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LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE-INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."   Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

Fly my child, fly with me 

for the bird to fly, the wings must open wide -for the tree to soar, it must root before - for the sun to rise, the sun must set -for us to talk, we must first be silent -to become pure, you must sin and repent -to have control, it is better to surrender - to be perfect, you must fall and break - to be universal, you must be native - to be free, you must belong - to see, close your eyes you will be with me - to better see me, move away from me -to be truly present, become absent - to laugh, you must know pain - you must die, to be born again - to have your self, let go of the self -to be god, you must be child again -to be Christ-like, you must let go -of imprisoning god in limited frames -God is not Christian, Christ is just a name -of a body purified, with the god's soul in a frame -I went on the cross for you to be free -do not kill me again because you fear freedom - you fear freedom my friends - freedom is to accept the unacceptable - freedom is to believe the unbelievable - freedom is to dream the un-dream-able - freedom is to know the truth of your self - and to know the world inside and bring it out - in the most creative ways that creates perfect unity - with you, your environment, those you love - if you can sing or dance from the heart - you have prayed in every chance with your god - freedom is not to fear but to make love to your god - freedom is to loose yourself in your god - freedom is to surrender to your god - freedom is to become your god - but you must first know your god - for what you don't know you cannot become - and what you don't know you cannot let go - in the end, you must be able to choose and flow - with what god has given you as your destiny - or or what seems at first as the easy way - pay attention to your feelings - they lead the way, they lead the way - if you can forgive and if you can love - if you can be yourself and you can survive - you have found god, you have found god - don't look too far, god lives within you, inside - 

Rose Parvin   4/9/2001   


My friend,

Read me for you have read your own future

self, hear me for you have heard yourself, see

me for you have seen yourself through me.

And ultimately you will hear and see your god.

I have bought you back from the devil by the

pieces of my body and blood. They killed me

then they poured my blood on their own shirts

to claim that they are me. They are my clones.

  against all odds

I will ride for the path is so wide

I will ride all alone against the odds

till I find the color of my words in the face of the shy

yes the truth is on my side and I will no longer hide

for I am who I am I will not be put aside

I will be in every word I will be the word

that will teach and that will find that all men,

women and children are equally compassionate and kind

equally worthy of our love equally able in their mind

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I point the cane and part the tides that tear us all apart

for there is only one God the spirit we all hold

in the depth of our self and heart

yes the truth is on my side and against all odds

I will ride the hostile tide I will change its patterns to find

love is all that we can mind yes the truth is on my side

and against all odds I will ride I will ride I will ride  

come with me on my wing come with me let us rise 

together let me show you how wings can fly high

next to one another

let us prove that it is only love it is only love

that is worth living for

it is only love that exists it is only love that existed before

and it is only love that will exist forever and for evermore 

it is only love that can bring peace back to earth

and it is only love  that is worth the fight

Rose Parvin, 1996    Dialogue with Rose - 

Embrace me 

Embrace me with your kindness

Accept my different-ness 

Move away, move away move away 

from the madness 

I too am the like of you 

my different-ness is not 

the sign of separateness 

touch me with your compassion 

shed the block of prejudice 

see me with your heart 

judge me with your mind 

not with your anger 

not with your hate 

I am the voice of your inner self 

if you find me kind 

if you find me harsh 

just look within 

just look within 

just look within 

to search for the answer

Embrace yourself, you are the truth

embrace all that reminds you of you 

come dance with me to our inner hymns 

of the Mind-Body-Prayer 

come share with me the power of self 

let's build a house of peace, together 

embrace me, Embrace your self, 

embrace, my friend, embrace humanity, 

embrace the child of destiny, 

embrace your god within  

From the book: Pattern Change Programming, 

Creating Your Own Destiny 

Author: Rose Assier Parvin 

Part I :  A Preventive Measure: 

Moving Away from Repetitive Patterns of Regression 




Rose Dialogue with Friends,

My Friends,   

talk to me about your views, feelings, opinions

in all life dimensions

ask me whatever questions you have. 

God's love is the ultimate freedom. 

So is the dialogue with the holy spirit

who is bringing you the love of god

Contact Information:  

Web page address: www.parvinprophecy.com 

(949)-887-2127 Rose 

12/6/2002-What do you think? Or what do you want to know?

  • Los Angeles Times James Gerstenezano reports, President Bush Praises Virtues of Islamic Faith -

I solute this preventive wisdom and encourage dialogue for understanding the roots of terrorism and separating it from any religion, including Islam. At a time that Moslems around the world are suffering injust labels after 9/11, in order to prevent backlashes and National and International Crisis President Bush has often separated terrorism with the religion of those who in the name of god kill others for lack of divine knowledge and updated, Time Appropriate universal laws, and because of habitual outdated myths and patterns no longer working for creating balance and justice. Dialogue is the only civilized path to peace without high prices.

In Rose Reflection discussed fully, date 11/25/2002-

The True Face of Islam - Religion of Reform:

the Month of Ramezan and the month of fasting and Namaz for self discipline

This chapter in one of the examples for self discipline I introduce tools existing in Islam for people to find themselves and find god; something that was not only Time Apropriate at the time, but it was ahead of time. Mr. Farwell and the like of him should read more about Islam not to becomea part of creating hate and war creating, but a part of uniting and peace building. teaches one about the true face of Islam that millions have gone toward to createchange of pattern in their chaos instead and versus the hijacked Islam in the hands of the hungry for power and power monopoly and regressive patterns of war versus peace4. This is written eight years ago when I had a calling to write about creating change of patterns in a dead world Dead spirited world of fear and prejudice and hate where there was no room for Power Balance and unity and acceptance of differentness. On e way of civility is to know people as they are and notto infringe upon their rights to be by imposing on them our own rules in the name of freedom and democracy. For the same token of agreession not being the Time Appropriate Pattern for those experiencing victimization; Dialogue is the miracle pattern of the times; another dimension of my peace and reform program and a world is witness to it ; that it is possible and workable.

Chapter Nine Pattern Change Programing Tools and Techniques - from book Pattern Change Programing;Creating Your Own Destiny; an evo-revolutionary psycho-spirituality of being- author: Rose Parvin - copyright 1994

11/28/2002- Ali -

Ali was stabbed from the back- but his spirit never died- his spirit is in me and in you- whoever went on the cross - and did not die- Ali did not forget justice on the cross - he called his enemy his friend - and put him to shame - if he had any conscience at all- raise your children for their time, said Ali- my grand mother always said that to my mother- to let me be who I am- and let me be free- Ali would have never wanted his other wing die behind the curtains, silent-while he was flying on her shoulders- with his courage and clarity and transparency-Ali filled the world with Red Rose- he recognized his god- and did not take his eyes and ears off her- until he filled the world with her words and her life-giving essence-for the betrayal of Islam- would be clear by her truth and love and justice- as the Promised to Return Time Prophet-

for Islam is the religion of peace and reform- not war and violence and fanaticism- the world found a new path from Islam- at the time of darkness of ignorance- as the Time Prophet of Islam and the justice of honoring all prophets of all religions in their time- at the time the ears of the world was deaf - and the eyes of the world was blind- to see and hear the word and face of truth and love- and Satan bulled as the world ruler- Ali brought his words of wisdom and shared them with his people as a guide-

If government is not established based on justice- if leaders do not serve with patience and forgiveness- if man and woman are not equal and in power balance- and does not honor all religion- if it does not gain power balance by self discipline and responsible freedom- if it does not reform self and system while living, any leader- for freedom, does not find a center neutral like god- that frees the people and the leader of every addiction- and if knowledge of self and god is not a part of the journey's process and expectation as the character of the system for measurement of good intent- based on whatever that is, it lacks- patterns of humanity needed for service-

for if religion has lost face and people's faith - it was acting as god and not with god's presence- for god is the center and axis of justice- no religion or government will survive without the axis of justice-no government is without a religion- religion is either the middlemen or god-

  • 12/5/2002-
  • What has god done that is so hated by some? Or what is done under the name of god that has disgraced god? And how can we prevent it from ever happening again? by denial of god? or by getting to the roots of the problem of the middlemen representing god? Let me know what you think? Or let me know if you want to know how to prevent this global crisis of centuries that has just bgun to surface as a problem by my addressing it in my book in 1994 titled Pattern Change Programing;Creating Your Own Destiny; an evo-revolutionary psycho-spirituality of being.

perhaps this poem will open the mind and heart of those who say they do not believe in god- because during centuries they have been abused by those who are god's middlemen and abuse not only them but also god- My experience of a lifetime is that tose who hear me, will change their mind and heart about believing god - for they get to know a different god- a mother who is compassionate and wise and loves them from the heart- Dr. Michael Newdow should know that this country has suffered more from the absencof god than having god ; for there has never been a time when god existed truly for all in the world until now in thousands of years- I am willing to show him that and help him see clearer for his daughter for I myself do not want a god who is not for everyone in schools or anywhere in the world or in America. But I have a god inside who is everyone's god- everyone's god and everyone's guide.

The Universal One and Only God-

Everyone's god and everyone's guide- I have the one and only god for all, inside

God Believer and Worshiper -

every one must believe in god- must believe in a higher power than the self- the creator who created it all- Even every atheist- must believe in something- and have faith in the power of the people and the self - if in nothing else at all- anyone who believes in anything- must believe in god-for it is someone else in the picture - who created it all- you must believe in yourself - to believe in god- you must know who you are - to get to know about god- for if you believe in yourself- you realize that you are a miracle- you have a miracle inside- there is a god on the cross- in every one's dark heart-

open the door, open the window-open the gates of your heart- begin from the end, make it astart- love god, me and others- and forever more- you will have the sun shinning in your heart- you will have the rose blooming every day- even if she dies every night- the knowledge of self - the gift I have and I have taught- helps you to know who you are- and helps you to know and hear, and see god- know thyself to know your god- love thyself to love your god- open the doors of your heart- let others see the god you are hiding inside- know thyself to see god is everywhere-

unknown and what you don't see- does not mean it does not exist my friend- it means you do not know enough- and must let go of the fear of differentness to know it all - god put the Rose of love in your heart- for you to know god is a Rose- like a rose beautiful and compassionate, just, wise - god is spirit, is light, is pure and kind- god went inside the Rose- for you to see god with you eyes - an to witness the truth and love - and to witness god in disguise- so you never again mistake the thorns with the Rose- and you never again mistake the devil with god-

for flowers who have no spirit of god are just flowers- let alone thorns and mice and snakes- you have sold my people in my place with my knowledge and guidance- knowingly, my friend and partner, you have sinned- it is not ignorance that has made you loose the way - it is pure evil you have kept inside- that has made you the prisoner of all evil that makes you addicted and asks you to deny your god - open your eyes and let the sun shine in your heart- stop tearing the Rose God apart- believe in my truth and wisdom and love- why when my knowledge keeps bringing you and your group so much prosperity- you keep denying the author and guide -

god came inside me to show you- that god is a flower of spirit- not the sinned spiritless mud-who denies her sins and to be like the Rose- keeps sucking my blood- the spiritless paper flower and thorn is that wall- between you and me and my people- between the truth and love and justice for all - even though may be pretty- but has no conscience and like a wall is spiritless- and her purpose is for you to not see your god at all- man is a perfectionist without a spirit of god- every day breathes god and god keeps him alive- but he keeps denying god and claims to be god-

once you gain a conscience and I create spirit within your heart- with my knowledge of truth and the Rose of love - you can see me and you can see god- then you will no longer be the prisoner of your addictions to sick passions- instead of true love that its essence, with the spirit of the Rose God- angels, become my voice and prophet, with your art- with your songs and your paintings - with your creations from your heart-we must make this the heaven on earth- we must take it back from the devil-

love the devil inside you- love the devil outside you- to free yourself from the dark power- that has kept you the devil's slave- in his scenario a dark part- so that the devil can once again- become the angel he was - and god's partner and mate and friend- another wing of the holy bird- forth holy Rose and Holy spirit- of the mother, father and child- for the world to be born again - with her truth and love and spirit of the Messiah God- and become pure again and sin free- with the rain of the Rosewater from her eyes and from her heart-

Rose Assier Parvin 12/5/2002

My dear friends,

The miracle is within us and within each of us there is  a god living on the cross. Life is a process of a rebirth  after death in every moment; of knowing who you  are and excelling to become the best of your self from  childlike - ness to human-ness to godlike-ness. When  we know our True Self, we can know True God,  within. And it is then that we can see, hear and know  God. I know. I have god within me and living through  me will teach you the way to know and worship the  living god. I want to guide you through that process.  The process of flying from the body to the soul,  purifying the soul, becoming whole, within. 

A Scientific Philosophy learnt from surrendering to my  soul made me believe I can create my own destiny until  I realized that the destiny I taught I was creating was my  original destined path. My journey was to find that path:   to mother the Orphan world, bringing life to dead souls.  The souls die in a sick society and a sick world and need  to go through the process of rebirth. People need a hero.  

Prayer is the way of life. To love and worship god is to  love and worship your self, your family, your friends,  your society, your environment and your world. Life  is the process of being, becoming and difference making.  The Golden Rule, are the Moses commandments, within.  In the process of Collective Prayer and Dialogue with  God,  Inner laws will become the Global Human Right  Laws. 

Prayer in a creative form is the language of the soul and  the best way of talking to god. Seven years of revelatory  poetry pouring out of me which are three dimensional  and have me, god, people, breaking time and becoming  the bridge of the past, present and future are my prayers.  I grew up dancing and that became my Self/ Soul therapy.  My programs and I became the Blueprint for the millennium.  

Dialogue with god- from absolute science I came to believe  in god's presence inside me as I purified my soul. Dialogue  with nations and people brings us the need on earth; a unity  around god and godlike laws. The Soul Makes Angel of  freedom, of peace, love and truth Diverse Unity of Mind- Body-Soul.

The Secret of the Cross  Thirty years of experience and knowledge has given me the  wisdom to become a third eye and break the walls of  prejudice in all life dimension and put an end to alienation  and separation of the people as well as the separation of the  souls. I not only have learned and experienced the secret of  the cross, but have witnessed experience of being god's  hand and tongue, creating a rebirth for my people and  nations feeling Jesus, Moses and Mohammed in my spirit  as the Time Prophet and the last chance. 

Father-Child & Mother( the holy spirit)-history is written and changed by men as it is happening at this time- My  original philosophy and science was taken from me,  copied plagiarized and spread while I was censored  clones were created of me and promoted day and night  during the past seven years. 

Change without violence and war. I allowed this tragedy in order to create change without  violence and to spread my Peace and Reform Program  and lost all I had in that process.  Pattern Change toward  Power Balance- love for all the children and not just some.  flying from body to soul - from childlikeness to godlikeness Seven years of crucifixion, censorship, colon-making, death  and a rebirth is the price of Personalization, Nationalization  and Globalization of my Peace and Reform Program.

Nine  books in one year in 1994 was Rose's call for this mission and globalizing what she was doing for years since 1971,  which is self search, finding the truth and teaching it to people  who trusted her with their pain for they saw her healing hands  and mind surrendered to her miracles soul bringing dead souls  to joyful life. 

I was led to a life of self-sacrifice where I lost all that I had  worked for in my life toward a mission of creating peace  and god-like personhood through my revelatory poetry,  songs and a way of life as program of peace and balance  which was living the truth and the love pouring out from  within me regardless of what the world around me was like.  I was guided by the fire within her to create balance of powers  in an unjust world and all I had by my idea was the power of  god which gave me the power to stand against political power  with money and media and thousands of followers at their  service and to create change.  "

The Red Rose by Virgin Merrry. At the time of distress put upon her by socio- political  pressures I was given a red Rose by Virgin Merry in one  of my walks from Newport Pier to Balboa Pier every day  for the past twelve years for the purpose of purifying my  soul - and many days I would find roses on the sand on my  path- a woman at the church told me that was Santa Theresa's  way of granting wishes.

Jesus went through me in my dream. In a dream I saw a beautiful man  starring at me sitting on a sand in a desert. The man who was  wearing a brown clothing got up and went through me.  Since then I was experiencing what Christ has experienced,  crucified once more by my own people here I was as loving  and forgiving as Jesus Christ would be to the point of caring  more for my enemies and those who took my work and day  and night teaching them more of Patterns of Excellence and  Christ-likeness without caring about how I was loosing all that  I had by thinking of coming out and standing against them and  thinking of my own voice and financial independence. 

I gave them the fruit of my knowledge as my Peace and  Reform Program and my original knowledge of science of  Pattern Change Programming which would materialize and  bring to life my philosophy of Power Balance in individuals  and families and societies and the world as a whole and  within the environment.  

Music had lost value in schools. I created balance in my  son's school between the values of music and sports at  a time musicians were degraded in schools and athletes  were over graded. The world must become a creative  child again in order to become godlike and to bring back  grace and compassion to life. The I took on the Newport  Beach Bars to create safety zone for the children. 

In my  book I presented a Societal Program for creativity, for  health and excellence and for prevention of crisis that  we experience in schools today, and for the home and  society and the schools to become the safety zone for the youth and the children.

I fought patriorcal prejudice in Mental Health Profession for what  I believed as unjust and prejudiced conduct where for  years I presented original seminars for the annual  gathering and did not get accepted where the  Psychologists who were inspired by me would become  the keynote speakers. 

I fought famous authors whom I believe plagiarized my lifetime work and reaped the fruit of my labor. Like Deepak Chopra to whom I sent my book for review  and before I knew it he was interviewing what I believe  is my original philosophy and science as his own and  later on I believe he wrote many books from my book.  He credited being inspired to write spiritual and becoming  evolved to Roomi who has been dead seven hundred years and his book were about that time but I believe that he came  out with all new and original work as soon as he received  my book. It so happened that all that he wrote ever since  was from my book and my original philosophy and science.  When I confronted him his attorneys manipulated my rights  and the truth whereas the evidence seemed otherwise in a  powerfully undeniable way. I heard him saying that legal  battles was one of his favorite things to do. I don't blame  him for that is karma for people like him; to fight. 

In my non-violent and compassionate war against violence on television, media, tobacco,  drugs and religious addiction and prejudiced versus  true spirituality and Power Monopoly I gave  my  lifetime original work to world leaders in order to  create change and make a difference- 

By not getting the credit for my work, being censored  by the media and their constant promotion of those  who were colons of me and had plagiarized my work and  were given the credit for it day and night and at the same  time terrorizing my character in the media, creating isolation  for me where everyone who helped me was taken away  form me, and my telephone being controlled and every   breath I took was copied by me and multiplied before  I could do anything about it, I lost all that I had created  toward a loving environment for my children and went  through family and societal crisis which could have ended  my life.

But I soared and proved that one does not need  anything in the world but her self and her faith in herself  and her god in order to create constant rebirth from death  of not only her own but that of other people, and nations. 

From what was meant to paralyze and isolate me I created  atool of teaching and mothering the world leaders toward  service and Excellence Patterns of Leadership and step by  step caused the Rebirth of a Nation and spreading patterns  and programs of peace and reform within my country of  origin( Iran) and in United States and ultimately the world.  This is true prophecy where the predictions have all come true and my programs and knowledge has been  tested and  proved workable in only seven years and the fruit of my work  is freedom for me, my people and the world. 

I was Creating a Perfect World- a Rebirth of my Birth Nations & The world by the power o love and the knowledge of being I became the mother to an Orphan World. As I was freeing the  world, of lies and toxic patterns of being, to teach a and to mother  them to excel in being human claiming the lost rights and dignity,  I was held hostage in my free country by cult-like groups with  media power.

I lost all I had and died while the entire city of media and print watched  and participated. I learned that one voice makes a difference and  I learned that the ultimate power is the power to forgive and to love, regardless.




Freedom & Democracy

Freedom and true democracy must root in the souls of each and every person, community, society, nation and the world as a whole. Only through acceptance of our most vulnerable patterns and dimensions can we begin to free ourselves from our limitations and soar to the highest of the mountains of our existence. Patterns of of godlikeness is on the other side of our  Childlikeness and the process is to dare to walk in the dark unknown place. To know our self and our god within is the process of knowing the universal wisdom-nurturance, the universal god. The process of purification is living through me to find your self and your god. Why me? Because I have paid the price of purification for god to choose my body to be in me. In order to be godlike more important than the virtue of being pure, is the virtue of being kind and forgiving. God did not create the earth and the beings in it in order to rule them. God was alone and wanted companions to love and to be loved by. The fear of god is an unreal feeling and belongs only to those who want to be irresponsible, blame god for their actions, and fear an image they create within themselves. God is love and truth. I witnessed it. During the past seven years I have gone through extraordinary life experiences and at the age 51 I feel I have lived at least seven thousand years. I have an old soul and all of my life I have spent in learning and teaching what has focused the highest patterns of existence and have surrendered to a healing soul that exceeds my original scientific mind and deductive analysis driven from it. In my spirit lives a most compassionate, loving person who goes beyond all limitations and reasons in order to prove that human beings are all loving inside. I have gone through the worst and most tragic pain of victimization to change the patterns of my enemies who truly wanted me to die or disappear. I knew they were afraid and could change even when for seven years all indications were entirely different. I'm a true believer.   

Twelve years of solitude, seven years of meditation and silence, walking three to five hour a day on the beach writing nine books that became the Blueprint for the World Reform, Peace and Excellence, she learned to love her enemies as they stripped her of her lifetime work for seven years and censored her out of all functions and promoted themselves as her with her lifetime work and accomplishments. With the tool they used to destroy her she taught them. She taught them how to have their self, and their god. She gave them the motivation to serve. She had created change of patterns from violence to peace, from hate to love and from death to rebirth. She believes it is time for mass healing of the world's wounds and that is what she is doing for the past seven years after working as a family counselor for twenty one years. Her original Global, Cultural, Peace and Reform Program is spread throughout the world in seven years and has brought the people closer to one another in spite of political war games.