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My friends,

I invite you to join me in creating the Truth Society; a society in which we can live by our inner laws of ethical truth and judge with our spirit living creative lives where our success will not cost another their rights, dignity happiness, credibility or their success.  A society that becomes a Global Family in Divine Unity.  

Answer to Humanity Rose Assier Parvin- copyright 1994 One of the ten books written in English derived from Rose's philosophies she developed and taught since 1982

A World in MyFantasy-

Excellence Society-Madineh Fazeleh A world that in my Scientific Spiritual way I am bringing to reality

The pathway to peace and progression in humanity is a process, the process  of a joint effort to create a world I often dream about. It is a world without  walls; a world where all people are filled with love, joy, and the mastery of  being, both together and alone; a world without crime, aggression,  prejudice, or the disillusionment and alienation created by such Toxic  Patterns of Regression; a world where nothing can penetrate the solid seal  of Compassion made within the people and among the people, for  Compassion is the pathway to Excellence in humanity; a world where love  and passion between two people is sacred and knows no guilt or limitation.  And in its sacredness love holds the \ wisdom of being shared only with  meaning, and never used or abused.  

The world in my fantasy is one where every man and woman treasures their  own personhood and respects that of the other; where competition exists  only in old stories told by grandparents; where the leaders nurture the followers  in the hope that they will someday take their place. It is a world where parents  hear their child’s voice echo from the connected and nurtured Self within; a world where the newscasters broadcast with the intent of bringing peace to  the  globe; a world where preachers stand on street corners and hand out  loving literature promoting peace and harmony; a world where not even the  pride of an omnipotent nation could justify the separation of hearts and the  toxicity of prejudice.

In the world of my fantasy, every mother can promise peace and prosperity  to her child without the unspoken fear that her words are an illusion. It is a  world where safety and security would be as free as the air we breathe; a  world where the sky would not be the limit to our exploration and creativity;  a world where our roots would not be an impediment to our future progression,  and where the dirt we walk on would not be sold to us for the price of our dignity;  a world where Excellence in humanity is an ordinary life process of every being,  and where everyone knows about the inherent goodness of the inner Self; a  world where the promotion and maintenance of humanity is the by-law of every  firm, every organization, every institution, and where it is the intent and purpose  of every salesman who tries to sell prosperity and happiness.  

To become the best of who we are in this world of my dream is no longer an  ideology. It is a way of life, and the only true power one craves. Discrimination  in this world is nonexistent. Color, gender, race, religion--nothing--can come  between the unconditional bond that connects people. That is the world I have  often fantasized about. In my theory, I call this a world of Power Balance, with  people living its process focused on the Patterns of Excellence in peace and  harmony.  

Together, we can transform any fantasy into a reality. If you have a dream  that resembles mine, then stay with me throughout this book, and other books  to come. Join me in the active process of implementing the universal principles  and laws they stand for. Because this will not remain just a dream or a fantasy  hidden away in a book, collecting dust on a shelf. Nor will its content hide behind  the cover in fear of rejection. I believe that if we work together, we will have the  power to make any dream find its way into our reality. We can make the  transformation on the streets of our injured communities, in our society, at home,  and in our larger global family.

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