul and heart - god is whole and you are part - you and god cannot be apart- Circle of Light is in your heart -and that's the way the story goes- freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose - and that's the way the true story goes - freedom she saught - and freedom she chose

Follow me to freedom - and sing the song of freedom with me - and dance to the song of victory - let freedom rise and let freedom be and sing with me - Freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose-Moses and people- Jesus and Apostles, Rosa and the world as a whole saw god- we are all one- we cannot be apart- this time god rose from a Rose; in the heart of every one Rose blossoms and grows- Freedom is rising, freedom is rising, freedom is rising; Freedom Rose - and that's the way the story goes- this Rose is not just a Rose - she is the Time Rose, the Freedom Rose - she saught freedom and freedom she chose


The Perfect Unity

The Perfect Unity is: Living the of Power Balance of Childlikeness to  Godlikeness. And this is what I have experienced.  Once we experience this within, we are ready to meet God and to have a constant Dialogue and a True Union. And that, is what I have also experienced. To have god. The chosen suffers on earth to become a Perfect Leader. 

Come and pray with me  for I will speak to you  with the words of god;  of truth, and of love  the way god talks to me with compassion and no competition or prejudice. My church, my temple,  my musk belongs to all who believe in god and even those who do not  believe in god or in me. God's house is your house for you are god's children. You must love yourselves  and each other because  god loves everyone of you.

The veiled Truth: The Peace Creator A Woman's Rebirth caused a nation and  the World Rebirth - she is in censorship during the past nine years of her life by her own promoter. But from the cross she rose and on the cross freedom she sought and freedom she chose to free you from all chains and pains of victimization, she died each day and each day she was born again and with the cross she rose - life is multidimensional and death is another birth and return to the universe with the true mission with love and the time appropriate laws; mission of bringing the truth back to earth; the only truth that you can find when you find yourself!

Born Free Rose

To where you will be born free- run away with me--

Run away with me- to where you will be born free - run away with me - let us go away from here - let us run away together - and tell no one - to somewhere in the end of the world - for a new beginning - somwhere we can call our own - somwewhere you will be born free with me - to the town where every one is born again free - with my new creation -revolution of compassion - and new hearts to love and live in truth - in the path of Rose Parvin prophecy

run away with me - to where you will be born free - it is all or nothing you see - you can live without love and truth and be corrupt and held hostage - to the devil and addiction to fear , need for external power, filled with hatred, greed and envy - we can die in pain and be free, on the cross of political consparicy- or live in love. joy and mastery - till the day we die -born free with the divine spirit in me -

Run Away with me run away - don't listen to evil today and every day - break the chain of all addictions and slavery - you are the one who searched for years and finally found me - you are the one who came after me - get up from the wall of fear and mediocrity - take no more of my words or my moments away - just listen to the heartbeats that tell you all the truth you want to hear and say- do not sell yourself - or promote prostittutes and leeches of power- that is not life, it is a fallacy-

run away with me - listen to living word in poetry pouring like the living river from me - giving you back to yourself - with grace and dignity - bringing you out of yourself to see only me - and the spiritual truth and love inside of me - for a Rose Legacy and the journey for the New Creation for you and the whole world - to be born again free - free from all sins and addicitons - free from all blocks and burdens - run away with me

bring nothing with you - I will bring the sun - to warm you even in the black hole of your heart - I will bring my tree of knowledge - for you to eat the heavenly fruits from - take the leaves too, all the leaves - but do not aim to tear the tree down from the roots - for then you will have no other way to god and your global family - I will bring a Rose - and will give you all the leaves - and with every holy Rose Leaf - we can go to whereever we want - we can go to the sun and the moon - in no time in an eye blink - -with Time Rose you will travel back and fourth in time-you will see -

run away with me from here and have no fear - let us go to the town of freedom and liberty - where you don't have to just dream about true democracy -where no one crusifies the savior - and love and truth is the collective theme - where no one censures and terror4izes the true author, counselor and prophet - to promote clones and plagiarists in her place in her own path of prophecy -with lie promotion every thorne looking like a Rose can be - the followers of the path of truth cannot deny the only truth - that is false prophecy

run away with me - to the town where innocence and love is not just on the screens you can see - come to my door and ask me - take no no for an answer -or may be - if I said no, then steal me from me - take every leaf with you not just some - in one divine Rose of trinity - then with you I will be - it is now or never-for peace, love in truth for you and the world with me - turn off the fire of ignorance and need for supremacy - the fire of divine knowledge of love and truth for power balance and equal dignity - will warm the heart of you and the world with me -

run away with me - show your divine love to me - merge with the truth and gain back your dignity - take every leaf, together to your heart like a Rose - that is blossomed and born again, free - god is not just in church and musk or temple - don't you see - god is in a Rose in your heart - if you can have compassion in the midst of political conspiracy -you have gained control in your world, within - in the path of healthy living - and that is meeting your destiny

love must win not the addiction to power and gamble - for you to survieve and for humanity - don't sit on a wall - don't create all these walls between you and my people and me - have you ever seen a gardner feed the rose to the snakes and mice - what do you think you are doing - you are killing yourself and me- we are not separate why can't you see- is this hate for yourself or for me - run away to where you can see clear - to love yourself and break the chain of hypocracy

run away with me - we will bathe in the sun - we will shower in the rain - we will dance in the moon - you will be traveling with light, god and time in me - we will break all the rules - and will make new rules from the beginning to eternity - it will be new day every day - the Rose New Creation for truth and love in a world that it is all lost in the every day maze of living the separateed lives of mediocrity -

we will bring unity for us and the world - you and me - we will shed the light on evil deceit and terror -we will make darkness disappear - we will end the world pain and agony - we will bring global peace, justice, global culture and freedom and unity - and you will be my partner in life and playmate - like you have been but separate from me - now together we will be - adam and god, yahova - no more separate by evil we will be -

run away with me- to where you will be born free if you loose yourself in me - and if you keep a rose in your heart forever - there will be no dark matter in you - it will be the Rose lighthouse - in your new heart - the earth will be th greenhouse of all havenly flowers- let go of the strings with evil flames- stop selling her to my people - run away with me to flames of love in truth and purity - run away with me

Rose Parvin - 3/10/2003

Not Just a Rose -Time Rose

This Rose is not just a Rose- This Rose is not just a Rose- you want to see her- fly and get up close- This Rose - is a Holy Rose -God's spirit, inside her rose- she sought god- and god she chose- god she chose- god heard her - and came to Rose-she sang to god - when god had died in the world - And that's the way the story goes - This rose is not just a rose- she is the Time Rose-

they silenced god so no one knows-they put evil in god's place - painted rainbow on her face - everyone follows evil's matrix-in every house the evil goes- that's why evil everyone chose -and that's the way the story goes- This Rose is not just a rose - She is the Time Rose- she is the Freedom; Freedom rose

on the streets chaos and murder versus responsible freedom and order- children killing children and mother - sea of blood rose everywhere - life was pain- alienation was the gain- they poisoned and washed every brain- lies and deception poured like rain- And that's the way the story goes - This Rose is not just a Rose - she is the Time Rose- she is the freedom; freedom rose

The Rosebud died- and the Rose Sun rose-in the heart of those - who believe in truth- who believe in love- in haven on earth - just like haven above -she rose in the heart of those - who believe in dreaming of the Rose Path to Peace and the Rose that in every heart of a beliver grows- and that's the way the story goes- This rose is not just a rose- she is the Time Rose -she is the freedom; freedom rose

Rose appeared- bleeding disappeared -this is how god chose - this Rose is not just a Rose- she is the absent present- she is the Time Rose, this Rose is who god chose- and that's the way the story goes- this rose is not just a rose - She is the Time Rose - she is the freedom; freedom rose

Rose Asseer Parvin 7/13/2002

A child is born tonight

A child is born tonight - child is born tonight - the prince of peace

the sun in the morning light - of the darkest night

a child is born tonight

a child blossomed like a rose - a child rose in my soul - I felt the fire the light inside

it burnt all that was not right - an all knowing wisdom - whispered in my ears in my heart

it is time for me to rise - I will make you my hand and tongue

I will make my home your heart - I will make you witness

and you will be mine - we will teach the truth - and make it apart from lies - we will show the light

we will show the light - we will bring peace

and we will unite - we will change the patterns -of the darkness

to eternal light - this is your divine mission - to rise spirits in the dead bodies

to create eternal life A child is born, tonight

The Seventh Day : Recreation & Rebirth

A Global Universal Spirituality & A Global Culture

Pattern Change Programing-A Scientific Psycho-Spirituality of Being-

The Final Solution: Responsible Freedom beyond all patterns

and on the Seventh Day, they plant a Rose for every spirit that died on that day- and life begins again - and life begins again -evil destroys spirits and god rebuilds-my love is poured like rain - and what was destroyed begins to live again so that the karavan does not go without my sign- I give you the holly Rose of compassion, wisdom and faith to sing the rebirth songs-mountain of light, ocean of light in one heart that sheds light to blinds- as long as you have your faith- evil cannot block the light that prevails- every time the holly spirit has gone on the cross- for humanity to find peace in her cause-

the lady of freedom is the lady of angels with the torch of knowledge to open your eyes- that the world is only - a separated Global Family-the imbalance of powers brings the crisis- the balance of powers - will unite humanity- power struggle and wars is the pain of victimization you see- when you see you are a victim- you want to hurt the bully-power block is the need for perfection- excellence is ultimate heath and resurrection- changing patterns will reform the world to diverse unity -

mind-body-spirit power balance must happen in every individual to learn the power to be- the victim, the bully, are all one without god- when you have god inside, you are never a victim no matter how you are seen or made to believe to be-- this is the knowledge of self and spirit I have brought to you in a book that has changed the patterns in all life dimensions- it has revolutionized the path of life to the art and science of being- the only path that frees humanity from predestined assumptions and genetic limitations- a book that gives choices of patterns for the first time to humanity and frees humanity from the bondage and slavery-the last rose with the holly spirit is me

dialogue of nations and leaders will strengthen the power of the people- rely on the united nations to become fair and bring justice to the world- with universal laws of power balance you cannot fail my child- put your hands in mine and see the miracle of balance of powers of god and man- you will become just like me

Rose Asseer Parvin -9/11/2002

ask The Rose,

for the truth she only knows

in a world that has gone wrong, in every way- in a spirit less world, where people's minds are filled with corruption, lies, prejudice and hate, and the earth is in pain-

for all the world crisis and all the earth pain- Love is the Rose Way, Peace is the gain-that's the way the story goes-she is the freedom;freedom rose

somebody, somebody, ask The Rose-for the truth she only knows

the promised heaven will appear on this hell-when in everyone's heart Rose blossoms and becomes the Rose Garden the earth- she pours her light in the darkness gives another birth to the dead spirited earth- the only truth there is- the only love there is returned like The Rose that died and was born again - like a Rose blossoms every day-

somebody, somebody, ask The Rose-for the truth she only knows - that's the way the story goes - she is the freedom;freedom rose

she is a revolutionary- her Revolution, Compassion-Wisdom- Power Balance on earth -evolutionary spiritual excellence and unity- her mission is spirit making, and Global Cultural Unification-with Self knowledge and the power of holly spirit within-

somebody, ask the Rose- for the truth, she only knows- that's the way the story goes- she is the freedom;freedom rose

he is her promoter- imbalanced partnership- he stole her identity- promoting her plagiarists and clones- spreading her mission in the world without her name on it-they terrorized and censored her while claiming and monopolizing her original work of pattern change programing, for creating destiny-

somebody, ask the Rose- for the truth, she only knows- that's the way the story goes- she is the freedom;freedom rose

she guided them to fly from their addicted bodies and minds to their spirits- they are flying on her bleeding wings every day with passion gaining fame and fortune claiming her identity, original life work and mission and prophecy-

But no one will ever, no one will ever,no one will ever, ask The Rose - for the truth she only knows - for the truth she only knows - that's the way the story goes- she has freed them; she is freedom ;freedom rose

what is the truth, what is the lie - no one will ever ask why- after all, it is the lie society, selling lie promotion- success at any price you see- clones become celebrity-

fear of a woman, fear of the unknown, the different, the change, the truth - dependence on power, greed and prejudice- selling sex and violence is the addiction - blind leads the blind in every life dimension - without the power of self and god- earth has become the house of evil - sold out house of prostitution-

But somebody, for a change, ask the Rose- for the truth, she only knows- that's the way the story goes- she has freed them - she is the freedom;freedom rose

after nine year war with evil - I freed my people on the cross of victimization- I am the only incorruptible- I have created change in the unchangeable - I am the only truth, the only love there is - I witnessed the truth and they witnessed my miracles-

But somebody, for a change, ask the Rose- for the truth, she only knows- that's the way the story goes- she is the freedom;freedom rose

healing the masses saving them from the evil of addiction moving them from dependence to interdependence-to unity from separation- giving them back their dignity, rights and grace- with the knowledge of self this was my mission

But somebody, for a change, ask the Rose- for the truth, she only knows- and that's the way the story goes- she has freed them; she is the freedom;freedom rose

Rose has lost everything for her mission- Rose petals are falling on every body with passion- Rose is the holly pray- on the cross of ignorance in destiny- everyone's sins are forgiven- with her blood and body of knowledge of self in her pieces of poetry-she wants to rebuild the house of god- house of prayer without prejudice- Rose Domes without walls of separation- it is the time of resurrection-

But somebody, for a change, somebody, ask The Rose-for the truth she only knows - and that's the way the story goes-she is the freedom;freedom rose

Rose is changing the world patterns - with every breath that she takes- Rose is a life giver- -holly spirit gives her grace-she is The Freedom Rose - she died every night and every morning she rose - she is the blossoming, ever , ever blossoming Rose-she has freed them from their own evil within; to fight the evil without - she is the freedom; freedom rose

so, somebody, somebody, for a change- ask the Rose- for the truth she only knows- and that's the way the story goes

come on people- where is your courage- let down your fear- ask her face to face - in a dialogue- in any time or any place- but for a change, somebody, somebody, somebody ask The Rose, for the truth, she only knows - and that's the way the story goes- she is the freedom;freedom rose

Rose Asseer 9/27/2002

Hay Little Angel

Hay Little Angel- I heard you cry- with my tears- I heard you scream- with my voice, silently- I heard you telling me- that you are lonely, too- Hay Little Angel- don't be afraid-I've got you - and you've got me- Hay Little Angel- I heard you telling me- that you love me- Let me tell you a secret- I love you, too- Hay Little Angel reach out inside you- why are you hiding me- why are you fighting me- you know you cannot beat me- you cannot defeat me- without out being hurt , too-

I am your mother- I am your god-I am your lover deep inside- I am your friend and I am your guide- when your temple is purified - I am you- when you reach inside- when you are purified and balanced in your body and your mind- Hay Little Angel- don't look back for more than a moment - to know when you left me behind- don't look too far- for more than enough to know the path you must take with all of your soul and your mind-to the Rose I have planted in your heart -

the Rose Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion- responsible freedom truth and love - for your pains nd problems to disappear - you must have a higher purpose in mind -the higher purpose of creating peace and diverse unity in truth and in love - for all the children of the universal rainbow of humanity - now stand alone and stand tall - you are not alone - together- there is no mountains too high - there is no wall we cannot tear apart- there is no door we cannot open - there is no distance too far-

flying to the moon is not the answer - without purifying the earth from the poisons- clean your home and your temple- this is where you find all the answers-for you are a world inside - even though you are a Rose Petal - you are independent and whole within - so sing with me the song for freedom - let freedom rise and let freedom be- and sing with me - the song of victory - freedom is rising, freedom is rising, Freedom Rose - and that's the way the true story goes - freedom from all addictions- freedom from all chians - all walls of prejudice and prisons of doubt, agony and mediocrity - freedom from all dependency - interdependence will connect you to me -

Hay Little Angel, can you hear me -

House of Self, House of God-

Rose Prayer House (The Rose Dome)

Like a tree, stagnant by our roots - we move to grow -we separate, initiate, we choose- my mother, my father, my child - are all inside - we must let go of our roots - we must allow the tide - we can no longer hide the truth- from the naked eyes - I am the mother, I am the father, I am the child-embrace me, embrace me, embrace me- for I am the truth you have sought to see - I am the father, don't abandon me - I am the mother, nurture me

I am the child, I am destiny

embrace me I am your king, in the kingdom within - I am the child crying silently - embrace the mind, embrace the body, embrace - the spirit that lives within - dance the prayer, regain your peace again - choose to love the child again - Look within, focus inside - can you see the child - can you be the child - can you be the child you hide inside-can you love again, can you be proud, again - I promise I will be right here by your side - you are the father, you are the mother, you are the child - I am alone don't leave me, I want you to believe me- you will not deceive me, no more darkness for you to get lost - in this journey, I am the light -I am the Self you hide inside

I am your guiding light-I am the path and I am the guide-I am the Self, I am the mother and I am the Child

From the book Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny Author: Rose Parvin

Embrace me

Embrace me with your kindness- Accept my different-ness -Move away, move away move away from the madness - I too am the like of you - my different-ness is not -the sign of separateness -touch me with your compassion - shed the block of prejudice - see me with your heart - judge me with your mind-not with your anger - not with your hate
I am the voice of your inner self - if you find me kind - if you find me harsh - just look within - just look within - just look within - search for the answer- Embrace yourself, you are the truth-embrace all that reminds you of you -come dance with me to our inner hymns - of the Mind-Body-Prayer -come share with me the power of self -let's build a house of peace, together -embrace me, Embrace your self,- embrace, my friend, embrace humanity, - embrace the child of destiny,- embrace your god within
From the book: Pattern Change Programming, Creating Your Own Destiny -Author: Rose Assier Parvin
Part I : A Preventive Measure:
Moving Away from Repetitive Patterns of Regression
Roots of Being

a third eye is watching you....

from above the garden

The roots of any individual are -not on a piece of land that carries-the burden of the body, the body that exists - only to embrace the soul, the soul that cannot be found -in any house that confines any limits - its universal wisdom and nurturance for all beings as a whole.

The roots of any individual are found within the inherent core -and beyond the flesh of color, gender, race or belief, - where every being is intrinsically compassionate, wise, powerful, - and equally created. From those roots only, - as individuals and as nations, - we can harvest the seeds of - peace, progression, joy and mastery, joy and harmony.

Let us all tell the gardeners - not to mistake the crawling weeds of separation -that separates flowers from one for the genuine roots that will harvest - the tender blooms of the sacred seeds of unity and togetherness, - that will bare the evergreen abundance of excellence - in the designs and the patterns - of all the wildflowers in the universe.

Rest assured my little prince and little princess - this gardener will stay up to guard the gate of heaven - and to call on all the others together with their bare hands, - hey will fetch the water and with their heart and soul will dance, - the mind-body prayer, and will pray - ounce by ounce of that clear water, over all the thirsty flowers - who have crumbled from the chill sleep well my prince, - sleep well my princess a third eye is watching you from above the garden.

From the book, Humanity Held Hostage - the day America cried, copyright 1994 Author: Rose Assier Parvin 10/4/2002- The Silk Rose; I am the Road

To Our Children

Creators of Tomorrow

This is my legacy

This is my legacy that I leave to my children, Shaun and Ellie, whose inherent inner wisdom and clarity - has created nurturance - and abundance of compassion - within me - not only for them, but for my self,- and for the entire race of humanity - The meaning of life, has become clear - only by the Power Balance, - of our existence - of our togetherness, - of our sameness, of our differentness.

I have experienced life, on both sides - of the Universal Pendulum, - through their vision. - I see my children - within me, beside me, - and most often - beyond me. - In my ever- changing patterns, - that we programed towards the - ever - growing mission - to clear the air - from toxins of all nature- so that all our children - can breathe, comfortably, in an environment of - peace, compassion, progression, - and Universal Harmony.

  The Peace Creator A Woman's Rebirth caused a nation and  the World Rebirth A woman's godlike-ness as the Blueprint  for a World Rebirth. When we know and  see the right we no longer choose the wrong The right thing to do and to live a life of truth  in every moment not just living a life of a lie  and telling the truth every now and then the way the reality of life has been and is. Just  because it is reality yet a lie, it does not make  it right. Today's thieves of the mind, body  spirit who have stolen my words only for their  self profit and power and to deceive you and to put you against your god who is your only  savior tell you that you must be practical and  reality oriented and by that they mean that  you should sell yourselves to the mediocrity of merely existing and not living - of being dependent upon them and not yourself and  your god - If your reality is not that of the  truth you are addicted to evil's fast drugs and  your are lost in evil path. I am the only way. The right thing is to make your reality a life  of truth - and that is god's word. The word of  truth is the word of god and the word of truth  is the word of love and the word of god is the  word love Love is truth and love is god. God  is change for god is ever flowing water and  light that runs through those who are clear of  toxins.  I spent my life to become clear and god chose my flesh, my body for god's house. I also searched and sought the truth which is  god all of my professional and personal life. For the past twelve years I have sang prayer  revelatory songs for god to come out from the  cross and become the people's living guide. I believe that is exactly what happened. God made me the living word ever since I was born.  I was righteous and had the world of god yet I  did not know it. I knew the power of my spirit  was beyond me and what I had learned. It was when I would say things in the literature class  that would make the teacher's mouth open. And when I would heal those who came to me  without knowing what I had done. Until I went after learning from my spirit and teaching it to  others in a philosophical spiritual scientific way.   Seven years ago I had a calling to become the  world mother on a mission to heal the masses.

Rose Parvin 6/26/2001                                 

My dear friends,

The miracle is within us and within each of us there is  a god living on the cross. Life is a process of a rebirth  after death in every moment; of knowing who you  are and excelling to become the best of your self from  childlike - ness to human-ness to godlike-ness. When  we know our True Self, we can know True God,  within. And it is then that we can see, hear and know  God. I know. I have god within me and living through  me will teach you the way to know and worship the  living god. I want to guide you through that process.  The process of flying from the body to the soul,  purifying the soul, becoming whole, within. 

A Scientific Philosophy learnt from surrendering to my  soul made me believe I can create my own destiny until  I realized that the destiny I taught I was creating was my  original destined path. My journey was to find that path:   to mother the Orphan world, bringing life to dead souls.  The souls die in a sick society and a sick world and need  to go through the process of rebirth. People need a hero.  

Prayer is the way of life. To love and worship god is to  love and worship your self, your family, your friends,  your society, your environment and your world. Life  is the process of being, becoming and difference making.  The Golden Rule, are the Moses commandments, within.  In the process of Collective Prayer and Dialogue with  God,  Inner laws will become the Global Human Right  Laws. 

Prayer in a creative form is the language of the soul and  the best way of talking to god. Seven years of revelatory  poetry pouring out of me which are three dimensional  and have me, god, people, breaking time and becoming  the bridge of the past, present and future are my prayers.  I grew up dancing and that became my Self/ Soul therapy.  My programs and I became the Blueprint for the millennium.  

Dialogue with god- from absolute science I came to believe  in god's presence inside me as I purified my soul. Dialogue  with nations and people brings us the need on earth; a unity  around god and godlike laws. The Soul Makes Angel of  freedom, of peace, love and truth Diverse Unity of Mind- Body-Soul.

The Secret of the Cross  Thirty years of experience and knowledge has given me the  wisdom to become a third eye and break the walls of  prejudice in all life dimension and put an end to alienation  and separation of the people as well as the separation of the  souls. I not only have learned and experienced the secret of  the cross, but have witnessed experience of being god's  hand and tongue, creating a rebirth for my people and  nations feeling Jesus, Moses and Mohammed in my spirit  as the Time Prophet and the last chance. 

Father-Child & Mother( the holy spirit)-history is written and changed by men as it is happening at this time- My  original philosophy and science was taken from me,  copied plagiarized and spread while I was censored  clones were created of me and promoted day and night  during the past seven years. 

Change without violence and war. I allowed this tragedy in order to create change without  violence and to spread my Peace and Reform Program  and lost all I had in that process.  Pattern Change toward  Power Balance- love for all the children and not just some.  flying from body to soul - from childlikeness to godlikeness Seven years of crucifixion, censorship, colon-making, death  and a rebirth is the price of Personalization, Nationalization  and Globalization of my Peace and Reform Program.

Nine  books in one year in 1994 was Rose's call for this mission and globalizing what she was doing for years since 1971,  which is self search, finding the truth and teaching it to people  who trusted her with their pain for they saw her healing hands  and mind surrendered to her miracles soul bringing dead souls  to joyful life. 

I was led to a life of self-sacrifice where I lost all that I had  worked for in my life toward a mission of creating peace  and god-like personhood through my revelatory poetry,  songs and a way of life as program of peace and balance  which was living the truth and the love pouring out from  within me regardless of what the world around me was like.  I was guided by the fire within her to create balance of powers  in an unjust world and all I had by my idea was the power of  god which gave me the power to stand against political power  with money and media and thousands of followers at their  service and to create change.  "

The Red Rose by Virgin Merrry. At the time of distress put upon her by socio- political  pressures I was given a red Rose by Virgin Merry in one  of my walks from Newport Pier to Balboa Pier every day  for the past twelve years for the purpose of purifying my  soul - and many days I would find roses on the sand on my  path- a woman at the church told me that was Santa Theresa's  way of granting wishes.

Jesus went through me in my dream. In a dream I saw a beautiful man  starring at me sitting on a sand in a desert. The man who was  wearing a brown clothing got up and went through me.  Since then I was experiencing what Christ has experienced,  crucified once more by my own people here I was as loving  and forgiving as Jesus Christ would be to the point of caring  more for my enemies and those who took my work and day  and night teaching them more of Patterns of Excellence and  Christ-likeness without caring about how I was loosing all that  I had by thinking of coming out and standing against them and  thinking of my own voice and financial independence. 

I gave them the fruit of my knowledge as my Peace and  Reform Program and my original knowledge of science of  Pattern Change Programming which would materialize and  bring to life my philosophy of Power Balance in individuals  and families and societies and the world as a whole and  within the environment.  

Music had lost value in schools. I created balance in my  son's school between the values of music and sports at  a time musicians were degraded in schools and athletes  were over graded. The world must become a creative  child again in order to become godlike and to bring back  grace and compassion to life. The I took on the Newport  Beach Bars to create safety zone for the children. 

In my  book I presented a Societal Program for creativity, for  health and excellence and for prevention of crisis that  we experience in schools today, and for the home and  society and the schools to become the safety zone for the youth and the children.

I fought patriorcal prejudice in Mental Health Profession for what  I believed as unjust and prejudiced conduct where for  years I presented original seminars for the annual  gathering and did not get accepted where the  Psychologists who were inspired by me would become  the keynote speakers. 

I fought famous authors whom I believe plagiarized my lifetime work and reaped the fruit of my labor. Like Deepak Chopra to whom I sent my book for review  and before I knew it he was interviewing what I believe  is my original philosophy and science as his own and  later on I believe he wrote many books from my book.  He credited being inspired to write spiritual and becoming  evolved to Roomi who has been dead seven hundred years and his book were about that time but I believe that he came  out with all new and original work as soon as he received  my book. It so happened that all that he wrote ever since  was from my book and my original philosophy and science.  When I confronted him his attorneys manipulated my rights  and the truth whereas the evidence seemed otherwise in a  powerfully undeniable way. I heard him saying that legal  battles was one of his favorite things to do. I don't blame  him for that is karma for people like him; to fight. 

In my non-violent and compassionate war against violence on television, media, tobacco,  drugs and religious addiction and prejudiced versus  true spirituality and Power Monopoly I gave  my  lifetime original work to world leaders in order to  create change and make a difference- 

By not getting the credit for my work, being censored  by the media and their constant promotion of those  who were colons of me and had plagiarized my work and  were given the credit for it day and night and at the same  time terrorizing my character in the media, creating isolation  for me where everyone who helped me was taken away  form me, and my telephone being controlled and every   breath I took was copied by me and multiplied before  I could do anything about it, I lost all that I had created  toward a loving environment for my children and went  through family and societal crisis which could have ended  my life.

But I soared and proved that one does not need  anything in the world but her self and her faith in herself  and her god in order to create constant rebirth from death  of not only her own but that of other people, and nations. 

From what was meant to paralyze and isolate me I created  atool of teaching and mothering the world leaders toward  service and Excellence Patterns of Leadership and step by  step caused the Rebirth of a Nation and spreading patterns  and programs of peace and reform within my country of  origin( Iran) and in United States and ultimately the world.  This is true prophecy where the predictions have all come true and my programs and knowledge has been  tested and  proved workable in only seven years and the fruit of my work  is freedom for me, my people and the world. 

I was Creating a Perfect World- a Rebirth of my Birth Nations & The world by the power o love and the knowledge of being I became the mother to an Orphan World. As I was freeing the  world, of lies and toxic patterns of being, to teach a and to mother  them to excel in being human claiming the lost rights and dignity,  I was held hostage in my free country by cult-like groups with  media power.

I lost all I had and died while the entire city of media and print watched  and participated. I learned that one voice makes a difference and  I learned that the ultimate power is the power to forgive and to love, regardless. ome and pray with me  for I will speak to you  with the words of god;  of truth, and of love  the way god talks to me with compassion and no competition or prejudice. My church, my temple,  my musk belongs to all who believe in god and even those who do not  believe in god or in me. God's house is your house for you are god's children. You must love yourselves  and each other because  god loves everyone of you.





Seven thousand Ghataeh

Seven thousand Pieces of my body 

are written in blood on them pouring out of me 

in the midst of pain of the death and the rebirth

and the denial and the loss of everything 

that I worked for, everything and everyone who ever meant to me.

On a calling from within calling me and wanting me to rise

to become the mother and teacher of the world to change and reform 

the Orphan World by singing my revelatory songs 

to the dying masses who walked soulless, 

soulless and spiritually dead 

I stopped my practice of counseling and wrote nine books

and seven thousand pieces of me in poetry

made from my body and my blood to promote universal spirituality

and mass healing in a world that was dying

only to be stopped by the powers of the time who wanted my miracle

my science and technology

they silenced me for seven years 

and spread my words claiming it as their own

just because of fear of a woman who knew more than they had ever known

and a woman who loved  more than they ever loved

and a woman who forgave more than they had forgiven even their self

a woman who tolerated them more than their parents did 

and a woman whose words were the truth in their Lie Society and World

they feared a woman 

feared that I might take control so they silenced me 

and kept me under the glass globe but still my voice was carried

was carried by the wind and was given to my people spontaneously and constantly

and this is how I rose once more and fulfilled my destiny

a child is born to us and from that there is a new birth in my nations

and my global family.

Seven thousand  pieces of my body are written in blood

bringing to you all  my dimensions 

becoming your mirror to see who you are  beyond your names, 

beyond your titles,  beyond your  political games,  and beyond your flesh 

in my Dialogue with my child in my dialogue with man and in my dialogue with God

Seven years  have passed  and I have been on the cross to show my people the miracles

that live within me and I share with the world with those who want to hear,

those who are waiting for a new child and a new world  

a new child is born to us! and there is a rebirth of the souls

everyone is blessed and forgiven once more

Rose Parvin, 7/7/01 

A Rose, as your heart 

True democracy, freedom  and evolutionary revolution

begins from the heart of every person. 

For a heart is a place for the soul

In a soulless society and world,

there is no true freedom.

So take my heart, my children

and make it the home for your soul

and until your own heart beats for others

take hold of my heart and become god-like,

my children 

keep my heart and believe its your own.

Drink from it, all of the blood

eat my pieces of my body pouring out of me

like verses of poetry

and become like me as I am bleeding on the cross

for you to see what it is like to be me!

I have not been here by you no one has silenced my screams 

my voice of the injured humanity

I am here by choice for you to see yourselves

denied and forgotten, buried inside

for I am who I am I am you and you are me

we are all from one and one from all

we are the evolving dimensions of existence and humanity.   

Rose Parvin - June 19, 2001 

Only through me

Don't cry for me  my dear children, the truth is I never left you

in all my troubles, of death and rebirth

I was night and day,  right here beside you 

I kept my silence to prove my promise.

Don't cry for me  Iran-e-man (my land Iran)  I never truly left you

I was night and day,  right there above you

you will reach power once again on earth only through me

But you must make me your mirror I am a god-like flower

and my heart is the place for all world children

as one family on earth.

Don't cry for me I'm back, I'm true Don't cry for me I'm here, for you!

Rose Parvin, June 15,2001

I am god's bride, I am god's child, I am god's mother

and I am god's father, God is me and I am god

I am the truth, I am the love,  I am the word

Thus I am the god! 

If you want to meet god  you must clean house

if you want to be god you must be the truth

not only the truth of yourself  but also the one and only truth: 

truth of your soul!

Rose Parvin 6/26/2001


Poet Rose

Sing with me a song for freedom -

Pattern Making and Role Modeling freedom of mind and action: responsible freedom

tell me about freedom - asked me a poet- when he was leaving his skin in the death bed - freeing himself of the frame-he said we wrote about all there was- but the word freedom was left in disguise- asked me a poet in his death bed- you talk about freedom my friend-

in a house where there is no freedom - how can you say what is freedom? how can you sing about freedom? what is freedom what is freedom freedom is from or freedom is for - what is freedom- freedom is living in the moment but freedom is responsible- learning from the past and creating the future changing the patterns for the best- freedom is not living in the moment walking on top of others for success- using, abusing and terrorizing the innocents- stealing the work and words of others -putting yourself in their place-sing me a song of freedom my friend, sing me a song of freedom - freedom from and freedom for tell me what is freedom-

When you rid yourself of all labels and titles and names- when humanity losses her colors - and when the color of god and man goes beyond all else - no one gets exclusive rights or access-no voice censored no terror of characters- no politics no fame and fortune nor genius gets in the way and separates man from his conscience- then sing me a song of freedom my friend- sing me a song of freedom-

sing me a song of freedom my friend sing me a song of freedom - sing me about prosperity - talk to me about civility - then an only then my friend come have dialogue of nations with me- talk about civilization with me - for it is only then my friend that I can tell you have seen yourself, you have met god and yes you have seen me - that you are flying beyond all colors, that you see the rainbow of humanity - -that you have reached the flight of your destiny - sing me a song of freedom my friend- sing me a song of freedom with me- sing with me ......

Rose Asseer Parvin 7/2/2002

Accepting Differentness

Farhang e Jahani va vahdat e motafavetha

Tarh e Tafavot Pazeeri

Embrace me with your kindness- move away from the madness- I, too, am the like of you- my differentness is not- the sign of separateness- touch me with you compassion- shed the block of prejudice- see me with you heart- judge me with your mind- not with your anger, not with your hate- I am the voice of your inner self- if you find me kind- if you find me harsh- just look within, to look for the answer- Embrace your self, you are the truth- embrace all that reminds you of you- come dance with me to our inner hymns- of the Mind-Body Prayer- come share with me the power of self- Let's build a house of peace together- Embrace me, embrace your self, embrace, my friend, embrace humanity, embrace the child of destiny, embrace your god within

Rose Assier Parvin - from her book titled Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny - 1994

Embrace Me

Dar Agoosham begeer

dar agoosham egeer ba mehrbani - bogreez az deevanegi - man neez chon to hastam degargooniye man neshani nadarad az jodaie - ba mohabat mara lams kon - az peesh davareeha paak kon fekr e khod ra - ba cheshm e del benegar mara - gezavatam kon ba fekrat - nah ba khashmat, nah ba tanaforat - man sedaye khod e daroon e to hastam - agar mara mehrban mipendari ya sangdel - baraye pasokh benegar daroon ekhod ra -

agoosh beh rooye khod begosha - to khod haman hageegati - dar agoosh begeer har anceh keh darad az to neshani - bia ta ba navaye darooneman koneem rags o paykoobi - beh doaaye ravan va tan - bia ba man shareek bash dar godrat e khod - dar neeryooye daroon - bia ta bana koneem ba ham khaneye solh ra -dar agoosham begeer - dar agoosh begeer kheeshtan e kheesh ra - doost e man dar agoosh befeshar - har ancheh keh ensanist ra - dar agoosh befeshar farzand e sarnevesht ra - va dar agoosh begeer parvardegar e daroonat ra

Rose Assier Parvin - from her book titled Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny - az ketab e sarnevesht sazi ye Rose Parvin - tarh e tageer e Olgoo - 1994





The Sun Rises Every Morning

The Wild Dear is The Living Lamb- Lady of Angels- the guiding light for evolving man- Dialogue of Nations- holding hands making bridges- leaving the past behind in "the River of Kings" - flowing and giving - creating peace - wedding made in heavens- call it the Reformists- the king is coming, the King is coming - open the door, open the door- wild and charming so real to adore-so real to adore -

this is my Legacy Truth and love- transparency, wisdom and peace- the spirit as the bridge on the mind and body - fire of Knowledge on the dark land and seas- bridge over waters - hands in your hands- rise my friend it is time to stand- rise my friend and partner it is time to stand

the sun rises every morning after each night- open your heart - its time for unity of the part- take my hands and sing a song - god is united with the loved one- holy spirit pours light in your heart - your eyes are the window let life to start - let love spark- come out of the dark - the sun rises every morning each night- the world is meaningless without the heart - let's light the candles on every night- miracle lives in the dark or the light

Rose Asseer Parvin 6/28/2002- Like always, Opera like pouring out of me as I touched the keyboard. When our heart is purified, our spirit flows like a river in our body and the mind. "The River of Kings" is taken from the name of Shahdad Rohani's classical music that is the bridge of nations as another dimension to the World Peace & Reform Program

The Power of Prayer - the Lady of Angels-

Pray for peace- and pray for love-pray for justice- pray for her voice - the Lady of Angels- She is the mother- pure and holy- she is the father- wise and fair- she is the child- isolated and lonely- she pours out love- everywhere she goes- how she suffered silently- no one will ever know-

her mission is truth, love and justice- for all the children - of the universe- all the lost souls- mothers and fathers- men and women- children, youngsters and old-the earth is shaking- the earth is on fire- the earth is flooded- the sea is getting higher- god is crying - and god is in pain - no more injustice- can she tolerate in vein-

come with me angels- sing holy songs - bring my other wing- make man strong - far away from evil eye- let's build our homes- and call it our own - open your hearts and sing along- oh god, oh god - give me your spirit- come fill my heart- and come in my song-

Rose Asseer Parvin 6/28/2002- Revelatory poem at 1:30AM- coming back from the walk at the beach I stopped at the church on the way- the Lady of Angels who gave me the rose bud when I was finished with my nine books and with my motherly and caring scientific critique had offended many who had never heard the truth and honesty of a woman who was shedding light on darkness for transparency on a calling from withinAny Life Matters

God Rose

Ersiyeh haye Elahi

Heechkas balatar az man nist - man e man hatta khod e man nist - man khodayam noor e khorsheedam- man ze asl e sheed o anaheedam- dar gezavat khod e ganoonam- mosa shod hadiye sheedam - far e izad atash e danesh - sookhteh dar khod o tabeedam- har cheh bod bayn e man o hasti- hameh ra az reesheh bedreedam- ta keh az sang boroon gashtam - reesheye nang az zameen cheedam- man khodayam noor e khorsheedam - har cheh kaveedam o kaveedam - joz khoda va hag kasi dar khod nemideedam

Shahrvand e Jahani - ma aazaa e khanevadeye jahani hasteem - shahrvandan e jahaneem - har yek az yek goosheye donya- sar boland o javedaneem - koli var avareh va joda az khaneye kheesheem - amma keh dar mahd e azadi hamsayeganeem - agah az hogoog o ezat e nafs e kheesh - barabar ba setareh ha - parandeh haye parvaz e yek asemaneem- keh ba khod payam e solh o eslah avardeheem - ma faryad e adl ra ta beh mah bordeheem -

Madare Jahani

rooh e man az daroon fara khond mara - Afareenesh e Noveen

Afareenesh e Noveen e Gol zendeh kardeh donya ra- shafa va tavalod e dobareh avardeham darman e hameh eatiyadha - gol bee marz ast barghayash pakhsh hameh ja- in khoosheh haye Parveen ast - keh golestan kardeh jahanam e shoma ra- khoda va moajezeh dar daroon e gol va shomast - nah da masjed, nah dar keleesa va nah dar maykhaneh ha- madar e jahanist gol khanehash donya - amadeh ta bekarad gol e sorkh dar galb e yateem bacheh haye khoda- golab e zamzam e mehr o danesh e khod ra- reekhteh khorsheed var o baran var rooye shoma- gol esolh o azadi o hageegat ast gol khoda- shekasteh hameh deeavarhaye zohd o ria ra - farhang o rohaniyat e jahani avardeh va azadi baraye shoma- bejaye gonbadhaye atomi - misazam gonbadhaye engelab e gol e sorkh ra - fatvaye eshgh o azadi o vahdat o solh midaham beh mardom e donya - azadi az hameh chador e esaratha va eatiyad o rang o ria - jang nemishod o nemiraftand dictatorha - agar sansor nakardeh boodeed noh saal mara - har lahzeh dast e man dar dast e to bood- shareek e hazer e gayeb e to bood in gol e khoda - hastiyam ra ze man to dozdeedi - barg barg e mara bar tan e maran kardi- chera, chera, chera, chera - zani barkhast ta solh avarad o hageegat o eshgh baraye shoma- goftegoo az posht e lagabha ra agaz kard gol e khoda - rah e solh o eslah e oost keh miravad donya


Delkadeye Noor

Ba ham reseedeheem beh gaf - balha har do shekasteh - par e har doman cheh basteh-az koja parvaz kardeem o kojaeem emrooz- da sokoot e man o to yek raz e basteh- oftadehie o jaan beh tanat nist- parvaz e man az man beh to bageest- sar migozaram bar tan e bee jaan e to man- par mibandam bar hast va nist- jang e bayn e man o to jang e do il nabood- jang e do setareh bood o do donya- to tareekiye ahreeman o man noor e ahoora- chon gereftiyam az man noor - to manshodehie o man nayam - joz hamzadi beh jostejooy e del e kheesh - ta pas geeram delkadeye nooram ra-

konoon bordeh ahoora to raftehie raham ra- tanha naboodehie har chand az man joda- khorsheed e danesh o eshgh e man boodeh - har lahzeh hedayatgar to ra- har chand keh khat zadehie az resalatam namam ra - ba ham golestan kardeheem Iran o donya ra

Gol e Sorkh e Azadi -

Paykar e dictator e beejani - dar dast e sarbazi-gol e sorkh e azadi - bagi mandeh posht e sar e oo - gonbad e afrashteye elahi - gol e sorkh e azadi- payam miavarad ba shadi- az gavaneen e hogoog e bashari - rohaniyat e jahani ba akhlag e darooni - foroo mirizad deevar e tars va taasob e hayvani- har chand gatreh gatreh - dadand beh mardom in darya ra - zani barkhast va beedar kard jahani ra - ba peeshgooie, peeshgeeri, technology va danesh e noveeni - keh dar an khod sazi o khoda ra bebeeni-chon gol e sorkhi dar galb e har ba imani - galb e tazeh, tavalod e dobareh va farhang e jahani- baaz mikonad darhaye har gafas ra - beh khanevadeye motafavet e jahani - pol shod Rose Asseer Parvin - in zan e paak khooye daryaie - ta be vahdat avarad bar e degar donyaie- in hameh barkhast az daroon e yek zan- Afareenesh e Noveen avard o Tageer e Olgooie - keh avard ba gavaneen e monaseb e zaman - baraye to zani ba danesh e noveenie - baraye taadol e farhang e jahani - farzandan e rangeen kaman e elahiye bashari - keh azad to be donya amadi - azad bayad keh zendegi koni - ba masooliyat e tamadon e noveeni - in hameh jang o jonoon dar mamlekat e ma mibood- bejaye goftegoohaye motamadenaneye mardomi - agar zani bar nakhasteh bood ba daneshi - keh noveen kardeh olgooye jahani - va tqavalod e dobareh dadeh ba gol e azadi - va siasat e noveeni avardeh beh jahani - keh hokoomat yani khedmat beh mardomi - ba ganoon e hogeeg e bashari- sarbaz dar dastash gol e azadi - amma keh sarbaazeshgh e madari nemiavarad - oo bomb e madar ra bekar mibarad- vagti keh hameh khoband o dar bee khabari- va nasheneedehand payam e gol e sorkh e azadi- har chand noh saal khorsheed var isareshan kard - har chand az danesh e khod sazi o jameaeh sazi - oo sakht baraye anha jahani armani - keh beh vahdat ayeed ay aseghan e jahani - abad koneed donya ra bejaye veerani- ba tavalod e dobareh va afareenesh e noveeni- keh danesh e gol avard va roooh e gol e elahi - azadi ye hageegi va rastegari ye hageegi - ra gol e sorkh avard ba ganoon e monaseb e zaman e jahani 1- Loh e Mehr

Ay Nazaneen keh mara - az posht e sheesheye baran gareesti - ay galb e ranjdeedeh keh ba man - har lahzeh az gareebegiyam ra to zeesti - dar labelaye an morakab e sorkhat- galb e to bood por ze tapesh por khoon - engar to ba cheshm e delat deedi- man ra keh atash e jahl o zsolm - avarehkard chon negah e majnoon- agoosh baaz o mohr bedastat to amadi- bar paye gahvareye man ta keh sar nahi- avaye mehr o niyayesh to sar dahi - avaye vay mardomiyan ta bekay khamoosh- masloob mehr e mast yeki izad e soroosh - omri to beh entezar e habeebat soroodehie- ta an parandeh par bekeshad baazsooye to - dadi payam e amadanash ra bemardoman- ta an zaman khoda berahad baal az gafas - dar jostejooye to - amma keh jahl dar gafasash kard ta konad- donyaye oo por e az arezooye oo - sadha badal besazad o nam e mogadasash - veeran konad va koshad atr o booye oo- amma to chon fereshteye paygam amadi- gofti keh amadeh ast azeezan sabooye oo- in joraeh joraeh eshgh haman khoon o jaan e oost - in gatreh gatreh aab haman ashk e rooh e oo- in gataeh gataeh shear haman loh e merh e oo- agoosh e garm e to del e an madar e khodast- oo an asa bedast e to ba elm e kebriyast- yaran e gagh gol e vahdat az an e mast- esgh e mogadas ast o freestadeye khodast - par par konad agar gerd bad e gom ze jahl - an barg ra keh mohr e namaz o motahar ast - hargez sze reesheh bar nakanad rooh e hag o eshgh - azadeh oo keh danad o neveesad o khonad sorood e eshgh - 6/8/2000 -

Gol e Sorkh e Elahi

doost daram man shoma ra chon jaan - har nagmeye avaz e shoma baraye rooh e khasteham- dar arzesh e yek rokat namaz ast o azan - yek omr daveedam keh shavam jozv e shoma - deedam keh shoma maneed o hamvareh joda - yek sheesheye baran zadeh o khees ze gam - man neshasteh posht e an va kheereh beh shoma- hamvareh beh entezar e yek neemeh va yek mard e savar- ta dast begeereadam robayadam ze posht e an hesar - har mard keh az rah reseed deedash gafasam- gofta keh to faryad rasi bia o vfaryad resam- shod kheereh beh sheesheye siah e cheshmam - shod dar gafas o nashod yeki daad rasam -

doost daram man shoma ra chon jaan - yek omr daveedam keh shavam jozv e shoma - chon kol natavanad bedaroon e jozaash -man gatreh shodam beh eshgh e payvand e delam ba yaran - khoheed keh beeneed kamalam dar jama- darya beraveed o kheereh gardeed bar an- danesteh keh har yek ze daroonam ayeed- az paykar e man va khoon e man - shoma gerefteed aman - in paykar e man behesht e sani ye shomast- dar baaz koneed o jomleh parvaz koneed- ya nagmeye del dar gafasam saaz koneed- zendan va ya gafas- behesht var ast dar an- van hoor e beheshti keh sokootash mahkoom- sad martabeh arezoo konad keh zendan bashad- gar asheg e hag shavad hami zendanbaan-kaan niyat e oo shodeh ast bar ma zaher- gar kosht mara -va ar beshod sareg e ma- va penhan kard posht e deevar mara- var deevari shod va darash bast o ham an panjareh ra- var goft beh mardomam doroog - az saharam ta lab e shaam - dar rasaneh hash garg e toteaeh kard mara- har mojri yeki pas az degar besoozand mara- taraj bekard gohar e omr e mara- har naam keh khost khond dar jama mara - ta tagados e maryamiyam teerej lpmad - khak konad zendeh mara- az keeneh nabood az eshghash bood- mikhost keh hafez beshavad talea e ma - gar eshgh bovad hageegat e daroon e oo - khohad keh dahad seda beh maabood e khoda- keh eshgh nabood agar keh enkar koni - to resalat o hoviyat e eshghat ra- vangah har dam badal besazi ze khoda- gooie gonah ast hormat e arzeshha- mandam hayran keh koozeh gar choon bedahad - dar koozeh cheneen shekasteh paygam beh eshgh - ay khoob e man ashegam beman- bebakhsh to gonah e ma- dar an dam e vapaseen keh faryaad zanad bar dareed bonyaad e gol khoda - khodaye man ze shahr e ma - ya raftam az kooye to khoda hafez ay gol e ma - chon koodak e nozaad beh donya amad- an nim e degar baraye tagdeer e bozorg - dar gofl o telesm bashad gader o kamel - keh oo bovad keleed e ma -

omri beshkeastam hameh deevar o hesar - beshekoftam cho gol e sorkh - ze del e sang e havar - bedreedam del e hasti - keh daham jaan beh to yaar- omri hameh tabeedan e khorsheed shodam- dar sookhtanam garm shodeh galb e tabar- omri sokhan az eshgh begoftam az jaan- labkhand beh lab khoon beh jegar ba hameh kas- chon nobat e man reseed az sahmiye mehr- goftand to bee niazi o daad beras- ta bar sar e dar raftam az gonah e elm - paygambar e bar saleeb raftam cheh abas- gomam hameh beedar shodeh mesal e man- bar har sar e bazar yeki khonad o rags - deegar hameh hag yekdegar hormat o hast- andeesheye deegari o azadi o asl - tahleel garan e feelsoof o alem - shostand ze magz har cheh eshgh e paak ast- bar arzeshha tabar zadand o goftand- hag batel o batel hag ast- az eshgh o tanafor hameh mamlov shodehand- har yek beh tareegi keshadam daman dast- kas nist keh danad va bekhohad danad- in zan cheh kasist - az koja amadeh ast- leekan hameh faryad o doaa vo jangha bar sar e ma- ya del negaran keh man daham fatvaha- man ashk beh cheshm dar otagam hayran- hargez nasheneedeham fesaneh ha keh bahram goftand - har gaan keh khoham gooyam hageegatam- gooyand to khamoosh magoo fesanehha (makosh fesaneh ra)- in koodak e mast zeenatash ma bedaheem- to asl e hageegati niyat jat inja- yek gom keh sabz shod az jaanam- khoonam keh benoosheed o beh pa khast ze ja- az ab e mogatar e del o imanam- khohad keh bedanad keh cheh shod bar sar e ma? - man najiye melati o khod dar gafasam- khod montazere nimeye beedad resam- koo bardarad hobaab az in badan e deshneh bedel oryanam- har ancheh keh dashtam dar alam e hag- oo bord mabada keh safar betvanam-

yaran o kopi garan e hag soozandand - har safheh keh nam e man beh goftaram bood- goftand keh zan yar o khoda natvanad- bastand dar e gafas va goftand boro- in sezaye har kas keh biyamad bar ma- ba resalat e rahaie o ezat e ma- molk e alam danesh e bee enteha- cheh samar gar aradat joz eshgh o iman bahr e ma- gafas e man gafas e ma mehr e ma- bee gafas hargez gol o bolbol mabad- gar keh azadi bovad zolm o jafa- bee gafas hargez gol o bolbol mabad- gar keh azadi bovad tanhaie o bee yari o bee mehri az jama e shoma - gar nadari to kenarat doostan o jaan e yar - az hameh bogzar keh niyat joz hesar




Prophetic Revelatory Poetry


The Word

My friends, 

The word is love, the word is god

the word is truth unveiled,

once more to show the word  was there

when no one was from the start

the word is god, god is love, god is truth  unveiled,

once more to show the word was there

was the first and last in the universe

and inside our heart the word is god

the spirit that lives beyond the space and time 

the flesh is a wall that divides our bodies

but the soul is the spirit that holds us together as a whole-

as a whole 

when we know our self  we can see the soul 

we can hear the word  in our heart like fire 

flowing in glowing out  writing our destiny on the stone 

Like Moses we bring the law  from the god inside 

Like Mohammed we show the world  there is justice,

there is god   

Like Jesus we fulfill the law  we become godlike 

and capture the heart of nations with love-

from concurring each heart  from seeing the rights 

and dignity of a child  all the books know the word 

all the books  were our guides at a time  

the word is love, is truth, 

the word is justice, is balance is the flowing spirit

like ocean like holy water  like a holy Rose 

bringing the message  bringing the holy spirit 

in a Scientific Prophecy 

a child is born to us a child is born to us 

with the holy spirit inside 

a child is born to us with Merry and Joseph as the parents

as the wings of god for god to fly

as the bird who will take the angels home this time

a child is born to us  that child is the living god   

the word is the truth,  the truth unveiled the word is love 

the word is god! I am the word I am the child

I have the Holy Spirit inside!  

Rose Arvin, 6/27/2001

Living God is:

the holy spirit in the flesh - with the the Power Balance - of child-like-ness and Godlikeness - in Mind-Body and Spirit in Environment - where the spirit lives - Unity of god and man in spirit and in flesh - Cultural Religious Unity is unity of all leaders-to create safe land for people -and a safe harbor-The Perfect Leader has returned - to unite all the people -and to bring home god's homeless children; - the sheep who hear god speaking to - them even as they see god's eyes and - hear god's words in silence.Land of god belongs to all god's children. Every land is god's land - created in equal dignity and respect -for all people. - Every child must live under god secure,- safe and with honor! A child is born to us, - there is a new birth to all nations who - believe in god who is returned to save them.- All sins that are repented- and will not be repeated are forgiven.- Parvin Scientific Spiritual Prophecy-Every spiritual findings must be scientific- and every scientific finding must be spiritual - the power balance of science and spiritual - compassion will be the safe harbor.- Yes! the Bible is the word of god- but god did not write the Bible. Others- did after his death. What you hear from me- and what you read from me is god's version.-

Rose e Azadi - Rose e Zaman

gol e sorkh e azadi - Neshani o payami asheganeh - az tamadon o abadi - dar dast e sarbazi - paykareye dictator e beejani - bagi mandeh posht e sar e oo- gonbad e afrashteye elahi -

gol e sorkh e azadi - payam miavarad ba shadi - az gavaneen e hogoogh e bashari- ravan rohaniyat e jahani - ba ganoon e akhlag e darooni - frooreekhteham man deevarhaye taasob e hayvani - ta keh besazam golestan az kharestani -

ari ari, froo mireezad deevar e tars o taasob e hayvani - har chand gatreh gatreh dadand beh mardomam in darya ra - zani barkhast o beedar kard jahani - ba peeshgooie, peeshgeeri, technology va danesh e noveeni- keh dar an khod sazi jo khoda ra beeni-

chon gol e sorkh dar galb e har ba imani - galb e tazeh, tavalod e dobareh va farhang e jahani - baaz mikonad darhaye har gafas ra- beh khanevadeye motafavet e jahani - pol shod Rose Aseeri ye Parveen e daryaie- ta keh beh vahdat avarad donyaie-

in hameh barkhast az daroon e yek zan - afareenesh e noveen avard tageer e olgooie- baraye taadol o farhang e jahani - farzandan e rangeen kaman e elahiye bashari- keh azad to beh donya amadi - azad bayad keh zendegi koni - ba masooliyat o tamadon e noveeni- keh avard ba ganoon e monaseb e zaman - baraye to zani ba danesh e noveeno va rooh e elahi -

in hameh bomb o veerani - dar mamlekat e ma mibood- bejaye goftegoiohaye motamadenaneye mardomi - agar zani bar nakhasteh bood ba daneshi - keh noveen kardeh olgooye jahani - va tavalod e dobareh dadeh ba gol e azadi- va siasat e noveen avardeh dbeh jahani - keh khokoomat yani khedmat beh mardomi - ba ganoon e hogoogh e bashari -

sarbaaz dar dastash gol e sorkh e azadi - amma keh sarbaaz eshgh e madari nemiavarad- oo bomb e madar ra bekar mibarad- vagteekeh hameh khoband o dar beekhabari- va nasheneedehand payam az gol e sorkh e azadi - keh beh vahdat ayeed ashegan e jahani -

abad koneed donya ra bejaye veerani - ba tavalod e dobareh va afareenesh e noveeni - keh danesh e gol avard o rooh e gol e elahi- azadi ye hageegi o rastgari ye hageegi- ra gol e sorkh e zaman avard - ba ganoon e monaseb e jahani -

bia begeer dast e mara ay yar e jani - bal e deegar e kabootar e haram, danam keh hamani - shazdeh koochoolooye ostooreye gol khoda- bar dar hobab e sheesheh az gol ra- ta keh baad navazad bar soorat e to - atr e gol e mohamadi ye khoda ra -

bar kheez o parvaz kon ba gol khoda- ta fereshteh shavand hameh marha va mooshha va afaieha- ta golestan shavad dobareh jahan e khoda- ta keh bekhonand fereshteh dooaaye solh e jahani ra ba ma -

manam rah e hal e moamaye jahani - manam solh saz e donyae fani - farg namikonad dbayn e sheeaeh ya soni- maseehi, mosalman o yahoodi- hameh khohar o baradarand beh yekdeegar- dar khanevadeye motafavet e jahani- vahdat avareed azeezan- solh bejaye jang avareed beh jahan-

Rose Parvin 3/10/20034/21/2002-

afsaneye hageegi

hameh geeti afsaneye eshgh e man o tost - bia ba man masho beeganeh beeganeh - koja baal e degar hamcho mani yabi- deevaneh deevaneh - keh chon veeran koni kashaneh kashaneh - dahad khoon e khodash chon may be to mastaneh mastaneh - beraftam bar saleeb e eshgh e to in haft saal shahaneh shahaneh - keh ta asheg konam man alami paymaneh paymaneh- bia baal e degar vaft ast parvazam - makon deer gooreh shod angoor e man az daneh ta daneh - hameh geeti afsaneye eshgh e man o tost- bia ba man gozar agdam e khod bar baal e afsaneh - shodam shama e foroozani besookhtam rooz o shab yara- keh parvaneh shavi amoozi az parvaneh parvaneh- manam olgooye eshgh ohag o bakhshesh dar jahan yeganeh yeganeh- besoozanam bessoozanam keh khorsheedam nemisoozam - vali atash zanam tareekiye zolmat - bemanam mondegar ostoorehie shokraneh shokraneh - bekhon goran o enjeelat va toratat - keh ma afsaneheem andar ketab afsaneh afsaneh - vali zendeh hami zendeh beh eshgeem o jahani mordeh ra kardeem zendeh - baazgashteem baz gashteem ma dobareh jananeh jananeh -5/23/2002