Rose Parvin Daily Reflection 2005

The Rose Parvin New Creation

Fallow Me to Freedom! Let Freedom Rise & Let Freedom Be! Sing the Song of Freedom with Me- Freedom Is Rising, Freedom Is Rising, Freedom Rose

Pattern Change Programing is...

A Path of Success & Spiritual Excellence for a Self born again free and Governed by Universal Laws of Power Balance, of Time Appropriate Laws & Inner Ethics, Non-Selective Compassion & Wisdom - And this is Rose Parvin's Revolution of Compassion and Psycho-Spirituality of Being in philosophical vision and approach of Power Balance Therapy In Scientific Psychology of Excellence, Flying & Prevention in the wings of the advanced technology of Pattern ChangePrograming to free humanity. This Rose is not Just a Rose She is The Time Rose -The Bird Is The Flight itself, for you to become yourself

I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE- INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994

Books availabe at: Lido Bookshop in Lido Village Newport Beach- & Marthas Bookstore at the Balboa Island, Dehkhoda Book Store in Westwood - Ketab Corp. in Westwood - & I have a hundred thousands of dollars of my books in a storage and am looking for a distributor to sell them in the market. If you introduce me any, you will receive a percentage- also I have seven of my books unpublished that must be published - my path to prosperity is blocked by the fearsome and the faithless - also seven thousand pieces of poetry that must be made to books are waiting for me to come out of this deadly censorship to arrive at the hands of the people

Let Love Win, Let The Sun Rise - Let The Rose Revolution of Compassion Globaliz

there will be no fear - when the dark is gone - let love win - let the sun rise - there is room for everyone in my sky - if you are brave or if you are shy - just say hello to the world and fly - I come from the death - from the end of time - I returned and brought you - the chance to be born again - Let love win, let the sun rise - let there be no more disguise - let there be freedom in our hearts - in our media and our politics of lives - let love win - let the sun rise -let Rose Revolution of Compassion globalize

let the world be free again - from all the terror and chaos - that separates us from our selves and each other - and leaves us in alienation and pain - let love win and let the sun rise - let freedom rise from the red rose petals - for the world to be filled of the essence of freedom - to bring joy and mastery in our lives -there will be room for everyone in the Rose's Skies - Let love win - let the sun rise - let love win - let the sun rise - let the Rose blossom in the people's hearts - let love win - and let the sun rise - let Rose Revolution of Compassion globalize

the Rose Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion, Responsible Freedom & Love - the Rose Global Culture of Freedom, of Truth, of Love& Lasting Peace - the world that we have all dreamed of - to blossom and be born again - for the bird of peace to fly and to rise - above all the clouds and the rain - for all the rainbow children of god - to get the color of love again - to be free from all addicitons, all toxic patterns and all pain - Let Love Win, Let The Sun Rise - Let The Rose Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion Globaalize

Rose Asseer Alizadeh Parvin 10/24/2003



Rose Parvin Daily Reflections 2005

Love is the only healer of the world

Love is the only healer of the world - even in the midst of hell love, you are told - but when your heart breaks is hard to understand - that's when god's hands are there for you to hold -

god's love is not hurtful, is beyond the lies - whatever the rumor is, is by evil in disguise - God's love is love of a mother who knows how to love - god's love is love of a father whose hands are there to hold - god's love is love of the child with purity - unconditional, uncalculated transparency -

god's love is love the man and love of the woman - who are wings of life - to transform the walk to fly - to change the patterns of pain to joy - to live a life of mission and mastery -with dignity and truth - to become the bridge - between god and man - and let the others see - the story that's untold - dignified and bold -

god's love is love of a leader - who is the mother to her people - and brings peace and unity - to her global family - with compassionate strength and responsible freedom - that's true democracy - that is Rose Revolution of Compassion - Rose Prophecy - Universal Laws of Success and The Rose Legacy -

You are all the Rose Petals - you are made of thee - unity and joy is our destiny - you are my friends - go out to sea - fish for your soul - and learn how to be - with each other and with yourself and with thee - freedom rose in our global family - you are all born, born, born free

Rose Parvin - 2004 - performed at Gypsy Den & Alta

Freedom Rose Rose Truth Global Village & Society

Miracle Rose of Our Global Family

Welcome to Rose Revolution of Compassion, Truth Society & Village I am the author and guide in this journey - a Peace Creator revolutionary activist of freedom, inner and global - Freedom Rose, you can call me -send me your comments to my voice mail since at the time I do not directly have access to my e-mail system does not work and contact me to participate in my one woman television shows -

Participate in Rose TV Show -Parvin Prophecy - Universal Laws of Success & Spiritual Excellence - A Pattern Change Programming Path toward Self, Societal & Global Excellence & Evolutionary Change - have a dialogue with me with your original songs, music, or ideas toward solution - focused change toward freedom, individual, familial and societal and global freedom from all dependencies and addictions that alienate you from your self and others toward interdependency and unity with the self, others and the universe- have the intent of creating positive change in yourself and others beyond all lies and conspiracy and outdated patterns of fear and ignorance and I will promote you in my television shows

Rose Parvin is a Global & Universal Marriage, Family & Child Counselor & Psycho-Therapist - a graduate of California State University of Long Beach in Batchers degree in Psychology9 Industrial, Societal and Clinical) & a three year Masters degree from Chapman University Traditional Clinical Psychology - with a California License as a Psycho-therapist since 1982

Leadership Role Modeling & Leadership Excellence

I have renewed my license as a Marriage and Family and Child Therapist to focus once again on my dialogue with my colleagues and to focus on the individuals and families as well as our global family for patterns of peace, freedom, prevention, health and excellence - I invite you to have a dialogue with me as professional colleagues in psychology or other life dimensions as in my Global Peace and Reform Program to create Role Modeling and Leadership Excellence

I will bring in the numerous tapes of couples and individuals and seminars to my television shows as well as I invite individuals and groups in seek of the path of truth & excellence of their own and that of their Society and Global Family and the universe to have dialogues with me in my television shows and as role model to lighten up the path of Self/Societal Knowledge, Self/Societal Analysis & Self/Societal Excellence, Creating Blueprint for the Path of Creating Excelling Self/Societal Institution, for others-

Psychology of Excellence and Flying

From the experience of schooling in America as a Democratic Western Society, and the old knowledge of my spirit and my personal and professional experiences in Iran, an Eastern Culture and Society, and my experiences with thousands of people as a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor since 1982 that I had my center and license and before that since 1971 that in a rebirth I came to this country, I have practiced and written ( nine books in 1994 ) a new Solution, Prevention, Health and Excellence focused Psychology called Psychology of Excellence & Flying that has revolutionized and demystified the field of psychotherapy and added many dimensions such as Power Balance Therapy, Pattern Change Programming and Universal Psycho- Spirituality of Being, a step by step new teachings toward Self Excellence and Inner & Global Peace, Freedom and Mind-Body-Spirit Power Balance; in an Universal Psycho-Spirituality Evolutionary Revolution of being human that is spreading around the world.

Come to Alta Coffee Shop Open Mike Nights

in 31st. St in Newport Beach - the same street the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence used to be

every Tuesday Nights from 8-10

and unless I am editing my television shows I be there to sing my message of my revolution of compassion from seven thousands pieces of poetry in English and Farsi I have written & if you choose, I will film your performance for my television show - I encourage you to bring your original songs and music and become as transparent and truthful as you can in showing your compassion, cognition & emotion for your self and others -

Come to Gypsy Den Open Mike Nights every Thursday nights from 8-10 and I will be there to sing my message of my revolution of compassion and together perhaps we can change the rules of that Coffee Shop that does not allow me to video tape your performance for my television show - it is all old politics otherwise I focus only on the performers and do not reveal the name of the place nor show it if they choose not to be promoted - although Alta Coffee Shop benefits from being open and welcoming my filming and being promoted- this small Coffee Shop that is ironically in the same street the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence used to be and I used to walk there to get my daily coffee, is packed on Tuesday nights with performers and artists who travel from all over to come to the open mike night that is filmed for my television shows by me

The Rose Way - The one & only Path to Peace, Truth & Freedom - individual, family, global and universal

A documentary Drama of the Truth

of a Universal, Global Revolutionary Freedom Rose,Author, Poet, Counselor, Guide, Scientist & a Planetary Healer - A Pattern Creator, Change Maker, Spirit Maker, Destiny Maker &

Miracle Maker

as she reveals herself, her truth and her source and miracle within to share with and to transform the world from dark to light and from outdated patterns of the past to revolutionary solution- focused patterns of excellence of the future in her nine books in one year in 1994 - seven thousand pieces of poetry in Farsi and English and seven hundred hand written books and seven hundred audio-video tapes that will tell the true story of a New Creation and rebirth of our Global Family from our democratic country of United States of America to Iran which soon will also be the United States of Iran with the power of the people and the miracle of freedom and democracy that like Rose Leaves is spreading and reaching out to her global family

2/2/2005 - Miracle Rose

Rose Revolution of Compassion

is the subtitle of my television show Parvin Prophecy - Universal Laws of Success & Spiritual Excellence

that will air tomorrow Thursday 2/3/2005 at 5 p.m. at the Cox Public Access Channel 30 or 31

If you don't get the chance to see it no worry because it will appear soon on four Adelphia channels throughout Orange County- on channel 3 of Newport Beach every friday and Sunday nights at 11:30 and channels 95, 97 and 98 on Sunday nights at 11:30 in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Buena Park and Yorba Linda and other O. C. cities

this television program features The Address of the City of Irvine by the New Mayor Ms. Beth Krom in the first five to seven minutes. that will continue as I will have the appointment for dialogue with her on February 17th to bring you a role model Mayor, a non nonsense, powerful character with a great sense of humor and a human being behind her title I will get a chance to get to know her better and will bring that to you to know politicians are changing toward an evolutionary excellence and being human as well as diplomats for that is the only way to creating a new world preserving what we treasure and deleting what we choose not to take to the future embracing different ness with wisdom and grace

Miracle Rose teaches the journey and the process of flying with the cross of a revolutionary universal and global author counselor, teacher, healer and scientist and a California Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Psycho-Therapist as she reveals the Rose Parvin Way of Truth and Global Peace & Reform freedom Program and its pains and triumphs of delivery and rebirth as every revolution without war and violence - The miracle folds in many dimensions - one obvious one is that I have finally been able to access the several hundred tapes that witness my absent present voice in the Global Peace and Reform Program I have written and guided for 11 years - before this I could not find a camera that would play them slow enough to be heard - they all played them fast until the right camera appeared when the world was ready to witness the miracle of one woman and her visionary and revolutionary vision in materialization.

This show airs Alta Coffee Shop's Open Mike where I sing the song I have written titled Love is the Only Healer of the World and Steve accompanies me with playing the drum. The show also taps into the several hundred tapes I have of my Documentary of the Truth in a part where I had moved to Brentwood for two years after living in dignity and grace in Orange Country and the most part in Newport Beach since 1971 going through my schooling and then funding and directing the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence first called the Parvin Developmental Health Centers as the most Revolutionary Evolutionary Advanced Scientific- Psycho-Spiritual Training, Teaching and Healing Center, Globally, while raising two angles as my children and a family and a progressive marriage of 11 yeas that is my true certificate in my life as a witness to my truth and the Rose Way of Revolution of Compassion.

The show reveals my struggles of coming out of my little heaven I had created in order to materialize my vision and mission of Global Peace and Reform Program in a victorious war of evil and god where I alone had to face the faceless beast and a thousand snakes on his shoulders with toxic political power of media and print that immediately cut me off of my television programs and speaking engagements in order to promote my plagiarists and prostitutes in my place censoring and terrorizing my character daily for the past nine years only to show the true power within me in my spirit creating a rebirth not only in me but also in a spiritless world without a conscience.

The faceless man was an Iranian man living in Irvine who came to promote me at the Parvin Center in 1995 ending up stealing my identity and Global Peace and Reform Program out of fear of the power within me. He was also the promoter of Mr. Rafsanjani the past President of Iran who wants to get re-elected for the third time claiming my peace and reform program with the help of my promoter Mr. Masoud Khojasteh.

My journey was guiding him and his group daily and to create sprit within them to stop tearing me apart while claiming my every word and identity in a world that was sold out to lie promotion and toxic opportunity beyond compassion and conscience willing to ignore and deny a true author, teacher, counselor, healer and savior just for a piece of the pie and opportunity. Censorship and terrorization of character in such a high caliber changed the landscape of my plans to go around the world to speak and teach my vision and mission and peace program and to prosper from the fruit of my lifework while changing the patterns of the world from the dark and destructive to the light and transparent evolutionary excellence for all to prosper and to be free.

I had to sell my center and homes and try to get a voice through television programs instead of going ahead with the Parvin Institute for Peace and finding investors to buy o build radio - television station to teach freedom and peace globally, I had to make the world my institute without walls and fly on the cross for freedom of voice of my own and that of my global children and family. From the dignified position of power and prosperity and success while serving humanity I had to fly on the cross of ignorance of man teaching godlike patterns of evolutionary excellence while fighting the prince of darkness for my own stolen rights and dignity.

Today, my public access television shows through five channels three days a week are witness to my celebrating my victory quietly on my birthday which is February 8th. Global Democracy and Freedom Rose from a woman who led a private life even in the midst of her success and glory. Only my mission and the power imbalance of the energies of the world forced me into unveiling and tearing my own leaves assisting and guiding my enemies for the nonbelievers to see the Eternal and life-giving Rosebud within me in order to create the Global Power Balance needed for true Global Peace and democracy and the world safety while preserving the rights and dignity of humanity. I did not expect a revolution without war and violence to be simple and easy. But I expected it to be without war and violence and had I not been censored and my plagiarists in my place, we would have preserved the safety of the world while creating the new soul for humanity.

The future will tell whether we have changed the patterns of the lie history repeating itself at the cost of the woman and humanity or we have changed the old and outdated patterns and fly together toward excellence with Power Balanced Unity. The test of progression versus regression of humanity is in the future history books and how they are written. Whether they are still in the repetition of the old patterns of crossing the name of the woman from her own new revolutionary knowledge and Global Peace and Reform Program and continue the patterns of the lie and denial and place the name of her plagiarists claiming her work, or will they learn how to report the documentary of the truth and fly toward excellence with Power Balanced Unity, together. The is a scientific test and yet the same old law of Jesus Christ who said only through me you can pass through the gates of heaven. The lie promotion may bring a transitory superficial glory and yet only taking the path of truth will bring true eternal glorification and peace, freedom and heaven within and peace, freedom and heaven on earth. The rose leaves and the grape wines carry my blood and it is not the alcohol that causes your spiritual drunkenness; denial only reduces your power.

The process of flying with the cross

My days are like the days of Cinderella with the magic wand who is not invited to celebrate her own victory - a woman who has broken all the glass ceilings and has created a new world order and universal spirituality and new politics of the truth and a new language not to be alone in it, once again finds herself watching the prince's ball from behind the glass windows and yet her sad smile is that of a bitter yet joyful satisfaction - for a revolutionary, witnessing evolution of her own path is the purpose with destination being nothing but global rights, dignity and freedom of the individual as well as each and every nation.

I woke up as usual at five in the morning to catch a seven hour trip back and forth with four bus rides from Newport Beach to Rancho Santa Margarita to get there at 9 to edit my television show which I made two of, in three hours - good habits are disciplines while bad habits are addictions - I was always an early riser even when I had made it to a successfully entrepreneur and founder of the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence with my center in Newport Beach and my Mercedes in the garage. We must at all times remember who we are and not what we want - for wants are always obtainable but if we loose who we are, if we get sold out to the glory of the lie, there is nothing left to celebrate at the end of the day. From the Institution of Self rises all that can be reformed and excelled.

Having a voice gives me the joy of being reminded with all the struggles that I have experienced for the past nine years, that I live in a free and democratic country that in the end one will have a voice as I have kept the faith and transformed it even on the cross of fear and ignorance. Freedom, as I have transformed it from a forgotten and misunderstood cliche, of chaos, as our President echoed, is the only god given gift no one would refuse if it is given with respect to the rights and dignity of another and without condition.

My bus rides on the coast of the vast ocean that reminds me of the purity, untamed and untouched power of god versus the corruption and the muddy waters of the politics of the old as usual, gives me the strength and time to gather my thoughts to tell my true story by pulling the past and future and the present together purifying it of all its sins and forgiving it as not forgetting how to teach evolutionary excellence to the children. My challenge is to constantly create and maintain the balance of my own mind-body spirit as I teach how to fly on the cross to those who have a hard time to discipline their own selves of how to be human let alone having a larger purpose in the screen of their life vision.

Being in that editing room for three hours to make a television show is like delivering a child you do not know if it turns out a boy or a girl and nothing matters but being able to do the best you can with all the limitations handed to you to reach out the people and teach them how to find their soul and their self and the rose in their hearts in the essence. I only wished I had more knowledge of delivery of my shows in excellence as I have of the delivery of the truth in the air. Now I am given the choice of making two television shows and more, being able to use the Adelphia Public Access Production and editing room as well as the Cox that for the past ten months has truly paved the way.

I went to the Adelphia P.A. that is located in Buena Park at Buena Park High School riding four hour bus back and forth on Monday and made two shows - I have choice for longer editing hours which is nice - only their procedures allow my new television shows to be aired in two weeks instead of right away. I have seventy shows now ready to be aired in public accesses that are gaining more and more credulity as I have been promoting them as the way of future patterns of media and communication versus the lie promotion of other media sold out to the interest groups who will promote any prostitute and plagiarist only to maintain power thinking that the true author will take away their power and freedom whereas that is far from the truth - the truth will set everyone free to fly to the height of their true power and not what they have been handed down to, by the old patterns of fear and ignorance.

On the way back in the bus I met a young boy who was reading a science book and I gave him one of my books as he gazed into my eyes to hear about what was in it and what was I made of, to write such books. He then gave me a tip for my path as if he too, was an angle planted into my days of struggle on to remind me the glory of the spirit I hold within. My days are filled with angles planted in my path to greet me and let me know that the path however long and bumpy, and however lonely it seems, that I am not alone, indeed, and I have never been! The like of Andy in my path are the simple blessings that make my every day a quiet triumph I have nothing with which to compare!

President Bush's Address of the Union

in a world that has had no choice so far but tough love because it has not awakened soon enough to the teachings of a spiritual mother, seeing the signs of compassion and unity and global awakening and outreach can only be signs of the lights on the true path of power of love and her victory. For the first time in history, freedom of the people power balanced with the respect of the religious and cultural differentness of others is addressed by the world leaders who have known the unknown and are taking the path of being Universal Spiritual Leaders with Patterns of Excellence.

It is difficult to take the the path of less popular and yet it is this path that makes history in a true essence. President Bush said that as the people of Iran claim their rights and dignity and freedom he will stand by them. Iranian government is trying to change and reform itself being influenced by Parvin Global Peace and Reform Program. However, it is difficult for any religion to be a government if instead of adhering to the living words of a living god adheres to the outdated rules that need to be changed.

Global Time Appropriate Human Rights Laws must govern all nations regardless of their nature. Global Peace requires Global Justice and Freedom from all victimization that stems from lack of knowledge of Rose Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion and Excellence of Flying beyond all walls of separation from unification by fear, prejudice, power monopoly and lack of faith in god's great nature o forgiveness, love and compassion for all the rainbow children of humanity in essence.

1/31/2005 Rose Domes

Rose TV Show Subject -Rose Domes

created 1/31/2005 at the Adelphia Buena Park Production Studio for Public Access -

a half hour dialogue with the global community and leaders - I will plant a red rose in everyone's heart and will build Rose Domes of People Making in the place of all atomic bomb domes of people-burning - I invite the individuals and families to build their Self Institutions of the mind-body and spirit where the power balance of their patterns and wings exist and their miracle within -

Universal Psycho-spirituality is the gift I have brought from the knowledge of my spirit and the experience of my mind and dialogue of the healing nature stemming from that with thousands of individuals and families who trusted me to heal them and teach them how to fly with or without the cross of ignorance of the outdated patterns that held them hostage and in prison of mediocrity and self interest of the stolen true freedom and democracy by the media and their idles and golden goats of sold out to the interest groups and the global mafia of lie promotion.

The new Parvin Psychology of Health and Excellence and flying teaches you prevention- and solution focused health and excellence path to true power and eternal joy and evolutionary revolution of compassion and love as the way of life and the purifying RoseWater and essence

I invite Iran to step into the future of Truth Politics and to disarm herself of atomic weapons for a religious government only needs god to gain power from, to rely upon and to surrender to in times crisis -

and I invite the United Nations and United States of America to march toward disarming of all nations of atomic weapons and not just one that builds defense mechanism and rebellion - and to assist them in the process of creating people power and freedom and democracy and liberty of their rights and dignity without war and violence and through mass knowledge and information and role modeling and dialogue as I have written in 1994 and have taught and practiced for the past 25 years.

Since 1994 and writings my nine books in one year I have guided the world and Iran and America toward an evolutionary revolution of compassion and change toward inner and national & global freedom, liberty and peace by bridging between all race and religion and culture and through all dimensions of the soul and the self. Going back to the roots and flying from the roots is what creates true sense of a Universal Self and transforms the lost and alienated souls that blend in for security and fame at any cost to themselves and others and never evolve to become their own excelling selves.

Freedom Rose

There is not a single person on earth who would not choose freedom & dignity for a way of life - yet no one seems to be truly free except in his or her spirit and in unity with a god who created us all equal and free - we must all unify in our spirit flying from our minds and bodies to a place where compassion rules and responsible freedom is the right of every human being - Power Balance of Mind-Body -Spirit is a dance I call Self Excellence from which is created Excellence Society and Evolutionary, Revolutionary Excelling Global Family -

1/30/2005 Woman God

I forgive Deepak Chopra for all that he was heavily to say the lease inspired from my book when I sent it to him and he was able to right books after books and commercialize them even all the way to Iran by my own prompter while I was being censored by and terrorized all these years because of his last book I have heard about in which in talks about peace and says god must be a woman. Off course still heavily inspired by not only my writings but also my presence denied by all who are making fame for themselves and like they deny god and sit in god's place have treated me without grace. The worship songs I receive from my own people do not bring back the days that were lost and stolen from me and what was lost throughout the world during my censorship. I believe we would not have gone through wars had I, like god not been silenced.Off course one of the journalists of my culture, Ms. Homa Sarshar, a woman who has evolved from my new knowledge of self making while has been ordered to deny and ignore me like others, would only acknowledge this since she has read it in a man's book and a man not from her culture, a Deepak Chopra's book just as they pulled out Rumi out from the grave and polished him after seven hundred years of burying him without funeral after Deepak talked about him and said he was inspired by him. Off course he too, wanted to cover who truly was his inspirer and absent present mentor as the rest of my colleagues who talk about the source that has brought them all this knowledge previously unknown to man and do not evolve enough to name the true source since she is a woman and not a man as to be expected and stereotyped by the old world culture. These are the patterns I have had to change in creating a new Global Culture of Truth and Freedom from all toxins of stereotyping and frames of fear, ignorance and supremacy and prejudice.

Miracle Rose

My friends, I now have renewed my license for Marriage, Family and Child Counseling my friends. Since the year 2000 I did not have the funds to renew my license. I became the healer and the of the world and stepped out of my lucrative offices at the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence being the founder, director, and counselor for 21 years to heal the dying world from the dead spirited ness and lack of faith and believe of the unknown becoming the slave to the prostitutes of the time and their promoters who only saw what they believed and they sold their lust and the effects of their lost souls to the public as love dying inside and feeling lonely in their fear and ignorance of the art and the knowledge of true love and compassion for humanity for they did not have any role models but those who were dead for decades and even though they had heard that Christ is the living god, there was no living god around for people to believe in. The world was burning in the fires of hate and prejudice and competitive rivalry of even every religion or among the same religion with one another.

Now I have renewed my license since my role modeling and going on the cross for 11 years for guidance of the non-believers is baring fruits and I see global change of leaders and people who are walking on the path of my revolution of compassion and Global Peace and Reform Program for creating the rights and dignity for all and people power. My daughter reminded me that I should have my license back so that I could teach my programs formally to my colleagues once again from my center without walls and the funds were available through the father of my children who always remained as my friend and a good father for the children. I surrendered to my spirit to be delivered as the healer of the world and to a point of going on the cross and loosing my wealth and homes and center people from all over the world called the little heaven in order to change the Societal and Global Patterns of corruption, ignorance, prejudice and fear to create a Global Family in which the rights and dignity and safety and access to opportunity of all would be created and preserved. After my television shows at KSCI in 1999 when I had exhausted all my funds from making thirty thousand dollars a month to nothing in my journey to godlikeness and bring the world to another birth, my son became the bridge and let my brother Sam know and he flew from Bedlam and bought the little heaven I now live in.

But livening as I have taught and written, multidimensional and in a time travel is different from living one dimensional and seeing and experiencing only what is obvious to the nonbelievers. While one dimension of me lived thorough the whirlpool of political conspiracy and corruption of those who feared the power of a woman internally more powerful than them, and the womanand mother in me suffered immensely, the spiritual revolutionary and worrier poet and teacher guided and healed and role modeled the patterns of excellence and godlikeness of flying on the cross of ignorance and the scientist found solutions to her already experimented in families she had seen for years to a family in a larger scale; the global family in pain and anguish of alienation from the self and soul experiencing dead spirited ness and lack of faith.

Christo Rose - Freedom Rose

Peace Rose from the little Holy Rose - to change the patterns of minds of those - who kill for their prejudice & fixed minds - hiding in the dark behind the dirty skirts of prostitutes or in holes-

the rain poured - the water froze - the fire rose - on the heart of the dead - blossomed the red rose

There is no Conspiracy

Wave Rose

is the name of my Television Show tonight ( Fridays and Sunday nights) airing on channel 3 of Adelphia at 11:30 and it has already aired out of channel 31 of Cox on Thursday at 5 channel 30 or 31. It covers the City of Irvine event to welcome an Iranian author who came all the way from France to say there is no conspiracy echoing my peace program of People Power and people needing to unite and become Change Makers. This is my philosophy and peace program while I am censored out of all Iranian media and the related organizations and associations that are serving the interest group who wants to steal my global peace and reform program only to maintain the power of a regime or those who are the bridge between the people using them for vote for self interest and not true people power. There is no conspiracy, only a pattern of mind corruption and confusion by my promoter who seems to forget to add my name under my own prophecy and mission. So I went to the city hall of Irvine and announced my television shows and shed light on this dark area of my culture that needs to evolve for us all to blossom as the Rose Petals together!


1/29/2005 - The Documentary of The Truth

The Rose & The Rose Petals

The Uniting Spirit

of Peace, Freedom, Love, Justice & Liberty for all

I went on the air of the 670 a.m. twice today. It is the only a.m. and mass radio of the Iranian community in which my entire copyrighted material in my books I have published in 1994 are being plagiarized, claimed and implemented by others. I have guided the group that claims my lifework for nine years in the hope of their evolutionary change in accepting my own voice along with that of theirs and their lie promoted and self interest. The change is that I was able to go on air twice today instead of being completely cut off for one minute and in the end Mr. Hejazi (the coordinator of the Iranian programs who also has a program of his own every Saturday from 7-10 in the morning) actually thanked me for participating in the discussion of my own Global Peace and Reform Program I have written about nine years ago in 1994 in nine books in one year and have guided them from behind the lines while they have promoted my plagiarists and have censored me and terrorized my character intentionally, daily for nine years. It is from this cross I am teaching them how to fly from their body to their minds and spirit and to learn how to unite with one another from a more purified place in the rainbow of godlikeness beyond all fear, ignorance, prejudice, fanaticism, competitive rivalry and need for control of others.

Stem Cell Research& implementation - In regards to The Stem Cell, a Dr. Khatami was being interviewed who has actually implemented the Stem Cell Pattern Change Programming as I call it based on my copyrighted and new technology of Pattern Change Programming, a process in which in my books I introduced that even cells can change patterns at any time. Former President Clinton funded the Genome Project based on this philosophy and the Gene Therapy that was not going anywhere was boosted. As usual I never received any acknowledgement but the three letters of thank you for my e-mails of guidance and my booksI had sent him and Hilary teaching what it takes for creating a global family from the moment of childbirth and delivery to delivery of peace and freedom to our global village.

I voted for the Stem Cell Research after I had fraught it to bring Power Balance between my Revolution of Compassion and Revolution of Information and the Science I myself have caused its advancement. I said on the radio that I was glad Dr. Khatami was participating in this scientific advancement yet I wished for a more advanced societal rules and ethics in which the true author and scientist would not have been censored and would be able to have dialogue and share her findings and thoughts with her colleagues and people instead of being replaced in media by the prostitutes of fame and self interest.

Mr. Hejaz once more in denial of who I am cutting me off and as usual terrorizing my character telling the public that I seem to have opinion about everything whereas I rightfully must be interviewed and my rights and accomplishments acknowledged in my free and democratic country where the first amendment is the right of voice only if our guests would learn what democracy means nd would exercise it, truly. Mr. Hejazi and the owners of this radio who happens to be my own promoter as silent partner to Mr. Calomenson in the least, owe me a written apology, announcement of it in the radio and an invitation of me for bringing transparency and balance to their misrepresenting me and the facts in this radio. That is why I emphasize on the Power Balance of my Revolution of Compassion and Revolution of Science and Information. We must first make sure that science does not get abused by those who lack regards for the right of others so that we can prevent what has happened to the invention of others such as Einstein who would have had the same concern as I have had. Off course Mr. Hejazi apologized from the Dr and from me this time for cutting me off. Perhaps the patterns of democracy and my television shows in public access has made it a little difficult for the boys to totally abuse their power!

New Creation. My promoter and my partner in my New Creation Prophecy and victory of god over evil is busy promoting my plagiarists, clones and empty uneducated and conscienceless idols in the name of love and censoring me and terrorizing my haracter for the past nine years. I feel like Moses coming down from the mountain of Sinai to only see a group of opportunists claiming my identity and lifework after writing nine books in one year in 1994 and inviting my colleagues to share my vision and mission with me and guiding them daily toward evolutionary change. I create miracles with my healing and guiding knowledge and spirit daily, and he gives the credit to opportunists he promotes daily some without any education sitting and tearing me down while selling themselves with what they have learnt from me as their role model.

Off course it is easy to solve that problem by lie promotion and daily selling misrepresentations of the facts to the people tired of lies and deception. It seems harmless to sell empty idols with misrepresenting characters using my multidimensionality philosophy giving them depth. Yet when they are used as agents terrorizing characters of those who matter or deceiving the innocent people their true task becomes evident: stealing people's true choices away from them; nothing a descent person would do especially if they have to do it consciously by malicious calculative lying to the people. Our roots of humanity beyond all cultures have rotted ecause of this lie promotion and ignorant deception. That is why I rose to bring truth in all life dimension and make a way of life. Lie is an evil and toxic pattern that creates global tragedies.

I receive love songs and poetry for support by those who know the kind of cross I am on hoping for my evolutionary revolution of compassion and excellence to materialize itself and transcend beyond all walls of corrupt patterns of old and outdated politics of the lie. That is why my Truth Politics will change the definition of politics altogether from the patterns of use and abuse of power to patterns of service to the people as it is slowly becoming evident. Being a scientist at mind, I believe in any evolutionary change even if it begins by intent of competitive rivalry with myself. I found that people in power will not change toward better unless they are competing against someone or the light sheds on their patterns and becomes obvious they must change as I spread the Patterns of Leadership Excellence to outcast the devils dressed as politicians and diplomats hiding behind the curtains and dirty skirt of prostitutes manipulating people for self interest.

While I went on the cross to create change the societal patterns and the world patterns from lie realities to the truth as the reality by teaching my new knowledge and my transparent self to bring transparency and a new life and light to a dark world within which everyone had learnt to fear even their self and hide behind their hat of titles, my promoter took my truth and created new lie realities and put me behind the clouds of censorship and daily created what he wanted of me with lie negative or positive promotion. The more I role modeled and with my knowledge and guidance brought transparency to world and its patterns of thinking and politics of conspiracy and hidden deals, the more I closed the gap of reality and truth, my promoter raped me in a cloud of censorship and terror of character coloring me as he wanted by everyone who was willing to lie and deceive for fame making me an absent present. Every day for nine years they stole my every hair and word and claimed it as their own after they fraught it for years and humiliated me for what they now received prizes for and put their sins & patterns on me as the cross to bare only steal the mind of a true author & healer and keep their Toxic Power.

Global Peace requires Global Freedom & Democracy - If these gentlemen infringe upon the rights and dignity of the author of their own renewed rebirth and global rights, dignity and freedom here in this free country what can be expected of them elsewhere? We must first implement the definition of democracy as responsible freedom versus chaos in our own country to be able to be a role model for our global family. If a journalist dies in an Iranian prison it is because they do not claim to have democracy however inhumane it is for such a tragedy to happen. Yet for an author of nine books on Inner and Global Peace and freedom after having a counseling center for 21 years in her free country and living here as a dignified citizen for 35 years to be censored and her character terrorized and her copyrighted life work and identity stolen and plagiarized and her plagiarists promoted globally, is a disgrace to our liberty.

The second time I went on air o 670 a.m. KIRN was when a Dr. Sameemi of USC was being interviewed about the issues of Iran and the atomic weapons advancement or withdrawal and Iran/s new elections and the issue of peace and democracy. I said that eace requires global democracy and adhering to the human rights laws and dignity beyond all religion, race or culture and even Monarchy needs house of people as the Parliament and I was going to go on to make comments on the elections in Iran and deals that are being made to make Mr. Rafsanjani president once again and the impact of that on the Iranian Faith and Destiny and the need for safety and security of the world by planting a red rose of freedom and peace in everyone's heart and building Rose Domes of people making in the place of all atomic bomb domes of people burning that I was cut off once again but this time respectfully and thankfully. We are evolving, it has taken nine years for a new creation and evolution to take place. Global Freedom requires inner freedom of all involved from all prejudice, fear and conspiracy.

Dialogue to share our strength and delete while embrace our week ness. My Global Cultural Power Balance Philosophy means just that -A new Global Culture & a new Universal Spirituality with Inner Golden rules of Ethics that embraces human rights laws beyond all race, gender, culture or religion. Godlikeness is goodness to all & for all, regardless of colors.I wrote about it in a step by step nine books from inner freedom to global freedom nine years ago -leaders of the world heard it and now President Bush is committed to implement it-

1/28/2005 - Peace & freedom needs the true author & true leaders & role models

Congratulations to President Bush & Condoleeza Rice for breaking the Pattens of mediocrity & Bigotry among the nonbelievers, globally- Perhaps together we can implement Rose Parvin's Global Peace and Reform Program of Global Cultural Power Balance & Democracy for lasting peace and rebirth of humanity- had I not been censored by the non-believers there would have been no need for war and violence- the only dialogue needed is that of compassion and service- if the other side is willing to hear the voice of the people & their true leaders. Peace and freedom without war and violence requires a dialogue in which all parties are willing to listen and act.

Art at the service of humanity and peace and freedom and not self interest of one person or group at the cost of humanity. I called Fox station and left a message for the voice mail that was willing to listen and to serve the people. I objected the television movie 24 where Ms. Aghdashloo is playing a part of an Iranian woman in an Iranian Terrorist Family with a son whose name is an Iranian name ( Behrooz) which is a common Iranian name. Ms. Aghdashloo in her interview with Iranian journalists said that she was inspiring to the writers who were daily expanding her role as an Iranian Terrorist woman and Mother who forced her own son to kill his girlfriend and participate in a plot against the safety and security of a nation. Fox has given Moslems time for their objection to the television film whereas this has nothing to do with Islam. The names and costumes are all Iranian. Iranians are gypsies around the world for a regime that has infringed upon their rights and dignity by stoning them in the name of religion and Islam and now Ms. Agdashloo a woman promoted by the promoter and radios affiliated with Mr. Rafsanjani wants to destroy the image of the descent and innocent Iranian families for the cost of her fame that is being purchased and promoted.

I suggest that a role be given to Ms. Agdashloo representing herself for she is not qualified to represent the Iranians and inspire writers with the intention of pure self interest and no compassion for the innocent people and the youth struggling in this country to be safe from the hazards created by the like of her. Ms. Agdashloo had a program on thursday nights in 670 a.m. KIRN and perhaps the nature of that program was rewarded for her further advancement toward easy fame at the cost of others as it lately seems to happen. It seems anyone who serves the person in control of this radio from behind the lines is rewarded globally! As a part of my Global Peace and Reform Program and Revolution of Compassin I became a role model teaching patterns of Excellence to those who had access to hear and see me. Focus for artists and anyone in any walk of life was one of those patterns.

I hope Ms. Agdashloo uses these patterns she has aquired toward positive chamge making roles in the future and in moments of her fast fame remember a woman healer and scientist who went on the cross of censorship and terror of character for her and the like of her to get their piece of pie of voice and success they deserv and never had the access. Iranians were dead inside and outside of the country. Only a few who did not call themselves Iranian were succeeding. I braught them backto their roots to be humbly proud of who they are in order to become truly universal and not be lost souls in the universe. Art and film and music was banned in Iran and those here were dependent and limited to the limitations of their Iranian Promoters. I braught a rebirth not only to the Iranians who were forgotten by the world and themselves but to the world tby my knowledge, healing spirit, guidance & role modeling of how to love self & others and be born again.

My global Peace and Reform Program was to liberate the world and the Iranian - Americans creating peace and god given freedom and the human rights and dignity for all and yet it has become a way to fame at the cost of others for some without regards for responsible freedom. Everyone who is willing to serve as the agent to oppress the credulity, freedom and dignity of others or plagiarize another seems to get on the wagon of cultural peace and freedom program at any cost to others. We must excercise & live responsible freedom.

At these times like Enstain if he was alive I feel a sadness for my inventions a teachings of focus and self excellence that has created clones without a heart and that is the impact of a prophecy from behind the walls of ignorance and greed without conscience where plagiarists and theatrical agents can ride on the tired shoulders of the credulity of the true healer and leader and author of a program that is being used & abused for the self interest of a few opportunists. I asked the Fox people if I could come and talk about the Iranian families and their struggle around the world to balance the negative promotion caused by this film. I am happy that my fellow Iranian has advanced by my teachings as I am happy to see all advance. Yet my faith to humanity is rained on when I see so many opportunists and plagiarists and censorists and terrorists of character promoted by the regime's promoter just to maintain their toxic hold on the people who deserve freedom and had it centuries ago before anyone knew what democracy meant they had choice in religion and a woman god Mytra whose temples where the home for the cross of the Christ when found under the musks.

Mona Lisa - Maria

Thursday 1/27/2005 Rose's TV Show -Channel 30 or 31 of Cox

tonight they sang for Maria - last week was Mona Lisa - this is how I change the minds - with the miracle of my spirit dancing the song - hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah - come dance with me with the hymns of our inner soul - in the balance of mind and spirit and body - we are all one and in unity -can dance in harmony - loneliness is for the faithless - have faith and hope and sing with me - all of a sudden you will see - you are no longer lonely - even when alone you will see - the a red rose is smiling at you - with love and with purity -

for nine years of my rebirth and delivery - I have lived alone - I have danced alone - I have sang alone - I stand alone - for you to no longer be afraid - for you to forever become free- come dance with me - together we will bring peace, freedom and unity - for ourselves and for the global family

there is so much to learn and see - but the journey is only within me - the path the way and the one is I - there is a real miracle in me - I am the pass and the bridge of the truth - once you can see you, you can see me - nine years is nine month of rebirth and here I am - I was pregnant now I am in delivery - come hold my hands if you believe in me - there will be light and no more darkness on earth - once the sun shines on you my friend - it will be us not you or me - that is the end of your loneliness - do not dance in the crowd alone, come dance with me -

for nine years of my rebirth and delivery - I have lived alone - I have danced alone - I have sang alone - I stand alone - for you to no longer be afraid - for you to forever become free - come dance with me - together we will bring peace, freedom and unity - for ourselves and for the global family

Mona Lisa they called her and sang for her - she bled on the cross - no one saw the blood on her - when she cried the earth died - the ocean ran to the shore - the wetland never dried - the rain poured on the insane - until the day the sinful was purified - she was born again - with her rebirth - god saved the earth - she was delivered - from the evil eyes - she once again felt - the peace in paradise - forgiveness like a smile - ran and sat in her eyes - her faith on the human kind - was once more harmonized - what had changed was the pain - she had forgiven all the sins - but will the sin disappear now- or will it come back tomorrow again - she has lost her tolerance for pain - will she once more cry and make rain -or will the sun will forever remain - in her heart and in her soul - will it forever shine from her eyes -

for nine years of my rebirth and delivery - I have lived alone - I have danced alone - I have sang alone - I stand alone - for you to no longer be afraid - for you to forever become free - come dance with me - together we will bring peace, freedom and unity - for ourselves and for the global family

from the sunrise to sunset - one can have hell or paradise - in the middle of fire or ice - only if one can truly commit - to live the truth and never tell lies - I know it's hard - there is constant compromise - to be liked by everyone - or to be true to oneself - it is a choice of evil or god - path of truth or lie - living a life of transparency - or living constantly in disguise - it is much harder to lie naturally - one must think about words constantly - lie is forgotten easily - truth is only one path - the path of being truthful and live eternally-

for nine years of my rebirth and delivery - I have lived alone - I have danced alone - I have sang alone - I stand alone - for you to no longer be afraid - for you to forever become free - come dance with me - together we will bring peace, freedom and unity - for ourselves and for the global family


telling me the truth is loving me - respecting my rights and dignity - accepting who I am unconditionally - tells me who you are immediately - peace on earth is created constantly - if all of us live compassionately - blind passion and lust is no love to me - love is wise and love is just and love is truth - so dance on the bridge of truth with me - there we can fly above all walls of mediocrity - the bridge of truth is for all of us to pass - from this side to the other side - over the ocean where the future will be - for the rainbow children of god to see - there is life after death if you believe in thee -

for nine years of my rebirth and delivery - I have lived alone - I have danced alone - I have sang alone - I stand alone - for you to no longer be afraid - for you to forever become free - come dance with me - together we will bring peace, freedom and unity - for ourselves and for the global family

everyone must believe in god - whatever you call it is the miracle in you and me -

Rose Parvin -

Miracle is the name of every day of my life

The Spirit Maker

I have returned from the Gypsy Den the open ike night - on my way I sold two of my books to a woman who sat in the bus with me and said she came all the way to that place right in front of my house to see her therapist who did not have time for her - she was an alcoholic she said and invited me to speak for their group - at the Gypsy Den I met a young Iranian man who reminded me of my son - he dedicated his songs to me and called me " the Mentor he just met" . He played the piano as if it was my son Shaun playing on his graduation day when he played on the stage, spontaneously. Joseph was there too. He is the painter I introduced and had a dialogue with in my television show. Since our dialogue he has moved from his little office in Santa Ana Art Village to a much larger office upstairs . When I was coming back my coach turned into cabbage as usual since the bus system stops at 10:30 and I was a few minutes late. A white car of the supervisors of the bus system was there. The gentleman gave me a ride to my home and said god sent him there since he was not going to be there. From making thirty thousands dollars a month and having a counseling center for 21 years I am riding busses like Rosa Parks. Except I can sit anywhere after all these years and my plagiarists and clones are making fame and millions of dollars with claiming my Global Peace and Reform and Freedom Program in my free country. Where can we establish responsible freedom and when? depends on each and everyone of us to answer to the call and listen to hear it beyond our every day racing for success and fame and for a higher purpose as our President has also told the nation as a leader who listens to the voice of the conscience and the soul Mother of all nations as he does to his own mother! That is the stuff that makes good leaders!

Deliver me my lord - deliver me

(subject of Rose's TV Show on Thursday 1/21/2005)

Deliver me my lord, deliver me from the evil eyes - deliver me -to create the bridge - between you and them - for the world to see - the heaven on earth - is believing in thee - deliver me lord, deliver me

Deliver me lord, deliver me, from the evil eyes, deliver me - to parallel our lives - deliver me - deliver me to show them the way - the way of living - in joy and mastery - in love and dignity

Deliver me Lord, deliver me - pour your soul in me- uncover the disguise - deliver me show them to see - the miracle of the spirit in me - deliver me my lord, deliver me- from the evil eyes, deliver me!

forgive them and give them to me - the cross on my back - is the ignorance and greed of one man alone - who came to promote me - instead stole my life work and identity - I have gone on the cross- I have sat on the cage- for the devil to set my people free - deliver me my lord, deliver me - come out of me show them the miracle of thee -deliver me my lord, deliver me -

show them the true power - for them not to be deceived anymore - by the evil power that is out to see - the power of the bully ism - and the power of the money - show them my lord, show them the miracle - I am surrendered to you - use me, use me, use me

deliver me my lord - from the evil eyes - keep me safe, keep me alive- to show them who you are - to show them how to be - deliver me my lord, deliver me- show them the true power in a red rose- come out come out from inside of me- to shine your light on the darkness of fear, ignorance and prejudice- and for the blind to see

deliver me my lord, deliver me - let me show them true love- the way it should be - let me show them the wings of a holy bird - in a man and a woman - deliver me - let me show them the true love - versus the passion of the moment - out of blind slavery - to the fast fix and the fast relief -they are so used to see - deliver me my lord deliver me-

let me show them how life should be- forgive them they do not understand - the cross on my back - is the ignorance and greed of one evil man - forgive them and let me pour my love - let me pour the knowledge of thee - for responsible freedom and then set themfree - deliver me my lord deliver me-

let make the earth the heaven it used to be - let us wash the sins of the hell they made of your home and me - deliver me my lord deliver me - deliver me my lord deliver me - deliver me my lord, deliver me- deliver me my lord, deliver me-

I stand alone - as I have always been - one woman against - the evil man and his snakes and mice- he daily feeds my brain - he puts the rose leaf on them - to sell them to my people - I have washed daily his sins with my tear like rain - deliver me my lord - deliver me - from the evil eyes deliver me

Rose Parvin 1/8/2005

Wave Rose

Freedom Rose - from my body - as I watched - the death of me - a spirit rose - took hold of me- and I was born again, - born again, free- all my leaves - were stolen from me - I was a rosebud - full of the rosewater- with the spirit of - the one and only- I had become holy -in this tourney

I was alone - my other wing - stood against me - took all my wings- all my features -all my leaves - gave them to others - who were willing- to deny me - and steal my words - and identity - but miraculously- my legacy - was heard through me - from a little window-

of public access - people heard my songs - my words - they saw my tears -

my laughter - they shared my spirit in me - but still my own people - were kept away from me - I was censored and terrorized daily- by those who were my witnesses - and knew me - the man who claimed to love me- promoted my plagiarists - and prostitutes - every day before my eyes - I was tortured and - kept silenced - like a rose in a glass globe - my little prince - had turned on me.-

he kept ordering songs - of love/hate for me - he kept creating clones of me - he kept promoting prostitutes - who were willing to become a wall- between my people and me - and lie and cross my face - maliciously,-from my own prophecy - to take my place, my love and my life - and change my destiny - seven days became nine years - from the new creation - I promised to my Global Family -

they were held hostage - freeing them was my prophecy- I sat in the cage - of their ignorance and fear - all media was their stage - it was last supper every day - the celebration of my birth - without my presence - they kept telling lie stories- they kept wearing the rose leaves - they kept turning the page- until god became angry - of their injustice - and showed them the big wave's rage - it was only tears from me

- when they were planning with cruelty - weddings in India while barrying me - I was alive and I was all love- they lied to my people that I was - dead, or old and ugly - I was seen everywhere singing - my songs telling the true story- they laughed day and night and denied - my presence in my own prophecy- maliciously laughing at me - calling me names - that brought tears in me

I had to teach them how to fly- how to excel and how to love - with their knives stock in me - the challenge god had given me - I had to forgive them daily - but how can you forgive the sinners - while they sin constantly - I had to remain whole - while they kept tearing - my leaves away from me - I had to be a mother - while they killed the child in me -

I had to be a woman - while they stole my love from me- I had to be a teacher and guide - while they maliciously denied me- while calling everyone a rose in the name of me - sticking my every leaf and character and dimension on some thief who wanted to be me- at the cost of lying to the world and - at the cost of humanity -

I had to find love inside me - while they kept taking from me - the love / hate songs the angles sang for me - was attached to mice and snakes - they were asking for them - for fame they were so hungry - that they had lost their decency

I learnt how to fly with the cage - as Christ did with the cross - on the same page - as they wrote my destiny - I had opened the door and freed - my people from their agony - just as Christ died for all all the sins - I died for their sins daily - I stood alone in this journey - my other wing stood against me - he who came to promote me - promoted everyone but me - threw stones and blocks in my way - silenced and terrorized me - to steal my identity - my peace program and prophecy

he kept creating clones of me - he kept promoting the plagiarists - of my every word that came out from me - he kept saying he loved me - in the songs he ordered for me - he denied the truth from me - every time he came to see me - I had to keep pouring the light - on all the dark conspiracy - it was the war of devil and god - the devil had thousands of snakes - on his shoulders - he fed daily - from my brain and my life in me

I was a healer all of my life - I was healing with my spirit, knowledge and love - but my body was cheating me - days and months went by this way - justice was lost no one saw me - the way I dressed and talked and seemed - made everyone intimidated of me - I was a king without a throne - no one saw the pain in me - till the last day of my life - I will be the rock that holds the earth - in peace and in harmony - a third eye watching them daily - will bring back the lost conscience - once more to preserve humanity.

My songs heal their broken hearts - my love gives them dignity - my spirit is born again - in their cage I fly to be - I stand alone - on my shoulders the cross - of the sins of satan and his snakes - I bare the cross to save humanity - to forgive but not to forget - to teach and to heal the injured race of - my global family

in the rainbow of god beyond all color and race and religion - beyond all conspiracy of the mafia cult of Khojasteh - Rafsanjani - that seems to have bought the vote - of every artist and historian - and hungry want to be intellectuals - who are paid to plagiarize my life work and identity- I stand alone - and the light is shed from within me - on the darkness of the centuries of conspiracy - against the one source - the oneand only- in a Little Rose Prophecy


Dialogue of

The Holly Rose with Satan

you go and promote your prostitutes Saten - there is nothing more than the color of sinbow in your cup - Rose Parvin Prophecy is a miracle of standing alone - against the circle of victimization you have created for my people and me -the more cross you create for me - the more you polish the christ in me - in the name of love your intent was to destroy me - to rob me of my intellectual and spiritual and devine property - and cross my name from my own Peace Program and Prophecy -god has other plans for my people and me - different from your Sodom and Gomora and Lie Story- I have the documentory of the truth - and in it I bring justice to your unjust conspericy

with all the knowledge of the Rose and the songs of the angels - as the bridge for you to do something for humanity - what more could be expected of you - you are the devel and your plan is conspericy - against the only savior of the people, peace and true democracy

Rose Parvin 1/13/2005

Book # 9 Pattern Changes; Universal Laws of Success & Spiritual Excellence 5 3/8 X 8 1/2, perfectbind, 288 p. Glossary, $15

We can live powerful, successful lives while maintaining spirituality. Our Life Patterns must be in harmony with the Universal Patterns and Laws of Power Balance of Success-Spiritual Excellence, otherwise no matter how hard we work, we will live a life of crisis and calamity. There is no person who can live without the Laws of Wisdom and Nurturance provided by the universe, and there is no rule on earth that prevents us from living spiritually excelled lives while succeeding.

This miraculously demystified book presents an evo-revolutionary vision that empowers the forgotten Self, creates an Institution of Self, brings us closer to one another through a larger purpose beyond the Self and guides us toward the universal power of wisdom and nurturance that embargoes us all as equal children of humanity.

There is no meaningful success or true spiritual conquest without a Self that is whole within, and connected without. " True success lies heavily upon the Power Balance of dimensions and shades of all essence I call Patterns, that enable any individual or nation to succeed & prosper societally, without compromising inner hymns of wisdom to nurture the progressions of self & the soul of humanity."

The Parvin Way - The truth never changes. People change to see it.

Pattern Change Programing; ( taken from cover of the book Pattern Change Programing- copyright - 1994); a brief Self Therapy with focus on solution, health, success and excellence in family and society; a process of Self-Search, Self Analysis, Self Inventory, Self Recognition and Discovery creating Self Knowledge, Self Programing and Change of Patterns, resulting in Power Balance: advanced and harmonious balance in patterns of being, barring societal success & spiritual excellence.

Rose Parvin has combined the wisdom of endless experience from years of working with people in psychotherapy, ancient philosophy of the East and cutting edge Western scientific tools and has emerged as pioneer of a miraculous technology and method of creating Self Institution: method of Pattern Change Programing; a universal path of power balance and excellence that revolutionizes the patterns of the family and society and changes the downward direction of humanity.

In this groundbreaking new book, author and internationally sought after guide, Rose Assier Parvin denounces the people-abuse by societal institutions, claims imbalance of power as the root to universal victimization and crisis and sees the society and its leadership as " the patient" in need of healing. She then gives us demystified scientific tools to change habitual, addictive patterns we have adopted from our past programers, and outlines a new path of being and existing in the world, Self governed by universal laws and inner code of ethics. By learning, practicing and sharing this powerful method of Power Balance within and without, we embrace our own inner Excellence, create it in our society, connect with those we love, and the Universal Power Balance existing compassionately in the air we breathe.

Mind-Body Prayer is one of the tools of Pattern Change withharmonious movement of all dimensions of Self. It embraces inherent power of the Self, towards change, demands choice, breathes excellence and creates patterns of destiny.

About the author: Rose (Assier) Alizadeh Parvin, ( taken from cover of the book Pattern Change Programing- copyright - 1994) author of nine groundbreaking books in one year, is on a lifetime mission to create patterns of change towards health, peace, success and spiritual excellence in families and society with her revolutionary methods and evolutionary vision beyond psychology. Rose Way is the way of life in all self and life dimensions . Mother of two children ages 21 (Ellie-Elhaum)& 17 (Shaun-Shaheen), an international guide, consultant, speaker and family therapist and graduate of Chapman and California State Long Beach Universities. As the founder and director of Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills for thirteen years she has taught, trained and guided many with her wisdom, compassion and her revolutionary methods of healing and excelling.

Parvin Programs for Excellence

Program for Success - Spiritual Excellence. Becoming a Self Programer.

Becoming Community Pattern Change Specialist.

Professional Training for Excellence. Becoming a Spiritual Guide and Teacher.

For information contact: Rose Parvin at (949) 887-2127 or, or e-mail, or

Universal Publishing Co.: P.O. Box 15424, Newport Beach, CA 92659

Persian Rose

Perfect Unity (Vahdate Kamel) - Azadie Haghighi (True Freedom) - Ghodrate Haghighi God is True Power - All knowing - The Word

Knowledge is truth and love - the truth of the self and the society and god. God is the truth and love. So God is Knowledge, in innocence in the essence; in purity of the soul; ghodrat e hageegi danestane hagigat ast va esgh. Hagigate khod va Hagigate jameaeh, va Hagigate Khoda. Khoda Hagigat va eshgh ast. pas khoda danesh ast dar esmat e vojood, dar paki ye rooh.

The bird is the flight- and the person behind the title is the title- know yourself, others and know me for I am the bird and the flight from the body to the mind to the spirit rise to see the rainbow patterns of humanity in me

Parandeh Khod e Parvaz ast va ensane poshte laghab khode laghab- Khod ra beshenas digaran ra beshenas va man ra beshenas keh man khode parandeham va khode parvaz

    "As founder of Preventive Family Therapy I developed Parvin Global - cultural Peace and Reform Program based on years of experiences that I have had with multicultural Families. When no one knew about or believed in prevention or understood what was evolution beyond the human anatomy, I specialized and founded Pattern Change Programing and Power Balance Therapy to create excellence through evolutionary process I call Self Programing through Self Search, Self Analysis and Self Recognition."

" As part of Preventive Family Therapy we need to look at all relationships as cross cultural. Within our own families, we have cross cultural differences. No two people are alike; parents and adolescents, husbands and wives, even twin sisters, all have cross cultural differences. Everyone is unique and requires understanding and acceptance of that Uniqueness. To the degree that we can look at each other and instead of strange, black, Jewish, Italian, fat or thin, we only see " different" and to the degree that we can accept this differentness, we have learned to accept ourselves, our families and society. And this is a process of prevention of dysfunction on a large scale." " Preventive Family Therapy is a process in which individuals, couples and families learn skills toward development of self as well as development of relationships in order to avoid crisis and reach their maximum potential toward health, success, intimacy and balance." Rose Parvin, 1987, founder, Preventive Family Therapy, specializes in dysfunctional pattern change ( founder, Power Balance Therapy and Pattern Change Programing). an article titled Preventive Family Therapy in California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists of Orange County.

1/31/2002-BOOK # 3  Power Balance Therapy-Pattern Change Programing - copyright-1994 - author: Rose Assier Parvin-  “The balancing of powers in any given environment creates harmony as a Natural Life Pattern.  Whether it is within the Self Patterns or between the Self and its surrounding environment: a family or between the people and their leadership in a society.  Power Balance Therapy is a linear and universal path barring societal success and spiritual excellence by the process of unfolding the multidimensions and Patterns of Self to the ultimate core of its substance.  The Universal Laws of Power Balance flow within and among all of its parts, connecting them with one another.  The Self as part of the universal whole is governed by the same laws.  By Self Search and Self Analysis from our Self computer (the mind) where Self Knowledge is power, we utilize the tools of Pattern Change Programing to delete Imbalance, Block and Toxic Patterns and save Power Balance and Excellence Patterns.  By Programing Choice Patterns we become Destiny Makers and Change Makers of the Family and Societal Patterns, leaping beyond health to Psychology of Excellence.  Where there is balance of powers, there is harmony.  Where the air is filled with the essence of harmony, there is no room left for the toxins of crisis.”


I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE-INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994 

Since Ernest Rossi's review a leading psychologist on  Mind-Body connection and healing, I have spent seven years of creating peace and reform not only within the  minds and souls of the individuals but also in  the world. While My original scientific philosophy of Power Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit and Self -Societal  Making and Societal Programming toward World Peace,  Reform and Excellence and its tool of Dialogue of  Nations has reached United Nations, I have lost all that I have had while my clones are reaping the fruit of my labor and getting world prizes for my lifetime achievements, Ernest Rossi became a messenger of predicting who I am and what I would do at the time many others only took my work and claimed it as their own and wrote many books from my lifetime original visionary, revolutionary and missionary work, Scientific Philosophy and lifetime guided personal and professional experience of a war and peace between the Mind Power and Spirit Power and ultimately the death of the flesh and the surrendering of the Mind Power to the Holy Spirit that like fire purified me from within. 

My clones were promoted by media and power as prophets, gurus, counselors and teachers while I was censored and isolated with constant character assassinations to defame me in the eye of the people who wanted to hear about me and who knew me for years as their counselor. In the process of Perfect Union with my soul whose way and guidance had created miracles for me and for others  through me, and the fearful reactions to my Life Secret, I lost everything I had worked for all of my life. My soul became my life. I call my spirit The Holy Rose; The God. 

I found myself against the world in preaching the truth as I saw it through the third eye looking inside me and into the world, passionately, uncontrollably and even against my welfare, that of my children and even what I believed in my years of knowledge and experience. I spread the truth the way I saw it, through The Third Eye. I believe it was my destiny to spread the truth to heal the dying souls, dying world and doing it loving and guiding those calling me enemy. The Enemy is the presence of the Inappropriate Fear and the absence of the Appropriate Fear of god when we step on others to get to the place we want to be.

I have forgiven but not forgotten for forgetting is denial and forgiving is purity of the spirit. I thank my enemies who have shown me the everlasting power of faith, the purity of my spirit and the never ending fire of knowledge pouring out of me to heal the world blinded by fear of differentness.


The words of

Societal Leaders

about Rose

I LIKE THE WAY ROSE PARVIN SEEKS NOTHING LESS THAN A GLOBAL SHIFT IN OUR DEEPEST PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN CONDITION AND OUR CURRENT NEEDS. I KNOW HER BOOK WILL HELP MANY PEOPLE-INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS GOVERNMENTS."  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD., Editor of Psychological Perspectives and author of "The Psychology of Mind-Body Healing" and " The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson MD 1994  " Holy Rose, Ms. Rose Parvin - ( Gole Moghadas,  Khanome Rose Parvin) your words were the lights  of compassion -those words were holy and sacred  words-humanity's divine ascend (Orooje valaye  ensani). You enlightened my heart. For the light of  the compassion of your heart is ever-flowing and  you must lit up the world with this divine  compassion." Fariba Aboodi - 1995  "Ms. Rose Parvin, what I saw in you was love,   love of the collective of the living, of existence,  free from all colors and deception, away from all  prejudice. My words are unable to express your  compassion. I can only wish from god to make your  your ever-flowing ocean of love to the universe   and everything that is in it, more and more  boundless." 1997 Ahmad Azad, Singer-Artist-

"I received your book. It is very interesting. Self esteem and honesty and clarity in your words and your believe in principals and morality is a key to success and happiness. I wish you success." Jan. 11,1997 Reza Reza Pahlavi - Prince of Iran

" Rose Parvin's nature is made of love for humanity. She is a real human being who has spent all of her life serving humanity with wisdom, nurturance and grace. She wants to create a Madineh Fazeleh ( Excellence-Society-the pure and advanced form of Civil Society."

May 1997- Ahmad Madani - Fr. Admiral in Iranian Navy "I have been touched by the encouragement and advice I've received rom people like you, who care deeply about the future of our country." "I hope that you stay involved and I send my best wishes."   Feb.27,1996 William Jefferson Clinton - former President of the United States.

" I am confident that working together, we can renew hope and opportunity in our nation." Sept. 16,1996 William Jefferson Clinton - Former President of the United States.  "Dear Ms. Parvin: Thank you for your kind letter of November 28,94. The President and I appreciated your support. I have forwarded your book on to the President's Office. I did flip through it before passing it along, and it is quite interesting." George R. Stephanopoulos, Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy. 12/1/94 The White House 

"A book of insight, sensitivity and direction that can help you on your journey through life. Read it and learn more about living, loving and healing." Bernie S. Siegel M.D., author of "Peace, love and Healing."   Dear Rose, your book is of prophecy of its masters that channel the Information. Each page carries a message of spirit rising and awareness. With love." Dr. Allen Schwartz

" Rose is an extraordinary woman. This supremacy rare for one to meet, a woman with such a powerful vibration of mystical awareness, power, compassion and "guts" to confront and say the truth in a world that has given over to mediocrity, compromise and is " manbid out " to the true situation on the planet. Marie California 

" I have known and respected Rose Parvin for 12 years. I have worked with her on a day to day basis. Rose Parvin is, in my estimation, one of the most genuine professionals that I have met. I have understood her development as a psychotherapist and as a writer and leader. I have no doubt that her productions are original. I have also understood her response to the wound delivered by Deepak Chopra. She has been magnanimous, but rightly assertive of the origin of the " borrowed" intellectual property." 1995 Thomas Kappeler, M.D.

" Dear Ms. Parvin, Thank you for inquiring about whether Dell would be interested in publishing your self-published books. While your general theory of Change Therapy contains many useful and inspirational ideas, I think that your writing lacks the clarity and accessibility of other books dealing with similar themes, like Deepak Chopra/s work. And I also think that the dience for your book, The Day America Cried, would be fairly small, as most people don't turn to psychotherapists when they want to read about politics. So, for these reasons, I do not see a likely place on our list for these books. Thank you for thinking of me, however, and best of luck with these books and your other writing endeavors."  Leslie Schnur, Vice President, Editor in Chief, Delacorte Press- Del-Publishing June 15, 1995

Rose it is by chance that I met you and I saw a woman surrounded by controversy yet at the same time at serenity and peace; a perfect demonstration of balance. I could feel an aura of immense beauty and love that I felt like I was drawn to involuntarily. syou were like a gardener tending to the flowers and walking away after the dialogue we all had which you sounded like a crusader but with total calmness I was swept into this aura of love. I knew that I had to offer myself and to be of service and that I had something to learn from you who would be the greatest teacher of this lifetime. It was as if the forces of the universe at work here were inescapable for me as I got swept into the perfect calm in the heart of the storm. Roses maintaining balance tween controversy and peace.

This is like a hurricane that is going to destroy some of the foundations or the systems that we have on this planet today but it will leave it calm. A spiritual Perfection; like instant truth. It is beautiful to be a part of this love. The dying of spirituality amongst the inhabitants of the earth is the foothold of evil gaining its momentum tipping the balance of the universe and upsetting the balance of perfection. I can see right now that it is the highest order to spread the healing and resolve the dying souls of this planet; to prevent an imbalance in the universe and to restore harmony. I feel like I have been picked to present to the world. Rose Parvin and the truth that shines through her. As a lawyer to call this a career case would be minimizing the significance of this it is more correctly described as landmark case of lifetimes; to stop the lies that has blocked her truth.

Connecting with you has awakened a true purpose within me that I have been seeking my entire life and after many false or masked purposes I now have the true faith that is so powerful that this is the lifelong enigma that has been answered and I nowthe resolution of that is true and I have been put through certain experiences in my lifetime and I now know that all that will be utilized toward be a worrier against lies and misinformation that has blocked the truth from shining. I have received the truth and now I realize my purpose is to dismantle the misrepresentations and misstatements that people have been provided thorough propaganda and are basing their decisions on lies which blocks them to make the right choices; that others do receive it as well.

Richard Hurley, Attorney At Law -A Member of the California State Bar- Newport Beach












Answer to Humanity

for True History


The Word

My friends,

The Messiah returned, Time Prophet in flesh. Those of you who know and see have sinned if you cast me out and reject me when you know who I am. The blind does not see and thus is not sinned. I am talking about the spiritually blind for there is a larger and deeper darkness inside of those who see with their eyes and not with their heart. You are expecting god to come back in flesh and save you all from your sins. But you are so spiritually dead that you will miss god as god sits in front of you and speaks to you through her eyes. For it was not the son of god who came as Jesus Christ to earth the first time. It was god who is The Maternal and Paternal spirit of the universe.

God knows no gender difference. In spirit, it is all god. Anyone with a spirit has god within. God has no gender limitation. You have. God created you man and woman so that you can be together and recreate godlike children and multiply as you remain in god's worship. Do not miss god this time and do no once more crucify god as this holy love is returned to save your soul once more from your sins. God is a poet. My eyes are my tongue and my poetry is god speaking through me to all god's children who hear and believe in the holy spirit he has sent in flesh to free them from their sins for them to be born again. It is not the process of being born again alone but the process of dying; a death from your past lives the lives you have lived without the spirit inside you that is of equal significance. The death must happen before the rebirth. The world is spiritually dead.

The Perfect Unity is: the father son reunion and the mother son reunion and that of the daughter reunion with the holy spirit who is love, is The Truth and what you all call god is the spirit who is and was always there. I will be with you because I am god; and because I am that way. I will always be there. If you want to verify the truth of me, see what I have sacrificed, what I stand for and in what way I am willing to materialize my promise. There are many false martyr prophets.

The Priest came to my home last night with his wife and Nad; the man for whom I prayed not to need a metal heart. He did not get a metal heart, though his heart is as rigid as a piece of metal. I love Nad. He has a heart of god except his idea of bring born again is a ritual that like every other ritual has lost its meaning. When rituals become habits we do blindly we become rigid. That is the problem with most Christians. They sin in the name of Jesus but thinking they have saved. The Priest read me the chapter ten in John talking about Jesus the True Shepherd. I am that shepherd.

I am the comforter Jesus promised, I said to the Priest and he wanted for me to know the significance of what I am claiming as The Comforter and The Holy Spirit returned in flesh to save her children from their past sins. What he did not know was he was preaching to himself and those who did not believe me when he said let us god back and read True Vision and True Blindness where it is talking about the fact that Jesus heard that they had cast him out and asks them if they believe in the son of god saying those who are blind will see and those who see may god blind meaning that those who believe in him will see and those who see and do not believe in him will go blind as god calls his sheep to take home. Meaning those who cast god out knowingly are sinners.

The Priest is the witness to the history repeating itself and what he was reading to me was actually happening that moment not even in one place. He is sent to teach me how to speak with the blind in a way that they would see for the blind only sees the seen and the proven. I told him that what he reads in Bible is god's words the version of those who wrote it. But god who has come to perfect us is a constantly changing flowing and evolving god towards perfection. And he shows us his evolution in the change in return where she comes in with her own version of the truth and scientifically backs it as well. Not only that god lets others to steal her work to prove several things: one to identify the thieves who stole from her in the first place. But since she is a forgiving god she will forgive them yet they could no longer deny what they themselves have been claiming as theirs preaching it for years. And third, through what they do to me to hide their sins my people will recognize me; my truth my tolerance for pain, and my ability to love and forgive. The Priest only knows me for a few weeks and yet you have known me for seven years watching me and my miracles intensely and know for years living in my heaven teaching love and truth until I came among you by choice. You have seen the repeat of the for god history to give you another chance to make a new life and a new world in the process of being reborn having a spirit of your own.

I told the Priest that god was a poet as he laughed at me and said Bible is the living word of god and Bible is not poetry and god is not a poet whereas in his very own Bible says god is a poet. Reading and memorizing the word of god does not guarantee knowing god when you see god. You must see and hear with your heart and soul. My birds, my sheep will know me and will sing for me. My angels have been waiting for me and will know who I am. Yes god is returned in flesh once more to claim back her world and god has bought back her people from the Satan, the devil who has claimed her words by stealing it and by lying to people about her during these past seven years just as they did in the holy books. Rulers wrote the books and ordered their own version to be written for them to keep contaminating by lies poisoning my people and world.

The Priest told me that we all know you are chosen and we just want you to have the right words and to get god's call and message for you. I gave them a print of Homer just to remember my soul of that of an old man and a little girl in a boat on a journey in stormy waters against the tides all alone. The one paddling, is the one I am destined to bring home. As I told the Priest I will tell you to be ready when your beloved you have been waiting for will appear before you for god does not appear as your stony statutes or vision you have of god . God is not limited to gender. God is spirit appearing in the most committed flesh to represent god. God is truth and god is love and without those inside you you do not know god nor you have the spirit of god inside.

The Priest and his wife and Nad were three angels god sent me right next door to me and now in my own home to confirm what god had destined for me and to become my friends when among my own people a group whom I shared my fruit of my life with as I rose to save my people and I put my life to bring back their rights and dignity took every word of mine and silenced me and while they were promoting every living creature who was willing to become my clone or to plagiarize from me or assassinate my character and lie about me to my people hourly on the air, in print and films, theater or in songs and poetry portraying the image of a holy woman who has a life of teaching character education and self making, leader making, spirit making and mind-body spirit power balance when not even the top philosophers, scientists or psychologists knew what she is talking about; a woman whose healing abilities brought people from all over the world to see her; woman who raised two children who are examples of character and dignity at ages of 27 and 24 to be called labels and lies and misrepresentations just to destroy me societally and politically for no one to believe me and my truth I have brought for my people.

The little home that I owe to my brother. The Priest and his wife loved my little home and the way it is furnished with antiques, flowers and substance of a woman with identity. The little home that I owe to my brother Salman Asseer who came from Belgium and bought for me for I lost everything I had worked for all of my life in my seven year of war with evil and his Power Monopoly of censorship, Isolation Making, Character Terrorizing and Assassination that became my cross to fly with. My son and my brother were the only people who came through for me and when I had spent my last drop of blood on television programs to save my people from being bombed or going through another coup calling it revolution while flying on my wings of revolution of compassion and reform and peace program from the books I have written to the radio television programs I have developed and by controlling my Internet and electronic sysem that are being plagiarized and copied moment by moment as we speak and represented by clones of me daily and hourly while insisting on silencing me by global censorship going on in this democratic country. The Priest did not know that I had already been on the cross for seven years and sacrificed everything for my faith destiny including my children and love and the comfort of living I had worked hard to create. And motherhood, my children and love is the most significant part of my life for which I am proud.

Promotional Cloning of me has already created Global Crisis. I sent an e-mail and asked my brother in Belgium to promote my cause through his company where he can provide conference calls through Internet and this moment they announced they are implementing that for the radio that the creation of it and the programs where a part of my peace institute programs. This is nothing for every part of my scientific spiritual philosophy and prophesy is copied and cloned. Even my Universal Publishing and Parvin Institute for Peace was immediately established under a name like global publishing and they opened up an institute with the same nature which is fine if I were not censored, isolated and my character terrorized, daily. Spiritual Death causes crimes.

The Bible is the word of god but I have the Lining Word inside, the Living God inside. And the stories that are repeating themselves as we speak and have for the past seven years are the same in nature but appropriate for the times and not necessarily happening on the mountain top in Israel. Just as my words that are the words of the holy spirit are the same as the Bible, Koran and Torah in principal and appropriate for the times and not necessarily coming in the same chapters and verses and the same stories. My miracles and life witnesses the truth of who I am and the fact that I am rising everything and have risked everything I had and could have easily in order to deliver the promise my father gave my people. For that matter anyone who sees should not be looking for a gender identification of Jesus or the color of his hair or weather or not he knows the verses of the book he did not even write himself but in the character and the purpose and the scarifies made for that purpose that you find the man or woman of your Biblical Promise. Rose Parvin 8/9/2001

A child is born tonight

A child is born tonight - child is born tonight - the prince of peace

the sun in the morning light - of the darkest night

a child is born tonight

a child blossomed like a rose - a child rose in my soul - I felt the fire the light inside

it burnt all that was not right - an all knowing wisdom - whispered in my ears in my heart

it is time for me to rise - I will make you my hand and tongue

I will make my home your heart - I will make you witness

and you will be mine - we will teach the truth - and make it apart from lies - we will show the light

we will show the light - we will bring peace

and we will unite - we will change the patterns -of the darkness

to eternal light - this is your divine mission - to rise spirits in the dead bodies

to create eternal life A child is born, tonight

Rose Parvin 12/24/2001

Who is Rose

Who is Rose - t
he one we call Rose
The one that loves and nurtures us
The one who we most miss
She encourages us to be ourselves,
have fun, to laugh, to cry
she teaches us to risk and change
to do and not ask why
she brings new words of possibilities
she teaches us to see
she is smart
she is funny
she is warm
she is who we all want to be
she is the one who is in our hearts
the one who is in our soul
the one who's shaped our being
the one who is made of gold
this is her, this is Rose
and she is in me
and she is in you
and now I am aware

Ellie Miraftabi,

My friend, Ellie Miraftabi is

a good human being and friend in the end of her journey to get her Ph.,D. in Clinical Psychology - Congratulations to her wonderful family; her husband and daughter who stood by her throughout this endeavor. I see her like a daughter who grew and blossomed before my eyes to become a good mother, good wife, and most of all a good person who could be a clear mirror for others to find themselves and meanwhile borrow her identity and power until they gain their own. As I have given mine to thousands in their journey to become Roselike they find themselves and the god within. -

Ellie Miraftabi had heard about me from an American Professor in a conference. He had asked her if she knew me and had told her that I am a known author psychotherapist and had talked to her about my books. Then Ellie runs and calls her uncle who knows everyone since he is a credible publisher and editor and owns a Magazine. Mr. Miraftabi tells Ellie who asks her if he knows me that yes he does and my books are in his library and is willing to lend them to Ellie. She reads my book and calls me the day after stunned at why I am not anymore in the media or have my center. Mr. Miraftabi had come to the Parvin Center for Patterns of Excellence and we had an interview together that I showed a small part of that in my television program at KSCI which was also sabotaged. IN This incredible person to person dialogue I talk about the change of patterns that will happen within religions and they will adhere to the human rights laws whereas Mr. Miraftabi who is very well versed in Iranian literature and is a highly educated man says that is impossible. I tell him that I will do it. And I am doing it as first word comes and taught and then the process of materialization of the taught by the self or by others motivated, educated and guided by the self.

This was when I was still as now heavily censored out of all media and my character terrorized by those I helped prosper. Ellie who has done work with me and knows I don't even have seven hundred dollars to pay to renew my license while as a friend, guide and mother I am constantly guiding and healing others, individually and collectively from the radio television reform to leaders and all the middlemen between me and my people. El;lie told me she will tell the board about me and that I have been healing the world and the society as the patient and should have her license renewed. My daughter Ellie said I deserved several honorary doctorates for I have worked as much toward healing the world toward peace and freedom. Yet I am still in deadly censorship that does not seem to want to end by those who prosper from plagiarizing from me and claiming my identity every day and terrorize me in the same breath. Ellie has witnessed my life and has come to visit me from long distances and I have witnessed her blossoming and changing and finishing a long task of getting her doctorate and most of all evolving as a good human being and a person

Dear Rose,
you are my mentor, friend, teacher, spiritual guide and inspiration. Through each of these roles, you helped me believe in myself, so that I could in turn, help others do the same.
I will continue to dream my dreams, and help others pursue their dreams.
Whenever there is doubt, I will hear you my guardian angel, say "Dont worry dear, it's ok. "thank you Rose for giving so much. You helped so many people find true peace in their hearts and souls.
I thank you for the treasure, known as Rose Parvin.

Like you, I am jouneying in life, Slowly, I am learning to know myself in my shadow and in my light, to free myself and get closer to the primal force, Love, which is in everyone and everything.
I feel a deep reverence for life. Each moment is a gift. Each moment is a grace. Each moment is sacred.
At the same time, I am discovering my intimate link with other human beings, animals, nature, the planet and the whole universe.
The Earth, this unique and precious planet on which we live, is dangerously suffering right now. Water, air and soil are polluted almost beyond redemption. Many animal and vegetable species are becoming extinct. Every day, millions of people live and die in violence or in the most acute poverty. Even in our privilege society, suffering abounds.
Like many of us, I want to contribute to our healing and the growth of life in all its forms.
Prfessionally, this can mean writing a book or an article, hosting a radio program, giving comments on television, offering workshops and conferences or exploring other ways of communication.
Above all, it means being aware and attentive to suffering as well as to the creativity, beauty and joy existing in me and in the world.

Ellie Miraftabi

Ellie Miraftabi sent me this gift of her soul at the time of celebration of completion of her hours to become Roselike; meaning the moment of becoming the most evolved of who she is at that moment - this is promotion of the truth out of love - for twenty one years I have created and promoted truth, love and freedom and the Roselike people who unite with me in the process of this Evolutionary Revolution of Compassion and freedom for lasting peace on earth which is planting a Rose in every person; I have done this with my new knowledge stemming from my spirit I call Universal Spirituality from which I have created Psychology of Excellence and Flying with the scientific tools of Pattern Change Programing, Creating Your Own Destiny & philosophy of Power Balance for Mock Programing of Excellence Creating in Humanity from each individual to mass nation and society which is versus the promotion of evil and lie out of ignorance only to cover the truth and the beauty of the truth to hide her essence -

Lie Promotion is what is most often seen in the media today and I am the victim of that for nine years - my plagiarists and clones are being promoted daily in my place - stories made for them and political access is given to them and with misusing my identity, my new knowledge and every living word and every hair conscienceless sociopaths are put in my place who are for years not only denying who I am but every day with one conspiracy or the other censor me, block my path of every progressive move I make, terrorize my character, take away my life behind the lines of their media as prison which acts like the prison of the truth and promotion of the lie. I create the Mock Program of what should and can be and role model the unknown and go through the new creative process and vision to get there and they steal it and put it on in the air and use empty shells to do it or those who have superficial qualifications yet not enough conscience to give the credit to the true creator and author.








Halgheye Noor

Beh Khoda Ezzat Bedeh, be Khoda ezzat bedeh -

oo ra neghah kon , kon doaa -

be khoda ezzat bedeh -

o ra tamasha kon doaa kon -

hargez naboodehie to shahed,

beh cheneen halgheye noori

be cheneen taje bloori

mardarneh halgheh kardeh

dasthayash ra bedore ghalbe to

garm kardeh ghalbe to ra

az vojoode tak khoda

Mardaraneh halgheh kardeh

dasthayash ra bedore ghalbe to

oedaraneh daneshe khod ra

damad daroone to

koodakaneh az to khohad eshghe to

asheghaneh kheereh gardad

mahv gardad dar voojood o hast e to

asheghaneh khod bedoozad dar galooyat har nafas sheare to bashad va shaer saze to bashad navazad dar galooyat - to dar oo mahv shavi - oo dar daroone to - zarreh bashi az voojoodash - oo tamame tar o poode to - roohe oo dar to begonjad- roohe gheddeese zamane to - ghatreh gardad in moghaddas abe jari - ta keh bashad dar hozoore to -

roohe oo dar to begonjad roohe gheddise zaman - ayad oo dar tane yek gol-ta keh bashad rooberooye to - ta keh gooyad ba to az to- ta keh gooyad ba khod az to - ta keh yabi khod daroone oo - ghargh gardad dar taneene ghoftegooye to - ghargh gardad dar taneene goftegooye to

Rose Asseer Parvin 7/18/2001

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